Calling All Cars: Body on the Promenade Deck / The Missing Guns / The Man with Iron Pipes

Calling All Cars: Body on the Promenade Deck / The Missing Guns / The Man with Iron Pipes

all car a political ground created by rio grande endured over the world by the national
guard broadcast two hundred ninety seven regarding the murder this is the only wouldn’t want him or
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women to me right into your motor they mean more power more money smoother
performance on wall street these are the qualifications specified
by the driver of the police car fire engines and even another emergency
equipment in other words are engineers have taber
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gasoline from the red ant bites real brandy station you’ll get the same gasoline to get used
in this important all the more difficult by this new all-purpose kathleen just
ones and you will then know why it is the most highly recommended gasoline
sold in the west although the story we are to here
tonight built within the jurisdiction of the federal government it was through the cooperation of the
office of cheddar eugene biscuit was what i was talking about the information
we are about resent was secure we have therefore ask that this could do open our problem good evening ladies and gentlemen was a pleasure to again appear on
calling all cuz of the story that proved once more the
truth of the adage that crime cannot pay as you shall see is a program progresses and their existence of obstacles you
never did terrorism law enforcement officer from ultimately achieving its goal tonight’s story was brought to its
conclusion so the cooperation of officers from
several jurisdictions the sort of increasing satisfaction to
me that such cooperation is stronger today than ever in the effort of law
enforcement agencies to bring home to the kremlin klein the proof that crime
never campaign riding a tiger seven-mile dot mitchell at long beach
california gambling kya announcement boldly on the bottom of it it was not get midnight september
twentieth nineteen thirty three already two hundred and detailed about what
happened hottest sutherland all apologize on the ports on
the ship finds the couple reports christ through
the night filatov players in the casino don hurt
after the bikini rather than to their plankton spin the bottle but all of the
different story ear that sam installation dot span out on the senate
election that worships at night you don’t suppose somebody’s got to live
right now uh… probably somewhere in scheduling his girlfriend a linkage
india well-liked leaders in the light bulbs in
the reagan as targets norma do that well whatever it is a uh… that’s a bonus up
to it when they come with vietnam uh… give us the content abutment and
intentions they put it on that can into the casino nothing wrong there he touched up a short flight of stairs
and broke his way to the former promenade deck and the demo likely almost double what
about on the witness stand in the slowly widening pool of blood of eighty five thank god for that identify who shot paintings do you think you yes
right-winger what seems to be developed assistant
shot by somebody executor agree that you just random i heard the shots down on the boiler
room and came up to find out what was going on is still alive at his age since it was a doctor on board k the hotmail and aol doom basic generally and only interrupt a second gonna find out of the seductive man’s
been hacked it is a doctor present that day lightened up a step forward these days nothing to be alarmed about that’s what’s more either about it when i’m sorry about that someone in the
kitchen to the timing hacker ethic there’s no need for all i a m and they
asked him to his oceanic issued in a few minutes electrolyte captain macdonald and your money
problems among the badly wounded landlord normal waterlogged but it was
an undertaking a celebrity finally arrive having died during the trip along the policeman went to the client lieutenant of detectives dvd version of
detectives audit m_t_v_ resigned in the case haters and first official act with a
telephone to cap the mother as a commander of the united states
coastguard station number seventeen san pedro at the navy as a detective lieutenant peterson of
long beach police action engine trouble out on the gambling ship drama smith
shooting shit i’d like to have you send a cutter to
stand by up there and say that no passengers disembark midshipmen job
given permission to do so for the proper authorities thank a couple diligent from the united states department of
justice but also notify within the short time on one of the forces of the
municipal police aboard the diamond non-union government managers one-sided
coming aboard now thank you at mcdonald’s special agent with the justice judges i’m in charge of investigation
the news peterson always previously gave us your name and we were sent out this
is captain macdonald he’s muster the palestine right there had a good chance when i called you that
this case would be no jurisdiction let’s read murder on american vessel marc’s
andersonville sample run right appears when a man’s body was found in illinois and what if you have no idea and found these five exploded showcases
on the deck give me a thirty two unit there what’s that embedded in the back here listed that have led slug more funny i miss that manner without the certainly look at it it’s probably thirty to blow it all
right keep it with the show’s we’ll find out
for sure later but no one knows what happened at my
uh… i was in the boiler room below and i had five shots fired appear ran them
up well me and man lying in a pool of blood among instantly said and the engineer
aboard as a solution you couldn’t answer and that we don’t came along you know the problems ibiza sort adam and i thought it exploit debbie
croatia docs never regained consciousness in a way was and at least idea and i know who ever came to houston on
board a ship i do know that kept me because nobody’s been permitted to leave those are my daughter that go with it
then one but it all electrocution had what about some other computers and
defend it not yet elite that these things up a dead man’s
body and let them over thirty two caliber courts automatic fully loaded it bloodstain roadmap it was his insisting on certificate of
registration women who are the makeup so it looks like norman lorraine so it looks to you the is changed its name on it way to keep a list of headed in the
inside pocket of each pull the gun and everything that’s right roadmap was folded over the butt of the
automatic was murdered men look like uh… other
good looking i’d say between twenty and twenty five
years old six feet tall had curly black hair shot at close range would you say that i
think so one woman into the side of the
chesapeake on another in the stomach and who won and will back if republicans grading uh… about how many guests have you
aboard ship and you’re turning forty as i figured common in the crew sixty-five including awaited decision divisional doing all they have to do is find out
which of three hundred and five people’s along with it what do you think we better do first school instead by questioning of all
these people manager so what we’re doing we’re going to have
a search made in the ship you know civilians hiding out somewhere so we can
find that gun why couldn’t one of your special agent stake in the air and three
of our member of the crew we question the people in the casino now that’s an
idea uh… personally have started this in a
move i know something that is if we’re going to find out
anything a few minutes later the paper siena where segregated on but it was
impossible for them to communicate with them at the pool them the planet questioning what god you know young man named norman or a
nice here any shots fired catalytic your final viewer is seen anyone acting
suspicious hall and again the question of the pool at the time to look for plus a few
options would receive even a shred of information in the last two members of
the ship’s orchestra where folks urination turned anna is at least
something that sounded like chancellor dials where were you boys when you heard
the shall we were up on the upper deck having a cup of coffee and what then
well we heard this noise and looked out the window few seconds later i saw a man won’t pass
a coffee shop but neither of them in an ever to find out what happened will now
serve we just thought it was some junctional when you describe the menus
are well all i know they had on the snap impelled i think is a crayon again on
the grey suit too but might have been blew it maybe it was brown i know it’s a big
help analyst put it back out there and i was just caught a glimpse of him you
think you know him again in his own romaine though i would not on the number
of years that’s just for medication that i was going to get myself a little
information here but all i get his talk about great belfast that night to sixty minute with grateful
that’s tough luck here’s some more search protocol and the ship didn’t find
the thing game analyst in the one the killer tell us
the gone overboard so i’m hardly expect him to find that studio so must be aboard somewhere
messages attitude m overboard entry shut this poem and commit suicide say dioxins how much longer are you
going to say about this yet uh… side we’ve got to be very well on
that this is an imposition do realize it after two o’clock in the morning i have
work to do on the stand that serve and help us to do anything about it for the
press i’d never heard of such an outrage i’ll sue the shit exile dark very bad situation they give him a
little tough of overthrew their and noticed does need to make things any
easier over here comes another one a woman this time technique i wish i could maybe i’d like
to with my hands are tied to the olympic team he well my he would online it’s totally fine i’m
not there i can’t be done not yet anyway i’m sorry let me that interrupted a cry
lady i can’t let anyone off this year catapulted allegedly oh buck when you’re up with a sick
friend instances really have to get a lot more serious and let you know as we did get his
killer going to be able to send these people agree with you with aluminum or level level commuting
distance of face but in spite of the growing impatience
and what about the guests will probably help investigated family with a task before
them names addresses an argument that every
person will recover listed finally at six o’clock in the morning it
was decided that one hundred and seventy five men and women who had satisfied
reestablish uh… than it is should be permitted to leadership from there by a process of elimination
the group of suspects was a blast reduced to seven men well anything i can citigroup revisions
to go question the seven suspects were holding and civilian narrow them down in
the morning into rubble and so you know when we got according the statement we got three
garage mechanics and an ex-convict chauffeur newspaper reporters semen quite a collection minister said to them
standing here that one of those seven of the killer when are we going to prove it yeah it is a question filled in and knowing that that man no weapons were found on the world
bloodstains on their clothing not only that but they all seem to have
letters of cards of identification over the ex-convict of jobs and none of
them are wearing grace member in hats well is it one more broil oregon was
kevin on all right you fellas we’re going to get another chance to
talk now once again let me give you normally in on all of
them and none of your going to go and
exterminate say with an answer these questions all night in another store
saro-wiwa levels are jobs that you’re the one who said you were
river when i thought you said you worked on a san
francisco she tried to better for me my job keeping devender kerala and wanted
to let up on us long-term what are you crying about all
i know what’s gonna happen your premise on me you know i just got out of the
benefited a cigar weekend kidney i’m not going to be fine but as john
what do you think that wasn’t connecting on and on that the parole board finds out a mixed
up in this event or something but this it’s like a quitter blubber your man
accused of anything at there we go ashore this morning about where
efficient on your newspaper guys are all in a hurry about jobs okay boys i’ll let you go ashore but before you go i’m gonna have a
complete set of fingerprints from each other we’re gonna take out joanna you’re going to spend happen i don’t
understand you are very autumn i’m a little thing like that of his own in monument that are going to collect if you surrender ad and probably after eight o’clock yarmuk river in possession of the
fingerprints at a time on behalf of the family gusting including the seven
prospect one of one oh one o’clock rebound long beach apartment but on the and lovable and
then but bob dole come up but if they don’t let them become a the voice of one of the passengers
boarded bug ofturnbull day hahahaha canada hello de la hahahahaha pat them catapult it is not a long-standing practice bebo go ahead and often come back here right
weatherbloc recuerdo recruitment at the red bull toward
people of the flip side and someone yelled up to me that the government are
gone yeah school superintendent and it’s a plus
who’s going to casino maybe not that way affidavit that does come at it uh… did anyone find a gun over and have enough time accident at one time that got no for
doing the last few minutes all right asset but it happened at the pentagon harvesters motivator one iraq is not
hard who haven’t ever involved but everybody called him at the babbar it’s just a nickname wide and reporters
right away not the kind you know armistead jetliner that l thirty-two here get abba dabba here right away now calm if you’re ever deborah you sure did what is about to find my god willem dafoe ratified it corporal aurangabad to one of the officers martin luther fell short of the watchmen here equal
treatment picked up a group so that that would be bombing much power you while you
competed identified all you know i’ve been part of our
people lined up arvind spot will feel not so i actually but
what about this gun with i want them to get a single party if you
go risen up ferraro through shops open figure isn’t it isn’t thirty two caliber miles automatic confide recently drew sort of her
fingerprints down right away you’re sure you do cause i’m shooting
somebody some member of the crew might oppose
killing nacho never saw the government they’re shocked him and i i think about how i want to
abolish volume also bothered to skid just lock up don’t release looks kind of
funny to me who will put them in belittled babu from yellowstone model on mobile whose uh… the democrats uh… most liberal arts and remember too many people since a
crime uh… with them where people are coming aboard they’re pretty on another color let
capital prediction there bring those seven suspects in here
should worry about the risk of being are boring animal everybody and we might add these to the seven all
the time being an arrangement with a watchmen and the blue-black all of the
oval office la who qualify goldman’s complete puke up stuff but for this market i thought about how they wrote a kitten
like it i’m not going to be integrated i thought
you political evansville away or if you’ve got the right answer some
questions they’re going to be the right wing
trying though you guys and bring it back and hangers on me okay you seem to be dead set on getting
stuck with is murdered o_j_ samaria conscience album and all these
things work out because of a common stressing that kind of animal opposite let me tell report so what is it i’m the man you’re looking for i say i’m them and you’re looking for and what kind of a gun did you shoot
lauren with as you do with after the shooting kept
that quite a while and headed back to one of those fanfare
last stand alone so it was just before the search what made you want a contest of a sudden in just a bit to do it that’s all you’ve got me by my friend under the jig
was up to that of the government bonds it was a medical student triggered this has a gun you’re cutting with this is my gun libido suspects other here list of what this policy you told us your name was solid or is that right james jay walls where did you first meet lauren man you
shot there are some nights at leavenworth
penitentiary where she was exactly how he committed
this murder they’re walking along with fifty uh… had been an argument suddenly stop laughin thought about it alone you know than most teens that much already got out there few months later and the two of you got together again is
that it yet rapidly remittance abhishek would you do there not much working two jobs went to sacramento and then on the stockton san jose do any work it in these last places the we look for jobs but we didn’t find them would you buy your guns but my in
sacramento vendetta thirty-two automatically sent
as a why did you buy these guns like eleven with our guests to committing robberies we were reawakened person from good when
did you come long beach less money laboratory have become out of the drama
smith i don’t know we’ve been drinking and korlam most
yesterday afternoon and i what we have qualm about where we can we’ve been working on a plan to kidnap a
big shadowrun but we couldn’t sing that greyhound by-products from enough stuff kidnappings one thing matters but is another every time somebody kidnapped the guy in
and bring them back safe and healthy that guy gets caught not for me i like the old saying dead men tell no tables sometimes i don’t think you can win that’s going to take even i was a couple happen that had yet
to open question got any judges around you don’t like a
banana sadat pick it up and do so help me out to anyone europe to still their own good i suppose you’re screwed like him a copy
them that’s different well if you want to know practices him to do with anybody and it wouldn’t bother my conscience any
because as far as i’m concerned you’re just iraqi alkane possible uh… in the ship their argument
continue we’re still talking about my coder he loved it too he sort of sympathy women who clearly was a pretty large uh… exactly right power walking on the upper deck he yet
but if they stop several times it’ll make a move toward his gun union but misco begun within his insight park but he
never actually reach for it committee did we stopped walking by this time seen the census showed university what happened then and he started the region is in fact
parking i guess he was meant to kill them stuck without my gun released the safety women to blossom into giving up his gun and but instead
you shouting he kept on going after he’s gone i think the first budget in the stomach because he looks forward mine and you
hepburn far and i didn’t have figured out that a good amount of misery stranded my gun until ignoring overdraw
his gun kirby puckett i can’t say for sure but i think he did you’d actually
see lauren droid gun i think so that was before i started surfing good morning charles and how do you explain the fact that
when lorraine was found after the shooting a gun was still in his inside
pocket chris was let go of the kind of first book adams come back in after shooting learning what you do first i threw my hat overboard and i just walked around and go over the
crowd up our way from the more you when you
started firing attracting and further that the statement only that when i feel loving i felt that it was either his like my
mind final statement they won’t lately often transplant you
having fun however about the political prior
republican leaders in the special agent in charge of the government’s case
against the killer company wants to more you cell k we thought we’d drop in for lou thought
whereabouts as coming up in a few days charges
because i know what they were just wondered if you felt the same way about
that confession atm-card repudiating it in court ago
narrow why that’s good either the just a waste of time and cost
the government a lot of money idea means where you see it’s been definitely prove
that the bullets that killed more and more fired from the gun you bought in
sacramento yeah said that the man who sold it to us positively identified you
can photograph so what you guys have been there better right liking the press play singer frederick w yet my pentagon without too much of the contest no we didn’t have your prints on the gun so many people have handled it that you
did this local most mayors not approve of the
description you’ve got kinda tell me the record i believe it if i kept my
mouth shut never could have gotten away with it
wash with the founder of the long run with future say there’s a lot of trouble i’ll i’ll be you’re telling me on just a moment because the concluding
pack regarding nine-story rams it pays to use no gasoline but the
best in your motor all-purpose we’ll round the clock
kathleen is the first in public sir the most highly recommended gasoline
sold in the west of more power more money smoother purple fill up with this new all-purpose rio
grande if you haven’t done so while was brought to trial in federal
court before judge articles psychiatrist found insane of such criminal tendencies and to be
dangerous to society he was found guilty and sentenced to spend the remainder of
his life contemplating the truth crime connaught place ten years old when all of our national
guard gambling to broadcast two hundred ninety seven hundred with douglas
gatineau investigate nigel going well were and the the visit your medical pregnant the new goodnight or be over out a next week at this time rio grande it
will present the case of the missing guns this is the columbia broadcasting system on all populated program created by rio
grande ending the of more than here we’ll run but coming
olive more police on fire engines and another emergency equipment wherever
they’ve been told that the other all misstatement significant significant available on the back of
always been period happening one of the best sold on the mark without engineers build weapons a
battered kathleen about the month of experimenting and perfecting the new and
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made about them product might think this is just another plane but friends i a
cure-all but not the case to prove it you do this for me next time
you need gasoline drive in the red and white we abandon servicemen come up with
new all-purpose we’ll run the cracked one kept in your own carlton movement
circulated a good time right now the celebrity here tonight has been
taken in the name from the confidential files of the state police of new mexico we have therefore t_v_ comes from propelled forward problem when a patent bank name i could go yet but i think of the laid-back becuz
of uninhabited desert he had been led to believe the entire
where stood like that psyched however not betraying new mexico considered except one of the
mall parking the states expected in this prove when it comes to
span at the crime detection have still been my crystal now make it virtually impossible to
mistake the identity of oppression who had left his trademark at the scene
of a crab even the master cromwell has failed to
produce the perfect cracked it one in which no clue it left behind it’d be a telltale page is that the
modern defective you needed to make it deductions and
unfairness and well and bad habits he’d bring home for the law breaker the
lesson of the looting make your craft out that problem private situational and
how this at the crime detection stepfather baffling case on the morning on july twenty third
nineteen ninety-eight appendectomy environment believed in roswell new
mexico leading the telephone call none of them right movement he hedge their within and of course murder below two you’d see that nothing’s
touched wouldn’t permit owners and they can he the better part of three hours anyway
well over a hundred miles inland from than that lol hockey netball didn’t have much fell behind in the
beginning on an internal government that they prepare indicate that the other and quite a few
hanging around the plate liability that mister anything now isn’t there the millions have limited
and you can see it’s a combination therapy statement portraits won’t play right polyhedron demanded here he who
was the other one they’ll fletcher medium valid workaholic
what was the motive cheryl robbery looks like it havoc on that one of the itself
by the brownback moved up the crowd away from where the bodies were found hope
your colin lived in the stores upon yet anti-capitalist accepted their that
previous you was built inside the placement right you tiananmen what about
the flexible quickly inside to knowing his buddies just around the corner and you can see it now if if you stepped
away from the back door cave-in united and he looked around here for footprints
hampton conquered the pretty clear wants to a few more depth and thought that the
folks milling around here a year reform i’d like to get on with me and and he’s
a footprint you mean and vote no on rare a particular at that plaster cast minimum and that’s an idea
particularly if we can find issues diffident california plays all the
fallout head deck at the outset hitting the bottle dot roger pathologist part of
this error protecting him uh… he is just one of the crowd time
i’ve gotten to configure sentences make definite seems to me i ever heard of
sentenced near the local batman around their something like that and i need a
pretty good customer all right and i don’t think he had anything to do with
it given run-up we’ve already talked to him as far as i can see he’s got an
airtight alibi and what do some of these people the idea that sentence is a
killer and anything that goes anywhere around the airport reddaway blame it on
the and whenever a choice reputation no that’s going to say maybe you can find something that we
overlook instead when he first got here the voyage in me both a screen door in the side door lock
on the inside and whoever killed while they never got in the places that it
makes it there’s polly’s body line aggressivity
the receptor one yet as of the victims of the screen in the class of the lender
you can see by looking at the whole come through from the outside necessary when
on the back door appalling came to the door in answer to
the killers moved out there watching the body doing on the bed mad at me stamp
that appears to and i figured the impact of the bullet probably knocking over onto the bed he was
written about it spend on them and the floor by holly st that the way it was when you found in
yet i’d pick it up to see if it had been fired up put it back is the way it works that’s
ever looked at it frontier six-shooter in absent the
polish gun i’ve seen it before newsman fired not recently anyway probably never get a chance to use it went as well and your money bugs yet hasn’t anybody been in philadelphia lock
you know where the keys are probably unholy pants pockets of their defense on
the floor for a doctor if you’re thinking and put them on when
he went to the door last night and that she both rooms reworking
clinton walia new jersey uses little under the one
that fits the bark and it looks like me everything and it looks ok to meet with
one year look as if anything was touched
inappropriate once again it might have a charter sardonno me and would take his money box along with
some of it over more thoroughly later on what about the pentagon you take them
along to amigos there when i when i have another look around
outside okay and of renee montgomery but brings economic plan say wait a minute observe hotpot done over the door on the ground and
yard looks like an epic epic fail knows what it is true embedded and you make out what kind of a
gunfire technical was fired by a forty five automatic
american you know the bullet that killed implicate the minute i saw the wounded
needed i think it it was done with a forty five than anyone else were crawling you added
spanish girl countrymen and under name he works in the store she anywhere on
allies others are here yet that he is out there in the crowd however coming so that i want to talk to
her in the back there logo is not share ever come up another story for ok and and radicalhello part technical pop pop roger that’s my question truthfully
front window me everything you know about this incredible anything back heating up along with you worked for mister holly about two years flora you know of any enemies you might have
had any money had trouble with remarks there were two brothers who are their names i think i am goes sometimes
evening they work well with senior party what about them problem or a piece of ground visa ground
honeymoon undone like that they had me was about with your call right away something like that you mean the right away over zombies of
property leslie senior maybe you’re right today the governing in green were there ever any bites one those who work sometimes i think it would be and i get
all excited but now they cooling off and get over them and fainting collapse was
very disappointing initially and you don’t think it was serious
enough for there to have been a killing over omron seniority seat was not with a punch in the uk
would not want to keep them is there anything else you might soon anything give me a clue as to who
committed this murder i don’t think something out only to walking more trackback no i don’t know why i think we can be
reasonably certain that comes with packing and that’s all it isn’t going to tell me
in angola you know but if you should think of anything you
feel we ought to know don’t hesitate to get in touch with either sharp right
here myself at once he can not get one uh… honor some answers about it like
you ordered imminent for here and bismarck brown dr kelly act has gone over that part of
the county coroner sure i know about the killing even if you have a report for his
sometime this evening fine meanwhile i’m going to check around
these parts and find out of anybody who bought a forty five automatic recently and you say that both men died instantly
as i had a doctor killing and said that the technicals incentives uh… volleys of the light on
in rome that would make him stand out as a
target when he came to the door so we can raise in the mouth of the
killer or killers were dead shots and that’s not unusual in this part of the
country him personally i think everything points to the dean computers
involved my report agrees with that will receive
experts each of the men who shot by a different
kind of bullet that’s right click here with a forty five automatic unholy with
a bullet from a thirty thirty carvey the problem allies involved in those two
guns once we have and i think that this will
be so and don’t look like it’s going to be too easy spent the whole afternoon
getting around to the store trying to find out of anybody toward a forty five
automatic with a show for one recently frank jordan at that meeting i sort of forty five automatic guns and
children in a week ago i have a hardware store here in cars
over you know yes that’s what i understand do remember we’re sort of productive internet nancy randall mixing intolerant of mayor and show random
nixon and now do you suppose that young stamp on to the party five automatic as
always and into the rebel lenders are purely in his own and won’t go to the
place up there he has a brother a home city not far
away from and i’m not sure sure it will be where though i’m a big around up
there in the morning and have a talk with young mix land don’t reckon it’ll be a little news anyway we’ve got to do something pretty
quick they can’t get him out of time to get
this mexican pedro centered incentive for today sure i know i don’t think he had an
admission that said we don’t want any link in caring for the why do you think
the crowds out of hand enough about this mexican attorney thing like that europe
you can tell without the authority here about things that we make an arrest rain and their dad david made nonlinear
and non-deductible early bird will be one of randall remington ranjan partners the that david
bloom human will return in a really good good deal of reneged on their own the
played remember or looking for a thirty thirty grabbing as well as a fortified
and now pat and yeah and say anything that might make an
suspect were here word all argument it makes it if your husband home lauren alloy is wheelchair would you
tell us where we can find him nancy nobody thought house which at the
teen bc could you tell us where louise thirty
thirty years around on your knowledge used to hang on
the walls of that c was cody and and this is going on don’t seem to me it’s been missing from
his hold a bad law maybe a couple of weeks but you don’t know where it is so that the respondents here sure it was
a thirty thirty it’d have a long barrel that was long plaza saturn you know of mister nixon’s senior knew
someone who was there a range now you know i don’t know and decommissioned tribunal so and
management bust business another thirty thirty was shot
in the dark it’d work but billy yesterday now the only question is yet at the same
thirty thirty years we’ve used in the killing and something that the plan of later welcome one and will get along the
panorama making please no was a little but maybe we can find the kind of thing me layout back like right about in the interview the whenever you take all right all right pumpkin if uh… that it uh… said well and cause those were the instant
and update whether they’re going for it at home to borrow some money was a monies
you-know-what for ended on motor was there with the bank uh… rate monitor needed snooping others don’t own a home going to try to sell a couple of horses
robo horses and so maybe that’s one of them up they called on some of the rent around
here is your mother their own initiate mass
okay thanks when a doctor or a few minutes before
the and on the future not so far uh… here i think about what they know in on
demand makes me we come back a few questions what about with over one thing and we want to know where you’re and
andrea it was right here you mean they were at home all day
yesterday in what about the day before yesterday unit was home all day that day too you make of that i’d say a couple of stories don’t fit
well what do you mean than in trouble and joe recently an investigation only radiological along the families drugs and i’m not trying to be
unreasonable and i wish you don’t know why you take me
back because i was a written by and have a negative united a good evening lot of
about guys i know he hadn’t done anything engaged in the bedroom
regulated to look forward to the president irritated little pet you’ve
announced earlier is dead man dot com dot world in those
two men on board but bruno danny mandel alright the and in are what in uh… it man mandela namely than no was also
and within twenty four anna however that tomorrow it in england with limited randall nixon as right what’d you do that forty five automatic
pistol you bought from dr kelly a few weeks ago assaulted them up on the approach gave
lead needed him and you know mister nixon what happened to that thirty thirty
seven-year-old boy whom your son willy rather act uh… ambassador out my saddled with a weak
signal then if you don’t keep engineers and leave a
to i mean that went up those orders but it ugandan because those who want to say a
word that whatever i want somebody to get a lot of his own party in the meantime we’re going to have a
conference over in the county jail in the daily part of the lamp and the
only other than that but but but but but but but but does the government
department dot the middle your brother and whether she’ll you
forty five automatic that belong to one unit few weeks ago showed me a gun like
that he said he brought in from dr killion
cause also fifteen dollars was a gun loaded i think it was here scramble mention whether or not he never
used again initiated a rabbit with it is a very good gun mid-level your father
ever borrow your thirty thirty-third the end of the u_n_ time together one day but instead of a kind of operated on home
women’s upon i don’t know mistreatment you ever see the right left in them we have about a week later in the
process and that’s the last time usually your father brother last friday
that is on july twenty third i went by their place in psalm all but they weren’t home you see them on the
following day and a team of my house early morning deadwood used settle my don’t go ahead amro dull i didn’t see him again until you pick
them up on the road while back you have a normal and the minimal reds
fears yet i met a fella by that name once and
uh… lam oklahoma as about nineteen twenty five oh when
they look like you should be called showdown radar complected i get a middle-aged had dedicated is
turning grey but that’s over the burden sonya
thoroughly like this well you can hear see you later crandall mix some are demanding i want you to tell me all about how you
happen to buy that forty five automatic randall and why we’re led up to it i met this fellow played spears you want to admit shut down for a pistol i didn’t have a pistols are decided by a
long you mean just make the trade years doctor kelly showed no one here
for fifteen dollars i’ve never thirteen sabog two dollars in
debt was a father with your new book began
yet usually when i turned over the gun
defense peers this man’s peers give you a shotgun at
the time role that have formulated and they never did show up whenever soma
games seems to me you were kind of a soccer
wanted israelis oppose it was you ever have this done at your home or did you ever show up your brother
louie no uh… totally about buying a gun i never showed up to where did you meet is to give me on from
the bank and the gun was never out of your
possessions from that moment and to do brought around co-conspirators as rights i came straight from the stall and give
it to did you ever borrow his thirty thirty
carbon venir a you know when we came here first but eighteen months ago is arrival in it let the buses whenever sense there is no two or three weeks ago that came back
the radisson lost it never went back to look for how did you put in the day last friday uh… worked around the place all
morning entombed dead now and i’m looking for
strikeout louise didn’t get home to clean nine and ten
o’clock that even to do them rewrite debate what about the next day
saturday admiral over louisville in the morning he bought a set of my brother we rode around some of the rangers
renewed premise of the couple horses becoming the cause of the the leading even would spend the night with some friends who live out ways was coming back from a when you arrested
is and you described as manfred spears forrest he’s a great cultural about thirty-five years old as auburn hair wears a little red must
age maintenance over the time being rental my free to go now i’m afraid that the vote without outdoor
pueda randall alright such a way it’s gonna be mister clinton what do you make a things now i don’t think there’s any question but
that mandolin his father the killers insulin-dependent too randall lorie stories conflict in nearly
every regard hillman killed the story in the
playground goes to convince me they must have reversed that was my impression too you know they detail what you mean story
differed from rentals was in the description fred’s peers nixon described the same implicitly many known years ago and i hadn’t seen
again until around a bit in the forty five personally i don’t think there is such
persons first-graders please not the one that lambert was
about you probably remember the name comparing
his father and brother talk about if it’s true that norman oklahoma and
generation is minimal locate anyone like that our problem al michaels at the prime
those dark and the sooner the better and going back out to the nixon ranch
and have a good look around that eventually find something clayton missus nixon there’s something i’d like
to get straight on utilities your husband and her son had
been in home all day both on friday and uncertainties they play moving away from
the ranch on both occasions they told me to say they’re they told me
to see they said it was going out happened
could be here without a fee he wanted me to come up in capitals in
the case within the problem city it will get me and probably no will get
you in any trouble with no apparent reason without that they do best thing for you to do it answer my
question to straightforwardly as you know i’ve found his parachute in one of the
rooms in fact i found two prayer together would live along too that they are belongs to mister nixon or the other thing i belonged to me and
a lot of money unit no member of the not there were one
of the men last friday eraser but you’re not sure yes i’m sure that so missus nixon and thank you yaa park in houses on the future karate ministration he webster caps that were taken off the
footprints we found is that the perfect and listened to remove all questionable if we could only find those down yes that’s where the road is alright than ever in the world get a conviction
without obtaining i’ve got an idea good what is it if you ever hear of it under moreno in kaplan structure right and
he’s also the best tracker in this part of the country we’ll get him to follow the tracks of
the mission talks the to the writing last friday when they
were supposed to be looking fairly straight up that maybe the solution still in touch with him right away with
its amader may say this case worse yet you’ve been following the fact that it
makes it harder for mom they weren’t fluently that they did a lot of writing it you got together on a credit card even
though striped seismology is and most of those and and i don’t know
anyone at any better indian included winston replied logging stay there under the murders are most of the hurt
your listeners if they were going to get rid of all the
guns that have done it before they got this close to home and get here and
became too antarctic ten-mile or other ho lead want as the prince of this weekend so
anything out uh… wait a minute usual prints leading problems
wholesalers order brochure this may be it step back and see where the president is
uh… their advantages under about anything and is yes open borders it’s others sort of got a sixteen-year horrendous economic multiply but to what the f thirty thirty have been sort of an
automatic as our case here signed sealed and delivered just a moment chief tom summers will
give you the concluding facts regarding tonight the story you will find our new all-purpose rio
grande attacked us lean gives you more power more speed more mileage and
smoother performance because this scientifically made of six
important power producing ingredients and some of the free found an ordinary
gasoline fill up at a red and white rio grande a
service station in the morning experience the thrill of police car
performance chief summers ballistic expert played pet which means that the gun about her whether wanted you to make smarter dr kelly identified the automatic at the one he had soul young mix both men were found guilty and senate there that senators and related commute and i did i hear them pregnant the ed it’d be historian mean and cannot thank you judy summers many ruling legal in all of our national
guard handling ruggedly magnum exits buchananism and lou this is an avid about that that he would not or reoffended next week at this time we have and it
will present the case of by the end of the iron right this is the calm about that and falling all part of the popular program created by real abandoned fluently cardinal cardinal guard
broadcast human dignity and anybody who had been let go of the men and women who
have died jack benny five-feet nine-inches’ weighed about one hundred
seventy five mandarin level the do remember that when the premium brand if
u backed down from the government appalled comment made lobby very
government and the that has been eleven prior awfully
remarkable people but at the back of the great a playmate
abyss two totally different gotten by the recipient county and federal law and
possibly the apartment her olivia hollingsworth
called unpopular aretha franklin new york greg anthony almost without
exception we ultimately the best-performing gasoline on the book
today betrays the fact that the american pampering storage company fresno and
changing over to the new rio grande crack gasoline in our records show a marked difference
in for a moment on one particular run remember you as an average of seventy
gallons of gasoline compared it seventy eight down of the oldest i’ve been
sitting on the claim all method on the good before on the glendale fulfillment
and tourism companies pay undertaking to do with most of the leading brands of
kathleen might be to drive but it doesn’t really believe you’re definitely
did absolutely the planets are there for you i can hardly in order to any and all
three donors dot pipe yourself a multi-million dollar kathleen ever fold
in the way annual return again and again the red
and white rio grande estates and for the government of his birth in public
service and for the press in europe story we are here tonight have been
taken from the confidential files of the police department city of portland
oregon we have therefore ask people believed every and i’ll available were
dropped off good evening i didn’t go and take on crime law and followed by an
outbreak of democrat inherent in carbon gravel usually alert all-inclusive take the practice education and
inspiration and then divided plans to commit
democrat hoping to avoid the mistake the original crime right he had to put in that when the original
because of the crime often suppressed by officials in order to forestall dot strength on the part of the gramm that cannot reckon cordoned ordinary
immediately following the arrest of any word known as i did that happen by a bit later that began a series of
crammed with them at the letter word but once again the kremlin department
think that there might is to begin and i think that we can learn at our program for american uh… one room and uh… blue a the and heard candidate probably government
haven’t been there really is a little pop-up lamonica equivalent of a prequel good morning blue one young man martin
pictures but wouldn’t be able to bring down from the club goldberg vertically
along with five point one thing is that what was the perfect the problem of the compound your own by
mark fuhrman through a lot courses went up and down the street and turn portable that independently of many you can do something for me whatever
they feel that the fact that in fact you can bet that mister that i think that in
fact bell i can get it for youth and don’t worry you get when i’m looking for
new place or actual i wouldn’t bet or they’re going to do is pretty much of
that if it goes i guess i did that with the
party to all of that material and if he got better pride and hope and
i look at the moment dot we see one of them let me see one of them suitcases either
pro government shells at the back of the store-bought accurately here and i think
that the people of kato kato at some of them down for me ackerman and i show you
again twin bed here you could be anywhere for the price are double
left-handed at that getting at died debate i’ve done on the right thing to
do that i never mind that a level i don’t think them into the night that you can’t be
filed under electric lights bottoming out or to that maybe you should be denied dr anyway you could carry too much meetup
point by the dole thank you glad devotee narrowing it depicted people again but i
do that the looking plenty of good faith in bomb with right
behind me needed looks all right but uh… i’d rather see that they went up
in a corner and when i looked up shelf the blackmun immediately after one juror
i could make jack of pride and that could be developing ever that that that
uh… ticket pandering all right now with him i don’t know that up to me
like i’m not gonna when democrat dynamic but then leaving vietnam ok chocolate out of the typically intricate here next week you connect on outcome an awakening how is that castro yet anywhere happening just like they continue with my baby that had been cut that was never think
of a single before the han coming out of it okay dope here’s a piece against play couldn’t
keep her remember could people no okay uh… and do and and sent me cheap but i have just gotten an incident yassin any development yet on that month
olympic flame i’m afraid not cheap so far the boys have been able to turned
up a single pollute bay jet boat that piece of gas pipe in the newspaper today
i think her fingerprints but no game room that’s that’s a good mosier that but plan that will play the fact
that in your insulin skin or dark corner on the rear of the store we’ve moved on the show windows
demonstrates that mrs then in the fact that he didn’t even as
a clue to work on that he had a report on the landscape condition that doctors
at the restating hospital say it’s critical his skull was fractured may seem to
think is brain might be in your country repeal is medallion every completely
regain descending you know if that’s the case is not much hope with lewinsky
being able to get to the description of the man who saw them doesn’t look like
it we’ve got to get that slugger if we don’t well i’m afraid if i ever be
more victims that’s true i want you to detail for paying close
when the democratic at them up into the north and assumed again around any special instructions that the
pink connect from soviet there’s another thing yesen anika premium and that we can’t afford
to let that sort of strike again because the next time it may be a case
for the homicide squad and dole began the almost over the past by
being done with that problem man made one of the police because uh… cunning
enough to cover his burial in bold enough to walk the street barbara and one of the following it what kind of
mark fuhrman agreed to walk into a blue ribbon literally within a block looking
at the crime a clock and applied will prepare a
report that there are other oil thaggard and political about it but the moment but would be a humare shadow which
leadership and rubber but a lot and i should be a borrower i’ve got a problem thank you it all mark payment for strength in the morning
aperture goes down i don’t have to have adamant that i had go ahead for me now
okay but and went down the lead katya they do not think that people will begin
to feel like taking one again your mouth about them dead kyle was and boy did i spent a lot of
bill that i have faded elected display model at canton fair elected rejected at
some time look again uh… unsure sure even at
bill s minister that some of my bankroll it at please look at it recovery program or in brevard uh…
when i get up this morning that they’ll be terrible even think about reading the
newspaper some diagrams of rob and i have a big change yesterday after
november on a block from here background here’s what mark the landscape below on
the second hand for a calculated fidel castro consulate am do whatever they do
get quiet the guy cabot i’ve grown up another
paper so it wouldn’t let them together and that’s when we get no everywhere at
oppose contractor inform ours in the hospital with a fractured skull not even
sure a live i’m going to be addicted but what they did that get you know
enough evidence a looks like the guy that uh… portland
police department to partner and and democrats can’t get nobody thirty
estimate that they had him somewhere a look at it yet air thank you and uh… edited finish here morrison
wimpy proprietor of a store located third and cut street is in critical
condition at the mercy hospital growing up in front of an infinite
legacy one of the program regarding the conduct of the people who gave birth to
present the through the weapon in the newspaper commitment confused unconscious miller the store my
friend robert broomfield listens posted a reward of one another air raid i’d
like to get that reward fail or that they were written for you but getting them but in the clinton open
up markets you’re on the segment or through over on second fiddle to block
away from marketplace when i went there too so that that will be around the
second-hand store two dozen and over on second string intact when any kind of whatever or t_v_ through
home and broomfield what planet green uh… you know who everybody around you
know that uh… business in this neighborhood for years another shot on on on that right now i just
remembered there’s an hour and i got it on-site yeah in but i think this
newspaper not go ahead how more proactive c l_ a_ but bill clinton federal counter dad a uh… at helping maybe maybe i can help you even more right i
don’t understand he robert will be a major enticing the paper this morning
tea was offering a reward for information about the guy who slept more
resiliency you know something about the crime bill
something now so you know something about it through have boulder police
what you know caution and why should i especially addressing it was offering a
reward wrong then you know who will be difficult
thing to my criminal why i’ll still supposed to get talking paint and support you tell me everything you
know about the type of myself as but i’m not surprised as in the letter of a reward connected
with it you know suppose you show me the country adult
products room two hundred and few what if i can talk about but i don’t get too
much money in my stopped no besides how do i know it’s only the probably a lot
of right when i get through talking what do you think the adult idea
dipankar cook what he called up the bank based in the
middle of the way that they would make you try to pull the work i have no intention of doing anything of
the truck when the man who beat up more if you
want to get over that it has arrested then i’ll gladly pay little or no i get
a your plant safer when you get someone here haven’t yet above the monica dipped enough money in
the register particular department have been taken to the stork and i don’t intend to use it for any
other purpose however you feel a kinship and if you
have a straightforward started only in connection with the robbery and rape to
my friend and could we can reach some agreement which will be separately ok ok
skip it skip it come on the back of the store opened he
was slowed morrison linski that could be strong look like that if we can to make a distorted and all
that i want to get up in front of those
windows and i want nobody to see me and twenty
because then i tell people do something to public hot what you mean african people you don’t
want to know you’ve been talking to me inhabited channel alright ruled on the back in the committee okay swell destroyed certainly don’t
want to get into any kind of probably many paper in terrible cutesy at that
link youth baseball right unit use this is for nothing are you prepared now to tell me the name
of the men who beat my friends or greater sure i’ll tell you the name of
the many flood more implementing you stupid fault it was me you won’t have made a better allied
chiropractor they said that he can have this
practically stakeholder senator pat all now my friend for that a friend of
developing a cash register unit there’s much there there was no mentally
to canada this is all right business must have been publicly
accepted capacity inattentive and getting the right before i could
bring them with me the p picture just put it in africa i know that if we didn’t expect that
have already factored in who’s on the computer age north american
i think answered i’m expecting a report that your
headquarters more than a minute and let’s hope they found something
worthwhile talked in the world over the telephone pedagogy and he says there’s no question but that
broomfield was led by the same and with that marcia minsky and i’m actually glad
to accept the view myself general principles academy ample evidence to prove it for
brumfield and lewinsky was lyndon identically the same answer it was lowered to the back of his
doormen took over the head with the fiction against right wrapped in a
newspaper in both cases the pipette newspaper were
left behind and the money was taken out of the fifth
although it may be right of course we could get back here we’ve got to get action on the stand
before the situation get away from us that’s not good for to victims at the
hospital right now and within a single day before one may never regain is reasonably
otherwise probably back broomfield bedford has received word benefits but s i think i think that
uh… journal of medicine avec le nouveau rhetoric about their everything
happening you know and i think they’re fucking he’s that you know definitely pulled
from weeping by the fifth i think we have definite proof of the
food fights were terrible fame and cheap voters in that peter pipeline of anyone
who can afford to impede match either victim and when we picked up in bloomfield for
it prepared by the federal reserve here uh… if you could are you reading it will be part of the
things a both fraught with the family where both growth of the ten degrees so
a lot would indicate to me that the president
was reinforced for the group my period both jobs will
probe of the freeman in our world and plan to believe that anyway what does the dept what have we got further proof that will enable us to
find a couple of weeks ago role here at the newspaper threat from three to five
point com broomfield hooked up unroll it antarctica who kept in two different
countries yes the ones that are what graph problem
with paper on the market with indicate that the growth group was reviewed by
saloon reserved whiskey out after that political it’s too big for independent
witnesses in through the back of the paper at one forty terrible you moved back into paper the morton
sometime or other president they involved and they feel uncomfortable with the
remaining nafta together from a preparatory program was surfers
worry d at order amid drawstring on the front
treatment of the web service to the problem with the loomed large somewhere yeah if you will definitely check into a
profit from the programs fill two pieces of death by from the freedom keep eleven
that their captain refer to the flute for a man who had
burger or still have a certain watching his further allot robert broomfield that they have the
people watching the broadest record arrived in the store i’d watch with taking on the character
to gripe about it for her private pool description of the loss of
number the movement well i actually and you have really got something to go
on our panel i think we have and the newspaper group really narrowed
down my third for the walk-through saloons and it was going to be working
crimes were committed required that’s about it that we have any sort of a leader of the
big city any through all of the target we’ll have to go on the road through we find out what personal
improvement d paperwork and i hope uh… covered yet
robotic indictment ano miracle complex it though that if i can remember and
remember come in and around the time at them andrea midnight nafta actor service
at the event of apartment i want one of the bipartisanship party and get a government that level radio
interpretive and wandered out without pay and form point gif planet activism
everything from express i’ll pick it up to you before i leave the heart mailing now elected by good what’s cheap dot org and
i think you could look at this point an attorney and i’ll make it as well but monaco iceberg watch all right but i would
never do your part kadam bring it up but the tide listen
i’ll show you what kind of a guy and watches and i don’t think that people
make as always by nobody’s compensate so look at what i’ll do i called a couple
of things right right caught up with the wife donna by
like this in and right here beside a couple of minutes before break now
there’s a kind of us what i a m pickup truck whichever day click on its way he he did a lot of money show that’s
right and there ain’t no place to live in a couple of arrive naked topic the
watchmen arcipello tailored suits me fine and but make sure i would have even banked cash in the paper that uh…
that’s why they are not problematic then the guy that man ever read the papers
much an appellate manipulative management but now the
night and something tells me that they have
experimented directed all right as they come out on every point out that
they can employ more than here and uh… but that’s what i’d like to
know that don’t you think will be no development death by private black would
be held in tonight for an organ or palms are perfect and throw the newspaper
delivery van antibody changes reckon around taken on
some of the kenneth starr’s yeah i think it would be healthier for
the flight attendant business for a while captive how how long will what
they are getting a bargain or thirty or pick it up but inoculation gathered five
months sew up that uh… terrible record player
or turkey pero org chart operated there are far more deeply into actual
iraq alot of people here and cut the budget we’re on our part kit
your party say that the typed up affiliate
commodore admin cum w me very hard to that bill high temperature right keeping
up with my kids they are long or i tell you everything there you’ll catch a molecular dedicated to
actually warmed over ripon talked a lot out of it but i don’t know but i think
that she panicked at the payroll on dramatic cooks dissimilar the main that
no one to bring together cannot a cut and run i’ll probably makes president allenwood
hired little shop over second an engineer looks pretty prosper segment kini visible a preliminary whom you want for
things to keep their blueprint for december however so just thinking out loud i get
that that have been the debate and i think perhaps not right now i got a couple of things i gotta go let’s say hiya uh… if that is papered
i’d like to read what i have to think about the celebrity uh… by one of your
own so i think it about but i want them to gathers pollutants but my putting a
ninety minutes after the sector’s picking you up with a partner black them
down craft that that will make me laugh that another thing out but i found that comparing remember yet permanently ability to career probably
okay what time battles from a garofalo huh at that organic all art them outbreak program complimentary customary barton
replaced him knows network movement all republican government reform a underwear
and robin and everett requested a admitted comparably ectopic per-pupil luminal not
prepare their that they wanted what to do a good watches remain right here’s what here laid out on the bar montana private
boarding theory in government but majority developmentally beauty of grace
period watch certificate by george our commitment to the description protein
movement back to make sure though about or clean three fifty six seventy one
method at the low water but we bumped into kate is what did he
give a damn you know where we broke for america and
for independent if they had a couple things to do order you to talking about
before you without on directors robertson operate under their butt
bottle perturbed about before i remember correctly you’ve read to them
about the third a change in atlanta business to tell you the pictures were
watching all the pawn shop that i can start earlier this month around the door
there anything else animation of an airline a business on
the record and women yeah yeah yeah we’re talking about their
other wong that they’re trying to get over technically is probably better that
one might be making a lot of money in the middle or come on those but i’ll bet
gathering people try anything or a little more side character argument for reported are there are not the at the senate banking
committee rare all or ordered and tentative no i don’t know you’re lucky me might be nice room for
ample medical not going to go to your aptitude that it
just let me loosen all and decision that party that notion
was back there or not you or your community i can’t even declined pot ok ok erupted walking between yeah released an orchid burrito your t_v_ show or more na na na
stretch from mine period left with a month and let me see that other bun left hole cordage or not i know that i don’t want
just tonya back at yet yet your expected or you know i can arnelle ali yakovlev on your particular program
problem where the character of manipulating idea what’d darnell you or you’re not him are in-room with a wall ordinal t normal apart long bulletin for him long at a competitive and our final
better coverage provided one than if you can’t do that to me like on american
citizens that i’m writing i’m gonna protect antonette which i’d like to do
it long not would be better for the kilogram
doctor kevorkian for you really need to write i think you’ve got a fair market talked
the more i think the added about her alleged one provided by you ever have
equal i didn’t know right here the temptation economy after the and optimal agreed to hear the
concluding part our story well the last six years real brenda cracked kathleen
has been tested and proven by the exacting private a police car firing and
uncertain and murky equipment that isn’t on the telephone these men who know promise to fulfill
although demanding to climb that started with that invite me of
member station tomorrow and give this new liquid dynamite and
on-the-spot and dot proper it is death bite back before the final months
been convicted you were sentenced to spend the
remainder of his life and contemplation of the fact for the life of crime is a
losing proposition d the warmly among all colors and all collided
gently broadcast two hundred ninety nine volume of three knowing nigel rolled
with a do the
a with another brickman new goodnight or rio grande next week at the time real grabbed it
will prevent the gates of the pen about them that did the columbia broadcasting that
fund hair artifacts columbia scrabble faq on every crack and powder on my back the
embryo of pierre or what


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