Calling All Cars: Cop Killer / Murder Throat Cut / Drive ‘Em Off the Dock

Calling All Cars: Cop Killer / Murder Throat Cut / Drive ‘Em Off the Dock

polishing all car copyrighted program
created by the real randy auto companies not only believed calling on cardinal
bernardin one of thirty me on the lookout one andrew hold
described in america and by the media and gene one hundred thirty-five bound
thirty-five years old wearing a brown chinchilla coats this man shot and
killed a decade all lead but due to detail this evening that’s
all role p guide it the capitol hill tonight called have
pre-determined content we wish to introduce have built a nest the special feature on tonight please confine dramatizations are
created in concord by real grounded because the company’s postal code the forty four many leading cities and counties in the
west but specify real brenda cracked
deafening exclusive to follow up on the member to chicago and the driver that these police cars
are such boosters with kathleen burial ground is proud to tell the
public through this program publicly really beat the police officers
who’d be oberon decrypt governing daily to meet you mix cruising slowly along hour after hour people these are some editorial called
for help filmgoers the problem the engine gordon black the old round the clock governing meets
the recruitment company of power precious second perceive israel brenda
cracked developed top speed without the sluggishness orderly characteristic of
on crack cocaine no wonder out in the police crime and the guy was a fire engines and into
the motorcycle so enthusiastic about real democrat no wonder the scaffolding post-mortem
attentive button every critical than any other brands the most convincing proof of the
efficiency of the around the cracked kathleen fuchs year after year for the
most difficult job in the governing for the record in your car to be around the clock will
produce the same sensational speed power an acceleration but makes other uses the rio grande
eclectic opening post about their police offer for me now it is our pleasure to present
captain burke wallace head of the homicide squad of the los angeles police
department capital redeeming friends how much money would you want to risk
your lives day-in and day out how much would you be man to take a job
where you knew that any moment your career might be permanent viability would you want a hundred dollars a week
to take such a risk or do you about your life at a higher
rate say five hundred or a thousand whatever your valuation is cycle sure
you would expect more for such a risk than your police officers receipt and your police officer every moment he
is on duty is taking this risk at the piece of your community not be violated this statement is not by the romancing there isn’t a police officer on the
force who has not had a brother officer and close friend taken from him by the
bowl of the law breaker no one realizes more than the police
officer of the real meaning of that much use phrased the war against crime it is a real war
to these men who may have anymore who sacrificed their lives it is a fight to
the finish as you may realize after hearing the
details of the home in case which started with a routine police
matter and ended with three tombstones in the century world them it is a few days before christmas in
nineteen thirty two twenty two people can be any credence republican to give
it a little time police department are called in the office of the captain with of that measurement radical you want to pick up a poll of the name
of the shoot-down but the only book forgery through the workers arrest and his
mother description because i could have been here
millimeter someone went fine and gotten differently according to the shares information he’s
pretty thick with a group of the name of flow books he got spot on wilshire near whitman identity address down here and i suggest
you go out and talk to her first ocap we got on the right away plane departmental randaldill because the
bottom grants combat lag so away gobbled up full imagine you’ve got a
pretty good idea marijuana but don’t know what i’m asking
o packed i thought it sounded like bull probably mapping bureau remark looking for in charlotte eggshell annoying sheila my partners and we were
going to worry you in lab so if you’re on the open up a list what’s your on blowing all right where their children i don’t know rama level i don’t think thing and well i don’t know what it gonna drop
around may be well maybe while of the biggest robin and wait for you can’t do
that just relying on you don’t have to dress for others when a company decided that one of the common miracle what you’re going to ask us to sit down
okay haven’t statement pledging boatload something of a room whatever deploy
double-crossed come out of their own dad’s mac with indoor and with that will probably
end up my position in that i don’t know what john embody atrium outputted i have to the did and what it would don’t that industry decapitation we’re
going to get outta here and be added back to the gas station within a very
healthy place what parts uh… yes the new got another vishayam
yourself low-paid attendant kid like the electrician scam after death uh… saripul sorry a lot the f_b_i_ lobbied to black and bringing
prop that okay doubleeye kid data seventh straight out of that with careful and no sense and didn’t up winners will be friends one walk lineup you can make it tough for us and maybe
someday we’ll make it tough for you or you can make friends with us and you
will decide well what do you know but it sure nothin much eleven um… lot going on
for a couple years tutor promoting never acted why what did that on ordering that possible how well tonight what used to write a allen’s without where he wrote a book why can’t hurt or you please oh uh… nobody it upon polly manhattan at that asap a and do local way corner seven mcnair williams
long called in by the end of life command and permanently car it’ll help into the blue steel not automatic good na good-bye looks a little bit
three of you know what what what they want don’t pick up a new york every
shade just drive what i can um… would lose and i got a diaper my girlfriend
who can’t deliver what we call me up i don’t get out of his beefs battleground what he would have had a
good cannot get going bombing and manhattan to vernon jordan magnanimity what do man so that’s what happened order and when to georgia st all of them away best friends and it had to be leavitt kit you can do that then we can was all part of the singers final but i never can get used to it seeing fine men like holy go out of the
picture at the hands of some dirty rat wednesday eleven pretty quick they’re pretty good description of it
but matt identification mangrove will get it decision those with them and broader and show the mug book and
get a positive identification she’s outside you want to talk about there rhetoric or convinces mobile homes we had a major whispers or
to be seated you’re a witness to the murder of
detective lee yeah but i didn’t have anything to do
with the captain but work let me show you that you’re not under suspicion of
any sort but we would appreciate your assistance double-checked on against i don’t like
this one girl we don’t even but it’s our job to find a man who
murdered pulley interesting him www return for his
family the because that murders a threat to
society as long as he remains of liberty you realize that i’m going to put myself on the spot for
helping yes we’ll give you a particularly who sharply with any holman residue i don’t know
really i don’t see a friend of yours line without anything at the moment internet company mumbai plume recognized
his picture yeah camel ride and social too ended overnight san quentin number thirty one nine
twenty-six send up a first-degree robbery parole june first he’d only been out of six months they’re going to happen there’s merit the man accused of a percent the report to make that may connect up
with a certain sentiment good had a captain here’s what it like i
just tell me how we’re going to drive them halfway across town with his
godmother and spread of this error while i was waiting for green lake at
the core of summer than what was to have a minute just a couple of what samples apartment
of a but it is closer to eliminate a glut broadway one of the multitude to
analyze without a lot of mistakenly the july twenty ready to take we got out the
core of the attorney general and what it looked like really was about medium
height reward approach until a court to be looked anything like this picture you know that you can make sure it was a
direct admitted wakeboard well over a broadcast to pick up and
ruble described as american wifey teenagers one to thirty pounds thirty five years plan to do it hang came up with a little sign of a police
officer overcome watching for the murder of detective lied every california city and county funds
and cooperation in the manhunt and a pullman company continues to elude
capture a month later he is still in liberty planning another crime in the east side
speaking to the keys to confederate starting mclean summit and tommy bender and tommy barrels dublin admiration for some reaction category
but not in about a lot of work on my list of it is good for you that would be twenty grand at least
coming than it was a lot of time in family
spends six or seven thousand british history you know what i’m very interested in the
carolinas and keeping coming out of trouble how
you can get a little trouble understanding except for child had gone to worry about
me they are the only collier gotta worry about it as a friend
of the organizations alan one of the country and when i met coming up with my size
democrats much anger deliveries may prevent weapons because
it was a mistake i mean i’m not so actually mister village economic purebred seems to me he did not in the most
important thing there forsberg that you can’t win against the
book words have been uh… but this record
uninsured and andrew cunanan considering that you know i like that
they are selling anti-semitic atmosphere inconvenient and we can learn and
cheaper wonder what would you know tomorrow morning i haven’t tried it thanks pretty active and you’ll have a comment tony and we are not the gentleman mentioning gathered and when we did not
want to give him a little first-hand experience i got a lot of confidence in him play alexander tom and you don’t mind that i’m not
going to take me home and i had a also earlier undergraduate well we got a plan to stay tuned because if you don’t want to leave at
take kadambari that paper what voters are montgomery tiger balm for down home
and build up my spine tomorrow morning at nine o’clock i tell you what to do and bartending come on skype but i don’t know okay trips to learn tommy you must make a lot of them
tomorrow when i got a baby i mean this thing with them but you don’t have to be we’re running
out of prison two months in your starting in again you know what they do
when you break a prologue remember don’t know anything about it withdrawal you
would like and what the charter somebody’s will be sent to the rest of
our life another tax-and-spend of that money coming to block i mean it if you
go on a match up with them tomorrow i’m through with you fantasy which are
running into even if it wasn’t long you can’t trust that andy holman he
double-crossed nato mother allison stelly good on the landing is just one
of them waited more permeable grad with anyone it made it easy for me with a picture of
that uh… ido implanted filia identifying and back into holdup banks
with them our luck star lucky that it was going to work with and categorize
interpretations i’m a lucky guy are genuine and honest
fools comic and if you go out with ending tomorrow
use teeny for the last i think you know what’s good for you not that big private click on his door completely removing
the spokesman you probably like in that compound has
arrived in the cold at yahoo seventy percent tickets cost identify mother kept
overemphasized dot all right the cap a lot of a band that powerful what
turned you know michael a question again i don’t know if you’ve got a bit of it
down or is that i don’t know front target still own tami darling above mergers at university again about one of
my job i know it but you indiana how to get that would give anything you’ve been
or gosh middle of may so i have at least one
from the world kamon none of the decade tell me all about it you know want out thinking how tonya let me get much sleep unabomber was on the job with me why don’t you tell them let me promos we
were all coming up after four o’clock costello webanalytics something like
that and when you coming available lucida grande yet but will not be
addictive form the drummer will cover composition wattage account with william
bennett amici viewpoint malice green list our but can’t use the dynamic of across to
you drove away from that bank i think that you take the rap record with the
help of the cops were come that need to deliver a treat him to make you don’t
get away michael did and i went on a level of
here that what you’re saying the truth i go to school that reporters and the law
student well into the you know they have throw away the key on
you when you go up in time how it goes to bed but i’m going to get out of surrendered i’m going to get a lot and i
don’t care who pays the bill unwanted pregnant out of a point that i can loop
but i can’t help donato book it’s better this way all
right before when i get out of orchestrator strong then we can start
all over again the plot you expect me to wait ten years for you
think i think that that i want to right now and i’m going to get will no doubt on that job captain coming
out in the back and we need to have a problem right the menu wanda and the home and do it i
think net relatively limited movement of the big
job is we are a little murder mother here we’re looking forward to more these are the police officer in cold
blood of the foreperson are not the practically everyone and i think would
you be willing to help us are delighted to see that rap label on
it but if i do when you spend coming i can’t make any promises but i believe the extenuating
circumstance you’ve indicated will influence the jury when you testified
his truck furthermore i can assure you that the
reward on holding his head will go to your with username and even if i didn’t
get up and that what he meant coming at the top i’m not going to stop interact
and then the whole man over to you do hello with their underworld on practice
kirsty more successful than the police have been in their search for the
murderer two weeks go by about the abandoned
girls and every waking hour seeking holman enquiring point given the places
you know secret and christianity copied onto main street
one night pcs pullman smith scenes in the back
room striving to appear casual she approaches
and poet paul electronic ears uh… mike
tyson i don’t know how helping us out american marketing and out loyal at but
i thought but i want to have a a stellar we have
argued that based on that bright at all we could wait for whether boorda not
tell me a ride on the stand we will pray that given the work done at the jail
inmates for an upcoming you want to know that even though i don’t know it is good
nothing to do with it when that will start working on comic and make it couple may have caught a contract on
eleven until the next ten to fifteen year plot development you know i’m a good thing to you in a
much better montana and well-meaning admin activities lambasted the kid menu and you’ve got access savvy you’ve been a lot done a lot better let
him near amtrak i want to start looking
around on the battle and he wouldn’t have to look for morning no farther than across the table
whole matter and leave me hanging not mag they don’t exactly where you are a lot
more women i mean maybe and again for your over a long time
standard and i’m not coming out of it i don’t mind telling us that jeannie and
they had another man man what do you think about it well that i
think that they are ok he felt like like a complex captain that
big chum think i’m gonna move in with him tomorrow that splendid stomach now
he reacted apartment rental one at five nineteen
have nominated you going to be out tomorrow taking a bank job and he’s expecting to
meet me at the apartment five that it could let’s go to men out there but i
think the club here next afternoon club composer detectives former spencer
ralph davis party perched at the moment mild ledbetter drive up to the normally
i would bet partners because around the corner they
approach the apartment house spencer davis you are in the garage across the street
rokar the birch magnus cover the replacement and given you come inside me i get this was but all in a shooting that we can help
it but we do want holman that we can take a libel taken dead one thing for you to remember and that’s what this guy did the police
denied okay let’s take a position send human on the outside let him get in the
building we’ll try to arrest him in there you’ve got to be sure that he doesn’t
like any other way conduit the tip of the land leading to maybe
some shooting his her apartment where police office as mum yes we’re
looking to the man who lives in three oh one indian yet done homework ahead i don’t think he can handle it isn’t kantor weather love mildly now we’ve got to play surrounded and
we’re going to arrest him of the convention there may be some shooting so
i advise you to stay in your apartment this afternoon do that’s clashes that we
don’t want to have a good be avoided but not to serve in the safest place for
you right inside your apartment alone on this one more thing will you
give me the past due to his apartment please went on a circuit early before it gets
back all right here at the end prescott thank you very
much you nothing to fear as long as you don’t
go out of your about don’t worry i won’t longer-run which ones over time and the chapter that uh… the dangerous
on the terms all of that but i don’t see it on the level that sure doesn’t go home and leased the
apartment edge of the best he works out here reflected a slowdown bags of invective at third open it up politics but growing up that programmable logic shot down a half dozen garnered division
marxism voted to worship director or wonderful the cost of all of
that and department of mental working and my looks like a good place to stake out
to me i can leave the door open the way it is
and then we can have an unobstructed view of another couple k a that better and dylan pick up their
hopes in the vacant apartments quality of the four officers has
acquitted themselves in the front and back of the building depends throughout half of the options
any partypop while the landing in a magnificent faces an apartment quite a lot better incomes the slightest
noise then a few minutes before five thirty a
car drive up the apartment house in almond snippet out about mama plentiful and ladies
telephones but the gunman mount up on steps
department spencer and they were supposed to st rush but ground arms
tightly reminds me of are arguing that the end
of the building the eight trillion the when they’re
going to get his grief paper there’s still a twist dangers dynamite on you want to much
mike advocate admission can act it was limited caixa upset hope it theo earlier on you got home double in the sidewalk where the other
guy directly not via you thin that uh… the running book dead bubble and i guess this trial is up for polly’s
mother you well a m bullets of the officers save
the people the expense of the trial stella receive the reward which offered
that for the murder an aide shelter beyond what he calls a defect is leased
etc was subsequently arrested in santa barbara an admitted his guilt of the
charger forgery made against him by the marin county
authorities at this time i want to thank the many
citizens who send information into the police department to help the law
enforcement agencies rundown criminals tonight high have with me three young
men whose names were headlines today for their find work begin rehab three junior detectives
family didn’t have many burglaries although garage look the report of their discovery to the
police and as a result we’ve just kept at the phantom bandit suspected of many
recent burglaries mr lind’s lee will introduce you with a
three members of the real managing your police department by whom dot wallace ladies and gentlemen i am will introduce first winston more captain of his own swath of junior
detectives couple more holdout lanny you directed the search for the bottom
burger didn’t you yes the tabs on your hair like that
clinton well we’ll call you lieutenant charles order bank it give it back to my
brother bob hair he made by mister dole ended congratulations bob how did you do it dot com i’m talking about that alia then they
came down level mighty good work and on behalf of the police department i
thank you for your help and a half of the rio grande a junior
police department i hereby present each of you with a new
bat you are all promoted to captain susan
the rio grande they do in your police department keeps pad the rio grande your commitment to let me
give interview a complete junior detective outfit here for each of you as a sam brown
uniform belt a demand done a detective microscope a fingerprint outfit a police whistle and siren and a lot of
other article you’ll need in your junior police work we want all the hundreds of thousands of
boys and girls who now belong to him and into the police department had this
complete defective outfit too rhea brandy office fifteen free gift to every boy and girl listening in
tonight go to the dealer in your neighborhood
who sells real brenda cracked gasoline asking for a free copy of the calling
all cars news and learn how you can become a member of the real grounded
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revolution i took our performance the wrong treatment motor oil will cut
down your competition we ask you to use in claremont roy which are sold everywhere you got real
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difference real brenda cracked governing makes in your car and we know that if you are also houston
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police car purple another and do don’t cut come have become clear that we have been in
the night for the real bundy or all cars a copyrighted program created
by the rio grande the auto company allegedly falling on hard times in all
gone and enjoy a lot and it can be hearings on broadcast one on the day one regarding a dead body involved in the
irrigation ditch their second straight and era and i weighed in arcadia vessel
rodent thrilling experience to be on the radio
broadcasting local big city police department you hear the call for help coming in
over the telephone i think some screaming thousands of
emergency calls every day instantly the police broadcaster flashes
these messengers of hundreds of radio collars something about that eighty merchant to call one or more
police car toward the top speed with sirens screening rushed to the
rescue to shorten the period between the call
for help with the arrival of the police leading cities and counties specify real
brandy quacks gasoline for all emergency card tests have convinced officials at rio
grande eclectic sales ordinary gasoline to getting started quicker into the federation and power all these cartridges top speed sooner
with real brandy cracked deafening i get to the scene of the crime faster yet when the records of checked at the
end of every month civic officials revealed and the fact
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can more police and emergency calls wherever they sold than any other brand u_-two should use this emergency
gasoline and or a police car performance in your car you’ll get steven powerful needed for
driving emergencies and economy of operation for your
pocketbook state try real bad and the cracks knowledge is our great pleasure to
introduce you jean driscoll oops quilts and discount ship this week good evening occasionally here tonight deals with an
oriental murder all the racial groups which lived among
us in the west uriel are among the most law abiding and as a rule give us the least trouble oakland oriental involved in a crime investigating officers face a difficult
period the philosophy of the a_c_l_u_ just for
psychology viewpoint you so completely different from ours an experienced officer must be assigned
to such cases the manner in which she had criminal
deputy william bright who was at the time head of the homicide squad panelist
case scarcely leaving his office is i believe an example of the technique that which
are opposite justly proud we have sent to do the old-fashioned
third-degree with common sense shoot psychology and quick thinking listen carefully to cheat bright find his way through a maze of oriental
intrigued it is the morning of october twentieth
nineteen thirty captain bright have a homicide squad of
the most languish adults office it defending his office good morning to e-news morning nothing
in the mail but that is your problem winfield
sentiment yet than anybody good morning road what’s up murder let’s have and i was a body discovered
an irrigation ditch em in arcadia early this morning by couple of mechanics and
we’re working victims of mexicans papers on the body identifying those
lows ma approved or from imperial valley alluded
to his head and face was badly beaten skull
crushed his throat the religious uh… rather find anything at the scene well no
weapons discovered that we picked up several unburned three brown matches
near the body as one legible type of which i had
photographed also footprints around the bodies of the
struggle pictures of them too the bodies and they are to remove the
more together than indication was that the papers on the body as i have
positive identification by mother sister he’d better that last night with his
partner jose gonzalez rating points a gonzalez is a matter of
where we are not a gamble assigns together to liberal older produce not intended to collect several hundred
dollars or a m mother sister said he’ll receive some
good when she saw him last night looks like it was always bottom offers
money got a local broadcast out picking up s ducted the new york film up but define will withdraw those strange
kids he was killed what the pressure and
stroke throat was cut more than an hour after
the bought issue a positive remoteness of seven long before the
throat was cut no blood flowed from ingenue made me do alone even that good roads were closed that would please the uh… when they’re in this moment
objects we talked or governor of their worked all day yesterday in a field not
fifty feet away from the scene of the crime and he didn’t notice anything
unusual that is also the erin matches would seem to indicate that the man was
murder that order okhla listen i was a little bit
footprints in tyre tradition of the red and also look at the gonzalez in our
hearts cd as a record right or is it after a thorough search of the piles of
evidence about returns to the captain’s office i can’t find any record unconsolidated mister bed you know club or something maybe funny about this case gonzalez is a mexican exposes him mexican which is my first he wouldn’t come back in our leaders of
the victim’s throat just uh… make sure he was dead israelis this thing might almost be colour murder
mystery there over dinner at resulting from i won’t
take europe not with your record of ninety-eight percent solutions or by the way captain has the pictures
of the footprints and tommorrow uh… these woodbridge to work they don’t have anything this is a clear today repression adult
leader somewhere because i want to do they find out of
business we have picked up gonzalez five outside he was driving modest properly yesterday according to the mark on the way up and
up by the body where the truck parked in the spring street side of the building
by it well i thought this bird you go over that truck see if any of the
tires compare with that prints yes sir all right bring in a suspect yasser fraud and uh… uh… this is captain bright sedans others there were no it doesn’t questions about
the murder of his mother si senor if you look at the twelve-year-old small
single you arrested driving a truck c i was on my way back to my lunch for an
inferior product i did not produce was determined to do
what we should totally when did you see him where last night we’ll look at the home of a japanese
garden his name from knuckle mortal or you studing outside in the truck i wait
there from eight o’clock until after midnight he did not come up so i drove into
mostar who knows and we’re down to the market looking for
him and you never saw them did yours uh… more issue that’s him uh… was looms knows document and let
the imperial valley tell me what it what you did strobel from the interior vendor from and and
took our first to market we delivered its yesterday morning then knocked over into the record right food company to pick up a charity to get
it it was for it was for a hundred forty dollars
frightening he got some other money from his
customers in the market the reader of up to see these japanese government to one eighty five dollars the japanese told us to come back that
afternoon and these are the money so we want to see my persistent there we had a drink or two and dreary back to the government’s
house when time is good or that must be about seven o’clock as second interac d’amato went inside you never came out
that i saw and you waited until after midnight and you didn’t go to the house arsenio
i’ll just wait waited forever six-a we drive masand heart do not drink that
monitoring no he did not take me back but you just told me that you might have
a couple of drinks before he went to the japanese now what do you mean blood at that meeting i mean we’re daunting mops we we don’t get dropped or c where the strike nakamura live kentucky on csd and you know what i mean close anyway
did not also true that positive humor a lot of plant no most in your i’ve told
you he was my best friend i would not vote
gonzalez and so it will hit the road upstairs in
jail and technical custody delayed a bit to get your state organizes vision is asset and a club extended and blog likely cut below so wrote about what about those times i was
struck they don’t compare with this picture issue it positive playgrounds made a lot of suspect historic doesn’t hang together twenty-seven outside a japanese good
testified about last night waiting for mom and then when mother didn’t show he didn’t even go to the house they went
back to town look for it themselves for not sure theres liquidators had beaten and demo students and blood was planted out
there his throat and other blood when it was
cos your bread from those abrasions and as always close examine the lab
threatens to blow up fixed rate is missing unable to see if
there’s blood in them i can’t give up other suspects who
really in the meantime i’m going to have a talk with this frank
michael moore so that mister lock them up that has some questions or not uh… manohar why i’m bringing about the
respond to it you know it’s a political whose mother or mata or montana boy after i’m telling him he
was murdered last night my best and i don’t know well-disciplined not being that i didn’t
ask you come down dedicated whose mother was murdered last night or pulpit like in the rose yesterday didn’t it walesa if i’m a long-time tell me about it well done become popping monday i want to him become a one point in the morning on but that by not having money become uh… bakar or chemical my family
how much why pay off six hundred out four dates
aboard about time and uh… i paid or not that big a five
dollar quebec batesville paul tsongas time
intermittently for their lives that’s a lot of money you get a receipt for yourself i have a must-see where is it i came a seat at home unlike in the rose will be alone does
someone with it father mexican probably embarked on
second-ranking the distort what’s going to open in the house leon said what about upcoming enough blinking sake and talking we do business and we have a
fun night that much sucky on the battle mexican but i have met the guy don’t you
show they were drunk blessed they’re printed on when ability or maybe not after getting money and uh… having not
been distracted where leaders as well as a malevolent surveilling the except i thought nicely overloaded watching this show what that means dual roles serve the nation clean look like that then wash with soap i walked into a voice in this morning on yes if they don’t know i want to buy
seventy five point five when she got too much to do with the kids so i don’t want
to know your local residents latex becoming orange japanese just left my office haven’t taped send a man of his house in arcadia to
meeting when he gets home at the receipts from him for eight
hundred and eighty five dollars paid to lose model fruit tell amanda goes out of the house look
around and get a sample of the washing water from
the bottom of the washing machine no longer job or whatever the head from the ground where they throw the
water yeah that’s right flat out there good sentiment profiled pellet because i a map of alaska don’t
tell innovation didn’t this is beginning to be discouraging the decision to go in and deserve explained it was a routine procedure
find anything when i get a scrap of paper with his
handwriting on it and blue and yellow tapes and the same kind
of message me from the scene of the matter espanol and then on the radio there must be a hundred thousand people
in los angeles carrying matches with blue and yellow is in the pockets was on a scrap of paper just a notation
dot vegetables fruit valuable to the specimen and reading though this case begins with bad for ten
dollars and has that but not tomorrow is telling the truth
gonzalez is lying the japanese claims he and mother got
drunk out there last night so you have any positive evidence on the now we with
the proper place at the proper time to commit the crime and he lied in his statements innocent
on the other hand guns always wanted to pass on the truck outside the japanese
house and anything could have happened the mother was unconscious and that’s
true and i have and feelings only to the guilty party
why not well i just got some reports in the
bushes and on the imperial valley to check martin’s always coronal they can discover those two were
like brothers never been in trouble and getting drunk
occasionally eleven thousand years maybe right investors things get me out fluoride sentiments tourism somebody with some information on the
case cantilever done right yes dot i think the branch banking figueroa
beagle years i have a good light of mine who should be brought to your attention
in connection with the modular is what is it well this morning a young boy for
the check into the bank to be cashed that check was made out there who was
mobbed by the myriad or died from toxic asset yes acquiesce to who sat in the
field as a doctoral it looked like a mexican seem to be all right lots of the man in the markets and their
invoice to have their checks cash to get the check with their yesterday’s london forty dollars aswan gonzalez elizabeth loved her and they didn’t know about the murder i
would not cash the check i can get it i didn’t read about it and it was at the
newspapers came out now what i want to know is how can i get
my money back there’s a lot of the about that was
busted how can we tell you when you get your
money back when we have got the murderer yet it is jeopardizing that that’s the only
provided a guerilla his latest check may be the key to our kids uh… third of the handwriting expert
compare the signature on the back of the check the samples of mothers emotion gonzalez
and right let me know it as soon as possible what happened i had that there was
another handwriting amandita outcome are expensive the signature on the chart
doesn’t compare with mother’s handwriting welcome more of the rooms
are within the next thing is beginning to get michael but it was bumped operas money somebody even fortune indoors with a
check made out for how we got to perfectly good suspects and neither of them time report and willing to admit i’m up a blind
alleys evan bright speaking at two oh seven would downstream find work yes i think it you better about maybe this is a return that rhythm and i
said kelly michael moore he reports about the most out of his way
home at two oh seven adults treating had a long conversation with the japanese at
that address look a little bit aftermath witness sheriff’s office where play-along usually rumors it where japanese uh… i had a few glad to
send the japanese when they look like my komodo stuff but about an hour ago to
see a friend of this well arrived at our japanese come back here a
while ago ruby city alumni under the name of hacker your own
panicker object to that or at talent to along even roaming it that came in the other night what night nine people on that i think a lot
earlier flammable amma halt and are the main the
no inc up and allow at a key to his room overboard with it but won’t lead they affects really does go on about their work as
though we wanted accepting that you might let us know
atomic account but now mambo that took place over agreements to see civil servant uh… and then let them be we is that we withdraw what discharge
papers will send clinton made out to you thought that went up from san francisco on robert
thrown last year on or go on the record difficulties at the time the pen
probably doesn’t make him a murder lunchroom take a look down the hall pragmatic leventhal or more or less who lives on this book number one about the fact that japanese
but the name motown t motel who lives in number two it common darling that wanted that mother and i think what’s his name
decoding at what accounts for all the rooms of this book this one here at the
end of the world who did that act the bathrooms only one on the floor
year kamon club but look at a so interesting about a bathroom sometimes
you can find out more about people in the bathroom than anyplace else bits of that book old-fashioned that
problem lakes except that they make excellent hiding
place or what almost anything it takes a more meticulous housekeeper
and i’ll admit it seems to be very clean up behind him and in a curtain rod liquid yeah younger or goldfish in behind the bat oh i’ve got a bright redhead we’re going to get back to the
robo with it when children fired five intact the most important part whites dark stains on the bout work probably
better than to the equity yeah fear of a test for blood ordered it’s turning green the santa barbara which doesn’t prove
this to the weapon used to be doubly mother brings but it’s a centrifuge
pistol grip somebody stick it out pick up a four japanese in the cabinet offend somebody to stake out on you as
soon as i get back to the court missile back at the quarters evident and braided
waiting for captain right remembered hard up for example not more
you didn’t have any race people money they tomato so i’d recommend custody is up there uh… i got some scrapings from the
washing machine and water from the grand out at the top uh… being analyzed now do it that were still developing over okay at them analyze too altogether scrapings muavenet comoros
mayotte at either way out there let’s join club
down at two oh seven adultery the stakeouts more japanese owned by the way where there’s been a number of the
manufacturers met with the traced the first company to be picked up a
macdowell street pick out the common border you’ve got the headquarters for purchase
things on this afternoon the online then that would happen by pop stated your brother the blood how do they get their head i don’t know how they got there but the
thought that uh… they were being one not only by he grew up poor my brothers when they put you comical
but call me a friend of mine elected it’s a little about the first thing well i know well i thought that came out this way not that great at the book a love story that get knew they were bloodstains in
israel as we’d certainly watch them on
capturing and by the way uh… at the lab report on the grandmother
from lack of moral and also are not the morals overall go through it and we’re getting warmer temperatures now we’ve got to suspect of blood the other japanese looming how
substantiate home aboard a story about comical following the crowd but thought to himself does not appear but they don’t buy a lot of evidence
from the state government housing during which the manufacturers of the bugs
being done report about basically have a weapon replenishment drop by the mark
nineteen oh five calling wanting the picture of clubbing
to strange document happens right off they’d have to learn a lot of that sort
of twelve point lead medicare from naka more in this
morning’s mail just about breaks i carries with it and apparently the japanese contest that
was why i think she visited him in jail yesterday and political act crazy give eric y you could hear it caribou lamentable might there makoto
naka more when i saw your haggard face before me i feel very sad your final grade is made here they were acting like do you think it is
like crazy and they’re sent to the hospital then when these six children grow up
this will be a great stumbling block for their future also here are ancestors will be greatly
issued there will not understand this or your to try to save your life this
way role think of these six loving children animated grow up their future will be darkened this does not reveal the parents true
feeling and love although you may get they lived with it i am worrying about the future of the
children i swallow my peers like this final request of you act like a man and the seven world actually goes on like this web page as
per the within the contents of the kids will have a broad against that’s where
it it will cut the case intimacy that let me know breaker i want him to see it the little japanese feel nervous from just two days in jail they don’t get involved given the time to read by the too often
document template for the slightest change of expression off way through is about reside by the time he has been in the latter
views sobbing blueprint how about we know what the middle of it there’s
going to try to learn about it along and aside from that i think you want to come clean up there
with your wife says that yes sir i think i have nothing pineapple running
back and it’s also my daughter back let’s play right start talking over in a mock up come into my mouth
upon them in i have not the money uh… cannot come about for the winning
detail well i have a idea uh… done and now we have in the book
printed by monday but they’re not the intended wiped out
there and i think a lot of effort rather we get a month ago them and to be about the around the
country when we get out mcgrathpower com would put the gun d’amato bachmann
bullet vendor but that doesn’t know about accountable
to the remarks on the official quote yeah dead right i’ve done will go up now but i’m not gonna get a mother with
a bottom in the bond corroborate but the product of calling you back giving all this through humdrum hitting
store i did a lot of them all he’ll go over and i think that the then what’d you do all we got into my
house whose career open mic up uh… i wanted to tell the truth we have a photograph but i marked the
scene of the murder the doesn’t correspond with any of the
tires a new yorker or landmark bangkok uh… we brought down on the way home ran on him wore out about sacramento act of desperation
brought to our way of that that that bridge club the only time mark we have a go on the
boat throat was cut at the top of that well i comment on
that uh… after we got home microwave maybe
a month or not dead or maybe you can about the vibrant
block-granting or travel beat him when we go back to the internet marketed
in the packet brought the lenore dot you did knock on your approach more valuable told all along with the bombing the of the crime within an hour of the early edition of
the afternoon papers are carrying the story of a confession and make that up in the japanese while
worldwide police station okay have not got the impression that that
what had forgiveness what those act you’ll on that format that they make them laugh at the invented with the u_s_ department
that that uh… it not that might lead with accompli apple everything step hawkeye annual netbackup about if u escape they com prop automatic last piece complicated jigsaw puzzle of crime was
put into place when the handwriting expert at headquarters identified tankers writing is that of
the courtroom lapis checked themselves of course was completely
cleared of any complicity in the murder nakamura went and knocked a were quickly
brought to trial found gilly of murder and sentences and clinton penitentiary
for life thank you accepted it they didn’t know when you hear the
screening siren when police car for past good memory around the cracked up to
leave the gasoline the give police car performance when airplanes fly overhead remembers
tenncare motor oil well they lubricate over one hundred
thousand air miles a day of the leading transport lines another untrained underpass renumber the controller of the wiki over
one hundred and fifty leading american real world when you think of all it was in the
balkans finkelstein clap forbidden planet one of the world’s
largest making a blueprint of all time with more than one hundred and twenty
different grades the largest and most complete line of
the riken cinema independent retailers of rio grande the
crack governing have been trained in the scientifically correct application of
these many students are you can see your car they have an up to the minute record
checked in approved by every car manufacturer showing exactly women how to lubricate
every moving part of your car if you want your car accurately
duplicated according to the manufacturers
specifications take it to your real branded even ask
for stained glass scientific duplication it costs no more while you’re in the rio grande a station hospital three copy of the calling all
cars new and see the fifteen different articles
in the complete junior detective outfit which we opened it gives two boys and
girls absolutely free breeze blowing all cars enjoy karu
conventional obscenity johnny cash card cancellation broadcast wondering
thirty-one regarding the murder in the arcadia suspects in this case now in custody
metro falling waldholtz copyrighted programs
created by the rio grande oil company assembly calling all by the central
guard will get one hundred thirty two delighting nation-build be on the lookout for mister and missus
and he’s done a dollar decelerate problem not been seen since
five days friday morning that’s all growing world and that’s no wonderful idea iraq
democrat kathleen continues to power more police and emergency costs and any
other crap it is because we opened the pac ten one
advantage kids know what the kathleen complain here in the west your family is the only
company like manufacture kathleen’s office in prep
backing process which is recognized israel at the most
efficient refining process will he’ll run they have invested billions of
dollars to build one of the finest packing plants animals but nothing that is back to this week
refinery as part of the you’ll find in the while the government many cities and counties that have to be
open to crack and their unbiased records prove
conclusively that motors developed more power speed an acceleration with this
scientifically balanced japanese and yet instead of being more expensive real round-the-clock whipped up a couple exactly the keepers gasoline vacant
block figure your own gasoline purchases from
the viewpoint of miles per dollar u_-two will find you can enjoy a police
car performance in europcar no exco now it is our pleasure to present chief
of detectives eight jessica of the los angeles police to file good evening friends the average citizens concept of the
police and limited naturally flights contact with them motorcycle officer who perhaps is in a ticket for traffic violation whether radio patrolman romances call
about a barking dog is our hope and the hope of the sponsors of calling
all cars this broadcast may give the citizen in
tax payer player idea of the complicated organization was
slightly behind though certainly make kelly contact it is an organization of highly trained
specialists criminologist ballistic experts an organization of hundreds of men
employing the most modern systems of communication organizational efficiency is not limited
to the community it serves is an important cog in a great machine
or similar organizations which represent society’s only bulwark against the forces of crime your policeman there’s a lot of soldiers
below that stormy was twenty four hours a day does battle in your name in the
never ending war against crime november twentieth nineteen thirty-five in the university division headquarters
of the los angeles police department sergeant eighty-eight winger to do is
taking on a routine report one of the ear names of the missing
president mister and missus henry steiner there is this eighteen thirty nine west’s for there
forty third street along they’ve been missing as far as we can kill since five
thirty yesterday morning here and then britain george patton and the engineers
that it was revealed company misters style works for me well what makes you
think of something has happened witnesses sign linoleum based on hours
worked for me for three years of war he was always pongal sometimes he would tell me that he might
be late the next day because he had to be the gas bill or something like that but the thing about him he was that he
never walls late he’d manage to do is evidence to get to work on time when he failed to show up for work usb
morning was straight he hadn’t told me to be believed and then when he didn’t show up all day
looking at his desk this morning i’ve began to get worried so i called the
house and mr drake here answered the phone in
uh… little maybe he’d better genuine self what he
knows about it uh… what’s your phone and leroy drake
address it was trounced my nephew leveraging last save them when it came to my bedroom door about
five thirty friday morning sheehan uncle henry we’re going to send
peter to see the landlady about the house so they’d be back later but they didn’t
come back discovery worried when we’re like this before well we’ll
get a broadcast out uh… all cause to look around i wait a minute whether that would be a good idea and
little in they ought to be in trouble undergone sages and even to the federal
would like the publicity henry would be pretty angry i’m sure well the only
thing we can know that case checked the hospitals in the morn
perhaps that would be best i’d advise you let me set up a broadcast poems but
we we can to the monthly if they have returned by the end you’d better
broadcast alright a comeback montana miss we’ll let you know what’s happened
on monday over the weekend sargent wynn and check the hospitals the
mark the sheriff’s office for new to the
missing couple inquires purpose and mister britton returns monday
morning but not for the new at this time powers patentstorm informed advertised i would
often find combat with the fact assigned losses case their first step is the business plan all residents for several minutes they stand on the
front porch ringing the doorbell uh… i guess the kids not homefront i
didn’t expect him to be interviews in court today let’s try it out next door see what the neighbors know about the
dino united ling we’re looking for mister and missus
steiner and nobody had not yet made inside of the live next door but uh… they don’t seem to be at home you know where they’ve gone i didn’t
even know that i’m thinking about you know flying towards c here that they would equate it with your
neighbors and time faith that movie happens when people did the listing them
in the past day or two capital i thought clubhouses on my knees docket ninety continue potter you mean
arrived later inevitable don’t like me with it went to the board come in with a new
allied noite making out what make the call of the cocktail while sleeping pill my helmet downfall
at nike that anything else you know about them anything in i don’t know about wells thank you
doesn’t it your welcome it shows up in a new concept of it today dot five dollars from britain
because he didn’t have enough to lead on that looks a little strange at night the officers taylor roy great
as he drives off a stripped down for them betrayal is not much accomplishment
you’ve only goes to long beach picked up his girlfriend thinks it will move in the officers have not wasted time what they are now in possession of the
address of the girl license number of detroit’s car next morning polytechnic being made on
the car combat rudolph present themselves at this time our house comments today we’d like to get your angle on the
disappearance of your aunt and uncle i want to make it work when we like this before i’m sure something terrible to have a
little visitors with a way for the trip it wouldn’t have done it without leaving
the morning who made that may be ending martians the book five dollars from mr britain
saturday and uh… what exactly did your and
haiti or friday morning she came to the dorm room about five
thirty she said she and uncle henry we’re going
down to saint peter to see the landlady about the house enough to be back home
soon that all children so i can remember pretty sleepy of course i feel sure something terrible has
happened to them i’m unable to sleep ever since friday spence’s awful elliptic it doesn’t seem likely anything peppered
without us knowing about it you said that descriptions in the
description of that car over the statement that that with broadcasting that description below
please and just let me up district a lot they’d had a serious accident it would
have been reported as by now middle-management and some parts of the
mountains one of the bumper days might be some only place now suffering
meeting held no sense in getting so excited they were letting your
imagination get away from the bible and song gcl upset i am e your mind showing up through the house uh… just to check if everything’s in
order will really looked all around nothing
other places you’ll enjoy it let’s start with a sterile eleven inadequate at uh… look a little while leaving the green and red promotion clothes were all there taking them all over again warm about that updatelog when they put a bullet thank
you looks like a business but even if they didn’t have gotten in
touch me before this something must have happened to them where you’re a good hole within that for just for fun you might
join us you don’t want to have any money great the bank in long beach by a vote we used to live to the first month so much the drug lab about fifteen
hundred dollars against here’s my room pretty much of a mess with my including nice political comfortable that you’re back back then it before probable it for me what this is the president ah… on a personal portal machine uh… grounding it down to go into a
telescope interested in the story and working for a year on their lands a lot denmark brotherly panel and get rid of my college please lorenzo wertheim collect putting them on
visual papers in the best burger you know just moved on personal city
plan all were what is the right over the state was
that music we’ve gotta make a report level of
whatever okay lead position the detective you see the report x-cart and discussing the broadest generalities they take the youth alone an hour later they tried him out to
exposition park and began to question him in earnest directive understand what you and mister britton
told us that you were broke separatism mister britton that you put it out chided in a movie that important papers we
found a new york desk drawer where at receipts from the automobile supplies to
avert pandemic that leading to more than twelve hours is receipt with david saturday seattletimes com i explaining did you read that we’ve got
to say you also stated to us this morning that
europe alot of money in the bank homepage your desk drawer without back booked for
saving taking a copy of the name on a bed thank you for denied westech i can
explain actually guilt all of the durunka look what they left off we’ve checked the combine that you pay
two hundred and fifty dollars for the saturday afternoon and the deployment in
your uncle’s may have added a hit i think you pose no more about this and
you’re telling please don’t keep it just looks like
this what apple apple mail ecstatic sake we want to know that truth about
that money margin-bottom money here that will transfer his bank account last week
from long beach converge on western on saturday night transferred four
hundred dollars from savings account which i can come to transfer too about your watched your uncle
segment you could call it that i guess what didn’t think it made any difference you
didn’t i do see that money was left me by my
grandfather and it was keeping reform until i was
twenty one but i wasn’t i’d love to have seen this
powerful and ever gone away let me where our europe collabnet greg i don’t know i wish i could what you guys know you know a lot more about this new site so that i think technical jump on a
scale of the one who could do that as you one thing about them i would have gone but you know your problem public admin accident
you’re giving up on me departure make development reaching you know several days language estimate was lieutenant and give me the holidays there’s one thing about you humming mos means it doesn’t look that
way rather than letting his overall after the movie humane or parliament two detectives by the funny cute down
the long beach to the house of the girlfriend mayville the opposite of nuclear weapon forty
with my own greatly and heated police call why just like investing on friday night
will v i’m not mistaken two fifty two because
he said he had to be home and make the dignity and the reason yes he says it is
up on that day leaving early the next morning to go on a vacation this all about you’re all in trouble exactly ms but uh… you see that that person is just an
amazing we’re trying to locate them not mister now on a vacation ought to know that
under my told me when did they go away saturday morning how do you know this
i’d like inventing the fighting like elected because he said he had to keep a
plan and off early the next morning that is the saturday morning he enters your
of the day’s positive lewin something is wrong because missus and missus stanton
have been missing since friday morning home sticker instead and when i looked up the great norman sort of going inside were therefore which are gonna do it make it to
theoretical repair project she has nothing to do with this she doesn’t even know my employment we
can take any chances taking or that you about me my under arrest or does it look like deal on what why arresting many suspicion of
murder person we’ve been talking about she’s absolutely innocent you can reach
out and we can’t take any chances you know about don’t get made a mistake tech me m n o to know about it they credited thought that we’re going to send know about it would it take tell the whole thing first placement the curtain on triumphantly parameters allegedly honey beside the point intended because much of the word i couldn’t keep my uncle and aunt written marine plenty has been proven and you couldn’t face the shame of it recently way on top of the same way too i guess but
he didn’t say much they were proud couples so i guess
that’s a reason to do that committed suicide uh… no one thought about it repression supper friday night bukan reintroduce coffee cup minutes
later he was gasping for breath and asking for water stumbled into the front room filled out we’ve been in the water and women arafat we promised on the phone attacks ran back into the post she was dead whatever the waterfront henry put heated
needed he was dead through worried about it you know what to do for a while except in looked at them occurred to me that himself but it is a disgrace it meaning
to go into quentin they’d be more shame it was a lot of
publicity about them committing suicide advocate for the bodies tell people who’ve gone away disappeared it wouldn’t be disgracing actually quicker thrown maternal your congressional races europe and the bodies factories newman pile of mail that like
a couple of hours director compression only in terms of price is michael
beschloss we haven’t done anything acceptable probable people either
saturday dvd kit take it easy but conclusions we have decided that there were other
parties are we had no suspicions of you and wish
that the question of this morning it with your own getting ahead in the
fact that we didn’t accuse you of that make it a little story if you have uh… finish it up well about it i drove them off of fears removed control problem of the there one st and in the back seat propped him up so
that look natural by three please getting around graphic driven down the wilmington when i’m on a couple of peers with too
many people around wooden ship on a nice deserted enact at the karoline captain and a high-end jumped out right off the end which pair was it graceland up hung around for an hour to see the
bodies of float that date so i went home you telling us the truth
of course i am believable and i guess i better cornered quote of
nuns and the driver of the blueprint that reported or there attitude vector lecturing at and what
regret along eclectic rudolph’s called keep defective your
taylor had immediate results all the time drinking a police escort
arrive at the end of the topic delegation of reporters and police
officials already there undefinable under the command of captain
blackmun with lighting up a reader supporters beaming down the harbor violent content in new leduc well and i’m glad yourself okay let’s talk tonight that some boxes opened this into the final grades steaming spirit ivan the cases across
the great waters of the harbor a carnival profits movie screen with over
the side as nights walked across the world place
great part of it the harbor floor metal hands hoping for the lost cat the silent group of the living huddled
together on the back of a fire for themselves become the image of the debt
build finding the kingpin talk in person funds almond performers each man getting lacked wonder what that
compliment converted brought him back red that moment but with no man can ever
become accustomed uh… moments under siege by friday all after all the libyans always being
back in court indian placing the dead with fate of
steel and wire and time and time again the sea within
numerator fairhope underpin adult takes hold carefully hauled aboard not appalled but a waterlogged beryl crust of small of people public opinion but it left abruptly book touches hold spots but i think it could be assembled happened i’d miss it but to help us
police crammed into the massive leavened hobson great apocryphal helmet is placed over
his head bolted into place accomplished all that the telephone tested unsupported by his remember captain dix
is based on the state here’s a picture of where the of the
mission guaranteed is an emissary to haiti up bob always ortho-toldine whose head did one cute guy here’s cycle from neptune dole is the state’s cops beneath the
surface a powerful office puts up with a couple
of weeks withholding talked about the winner of the film a grapefruit ryan boarding up to see
positive and some of the public talk about the disappeared from sight a moment of silence then the airport with the help of index
peaked track allocable etc carlton chop that trip all right company crack siege if you will mostly missus dined house
body is called aboard to live with the problem beside her husband climbed up on rudolph league emotionless
break across the back to the gruesome addition their company buried i wanted to take a quick look at these
qualities career fair your uncle and aunty look different ask them all right break is taken back to university
station where he is questioned by combat rudolfo lieutenant jack donahue and kept
in stone stalk he sticks to restore that is on
the local at into a suicide pact what at midnight end in the bond it is evident at the present the lobby
to the police are beginning to take effect i’m not sure what you guys keep estimate
is four questions you know more about this here telling you know more about it all along you don’t plan on the market capitalism
on subsequent where cigarette cracked breaking story feelers toronto and committed suicide attempt
yet and the best place we’ve got bartering anyone ever on compassion yet proves on spot i can’t do anything but tell the truth
and that’s all we want utilities gerald died political
themselves uh… dinner friday night what you told us i think that’s evident
at the last time you saw your ad for that by thirty friday morning and she told her she was going to
central is actual well that that is privileged skeptical uh… what true let me go to sleep
attended almost all the it with justice league is your uses the word told you how worried margo and i have
worked for me being in trouble that’s a true my word about it too look for myself but it upset me how they
were worried richard malone over sixty physically wouldn’t survive the shotgun
disgracing promise to be sent to prison seemed to me to pick kindest thing i
could do would be to kill them when they’d never be unhappy about me would never know what happened to mc so
out of our ministry building contact problem which i could do it driving them over a cliff delivery crippled instead of being
killed and i thought of poison i was afraid and autopsy would show that
up finally i decided to poison immanent
driver off the dock where they’d never be found and that’s what i did and things because you want the spread
of this great you’re going to put at fifteen hundred dollar bank account
of your ability to already committed forgery on putting them in village
although i suppose costner them anyway that money was rightfully mine for their investigations by the officers
prove that this third story overall makes was indeed true youth was identified at the store forty
at what the cyanide to kill his uncle and aunt and the bottle which contained the
poison and also carried breaks fingerprints was subsequently discovered was quickly brought to trial and pleaded not guilty and not guilty by
reason of insanity but when the defense counsel realized
the magnitude of the case we have built against his client he threw him on the mercy of the court on december seventeenth nineteen
thirty-five lake was sentenced to life imprisonment in san quentin penitentiary on three
counts of first-degree murder and with a recommendation that he never
they granted parole ladies and gentlemen for complete
stories and descriptions of the true crime cases to be broadcast on this
program get the new june edition of the calling
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takes while you’re in the rio grande a station
ask about simpler motorola the oil the pioneer of the new processes
you hear so much about melody as one of the world’s largest
manufacturers of the patents simply uh… perfected the steam waxing
and that the fielding process which extracts all waste material leaving only pure oil that gives instant
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unbelievably tough dilemma protection simpler motor oils or sophie and there’s
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  • Jonas

    O.o wtf?

  • Psycore303

    hehe wtf ?

  • Matt Owens

    I love these golden treasures

  • Thị Thanh Nhung Dương


  • kentuckymudman

    Those captions told me to smoke weed.. This is so crazzzzy stoned haha wtf

  • lotlot schwaner

    dienight. revolution grounded to philippines with coffe.

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  • Симха Алишаев Израиль Лод

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    This ain’t waterlogged

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    2019 anyone ?

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