6 BORACAY’s unique BEACHES | part 2

Pretty much done with white beach guys
so let’s go to bulabog beach and see if I can make my kite surf is friends let’s
go to go to Bullock bog bitch you need to cross over deeper more and just get
to the other side and you reach a beach push the beach I was forgetting tip of
the day when you’re gonna multiply put a shirt on like a long sleeve possibly
because I prefer my shoulders so as they close the main road you need to go
through these narrow alley now and there it is I can see the kites already but it
still stinks around here the wind is up I’m gonna fly away baby here we are
Bulova beach east side of Boracay Island probably the best spot for kite surfing
in the whole Philippines I’ve done here my course two years ago and it’s a three
day course I think I paid for two thousand pesos for three days cost
individual card your license and today I’m gonna try to write again I’m not
sure what I’m gonna do so I take one hour lessons just to revise my skills
and then let’s try to give it a girl tomorrow from my own perspective
school’s right here kite surfing schools but if you want to check the one I went
to it’s called green yard right at the end south end of the beach
I booked my lesson yesterday and now and a half and I spend 3,300 phases I think
the old island is becoming quite expensive but that’s what you get when
you got foreigners dealing with the activities and stuff also on this Beach
you will be able to see Christian to you is a teenager sponsored by Red Bull with
kite surfing champion so usually trains here and he’s from the Philippines
he’s amazing have seen in two years ago good stuff the beach itself it is
nothing special actually still send white sand but there’s not tourists here
apart from kite surfers so you don’t see people sunbathing had stuff like that a
lot of seaweeds here still not very clean but I remember two years ago the
worst sewer is going right into the sea and they agree to them so that is good
but I don’t see the smoke there used to be a Filipino restaurant here it’s not
here anymore Stephenville of a beach I’ve done my an
hour and a half of revising my kite surfing skills and I’m sorry gasps I
lost the sunglasses in the water oops I think I need a new pair now
so he went to right he went to ride first half an hour was was odd because I
didn’t remember much but then I started to feel everything again back I think
I’ve done a couple of runs be a hundred meters so not too bad
back and forth yeah it’s good fun and now we are going to cook a beach so if
you want to check the beach as well stay with me we’re gonna go together but yes
if you like kite surfing if you want to try these kind of activities and
windsurfing as well there’s the beach for you right guys you just arrived a puka beach
and the extreme north of the island of Boracay it looks nice so far I haven’t
seen much so we’ll check it out together a lot of shops here as soon as you
arrived arrived from the station station 1 2 & 3 is quite nice because you can
actually see some local communities which is always nice and it makes you
feel like you know in a very commercial place as it is now Boracay but you are
in another island where you can see still some traditions and cultures again
white sand blue clear water over here a new friend
people today guys if you want to ride a tricycle then you can share it and that
will cost you 20 paces it tries so very mind that will try to ask you hundred or
more because you are a foreigner the actual fee the local space is 20 paisa
so bear that in mind if you want to tricycle on your own they will cost you
from 150 to 200 pesos depending on the distance you quarter you can also hire
motorbike I just got one to come here to Phuket from bulla box we cover more or
less four kilometers from the center of the island to the extreme north and I
page 150 pages I recommend to take the tricycles anyway they’re more safe they
don’t give you any ailment and also the roads are not very safe at the moment so
I recommend you try to go with three wheels much safer so as you can see
there’s not as many tourists as on white beach as we know tourists can be
actually quite lazy we travel miles away but then when we are on location we
don’t want to move and again I met some locals I stopped by one of these stands
and got a coconut shake and Philippines are known for the best mango and best
mango shakes but the coconut one it’s beautiful too so I’m getting ready for
the sunset it’s still quite early but finally it will go down here straight
there so I need to find a good shot to take
just walking down the beach and I found this sign quite interesting this law is not for sale why would you
put a sign for something that it’s not on say maybe it’s such a beautiful spot
everyone asked about and they when I got pissed off of people asking him if it’s
on sale by the way in the sand is not as fine as the one in
white beach well still it’s nice under Sun coral as well
definitely quiet area and the shore is not as shallow Peter said
because they’ve quite quite soon right people waiting for the sunset and I’m
setting up this shot so I’m trying to go through these corals as I move back so
try to do in I pull ups and see if it works
so if you need a bit of quietness but still a wonderful white sand and blue
and clear water maybe puka beach is the beach for you also cause here you can
find some stands and you can find drinks and food also one of the local friends
told me to go to the far west of the beach to desist at the sunset it’s gonna
be amazing right lost Beach of our video here
he lick it again Beach it’s on the Northeast
work I basically passed puka beach was beautifying
Lily Gilligan Beach right here it’s quite empty that’s literally nine
people with me it’s quiet there’s a couple of violins
here that you can explore as well I heard it’ll be late and being on the
east side of the island we can’t see the sunset because it’s literally there
behind my back on the west side west coast of the island so you might want to
be here in the morning maybe with a sunrise and take some nice photos if
you’re into that kind of stuff but for sunset it’s not the best place the sail
is nice and it’s not as white as white Beach not
not as fine either but again if you want to be on your own
and enjoy this beautiful landscape why not okay
I took a bike to come here from station to be more it took me around 15-20
minutes with the driver and I’m paying him 500 phasors with return basically so
if me here from demo is taking me home to dinner we hills and his weight
that’s the people today you can ask you I wait for you here because there’s no
other bikes around the area you might find difficulties in going
back if you can see I’m on the only one on the beach with my driver over there
waiting if some of those beaches where there’s not much to do I guess so
personally I wouldn’t stay here all day and also there’s not stand selling
drinks or food so you might want to bring your own yeah it’s still not very
clean the seaweeds and not its nature but there’s a lot of stuff down here I
don’t know fridge it’s not very clean it’s quite a long beach anyway so you
definitely have space right here I would say is a it’s probably three four
hundred metres Beach so such is more and you’ve got these two a couple of islands
as I said you can explore by boat I guess or you can swim there probably
yeah a lot of boats here and some local houses there or sheds right I guess
that’s all from Allah Gilligan beach here in Boracay I think my favorite is
still white Beach Indian you’ve got everything you need it’s sand is amazing
see he’s the best this sure is very shallow so totally
recommended a lot of people though but hey it’s part of the part of the game
and it’s actually nice to see some people at least as I am and also you got
all the activities food drinks whatever you want is right there so guys these
are the beaches I’ve checked so far but I hope you get a feel of what Boracay
can offer once again if you enjoyed this vlog
considered to subscribe I’m gonna upload much more a lot of stuff from the
Philippines so stay tuned god bless see you soon

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