Aviation Careers Education (ACE) Academy 2012 at Van Nuys Airport

Aviation Careers Education (ACE) Academy 2012 at Van Nuys Airport

/Music/ /Music/ /Music/ /Music/ /Music/ /Music/ Everybody, welcome! We are going to have a fabulous time. We’re gonna go to about seventeen different
places and learn a lot about careers in aviation. My name is Martin O’Connell and I decided to become part of the ACE program because I’m just really interested in flight. Ever since maybe I was like..6? 7? around that age and I built models and things so I thought this would be a great opportunity for me. Well, ever since I was in the second grade, I’ve always had the dream of becoming an airline pilot and I
still have this dream ’till this very day. It definitely opens your mind, it opens
your, just your eyes about how the aviation
industry really is. There’s a lot of people behind the scenes that actually
make aviation possible. /Music/ /Music/ /Music/ So the ACE program is basically like a week-long program- five days, where
you basically go to different places to explore
the aviation world not just like the pilots and actual
planes but actually other jobs that you might be interested in
related to aviation. /Music/ I learned that there’s many careers in the
aviation industry like you can be a mechanic, you could paint the
airplanes, advertising, the actual pilots… My main goal though, is to be a pilot by the time I’m like twenty. I got to meet two pilots and the one I
met on Southwest, he was really nice and he told
me how he got his start and it just like inspired me more to pursue my passion of being a pilot. /Music/ When you’re flying an airplane it’s,
it’s a really great experience. It’s the feeling of freedom
being up in the air, you know, being able to look down at all the people. There are so many things going on behind the scenes, of the big picture that no one really knows and with the ACE program you can actually
get a taste of what that’s like. This academy allows you to experience every
single thing- What you know, what you wanna do, if you
want to get into this industry /Music/ All: “To aviation!” /Music/ /Music/ When it came to aviation, and corporations or government entities that have something to do with aviation, you got a picture of things that most people anywhere in the world, have never been introduced to. And you at your young age, you have done that. That’s pretty awesome,
that’s very special. Graduation feels fantastic, I’m sad that
I’m leaving the program right now because I was
enjoying each and every experience that we got to be part of, but it’s still nice to know
that you have something like that under your belt and hopefully I’ll be back next year. My
future plans are- as of right now, a possibility is an Air Force pilot,
following that it would be hopefully a career in you’re in aeronautical engineering or with the backing of piloting and just the love of design. The ACE program is a big boost when it comes to finding
a job but like if, if you really love flying
then it could be your career. It’s so cool how you could do something
you want to do and also get paid for it at the same time. If you have a dream, go for it, don’t let
anyone or anything discourage you even though you might be the first out of the group of people that you know, don’t let that discourage you either, and go for it! We are taking off from the international airport.


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    had to sub this is the COOLEST thing ever!!!

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    excellent.. glad to see these young people interested in aviation… keep up the good work A.C.E…

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    Im in this video!!! Such a fun experience. I learned so much info about aviation and the careers in the industry i didnt even know about als

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    Also* made friends there that im still in touch with

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    i loved being part of this amazing program

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    This is gold


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