Aviation Channel Welcome! | Military Videos | AeroSpace | AeroSpaceNews.com

Aviation Channel Welcome! | Military Videos | AeroSpace | AeroSpaceNews.com

Hey Crew, Craig here, Editor of AeroSpaceNews.com
– Welcome to our Channel where you will find amazing video dispatches from the leading
edge of air and space flight. You may recognize me from my appearances on
the History, Discovery and Military Channels, but you may not know I spent years shooting
and reporting stories for Flight International Magazine, and later, I free lanced for Aviation
Week. I’m passionate about flight – the extraordinary
technology and the sheer beauty of things that fly, and I’m looking forward to sharing
videos that capture that magic with you. Things like this… And this… some of this… and
maybe a little of that… Maybe not that. So to make sure you see our terrific aviation,
airline, military, and space videos, be sure to click that subscribe button now. I’d be honored to have you join our Crew. Thanks for coming along and I look forward
to seeing you next time on the
Leading Edge.


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    Thanks for watching. What aircraft (airplane, helicopter, tiltrotor) or operator (airline, military, etc.) would you like to see profiled in our aviation videos? Be the first to know and comment when we upload a new video! Subscribe to our free newsletter now: http://eepurl.com/bTKr9T You'll also get breaking aerospace aviation news & features from our site!


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