7 Days of Bloves Smackilacious Sauce (Day1) | Mussel Seafood Boil Collab with Sista Dee Kite

7 Days of Bloves Smackilacious Sauce (Day1) | Mussel Seafood Boil Collab with Sista Dee Kite

hi everybody how y’all doing today
welcome welcome welcome to tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty
multiple tasty mukbang yeah hi everybody welcome welcome welcome to tasty but
bein chased them up a tasty mukbang tasty michael a tasty monk thing eats
y’all today I am doing a collab with the beautiful the wonderful and the awesome
Sister Dee tight y’all we’re doing a collab on the muscles we’re doing a
clamp on the muscles this is my first time eating muscles i toast this today i
wanted to taste muscles and she was like guru let’s do a clam bar man so I was
like oh right so I have these muscles that I got from Walmart this is a whole
bag you guys I didn’t know I bought two bags cuz I didn’t know like how much a
bag was but one bag I think is enough for two people really I really do
cuz there’s two that come inside the one bag so if you don’t want to you don’t
have to cook both at one time I didn’t know so I could both of them at one time
you guys I have potatoes I have corn I have eggs and I have the beloved sauce
this is just a smaller bowl I do have a bigger bowl over here just in case I do
need some more you guys let’s say our grace so we can get started
father God I thank you for this food that we’re about to receive your love
your kindness your mercy and your great grace your generosity on our lives I
thank you for this food that you have provided dear Lord and I thank you for
keeping us safe from all harm and danger and the Lord I think you presumably
father for more blessings upon my life and in Jesus name that’s all we got to
say let’s pray amen let’s say Amy I got my coldest water but dude over here what
a break I love Lisa Michelle show gifted me with this water coldest water
bottles so thank you the I love Lisa Michele show and this video is sponsored
by Jeanette and here’s some our Thank You Chanel for sponsoring this video I
love you and I appreciate you so much y’all I haven’t had anything to eat
today so let’s dig in and like I say this is my first time eating I don’t
even know like this is kind of suspect to me I don’t even know like what am I
supposed to eat on here what am I not supposed to eat it they didn’t they
don’t smell right to me y’all like am I supposed to pick this stuff out of here
can’t somebody help me this mm-hmm that look like boo boo this is not gonna
be mm-hmm y’all mean to tell me I’m supposed to
just put that whole thing in my mouth like that I don’t think so I don’t think
I could do that that itself is banging yo y’all telling
me I supposed to take this whole thing and just put this in my mouth I don’t
think I could do that but I’m gonna try it let me see let me try one cuz I’m gonna kill me I got here now I lead a hand went all the way down
my throat can somebody tell me what do you pick
off of this that sauce tastes good hmm let me get my car I don’t know about
muscles I don’t think me muscles gonna be
friends y’all y’all get on my nerves always asking me for a bite before I
even had a bike here oh I’m not gonna put it way out there cuz it’s gonna drip
take it eat the cake enemy y’all ready no I can get full off a corn
I don’t know about this y’all like what do you take off of there and that little
black thing in there do you eat this mm-hmm
I am so confused I’m so confused I think I see people
eating this without taking anything off I just can’t do it mm-hmm I don’t know what all this stuff
is that’s all salty sauce saucy not salty
the southeast very something it’s something that attaches it to the shield
and then this little thing that’s around the mouth I don’t know y’all please
somebody I see other people eating them and it don’t look like they taking
nothing off the little white thing that’s attached to the shale do you eat
that like I need some help I really do I really do need some help
nine-one-one this is an emergency y’all know I don’t like to eat potatoes
cuz I get fooled too fast y’all gonna show y’all the peel of sauce
I did not put that much uh I got a lot of ingredients in it
I left my onions beginning chunky that tastes good it’s a little spicy but for people who like spice it’s probably
not spicy at all to them y’all see this little thing I have to
pull it off in Vienna so look what is this little black thing up in here to
look like a wee-wee can’t somebody I need to know what these
body parts are that I’m eating it don’t taste like nothing to me but then again
another thing I probably didn’t cook them like everybody else cook them cuz
this was my first time and I know what I was doing machismo how are my machi buddies and tingle
types doing go if y’all want to do some my challenge
I keep hearing people say tasty I’m gonna do some of your challenges but I
don’t know which one I could do I’m looking for easy challenge I got the 12
all its challenge in the beloved sauce I got the peanut butter Siri and raisin
challenge I got the cold live challenge don’t cost you nothing and got to go out
and buy knitting you just got to go live and it’s gonna help you with your watch
time I got the 30 day got in the water challenge ain’t gonna cost you nothing
y’all really drink water keep drinking the same kind of water your dream ain’t
one consonant I got the seven days salad challenge you have to eat every day you
buying food anyway why don’t you just eat salad Jeff it’s good yeah
I don’t think me and muscles gonna get along I definitely won’t cook both it up
two packs that come with it at the same time I won’t cook those both next time
if there is a next time I bought two I don’t like this little
thing right here that look like oh yeah I’m so sorry I can’t do this cuz that
look like waste I can’t do it this is gonna be a no for me I can’t eat
clams I don’t want to I mean mussels like I need to know what
the body parts are because everything is Greets they look like a poop patch pouch
I don’t want to be eaten or poop that’s just gross to me where the
challenge is the seven-day a chicken challenge then I have the seven days of
popeyes chicken challenge whoa then I got the seven-day a bit low sauce
chicken challenge you could eat B love songs for seven days with anything you
want my mind just won’t let me do this mm-hmm I can’t I got to know what what
would uh what muscles or and what part is what I’d be seeing y’all eating it
but I need to show you I need you to show me from the beginning like okay see
this is attached to the shell you leave that attached to the cell do you pull
something off of here do you pull that off do that do you take that off tell me
do you take that off or do you eat that and after you eat that take it off if
you do do you just leave this on here and dip it and their little white thing that
connects it to the shelf stay on Michelle do you eat that too
see I need somebody in person with me they eat muscles to tell me what to do
and then I need a scientist to die sick the muscle and tell me each part of it
cuz I think they were Brown sex there’s a poop set mm-hmm I can’t do it nope but this sauce mmm and these aids my
potato audubon that poem dis don’t go to waste
I’m sorry me I can’t do it no sir yeah I’m just gonna be a short video cuz
I can’t eat no more of knows I need clarification I might come back with a
separate video on this because the people that normally eat clams that I
know that I communicate with here on YouTube they’re still sleeping I tried
to text them and see if they was up but I need to know what I’m eating and what
part do i discard I’m sorry sister dude it’s my first time eating this I can’t be putting stuff in my mouth and
my stomach and I don’t know what it is I’m greedy but I’m gonna get fool I four
potatoes a corn and below sauce mm-hmm I got some shout out y’all shoutout to 2006 she is doing the
go-live challenge shout out to blister rose she’s doing
several of my challenges shoutout to t and s 3 they did two tasty mukbang each
challenge I mean um dance shout-out to it squeaky she did thing she did the
Pizza Hut hottest wing challenge try not to sherita’s kitchen I think she really did I’m so confused
I think she really did the whole bag of Doritos challenge and I don’t know if
she did theme I don’t know she did the piece of hood wings yet I don’t know and
bless ro daughters or granddaughters did the tasty mukbang eats song and dance
I’m gonna try to put their name up at the top if I could remember when I edit
the video excuse me I did a collab with Mama TK reviews we did the kill bit kale
salad challenge if you guys want to do the big kill sound challenge that
challenges just to make a salad we kill only can’t new use no lettuce kill only
and kale is really inexpensive you guys and it tastes good make your salad put
the dressing on it like you normally do you or not that’s all I use is kale and
kale is a superfood and it has more nutritional value than any other green
and she to eat it has more counselling them than milk start eating kale with
your salad child you can do the big kill check salad challenges many times as you
want make you a kale salad for seven days in a row and I’m gonna give you a
shout out for seven days and wrote and put you in my plane leaves well hey Tosh
time so uh who else y’all la la la Lena lalana’s kitchen is doing the seven day
chicken challenge y’all go check her out yeah she be grubbing over there y’all go
check her out with her little beautiful babies her beautiful daughters go check
her out she be grubbing she be grabbing and she be grabbing and plus she be
going live so why she grabbing you could be talking to her and I asked her
anything she you want oh thank you free and she be in my life y’all my us my uh
my she be in mine premiers Thank You Alana for all your
support I appreciate you doing my challenges I can’t remember y’all I got
brain freeze and I’m fool I got fooled so fast I’m gonna eat a small potato
that’s cousin um potatoes y’all I told you I’ll be eating potatoes Oh who else
Oh 2006 is doing a thirty-day gallon of water challenge shout out to G mamas
well she reached her forty thousand four five six forty thousand oh my goodness
if it was forty thousand so much time I was none of us at the amount of time she
reached up four thousand watch time I was in a thousand subscribers so now her
channel is up for review to be monetized maybe by the time this video is uploaded
she will already be monetizing her videos I don’t know
let’s hope so mm-hmm oh the other Lisa Michele show did the kale big hairstyle
challenge and she also bought me just cold water
bottle mm-hmm um I’m gonna eat this corn and that’s gonna be it put some of this
butter it then got a little down I’m sorry y’all I can’t do the clams I got
to find out what all it is before I eat there and how to properly eat them
because I don’t know what I’m doing shoutout to Sam’s world she got her
channel monetize hey Sam it’s not out to be Lois life she had her surgery she was recovering and now she’s
back in the swing of things and she look good she’s already good looking good but
she even had some work done so not she’s looking like she wanted to look because
it’s all about Chopra’s her perception it don’t matter what nobody else think I got to do what you want to do for you
boo do y’all want tosh.o why we Tosh see
like reality channel digger is a plum fool now I gotta go ooh Tosh is crazy now I gotta go I need to UM watch green the green leaf
episode 1 No season 1 episode 2 so I can get y’all a
review on that tape y’all asked me to review this movie and I did watch the
movie but I already wrote a V on I did not like that movie
yeah certain type of movies I just don’t get with and don’t like and it’s certain
actors that I just don’t like them in know movies that they play in I just
don’t like them like in this one actor’s name I can’t remember his name I do not
like that man and I have never liked any movie that he plays in and when I seen
him in that movie I was like that’s what I was like and then it was this other
guy in the movie and when I seen you know I was like they’re not no good
actors to me and like the whole movie was like it just it was pointless to me
I didn’t like it and after 20 minutes my eyes was closing and getting heavy I
don’t fall asleep watching TV yeah I don’t fall asleep doing lifting I got to
be in the bed to go to sleep that movie had me falling asleep and I was just I
had to force myself to watch it just because I had told him to watch it and
then after why I was like you know what I’d rather be in bed than watching this
movie even if I got to count the cars count sheep I don’t even care I didn’t
want to watch the movie no more so I got up and I went to be yeah it just wasn’t
good so take me on I’m sorry and Tavian wants me and g mama to do a
breakfast with cornbread pancakes tabby on I’m gonna do it but I don’t know we
in cuz I got to get around to it honey like I got 15 million requests for
things that people want me to do and on top of the head I got some collabs lined
up the people want me to contact him back for collapse I haven’t done it yet
cuz I’m backed up on that – boo oh and then I got things that I want to do that
I’m back to bone I’m trying to get a vehicle I’m trying to get oh I’m trying
to get a school bus so I could do very in life and I don’t know how that situation
gonna turn out but let’s keep our fingers crossed
so another thing another thing like chicken wings I’m through now I’m
through that’s it that’s all I’m through that’s it that’s all bow low
yeah thank y’all so much for tuning in today I want to thank I want to thank
thank thank you sister Dee for doing this collab with me as you can see I
couldn’t do it this was like a challenge for me like I don’t see what the point E
is like they don’t taste like anything and being on top of not tasting like
nothing I won’t know what I mean I give it two thumbs down so thank you
so much sister Dido for doing this challenge with me sister Dee kite this
video again is sponsored by scheanette ASMR and if you want to sponsor one of
my videos just contact me on Instagram I asked me what you need to do to sponsor
a video and I have many many challenges in my description box I have a peel box
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snake want to do taste mukbang in song they can you I don’t care who do it just and you guys when y’all see me friend me
I will be it’s 6 a.m. in the morning y’all this would tie my long golf I will
be reading it in my thing


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