hi everybody good morning welcome to
tasting my Lane tasting what Bank tasting my plane tasting one thing tasty
luck big E’s y’all I am here this morning – I have three challenges in one
I got mine one stalk of celery challenge for seven days and beyond so challenge and then I have my 12 bald
eggs in the villa of life sauce and then I have my gallon of water challenge 13 a
gallon of water challenge and I am ready to eat let’s dig in
father God as I come to you right now thank you for this food that we’re about
to receive I thank you for the bounties of your love you’re blessed in your
kindness your mercy in your grace I ask you precious Heavenly Father to continue
to protect us from all hurt home and danger and Thank You precious heavenly
father for leading us and guiding us every step of the way thank you for this
glorious Sunday in Jesus name we pray amen
hallelujah thank you Jesus I don’t have my phone with me right now I got to go
over there and get it so good morning and welcome to everyone who is in here
right now I’m supposed on the salary challenge you’re supposed
to eat your tailor the first thing in the morning so before at it I’m gonna
knock out the salary yeah I don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up leave
lots of comments in the comment wobble oh don’t forget up press the subscribe
button turn on a notification deal and be sure to come back for another video
so you can see more I mean so I was thinking before
five am I really about to do this you guys know I wanted to day life I’m
going to your life and I’m getting ready so have
a garage sale and start selling all of my belongings so I’m excited because
it’s nothing but stuff and stuff can be replaced and I don’t have
attachments to anything that I own not really I have things that I like but
I don’t have things that I could live without so I’m going to be selling everything you guys that like they left
behind me I love that level but it’s got to go I’m selling live I have some more
stuff in storage but like I’m selling my television tables chairs the table I’m
sitting it right now it’s gonna look crazy in my apartment and it makes you
to end up in about two weeks it’s gonna look so empty but it’s gonna be so
exciting for me to get rid of attachments of things knowing they’re
happy what I’m gonna do we all have to make
sacrifices in our lives so the things that we want are the things that’s
important to us and everybody’s sacrifice is different depending on what
you’re striving for in life your sacrifice is gonna look different for
you like some people want to lose weight and by the way let me tell y’all
something this salary challenge seven days a week and if y’all can make the
sacrifice doing is say Challenge seven days and beyond if you
can make celery upon your life and eat a stalk of celery every day you would be
well on your way to being able to do anything that you want to do
during your health anyway because celery is so good for you so healthy for you it
will be a beginning to giving you that boost that you need to get on track and
if you can muster up the strength to be focused then eat celery for seven days you’re
not doing it because it’s tasty but to me it is you’re doing it for all
the benefits that it’s gonna give you you’re doing it for your health you’re
doing it for your future you guys know I believe in fighting cancer with food and
I believe in fighting cancer before you get cancer why wait until you hear from
a doctor that you have cancer and then go in full of mode and start doing all
this stuff that you never did in your life before why not start now because
you know that these things are good for you why not start doing the things that
are good for you just because they’re good for you you don’t need a reason the
reason is is because they’re good for you you don’t need to find out you have
cancer to start eating fruits and vegetables and start eating healthy you
know the fruits and vegetables are healthy for you and mr. pilot I’m
eutteum ask for some people
but it’s a point of life when you change your diet and you start implementing
more fruits and vegetables into your diet
I’m not telling nobody to become a vegan cuz I like meat myself I’m probably not
gonna become a vegan but if you can do the celery challenge for seven days and
then start doing it periodically you’re gonna have so many different health
benefits in your life and eating this theory every day is gonna help you start
wanting to eat more other vegetables which are good for you and then official
to you and what ever you do however you eat you’re training your children to eat
that same way valiree’s another generation of unhealthy children when
you can to children and be the example to him
your kids are gonna eat whatever you bring in that house when you go to the
store if you don’t buy cereal they go eat no sirree
oh you don’t buy frozen dinners and chicken nuggets all that processed food
they’re not gonna eat it they’re gonna eat what you bring in the house you’re
the one that started feeding children before they could even walk and talk so
you set the stage for whether or not your children are gonna be healthy and
if you want healthiness for yourself why shouldn’t you want for your kids but the
first step to getting a healthy lifestyle for your kids is to get it for
yourself when you start eating a lot of fruits and vegetables you will notice
the change in your stool you will notice the color change in your stool the
darker your stool is the more impurities and toxins you have you know the light
food becomes it’s more natural and healthy and the more fruits and
vegetables you eat the more lighter in color and they wait guys this is just a
real conversation when you’re eating a lot of meat and a lot of processed foods your stool is heavy and it sinks and
that’s a sign of unhealthy I am and I’ll have the stool when he sinks in a store but when your stool is healthy it’s
lighter and it floats you start changing your diet you’re gonna see a
– which means your health in your stool is healthy that’s letting you know that
your digestive tract is healthy and one benefit of eating celery is to keep your
digestive tract healthy which will also you you keep your digestive tract
healthy you’re cleaning out your intestines and your stomach is gonna get
flatter go let me show y’all something I noticed this morning not stomach look
flat my stomach is my problem area when I
gain weight I gained weight in my chest and my stomach and when I started losing
weight I started losing weight in my chest in my stomach but I’ve never
really had I’ve been smaller before but I still
kind of have a poached stomach and I noticed
morning now that my stomach is looking flat er let me show y’all before I eat
these raw eggs I flip my stomach looking y’all see there’s even though it still
look like I got a good which I do it’s much flatter than it was before it me
was so I’ll continue to show you this over the weeks and you’ll get to see for
yourself if you think there’s a progress and I’m doing the celery challenge yarn
seven days I mean I think now I’m even pay uh seven days nothing counting
anymore I will learn support what I can do a stalk of celery
every day good morning everybody if I have any mobs in the house please
be sure to greet everybody for me you guys when I’m talking like this and I’m
not looking or even comment my minds are here to be
say hello I have a comb with you they might ask you how you’re
doing what you do and why you doing it but yeah yeah I’ve noticed a difference in my stool which I believe I had to sue
anyway I have noticed a difference in it my stomach is
Flattr now keep in mind to like the last few days I’ve been a little after more
than I have recently but I’m used to this activity but I haven’t done it in a
while so anytime I start getting active again I automatically lose weight like
the science that you see me a couple of weeks ago is my weight
not doing anything not getting any exercise and no extracurricular
activities or nothing so life is about choices you guys and if you want to accomplish something different in your
life you gonna have to make some different choices now also something I
used to do here to go just add a tablespoon or two of apples
my water everyday at our design no we’re so I’m gonna have to go people
make some more apple cider vinegar I believe if you eat your cycle cell with
a little more number one it’s gonna rush to your body those nutrients and
benefits that you buy a meal and number two is sending the signal to your body
early in the morning in the st. hey we’re starting this day off right when you send the signal to you about it early in the morning and you say I’m
starting this day off right your body can do number respond positively this is
boy if actually I have an extra one now uh let me go get my phone it’s this I
don’t have any apple cider vinegar almost a little regular vehicle in this
water just a little just a little little little like this and she’ll say a little that’s strong but all these little simple things that
you can do per day it’s gonna help you get to your goals you don’t have to try
to wake up or morning and make drastic changes all at one time you can start
implementing little bitty things to your lifestyle on a daily basis like doing
the celery let me get my phone so I can reach out connects I don’t even know what I did was wrong
yeah what did I do okay yeah my bullet is the sock of burner phone okay yeah so I have six people in here and ten
thumbs up thank you guys if you haven’t danced up the video give the video a
thumbs up so Josh Joshua was here sharing Hall is here local jacks and
some are is here the whoa is here looks like my only mod in the house Thank You
V well for joining me Tracy and ASMR is here oh it looks like
I just got a notification in pretty P deep my balloon blowing challenge Oh
Marvin is pretty uh Khadija I think I said that right Reba’s is here
charity Scott is here says hi tasty do you have a diet advice for losing weight
and also also for glowing skin Ian I have had people tell me my whole life
that I have people skiing and I have a beautiful complexion and to be honest
with you guys I have never been their type of person to spend a lot of money
on skincare or anything like that I think it’s contributing to my eating
habit I’ve always eaten a lot of fruits and vegetables growing up as a child
even as an adult and I just think starting to add more fruits and
vegetables and cooking home-cooked meals and spineless stuff this process and
buying less stuff that or they come in a box and start cooking your own meals
every day will help you to lose weight hi there tar society oh Willy wheel how
you doing today Freddy Gossett the morning haven’t in a
long time fitting Oh the breakfast with your daughter CD
callow good morning hi there eat with em w how are you doing this morning so
that’s it yeah let’s see looks like it’s EP just dip is doing my I just got a
notification Christa peed on my balloon blowing challenged by tasty mukbang eats
oh my goodness yeah let’s watch this let’s watch this on my tripod yeah this
is gonna make me cry this morning pretty girl make me fire I can’t believe she’s okay list they didn’t it’s a trick to it y’all
Danny dat right it’s a quick it’s a tie and I’m fitzy
you got the strip’s in first girl oh I stretched out of my face before I get
started boss lady Betsy’s in the belting that was so sweet pristine to do a challenge that was so
sweet of them I’m bout the series with a couple of my let me share this young let me see did I seem more sister D kite yo that was so sweet of prissy peen and
my girl boss lady let’s see one time yeah I can same I’ll be missing people
so I’ll be missing people’s songs up because I okay so let me share the link to prissy
peas video that she just posted of me she’s doing my balloon challenge y’all
go check that out and boss lady Lexi
doing my bee let me see what y’all sing I got ten
people in a house in seventeen hey MH much down hey beautiful awesome that’s
my beautiful awesome swaying hi honey hey there CeCe I could taste and easy hi in an H much down say hello I got to
catch you before I have to go to work hi sweetie thank you for stopping by taste
and easy say is a tasty and easy says so good and healthy a regard for Italy my
beautiful awesome friend says good morning beautiful people curtsy sneaked
up say hi tasty and chat and see much down speaking to beautiful our son he
was speaking to everybody misses naturally to you beautiful and must mark
kedem Marceline y’all go check out her channel she is also doing the seven-day
celery challenge and I also made her banner and I made the banner for beautiful awesome I mean uh I made the
banner for diamond diva in Sister Dee kite so y’all go check out their
channels if y’all want me to make a banner let me know hello or no hello
Sharon and queen of crazies how are you doing beautiful so okay I told you guys
I’m gonna start I started doing this on my other channel if you guys are not
subscribed to Vanessa my life my journey please go subscribe to my other channel
that’s where I’m doing my $0.25 thrift store haul videos and I am doing my
being life euros over there so y’all go subscribe
to Vanessa in my life my journey let me leave the link in the description box
but I’m starting over there to give shout outs to the people that come in my
lives and what I’m starting to do is I’m going to start playing the person the
people that are in my life I’m gonna play your video and we can watch it so
uh I did that over there the other day and I used to do that on this channel
all the time so I’m gonna start back doing that so people that are in my life
I will be playing your video and so let me do that now but let me take this so that’s the link to my channel Vanessa
my life my journey you guys go subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already so
what I’m gonna start doing so now on with people coming to life the first
people that come in your video I’m gonna go to order so we’re gonna watch your
video first so Jax a sandbar who’s Indian first the other two people don’t
have channel I’m gonna have to skip through it because I don’t want to get
it copyright and watch this video this morning trying to
see what’s the best way to watch it so that’s Jack’s ASMR video we’re just
gonna watch a portion of it even though I watched this this morning and I
already look I think I already look for comment and then we’re gonna move on to
the next person I think I’m gonna be able to eat in 13 days morning I had an
excellent in here eight people in alive you guys thumbs up
the video if you haven’t already I have 19 thumbs up I need one more to get 20
next person in line is Tracy and ASMR she was the second person in here with a
channel there was some more people in here but they don’t have a channel so
let’s check out Tracy ASM arm this is how I’m gonna start giving my
life my shut up you guys y’all make sure y’all turn on the notification Dale and
when I come live y’all be to the coming here as soon as the light starts and I’m
only going to go to the first person that was in your life like some people
come in on the live well yeah it’s different with premieres cause some
people come in on the premiere like before it even starts in DNA don’t end
up coming in city from here so it’s only gonna count for the people that are
acting in your life if you’re one of my old G’s on my channel you know I used to
do this when I was going live every day I was going by the fire and I was
staying live for four or five or six seven and eight and nine and ten hours so I’m gonna try to eat all of these
eggs I got one two three four five six left that mean I ate seven cuz I had 13 so shout out again to Tracy
Ian and some arm let’s hit leave her come in okay let’s go to
the next person that is was in my life just gonna go down in the order that it
was received who I get ready to leave I might not be able to get to everybody
that’s why it’s good to come here as soon as you can turn on that
notification mail hold on somebody clean in loud music
yeah you so next up we have Khadijah Revis she
has an eggplant for breakfast video in her video is not that you okay who’s up next who left their
comments next after Keynesian a people in the
house welcome the morning yeah I got twenty thumbs up I love you guys so much
now I know y’all so much Knicks after cookie was charity Scott’s physical she got
charity Scott’s channel if she has one Terry stop don’t have no channel
Thank You charity for joining me this morning I’ll be she ate you honey
ah Tosh society she was the next person LF a comment that has a channel actually
Tosh society is live right now so let’s go into her life
let me let her know I’m giving her a thumbs up and let me let her know that so Missy what’d she say Superman so I don’t think I’m gonna be able to eat I and I think I’m so I deny for an hour let me give one more person let’s see what she’s she didn’t read our
coming you better listen Rita okay let’s see soutache society and the
next person that has a channel i think is CD camo let’s see yeah I’m gonna turn the volume down on
that because I don’t know if that’s gonna give me a copyright strike or not
so if you guys have music in your videos when I give you a shout out I’m just
gonna watch the video but not play the music because I don’t want to get no
copyright strain and even if you have permission to use that music I don’t
have permission used it so so that’s gonna be it guys for today I’m not gonna
eat any more eat you might see this with a egg and corn ball tonight I might do a
corn on the cob and an eight ball so I’m kind of also doing the seven days my
seventh day of be love life seafood ball as well so yeah so I also want to give a
shout out before I leave I want to give a shout out to every single person that
did my sour pickle and whipped cream challenge I got some more crazy
challenges coming for you guys y’all and we’ll be ready for this next challenge
y’all gonna be ready I didn’t know y’all is not y’all gonna be like tasty y’all
don’t be like tasty don’t come up with no more challenges y’all gonna be like
and this thing out that’s the point of a challenge is to see if you can eat it is
to challenge you it’s not supposed to be easy if it if it turns out to be easy
the next just means you have a weird taste but like me but it’s not supposed
to be easy it’s supposed to be gross it’s supposed
to be homework okay but I got this next challenge coming up y’all now gonna be
man because I’m tagging everybody y’all
gonna be mad at me cuz I’m tagging everybody and they mama I’m tagging the
people that don’t even have a youtube channel you gonna get take okay yeah I’m
so crazy I’m taking everybody Erin body any mama gettin tape so let me um leave
a comment on this video and then I’m gonna go to my players and see who to
give a shout-out to for these sow the holy whipped cream challenge any other
challenges that you guys are doing okay so let’s see did anybody else new
have y’all seen anybody else new don’t wanna sound people in whipped cream
challenge bitch I’ll see anybody else new doing it uh hustle family
Angela lives oh I got to go watch the video so let me see this person must watch
this person’s video I gotta add in a video let’s give today okay if they play your
music we have to wait to the music pays zonka
see in the description we’re doing this challenge all they’re doing the sour
pickle and whipped cream challenge oh man
well before I get into this video hit the thumbs up subscribe it hits the
nerve forget your bill if you want to rock out the squad your hustle family
already know it is what it is y’all there skidding y’all I want to say thank
you before also thank you for everybody who’s rockin with the family anybody
know who coming to the family day and we laid over here
and keep it real y’all you try to help inspire how you doing sweetie thank you
for doing my talents I have fun watching you the other day I’m gonna making some
videos and putting on my tap into their I see that shake it up real quick shake
it up real quick ah man this is scary this is scary
though this is scary ads-b sneaking in Thank
You alpha times are 21 we monetize consistent y’all you gotta
be consistent with this y’all and that happens better a lot better
than everyday stuff shut up so my sister fluffy shoutout to live Murray shout-out
to misread shout-out to CC good shots of Valerie cocoa shout-out to Carly rose
shout out to Cali girl if Jaden with the correction title being a delimiter guys
yeah have the missing in the guitar on our Terrace but yeah I won’t miss you
share you got too many shots set us a trial saw to uh keep Peyton
Mallory – it’s a lot of young and our real life appreciate all y’all y’all all
genuine man this challenge is something you can’t just look down cuz the taste
it ain’t just like the worst taste but it ain’t every day a stone well you
better do some more my challenge is their fathers in that one girl sobs
alone Bob Mary Mississippi son ought to heard idolatry start to align yourself
suddeniy sinning against this is really like a ton of spice sat out / ASMR / Lee
every our I’m colorful whatever clown reviews great Marlon I’m coming for the
number 1 spot y’all would you tell me if y’all want to suggest any challenges in
a bottom pick up let me know what it is if we
ever rocked our yard if I ever checks all I got reject me now y’all we said
all y’all y’all a realist Oh sausage and stocks shot to be a known it’s a lot of y’all out there dog
so a lot of great channels out there job a lot of great channels up there y’all
keep going up and anybody who watching is not
challenged into this right here you’re not that’s how much it’s it is so okay
Oh Angela Angela leaves now see that to say I don’t think you’re
welcome Khadija hey there boozy Bullock I can’t see y’all you did the ball at 12 and challenged
how much when did you do it I’m a ticket out Knicks yeah I’ll give the video a
thumbs up if you haven’t already I got 21 thumbs up I got to get going – yo all
right things to do today she say it tastes like some sour milk oh no the
twin ball was easy in the beloved songs it’s the
12 ball egg challenge in the be left side actually tastes good if you don’t
eat anything else that day maybe your first meal you can do it if you hate
something else it might not be that good I mean you know not be able to do it
like just now I ate the celery bits out the celery so I wasn’t able to finish
but I did I mean eight eggs today hey there’s is this sweet how are you
doing today how many was it how many would yesterday I tempted to
eat 24 and I think I ate 12 or 13 yesterday and today I tend to eat whale
off but I actually hate 13 eggs so today I ate and when I come back home tonight
I’m gonna do a corn on the cob and bought a challenge so let me let her
know we watched her videos she’s gonna take some people to do the
challenge is she telling him it tastes like sour milk she say it tastes like tag some people to do it yeah I just got
some Eaton H so yeah who’s this 8 I did mine for a challenge
let’s go check out their video right now thank you boy for doing my damage says Bernadette appeal just uploaded
your pickle and will clean challenge uh I thought she did it already she paid it
again I think she said she was gonna put him with her grandchildren did she do in
here hey there uh-oh I can’t see y’all can
you do a collab a collab with who a in person collab or a virtual Claire you’re
not do a collab with who you want to do a collab with me you don’t have to
delete your comments don’t delete your comments cuz my mods
little blocking if you start deleting your comments or they’ll put you in
timeout so don’t delete your comments okay in H I love you too sweetie I have to check out your channel cuz
right now I’m not doing collabs with I’m not doing collabs I have a couple of
people right now they are in mind wanting to do collabs with me but
because I have been so busy and I won’t be able to record any videos for I only
be doing lives I put everybody I have to check out your channel and I do have a
criteria in doing collabs with people so and I’m not letting people know what the
collector-car terior is because I found there you know you could do my
challenges if you want to look at my description box you could do some of my
challenges but I have I’m holding off on collabs right now but I’ll check out
your channel let me add him to my playlist yeah so let me see let me see who this person
that wants to do a collab with me let me go check out your channel and I’ve never
seen you before is this your first time to my channel BBQ pork chops in rice
macmaine that sounds good that looks so good you are doing a good job sweetie
keep going start doing some of my challenges okay now let me let me give you out some
tips if y’all want to do collabs with me in the future and and y’all wanna do
collabs with other people in the future let me give you guys some tips on how no
more about you before they just jump into a collab with
you and they don’t know anything about you so one way that you can help people
to know more about you is to start doing their challenges start being active on
their channel so for me start doing my challenges you wanna do a collab with me
or virtual a virtual will collab or a in-person collab with me start doing my
challenges make sure you do my challenges right I will give you a shout
out I will add you to my playlist and I would create a short video and share it
on my Instagram and just do as many of my challenges as you possibly can that
will make me want to do a collab with you but if you have never done any of
our challenges I never see you in my comments I never see you leaving a
comment on my videos I never see you in any one of my lives and you just come
out and you say I want to collab with you I’ma be like hold up wait a minute
there is a process you can’t just come out and tell others
and I want to collab with you and they’ve never even seen you before so if
you want to collab with me start doing some my challenges I’m gonna give you a
shout out and just keep doing as many of my challenges as you can and make sure
you mention in the video that you’re doing a challenge about tasting mukbang
eats and show your support show your support to people who you want to collab
with make sure you’re active on their channel like every one of their videos
that they could out you’re commenting whenever they go live you be in their
lives and that’s gonna show that person that you
or worth collabing with and for me because I have collabed with people in
the past there some people just want to collab with people because they want to
get more subscribers then I believe it’s still in a person they just want more
subscribers so for me you guys I have said a new criteria to collabing with
people and I’m not going to tell people what their criteria is because I want it
to be genuine I want my collabs with you to be genuine
I want your interest in collabing with me to be genuine so if you want to do a
collab with me in the future do my challenges mention in the put my title
put in the title that the challenges by tasting obeying eats mention in the
video that you’re doing my challenge I will give you a shout out I will add you
to my playlist and I will make a short video and post it on my Instagram but
and you got to be active on my channel you can’t just come here and I have to
clear blue sky and say I want to collab with you so that’s the first thing then
pork chops look the bomb was his name
try couldn’t I can’t pronounce his name TTY or I qu es eating show mmm I’ve seen
him before I watched his videos before then poke chops looks so good mmm I wish
I was there right now keep grinding sweetie keep going don’t give up and do
some of my challenges I got some easy challenges do some of my challenges and
I’ll collab with you one day okay but right now I’m backed up on furniture
layouts and I’m trying to get some other stuff situated okay Tosh time see if
their birthday but I disappear you see where is oh yeah okay fine Bernadette’s Channel I’m trying to find about it it’s channel
yeah hold on so I said maybe she talking about her
old video cuz I seen her old video already her older video y’all if y’all
do any of my challenges let me know because oh so hungry squad okay I’m doing fine and you today bill thank
22 I’m gonna dance let me go – okay so Bernadette is doing
a challenge again you shout out to Bernadette
Chappelle this is her second time doing my style will people in with Queenie
challenge I’m going to do your CD
yeah yep get the chicken fine I told people that you can’t find them cuz not
everybody can find them some people have to buy those big pickles in the bag in
order to find the sidewalk okay yeah watch this when I go to the
bathroom right clip I’ll be they have fun now so that’s gonna be it
for me you guys I have been on here for almost two hours which I didn’t plan to
be on here that long so I appreciate you guys for sticking in you with me maybe I
should stay on here for two more minutes twenty two hours oh I was supposed to be
giving everybody a shout-out who did my sour pickle challenge so when he go to
my playlist like I was supposed to been doing and give them a shout-out
so far they’re a 69 people they did my challenge dyani
eats it squeaky Tosh time get little get more eats Twilight ASMR eat with a the
sea squad Snoopy eats Trey and Nene she groves with love Kim cam in the fam
Jasmine entertaining I love Lisa Michelle show I love Lisa Michelle show
and T living life with T more a kid watch the lean hustle family che dimes a
some arm he delicious Big Mac eating good on payday the I love
Lisa Michelle show do al-jalil Odom so P eat eating tasting with Tia tat a TV
Leilani’s kitchen the Nicki loves love mukbang ASM are what the mukbang King
eats eat cocks gang hanging with Stephanie in s3 chewing chew and chill
with Etsy eating with Don or eat with Don che snacks you Shanny
love I mean you love Jenny Jacqueline Expo una poca loco
diamond diva eats mom in us to Lester eats Liz eats miss easy-breezy brie
Winston family eats with Fifi – five six Jasmine’s world H M & H much down Denise
Anastacio blessed low eats a family fun house Angela in real life mama ray-ray
queen of trades genie in a bottle CC I could Bernadette Chappell Lucy home
hungry squad cheerleaders kitchen Angela leaves Angela angel leaves Angela
Ortiz delightful DTV Triple J family mrs. Newton marching with Mona city of
coups Darwin Provo George Eliot’s twice and Burnett Chapelle again twice and I
also did the challenge two times ideas in our style and I did a regular style
so you have an ASMR channel don’t be scared to do the tasting McBain sour
pickle challenge and when you do this I will pickle challenge if you do the
tasty mukbang song and dance I will take that and make a clip out of it and put
it in intro of some of my videos so there are multiple ways for you guys to
get shout out and you guys one of the challenges a class
with me in the future a good way to be able to secure a collab with me is to be
doing my challenges and stuff and show that you’re a regular supporter on the
channel so I love you guys thank you so much for watching and tune in I will
talk to you later I will be back this afternoon with my evening meal which is
probably gonna be boiled eggs and corn on the cob and how do we some chicken
strips okay so imma talk to you guys later


  • NunaGirl toys

    Wow!! That is a hard challenge, I can only eat 4 eggs at a time!!! Two thumb up, great job!


    So yummy yummy 💙❤… i love your beautiful channel.. I AM YOUR NEW FRIEND HERE❤❤… good luck to you💙💙💙💙… please don't forget me, dear friend…

  • Kimberly Greer Nichols



    This was super hard 😅 Eggs are so filling!!

  • Mama Ray Ray

    Hello tasty ,mama RayRay thanks for the compliment on the pickle and whip cream challenge the complement was right on time👍🏽. I needed the encouragement you keep doing what you doing you are doing a great job God bless 👍🏽your channels and I know the best is yet to come👍🏽 🙏 bomb.com have a great day I’ll see you in the next chat..👌

  • Garbear’s Variety

    So very yummy and hard challenge.

  • Sista Dee Kite

    Hey sis just wanted you to know i was in your live but couldnt comment.

  • boi let's grub

    Thank you so much for playing my video

  • nicholas white

    great job thumbs up


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