Beginning Kiteboarding : Folding & Wrapping a Kiteboarding Kite

Beginning Kiteboarding : Folding & Wrapping a Kiteboarding Kite

I lay the entire kite out, put my bridles
inside and, then from the wingtips, we fold in towards the center from both sides. Make sure all my struts are on clips so I
can get all the air out of the kite. Sometimes when you’re putting it away, just in order
to get out for a quicker session the next time, you can leave air in the struts and
actually just roll the entire kite on to it, that way it’s a little less pumping you got
to do when you’re coming out next time. So without dragging my kite on this pavement
too much, we’re going to fold it over right here on the wingtip. Any way you want to fold
this, you know, most of this sport is personal preference, right here, this is the way that
I can get the kite most compact and right down so that it’s like the perfect size, it’ll
fit in its bag. Especially when traveling, don’t roll your kite, make small folds. In
sailing, they’re actually called flaking your sail. We don’t necessarily flake this, but
we’re going to fold it that way and really press down all the air and make sure that
these are nice flat little folds. So. As I do this, I’m going to do my best to really
try and get all the sand out of there. And I want to fold it in a fashion that just follows
up the leading edge and the trailing edge, making sure not to let it sort of taper off
to either side. So now that I’ve got this wingtip all the way folded into the center,
I’m going to come over to this one. You see my bridle got wrapped in the process. I’m
going to take it, throw it inside, and do the same thing for this side. Nice and sandy.
I’m really trying to press out all the air from all these little struts and bladders.
That way, when I go to store my kite, I know that it’s down as compact as it can possibly
get. Ooh, almost a little bit in the eyes. So the great thing about kiting versus other
sports like, you know, probably it’s biggest equivalent is windsurfing people say, is all
you need to do to get out for a session is have your kite, your harness, your board,
a bar and some wind. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, you did a downwinder
or anything, you can just fold the kite up, simple one, two, three, and boom. This is
a nine meter kite and look how tiny it is. I can wrap my harness around it and, actually,
I got a little briefcase that I can go walk away with. If your big downwind is all the
day this beach here, at St. Pete Beach, and there’s a trolley you can use, but you got
to wear booties and a shirt, so we just make sure we bring our thumbs and take it all the
way down the beach.


  • SanFranciscoBay

    Nice video. Why not fold the kite in the long direction, by picking up one end piece and carry it until it meets the other end piece, so it is now folded in half. Then pick up both end pieces and carry them over till the kite is halved, then half it again, then half it again, then roll it? Seems to be less work using the method I'm describing and you don't have to drag the kite over the concrete.

  • Krill2404

    Thanks man i just got my new kite and i didnt know how to properly fold it


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