Antoran High Command Guide – Heroic Antoran High Command/Normal Antorus Guide

Antoran High Command Guide – Heroic Antoran High Command/Normal Antorus Guide

Hi! I’m Hazel, and you are about to spite 2007
Illidan and be all sorts of prepared. This video is all about the Antoran High Command
on Normal and Heroic difficulty. It’s a council of three bosses that each have
their own attack pod vehicle. They use them, we’ll use them, it’s just giant
laser gun funfest for everyone. So the room’s a big triangle, and you enter
here. We’ve got the Admiral in her pod here, the
Engineer’s Pod here and the General’s Pod is this one. One boss at a time will come out to punch
you directly, and while they’re active a player can hop into their empty pod and use it to
our advantage. More on that later. The two bosses not on the floor will be attacking
the raid in their pods with a pod-specific mechanic each. All three of them share a health pool and
the cycling appears to be time based, with each boss getting an eighty second turn on
the floor at a time. There’s two mechanics that are persistent
in this fight from start to finish, and the first one is a tank swap. The active boss will occasionally use Exploit
Weakness, which is a frontal cone attack that leaves a nasty debuff. The tanks should face the boss away from players,
players take care not to wander in front of the boss and the two tanks should swap after
the Exploit Weakness goes out. The other fight-long mechanic is relevant
to healers, and that’s Chaos Pulse. The two hostile pods will send out three sets
ofthree missiles will onto a random players, stacking a damage taken debuff up to nine. That’s dispellable, so healers can wait for
nine stacks then take them all off at once. The first boss to take you on in the open
is Admiral Svirax. While she’s out her pod is accessible, and
the two occupied pods are wielding their mechanics. The General’s Pod on the left Summons Reinforcements,
as in adds. You get Pyromancers that cast Pyroblast, and
Felblade Shocktroopers that will charge and bladestorm. Pyroblast needs to be kicked or else it’s
just going to start deleting people, or at the very least bringing them dangerously low. The shocktroopers will charge random players,
knock them back then bladestorm their way back to their target. The current off tank can pick them up and
kite the bladestorms away from raiders, or they can just tank them by the boss for cleave. The Engineer’s Pod on the right has Entropic
Mines. That spits out these big green ground mines
loosely into player occupied areas. They take three seconds to arm and then become
active, exploding if they get stepped on. Tanks will want to move the boss into a clear
area, and everyone should watch both their feet and positioning. Those shocktrooper adds will unexpectedly
knock you backwards and it’s your job to make sure you won’t be knocked into a mine. If part of the room is getting too crowded
the entire group can migrate to a clearer area. Meanwhile, a friendly player, preferably a
DPS can hop into the Admiral’s Pod. All pods in this fight will have Chaos Pulse
as their first ability, which should be fired at the boss or the adds if those are getting
out of hand. The second ability is unique to the pod. Svirax’s pod has Withering Fire, which is
a heavy AOE that only damages the Reinforcement adds. Aim for the demons to help keep them under
control. While in any pod, Psychic Assault is stacking
up ramping damage on you. You WILL die if you stay in for too long so
exit when it gets rough and somebody new can jump in. It’s easy to get caught up in the fun of firing
lasers so keep an eye on your health if you’re piloting. On Heroic difficulty and above, exiting the
pod leaves you with a 3 minute Psychic Scarring debuff which prevents you from entering another
pod. Organized raids should designate pod pilots
and call out their swaps to avoid problems. After a minute and twenty seconds of that,
Svirax hops back in her pod and harmlessly kicks out anyone still in there. Engineer Ishkar comes out and his pod becomes
available. You’ll still need to deal with adds, but there’s
no more mines in this phase. Instead, Svirax is going to be calling a Legion
Cruiser overhead with Fusillade. It’s a big arena wide AOE that does 25% more
damage each time it swings by. That would be very scary indeed but we now
have access to the Engineer pod. Someone hops in there, uses Chaos Pulse as
before but they have a new 2 buttons called Felshield Emitter. That lays down this Felshield Emitter device
onto a targeted area, which you should aim for the center of the room or a pre-agreed
upon location. Spit out as many of those as humanly possible. It’s got a 12 second cooldown so with good
coordination the pod pilots can get six of them out during the eighty second Ishkar phase. You will need all six, so the second pilot
needs to be ready to go when the first one jumps out. On the floor anyone can click the emitter
consume it, creating this big, 10 second shield which you want to use to hide from Fusillade. Between this phase and the next one you’ll
have six Fusillades to deal with, so if your pilot didn’t get enough out or someone popped
one early you’re going to have problems. Save healing cooldowns and layer them with
the barrier for the later Fusillades. Eighty seconds after coming out, Ishkar gets
back in his pod and General Erodus comes down. There’s no more adds, the mines return and
Fusillade continues. His pod is available and it’s pilot gets access
to the Disruptor Beacon ability. Use that to clear mines in the room, interrupt
pyroblasting adds or slow some charging felblades. It’s up to you, or more accurately your raid
leader. And that’s the whole fight. We saw all three phases without getting the
bosses below half health so it’s fair to assume that they just continue cycling. This is a really cool fight that adds meaningful
vehicle mechanics without taking any one player out of the fight for too long. So, that is Antoran High Command in Antorus,
the Burning Throne! If this video gave you that educated feeling
you’re after please consider giving it a thumbs up. Check out my channel and subscribe for more
raid guides and other useful WoW videos. Thanks for watching, have fun in the pods
and have a wonderful, wonderful day! Bye!


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