Calling All Cars: Invitation to Murder / Bank Bandits and Bullets / Burglar Charges Collect

Calling All Cars: Invitation to Murder / Bank Bandits and Bullets / Burglar Charges Collect

calling lol kara copyrighted program
created by the real on the auto company ultimately on all garnered national
guard broadcast one hundred and green the on the lookout for one gained
national alias the bullet described is thirty five years by beginning to one hundred eighty pound as a broken the
whole right here cauliflower this man is suspected albino murder of
his own life gotshall grown mom are calling all cars we start our third year on the air
real-time the auto companies of the greatest when it looked great banana on the potty parity and they get
here we’ve been twenty years ago company with declining
parent bowman not on the bank to the rio grande never today in recognized at the box rolling
all company in the west is approved by the recently released
they figures on flexible ethylene vague killing real vendor sales increased
white out of its nearest competitor in all of the gap between and motorists enjoyed the advancement of a patented
didn’t play a cracking profit that additional refining methods of
makes re-opened the cracked more powerful or economical until what speedier than on private got
me superiority of rio grande a crack
kathleen made by the patented than backtracking profit it’s rules by the enthusiastic
endorsement of that particular buyers would be the most bankable open berkeley
marysville sandiego county another papa county
article these and many other western cities and counties ahmed we’ll run the
by kathleen by selecting yet and above all others will help more police cars by lyndon
adamantly motorcycle other emergency equipment them and then other brand these broadcasts of calling all cars
based on the deeds of helicopters will you be opened in fact gasoline have
induced thousands of motorists that privately independent service stations
will contain black gap between the police argue we invite you to do to enjoy the brill
off police bom pom pomegranate knowledge is our pleasure to present
chief during debates applying the lip police department keith davis good evening friends you have heard me repeat many times on
this problem the duty of your policeman to prevent
crime before it occurs as well as to bring the criminals to
justice out correct line has been committed this is not the idol voicing about unattainable ideal our files contain many cases in which
the crime has never occurred because i’ll be alert work all the
police in preventing it your policemen is justice interested in keeping you out
of jail as putting you in is just as interested in discovering
your innocence as he is in determining your guilt here’s in the final analysis interested in only one thing and that is the fax of the case calling all cars dramatizes a case in point i have a homicide squad function to the
fullest in the prevention other crime the fax authentic the names for reasons which will be
readily apparent have been changed but the moral of the story has not been
changed nothing can change the on all cripple
eternal truth the fact that crime does not pay k tonight calling all colleges honored to
present it yes dog famous involves agents greenwald the burden vista but but making his first public
appearance it was a little bit letterman in reply in during the filming of east
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get tough asking for it i ran into a world power mine today i was in the marines within china
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into the job for you and no questions yet i needed to myself but i can’t pump
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painful at times square if you want to cancel this also stand on
my country should join yours hit but there are two detailing my
instinct using a picture of a company at that mustard and i’ve talked to the archive bryan
burrough and and a couple hours he’s your credit card bullet disparaged farcry prior park right there’s a fucked basket
letterhead as compared to major brand have a feature vinegar drank that i’ve ever played with it and bring
over the bottle appreciate where part-time i don’t want to know anything about this
bipolar wanted on the compound and i’ll call it i’m running up and up away why should i let you know it uh… see uh… and i think i got a hank or jack weds actually that white has got to have
a job and i don’t have a double that that government led by the time when we
wouldn’t have had to get quite a bit prank repaired and made electric rehna nuclear goods that mind prohibition step we can make it a good thing for peeled
back yet that’s prohibitionist up by my count maybe our latte eleven batsman away another bidder that i mean i can
accept i’m on a level uh… sneak under what i one of the
country amount because i had a job you want to pose and tried to deliver there tell me okay road like the advertisements say that i’m at
the order website bombardment come over dramatic covered on the market reform but i think it might get it or not his name well i read what a nice story or a tough
guy out where to go but i’m not an adapter every guy in rubbed out so i thought was a good idea from uh… twelve boombox okay and so on burn adrenalin pumps monique and her run why
not remembered my have a shocking and i i one of the brother of burglary of objects you know i got about a plan the steel barnacle proper government job ridiculous but we can with the program
and mcclelland over the incumbent and you can be very minuscule bar about
a lot that you have arrived i wanna blow may downgrade logan desperate cannot be written and on and on some of the month of a week ago player with a dane is alleged to get
involved arbitrator something of a job and a hat alike madrid expect for a job like this well aware that the other i get back at the later when i got to
get up front i can’t go in there like this and i want
to get that back i think my twitter given inability a lot of the job but there was a i think you’re on the bus within israel
dramatic i got all they have it okay uptake half-hour up on so we stayed delivery of the body learn
and got that cash and i didn’t outline i wanted a
popular well-organized well i got the payoff and a good job at a time if that
okay that than on others light at the payoff at that and i want
to yet he had no immediate they’re kind of a
cameraman appropriate okay are you know that yet medicaid they’ve been pretty zack anderson
nineteen thirties out of it okay one of them bangalore caught a lot bridge but our house you’re a ban on two seven five mcleod rebecca my lunch and then get on about
two thirty when she comes in that i have a okay party or they don’t want them to us david aveda away no worries my world lonely will bryan lean on him and and and and rather than let me put the baby bells
soften the blow the barton daddy weapon in hand administrator como right now combat attended ramona how do you mean
won’t be long now no drugs and suicide section of the apt on the level and then another when you gonna do it i am going to do it guys doing it for me at gagged on it so yeah fan catalytic like it with a man well you mail and welch you not granting
p until one o’clock you are long-time night helping yeah albeit meanwhile buckeye brian look it up into
the bottom resident hoc donde brawl find you all a part of
your reading but the polling data read pick up the victim worked out supplied in other parts of the spiders
lies let that may have about him well you’ll and but that brian lamb documentum toledo ohio when you look at
my house that they committed greatly appreicate but quite good husband no model of the deaf employed
made about your article on about you’ll get out of here right now they
have the katya pandit as i advise building within the club dot
soiree told me it would be i suppose the back in your skull let me when you talk like that pilot olives of i’d already had it done
in my pocket couldn’t have done it let’s do it jogged and thought we had a lot of that
the vatican defend itself each team this from and technique we’re he did not want to look at your great
each of the topic women anybody make we come back a lot like well what so if you
do that we not went into the bedroom and that proposal about the envelope that he will not cutting battle what you got a light through it i think
i’m your friend about intended that bedroom they don’t
like what won’t be coming in august it must have feel more at about him rajaram adriatic over money joint charges on i exploded or a i mean it looked like a
robbery and what kind of money on on big ben uh… to my mind that other plants
around the table and that was really her out of our time trampled it took me into that argument
now the dana here and churches then you can say that projects right wing of the best deal like that
that bomb property you know i cannot wait awakened by my cat well-adjusted
and that the obvious but that they are popular way
pap expected to be part of my life our while
jogging to produce sacramento wave at acco org properly how elaborate that’s a good one that here
and get a job that they like that at that time they get up there before in looks like a verdict coming up and i
was not i guess you’re widescreen fill out what
i have a medevac helicopter ended abruptly
prescribed haha elisha brian about how one might take it up but when
you have in mind that have like a great day when i tell my story operator
project eight you don’t worry about a walk crime defied of our cap and given to me that go into
that room how they tried to bring about of labor
has been i got caught up with is the body i believe that customer in cases like
this is not inspected habeas corpus or something like that you’re goddamn it is that going down alright u my will help me sitting in my view conflict with that i don’t have a moment reading a map of the contract believing
that they can learn a little bit of that but today with a lot and the public life mcmahon here on your husband know that
but i brian and we heard a word here one of our most valuable system detective lieutenant comet ryan returned well you’ve got catching on operators are not the right thing political operative i’ve been wanting an opportunity that
might be one of the things i imagine for the company with becca right figure out your honor math compared
prasad hahaha i think they have let veterans college credit card debt made and well-crafted apprentice nate can’t go i think that
the thought might have done is a buck i’d run with
the result another character on an hour ago i
called inspector david tonight in the media i mean time bill clock on the upper
right and i think dot i think in vermont waiting for you to say that that troubled by what do you
know on friday the only thing i regretted the didn’t
pay off uh… but money would look good in
evidence we put you away in any case implants made you feel that if a star
witness while they bring it on trial for conspiracy to commit murder cat immigrant but i don’t like it haiyanmail non core returned ryan in the eyes of the law was not very great hobble as it undoubtedly is to every
decent citizen listening tonight we sent him to the court’s and tried him
and found him guilty but the most law could give him was a year in the county jail he served his term was released and went back to the bewildered missus
bass drum trusting soul to this day does not believe that her
husband plotted to kill her bascom wet map try it again he learned his lesson from the vitriolic
lol who wanted him not as much as she
desired him to prove how much he wanted her had our homicide squad not been on its
toll they would have been a murder two solid instead of one to prevent and as i said it started the primary function of your police is to prevent crime rather than solid
liam or deeply appreciably prevent them from
our old activity and the education of the public to the
futility of crime oracle we will have no more crimes to solve
thank you david police officials of leading western
cities and counties have enthusiastically adopted rio grande
attacked gasoline because they have proved by actual test that’s governing operates police and
emergency card at a lower cost yet creates greater speed and power than
any other gasoline you will find in your own collegue enjoy
faster acceleration and makes greater speed with cracked up to me such speed is doubly dangerous for safety’s sake police warn you to stay within the speed
limit and keep the extra power real brenda
cracked in reserved or driving emergencies high speeds also in danger you’re mort or most motor oils breakdown when your
engine speed up to protect your motor condemn it at all
times even at highest speeds rio grande a dealers offer you simply
have pennsylvania and student openly motorola both of these famous brands are defined
by a method as revolutionary as the simpler quacking process for gasoline all useless petroleum jelly is expected
from simpler motor oils to ensure a protecting dilemma boil the
quote breakdown you real going to be broken supply you
with simpler pennsylvania often their opening motor oils absolutely guilty plea in tamper proof extra major camps absolutely calling all cars and loco can
play to broadcast one hundred-degree heat regarding the job market suspect in this case is now in custody
that’s all role a but a a a but remember it being a good night all the also populated program created for the real probably also
company asking the police calling all cars and
in all cars broadcast one hundred and ford go to columbia standpoint it will that
mean that one the on the lookout for karla two men believes demanded to
disrupt theft international plane these men on the desperate assault boys and girls are going to feel that
they do not believe default they are equipped with junior forty
badges brown brown belt forty festival quite a bit and pop baldwin girl programs are considering
that the other major albeit in many other article comprising the junior
detective often are pretty absolutely brilliant guarded by the rio grande the
auto companies we invite everyone girl that’s going to do when you’re fully and
to enjoy the many freakin dust bowl any independent dealers
selling real than the price happening he’ll give you a free copy of the latest
issue of the calling all cartoon which tell you how to get the complete junior
detective outfit absolutely free na word of warning to the power of the
border you are using real graham the cracked up
to your car because you believe the government you’d buy more for the card
fire engine fully qualified to under the bird equipment than any other brand must be the fafsa stuff i mean you can
buy it that’s true but frankly but live the power of rio
grande a crack at the end of a constant temptation to drive faster than you
should we warn you again yielding to that
temptation or do you have to go to war on speeder
of regardless of their war on crime believe that i could this be born
emerging when you’ve got to get all the way
quick-fix to avoid collisions police argued real than the fact that
leave because they have proved by fast and of course that is but during the long hours of slow
cruising with at least three twenty four-hours-a-day rio grande attracted
the most economical kathleen the combined when the emergency com and the police car must meet the pups
speed instantly then use the white police testify we’ll
ban request has the most remembers reserve power and
a government an extra refining process give cracks
kathleen dot extra speed the media merger and get these extra advantages cost you
know more cuban that we’ll be on the back of the
same price you pay for ordinary gasoline and enjoy a police car performing at no
extra cost is off later not present keeping debate
of a love angle of police department good evening friends i have often emphasize on these folks the necessity for close cooperation between various law enforcement bodies we have lost a man whose cooperation
high value highly the argus it is from the files of his police
department that the case you’re about to hear was
traumatized it is my great pleasure to present chief of detectives stanley becker out the possibility police department thank you to service i feel in the daughter to be a guest on
current or cars and to have the opportunity to bring the
radio audience of the west is still a from our files the case which you will hear shortly
editor of the proof of the willingness what’s your police officer rescues very
light at your property may be preserved and
the piece of your community he maintained when you consider the fear modest income for what your respond works you consider a little report of
opportunity has occupation vote for him you may well be amazed at the danger of
the agreement eager to meet on your bs if you will pardon my from the stab wound through the year or policemen regretful deserving purifiers respect aspirations
and support uh… lane twentieth nineteen forty four into the ford agency the quiet little
town of our about what the young man looked at several cars second field somebody who is in a position they have
a monument to the new job it was in place to hide went on the coming months known for a
moment on the car form from the because i’m pretty reasonable quickly now whether they want i think i’ve got the pickup the politically for the very best to
condition you’re over prime paint job i’d like a million dollars how much ahead a little too please i make it two hundred and fifty dollars
and let the buyer and probably a good number made i’m on the son of a hundred dollars these are the kind of gotten around that
price one hundred dollars proposal is not very much money but breath anti-dumping my mother told group
over there will be around on the books that i will be over a hundred dollars why that’s a good car will spend a lot
of money picking it up are going to have it for a hundred and
seventy-five now hundred last month my product nine inning of that my purse i guess i
want to look around for more hollywood that’ll do i think the balkans it would be the
maybe i can get a better price than under too much trouble on on the road
trouble if you’d like to let the car over i’ll be back in a minute okay a little bit of the most though on one of the trial is over make
mistake right now the leo of local mcmurtry the the
political and the lords in england runs at least one of the crank it ryan right vinden it thought that was okay at a hundred
dollars and i think that the real by you loved nine of them in a moment the vote with the up there with make up
the paper the writing one of the cash an individual form in that the tentative grossman but now more than a roundabout and all
of my part of it the president doesn’t have a little
while ago maybe established president user technolo gobind than that the cashier’s check on the mutual bank
in chicago that will be good enough by letting the kids does the formalities
goes to both the kind of particular about our taking tech anna’s gotta go the biggest bank in chicago failed one
of the president the government of the dollar at eleven i haven’t done it even i figured i could get fifteen page and i’m with ah… still just seems to be all okay planet the on both the pink slip over
the world movement uh… done in a complete edward filtered
through the line deserving level of or my glasses as well i’m just got a lot of that they can have
the car anthem that a good product i think we’re all over the dollar will
be provided chicago arctic it whatever they want for it pontificators fifty of records but the
bottom of the lord comfort from it too settle for fun allied with the job without the right away i want to know
what works kidnap anymore that jim advertising
period at the makes quick income often and he said credit card a lot different thing that and you
culinary campaign updating advertising i needed aftermath
didn’t know that you can talk about it that woke it was okay about thinking about me at anything i
can remember where put act that time of great act picked up apt uh… technically intrigued by midnight i was reading that the other thing about
a scientist now who said that the american people are losing their neck
that function facing or something like this because we are a lot of needs more simulate the money mister kicked ass it later when they did last time finland
have fallen apart when this happened looked like customer may be have exactly like that he wanted to thank and put a lot of
things got a couple of months ago and what they
have handout i think fidel unpleasant incident that a memo to one of those were good though but
happening at the top of the fifth and for it’d be locking home when i get implant design cantrell where wanted the my catabolic irritated by the price and then ap uh… at are entity why update goal i think it’s regatta
captivating elena well let me know monthly no wonder then
that would put a lot of mammals after that they can’t wrote about that manic
defense for okay negotiable got a friend uh… you know some iran in england are howard asked me what i have one round
and i have it aspect hes uh… active and then the judges judges seven dollars availability that the who leonard because i’m a twenty abner better track
and and i think that i can get it next on announcement them in the kitchen and i have a at this
right now going at seven of a bundle a melanoma the principal having eg after agreement with good within a lot of initiative fifty words where’d you get all that money within
the dod thing to do the mirror and you can get that fifty thing for the end it wouldn’t have had to press and the
having mom export looted or anything without active except forty dollars thank them get past that ok visits etc that i’ve been in ended up there in the
afternoon enjoyed someone once said speakers and then my neighbors but they’re not
depending on the house at night can be there uh… notification ahmed through well who spent hours with are you tired of holiday travelers check
profound all appropriate at that time exciting anybody can make money it yet hoping to get rid of scriptural hit org ministry will say about it approximately five feet seven inches popular tell me anything more about or repair lowly war uh… song truck come predicted xxx go part of the diplomatic with the
following it up for proposed one you think you can take a look if you think on the job i can’t recall from political
operative mc great compete with her he wouldn’t i’d
like to look at the thirty try to get tough strip forty uh… hefty phil have the money over for you and then if
we think it’s very little cash on hand here at the last few weeks within a couple of robberies in this
district before the manager will be right over with the money amendments time limping into and get him i’m sure it
won’t he said we’re going to be a matter of a couple of minutes country something insurance or stocks
with waiting we have some of the very latest patterns in checking out his plan
with the construct becoming very fashionable the the donations handkerchiefs perhaps i have a wonderful
bind and activate might interest you uh… you dispute quality of the slim if
the very best irish women to be found anywhere in this country madeleine run by the way from there madonna subcontract but there’s part by the router for real
irishman and according to the man officer will be written on their way
through the camera know what’s going on and again or not the doctorate candidate reverberating
through my the the the the note that in the friend
of mine dot net coming along people i don’t know what might have to drag uh… drop out of
with a slight lead away there’s no doubt that anybody could brewed up a bit mark butler guy first preference that frederick telecom
withdrawal and one to five years my colleague here
we spend left in the mountains of the remember the on religion three weeks
later in the rest of the whole time of booking on board regarding then jewelry
today rhythm on the line of evidence and in this number nineteen twenty four the
main edward bell again appeared on the whitewater more playing upon submission
of robbery charges wanted them all fine but when i looked
up at the leavenworth and border robert mel watt bulb detail of the land they’ve come up but effect nineteen
twenty five article something much of a man of the
office walk a fine looking foward wiretapping part of that but we picked up by a lot
of the prisoner robert thank you for them and you’ll get your an knows that it will be bloody funny about
this but i won’t then every time you know that we could
do it all of them back on the outside approved by the time i don’t know bill
the rather than an unexpected proving pro and i know this is what you do the
jury guilty of the devil but that’s what the lead of makeup but the problem is that going to get a
decent job becoming walked into a john doe number
lable model into the dawn dragonwolf in thailand and a little or andersonville heading into a lot of probably also
going to leave the and no way to go to mister still be into
a remote and look at it and qualitative abundance over xmas enough and replenish
great and impeachable doubling live there some nothing dipstick when the company that was not enough to
get me buckets no locate remember that the review i don’t feel the yet whole egullet edward l wanted and what not but that
would be in mingled with the crockpot moved in with the independent you belong
the lol trick priya how one or everyone part of the burden had upon the operator so xxx track and probably around one and a half any kind of meandering tentacle and
they’ve been lied to the fact that we want them at the end that would be proud
of them away antonio i’m gonna take and then a replication of a long before
the first time intended addressee about before the other way and another
day nor will i know but then they will never
let them know miller malevolent although not come up but one of the navy and land
where they go building where we are on whether the
that on the air ghatkopar part orthopedist by making elephant head quotes packard marketing marshall
eduardo mag problem abroad sarah froberg then i think we don’t have to have a
rich people in that none too happy one-on-one interview and then let me
know that they will make them online there the number one warfare indicated
on my part to material again and you can’t have gotten ended and that it over and read one of the night a
modern history of the new the bank of investment but that many of
the land around with a couple of smart guys like us to figure that one of all
technical default with amelia contender about mountain plateau republican random
lifted of pride uh… really heavy equipment
salvage still another one of the wound up got them in the rent metrology nahi in an organized crime and with the butt
of a million and a little about women run than that i would then become and
the bank and not invalided it except one that what i like the corporation ourself
with great video i think that meant everything that i had their market mandated model and let the political it will be
at all or part of the very climbed up the money out of here at the at the and
okay traveling a lot about the crime bill
uh… you know wanted on the school year reassured at the smoke was not a man and
a little bit another hero about it what i think he
would want to go through the crowd and i didn’t mean how did you get a lot of
time uh… game warden novel on the right things only had one but in a while and and uh… that instruction or decided regarding political and then
you would now we got a middle-aged animal planet
what’s the matter but there are not known if the warring maganda thing in
the thing about this patents that begin maybe it’ll be a better idea
within canada and i what i thought you were all set on it so i would every
couple of the chemical included in that night one of them over and help with my
car and all that winners offline begin with this weather
skipping will rebuild and to think of the bank what about landing at morgan and then
one of the bank opened and because you’re no are like that idea from
watching as the morning opened and having a good work that you’ve been laid
out in the condo and won’t stick it myself on okcupid overtime when i come out and
then drive with the devil moon it if you think it’s located all right with me
also dot occult blood pressure egullet icicilombard dot but at the
babcock are but they’re not our movement it he got a little baguette outdoor and
indoor include and wounded in the morning of all that
seventeen read a little officer val l add to the bottom in the bulletin board
albany just entering the gardener or the word on that one of colorado and burn in
the pickup is all over it btw allotment devil it uh… help co double though modify your former nagar added an
accommodation now over nothing important but you know me
that the public area in the belief that i would of bringing the car in for that
to the people elected bill you’ve got time but carlo battleship what’s going on yeah but what the it okay not rococo thalidomide their domestic doctored pad the but if they have a car corregidor like
adults along a bit the i mean that in the house on the web it’s eleven history akash you dot blot properly aligned handmade
wicket dollar can and on women in their and admitted call out like a light entrada the habitable tomorrow comment they’re all right wire while electoral up that analytical nuclear pop
back up your car companies uh… better i walk over there with her head to the
airport controverted i don’t like it overthrow are i’ve got the morning of
the got their hands hoping to break up play games whilst
corporate ladder night remembering now within that group by ed uh… or the
other one anne has written a book about three i still think that way perform primakov
hypothermic recuperative ended all one mentally for it that would provide their property the idea reloading it got it on the
twelve before the favorably or my lucky william e role nothing except that when i when
that other bird over that period where i use my laptop ridge you little man with a couple who are
looking into the business and the but i’ve become for just twenty short minutes after four
or properly preparing a raid on the bright long arm of our reached out hillsborough that samples from powder author fred walker gluten about a third
of the first here motorcycle officer at your end effort no
more of the superficial cut with uh… records of calls officer shed scurried to inflation are
bad when he was reasonably sure that that
was empty cinderella contribute ma’am that make up the best in the police
department there’s s and things like that when the fire about that prove conclusively at the law breaker very little chance
let’s remember are good for you i could be better the exciting caisson kept repeating
criminals on the part of the work of police cars every hour of the day and
night house and the police cars cruised through the streets of often using the same road that you use making the same stops climbing the
playing field what an ideal test for governing at the lectern every around the clock
governmental power more police emergency start than any other brand it proved that you can get more
economical operation compact happening as well as greater power and speed no more to you in the same real bad and
the fact that the mean you’re a police car do you as beautifully fallen on hard times and
all card cancellation broadcast one hundred for her prospectus gays are now
in custody of her soul ac the calling all cars and recommend produce
by william handel the medicare public men play that it
would not for the rio grande a loyal profit calling all cars copyrighted programs
created by the rio grande the auto company allegedly calling all cardinal o’connor
broadcast one hundred stand by it was just capital hill and
make and was back to the sign that’s all roldanhormi real-time data cut law on pool like happily fights wars in the governing and we have
created many kept ram political kathleen arabic produced it bootleg deal law-abiding but many mildred who don’t
be a lot of the damage done to their motive i thought carbon lately because real run different they cannot
happened cracking rather than made crime governing the leader of the month of
bali governing rio grande a at the leadership in the
oil industry quarreled poor quality dabney real down the refinery experts have
perfect an entirely new governing the sale of the law bright edited guaranteed to exceed united
states government standard instead of occasions for the late motor fuel and because real gun decrypt godliness
feynman or did you see more bodyguard fire engines and other emerging
equipment than any other brand we decided to name our new got me have
the payment demand who came to the aid of the police to
stop the bleeding we ask those of you who you low-priced government of by real
bambi g dash make no mistake this neji gas did not
come back b_o_ bandit crack dot the main or very
little more per gallon gives you one hundred percent efficient police pop up on preval a much greater value but if you’re a budget won’t spend the
extra penny is important part of the problem and be a demand that the pilot governing made in the low
price the yield real branded he got a low price of gasoline guaranteed like the government advocates knowledge is our pleasure to present
keith james lee david opined that the police department he favors good evening friends you have heard me emphasize many times
on these broadcasts the necessity for closer cooperation between various law enforcement agencies
of the nation county and eunice apology very often representatives off several or all of these forces meet in the investigation of the major
crime and unfortunately more often than not a restriction where there should be the smoothest
cooperation i have here in the studio with me
tonight a man who i have to say has always worked but the closest kind of cooperation with
my pores i consider him not only a close friend but a very valuable auxiliary when i know that nick harris has been
brought into the case i know that my man will have the finest
kind of cooperation it is a privilege for me to present one
of the finest private detectives in the world nick harris who has pulled on his private files to bring you tonight’s broadcast of kollek all
car ladies and gentlemen kneecaps thanks t and i could say eleven nice things about
you too and good evening everyone i’m very happy to participate unifying
work this broadcast is doing during the many years i’ve been a
detective i have constantly carried on what might
be called missionary work in my attempt to educate the public to the fact that crime does not pay for this reason i have watched with
interest splendid were calling all cars has been
doing for the past two years along the same line i was more than please to cooperate when i was asked if i had some material we might use for
these projects story we selected to dramatize tonight is a strange one the start of the story you might expect from the pan oven edgar allan poe or a common dot yet it all happen just as you will hear at the mastermind of this panel been
implied unimar legitimate enterprise he might have made himself many kinds of
watching the hope to gain might have been legal activity criminals are funny that way you never seem to learn that apparently easy way of the law breakers is
inevitably the hardest lee who everyday see the fallacy of the
criminal psychology can only hope that through our
educational activities those who may be contemplating a crime maybe decay before it’s too late by the realization of the idiocy of breaking the law our story begins maman august morning several years ago when i received a telephone call reminds
me bob the editor of the los angeles remained
west somewhat exact knowingly and mortgages out and that’s made a very over to the city
room fifteen minutes after he called me i was standing what’s on your mind this note came in
this morning’s mail what that uh… lesson his address to the city and it and it
reads if you will go to the west bank district
you’ll find a man named control when you find him you will have the
mastermind burglar i’m writing this to save some mothers
innocence on and it’s signed a friend of humanity
anything about maybe it’s a publicity stunt from hollywood press agent is
blowing and maybe it’s on the open up our god is on the level relevant the
publicity gag i don’t want to be that goes and if it’s legitimate thematic to the
police so i thought i’d better send you out and
get the lowdown okay let’s only less than if it turns out to be the real
mccoy you’re giving me a scope on it all right let’s you’ll get it excluded boldly helped to build a couple of men
to investigate the hotel room apartment house in the west lake despicable a man
named double the officers play a lot place for the locate there ma’am and all they have their report t we found a felony murder of role
registered the el capitan apartment west six first name is jordan i want to find
out about it mopping up the sounds of speeches have a
manager of the archival and review the coral and when the name of that fairly
turned into a grocery store and nobody knows anything about him he keeps to
himself all the time worldcom group following up if you would go out there and show that
bird find out where he spent his time and why
ok ke watching them and whenever he lied to
the bottom the shadows and discover that it makes
daily visits to accompany factory on main street the interview with the manager of the
establishment is gentlemen we’re going to be great your mom and the name of the role george grover along if indeed it custom
in mind ordinal wall that much why d_n_a_ or office is doing a little
job of investigation one of our out something about the man we’d appreciate
your help and of course i’m always glad to help wall ok weather in all of the
world as i said i really don’t know where mark on making it so important you know i think they got it or not well do you want to put this standing
beside native small seed in it wanted tended to have a four-star that
could be open from design into the program monroe now up at the local apple
you’d already or will be interesting he yes well-insured upload epitome don’t forget that most of them into the
mastermind burglar beginning to like the looks of the
state’s but it doesn’t make any sense to you tonight so i’m
beginning to like it i think maybe there is something else they start making no sense you’re just
around the corner of my answer he was going on friday hale will not
lose sight of a their night may be surprised to find out about him well i i about it hard for them instead
of the wonder intro the key to it now what do you suppose that guys up
there this well apartment on the el capitan
and a woman a dump like this out on top twelve st then we’re going to see what
the land that he knows about it okay his report you have a tentative agreement the bro and he’s a number twelve leslie my well
you know a lot of tillotson up by lalit subdivision argument lady were merely
asking some questions wake up at costuming well even if we are we will
get you in any trouble i depend not happen again akkada optimistic and like that many
pages recommend anthem you talk to them government but the new
bedding not i mean on if you don’t believe in and i don’t have to make it
pallavi had the room about handmade and are looking at i want to comment on
a couple times behind reminiscent of pride before as well that was responded to a
friend hideout and founder of operation meeting and agree with you steve it makes a little fanfare must be
something do it without we’ll find out the window voters go back there in through like
that isn’t all of the definitely fatalities up with another man on the outside the
shadow him when i really dislike hostages middleman constantly as addicted drop another constantly struggling w the
people involved the suspected all determine the kind of
surveillance a few days later couple of things to be
able to bring to the point about nineteen in westlake park even all of the polish people one
certain that that will have gone to be told havoc operatives going to be part of the
victor dot just yahoo sincerely because the and killed in the course
fulfilment laws it was a simplistic because of him off auto uh… optional opera all win uh… all dot all at uh… cat development once i’ve got to do a decided there’s no
need to get i’ve come to that advocates made this a lot of pens and ultimately
the faculties inside a hectic bike riding inside with
data sent across the border then i think on the other side of the
land that make up get the bill by one written plan back in
again might help us with and get the case back
rub the lamp network they’ve been found in possession of all
information i wanted and that’s pretty slick well it’s a lot of time line that i want
to work now and even system can be trusted where you fit in the picture sure i get it i think it found out that looked like
any other company outside things i didn’t have everything needed
to work it out now on the project ten east how can it close to without meeting you had a sent
for bank vault started and when you get inside the ball to get
out and rob the bank to get back in again pretty slow wait a minute how do you get in and out of the
compound helps that’s what i’ve done a marvelous lemonlovingirl started left uh… that that the collective you work
find me king cincy all the plan needs time to help at the
time in the bank and property monumental journalist he got he at at that food market everything i need to be three date by that time you live taking the
compound about it michael enact well i thought for a drink realizing that they have stumbled onto
something big you already report that finding evan left in order to make our loved ones about knowing who doesn’t have a good
point knocking over that and and and and or did you men women plan the again three days later you’ll hear the bombing meritocratic asap rebecca lined up morro i wanted to make arrangements to
have it promptly involvement and i want to get uncover their and the
pretense decided to go away in your taking the time with he’ll do understand
that you know i got it sometime and fear that a man can i get
out again it’s on the field even couldn’t handle it you know i’m sure
that that’s when you go into the pacific bank tell them that their valuables with
enough money in and that um… there’s nothing left and at the door into doing it but
promote fantastic he might where the president it’s incredible whether they approve i want to ask your cooperation of matter i want to let the boys of the trunk
moved in the oval with mister harris do you realize because i think by doing that
suppose i’m thing goes wrong on this planet but it works liza backed up by global florida
notebook with under the public dollars issue is that nothing will go wrong
mister wonder on admin voted in the bank i’ll be here
myself there is no plausible gentle anything happening to your valuable you
were a lot of the news of this thing lead up to my two brothers are ibero and no one would leave their belongings in
the back burner so it’s going to happen feel it all right about that with our
naturally i understand your feelings i can’t be on your program by the
importance of the thing i want to catch the criminal red handed
this way i can where there is something i don’t think you know about or what the
trust every night in order to protect the for
something down that week where chemical pollution into the vaults that this
powerful enough to kill a man if this criminal ever does get and he
will be live in the morning liberal i don’t think that that if you’re going to miami live does and renewal you’ll allow the top of the board in
their i’ll make an arrest before you go the whole how that their where that
would be alright that way will be no danger of anything happening your
deposit them i’ll still have my man indicate again you agree to that or whether they are silent road all you have to do with back to prove
that they could not they correct or of the merrimack daredevil suddenly
changes plan abang important level and at the origin
of the rock when you have been about me reporting at one thirty meant by the new strategy moody or broken any reason for it
wouldn’t change in plan you build it didn’t work out a lot of the screens dot
being robbed lately they put all their stuff into storage
place there were a lot better picking their
them in the bank that the we’re chandler planned a little bit but
seriously going to let them get in the store
address to the following him appeal to pick up the war go into the
building with rob reiner making apparent on the news magic from uh… for t_v_ at the prize money paid out rather minimal not to happily surprised i’d sure like
to get a look at the inside of the drug now i’d better go out into the manager
of the cinema and storage company and tell him about it or are you want to stay with addictive
that jeep right networking is like another tangible and
let me know what one what we really i hope he doesn’t i’m kind of like a finishes they have
their avoid we could have the row behind by the below link it up would work with them like a storybook reported problems of
the story book with certainly experience game what did you
want me to do i’m not just your of what they they were
neutral gear about have been thinking outside walking up with all the time all you have to do is try to do
everything was alright the drunk moved into the warehouse let mine and they can rest unusual
benefit absolutely need we have a single-payer rogue who arrived why would they pick somewhere there was
a bit in the front of the critical underground
at the moment reward for my profile that you know
don’t worry about that even though it was about it but and i guess it’s okay or seriously it that way buckle up don’t
worry loves the plans are underway an inescapable network roam around the laboratory building daniel’s mom in the neighborhood on the second floor of a mom-and-pop to
speak to him and watched my kidney on the cattlemen awkward and partner
with me mormon minimum loading and unloading even madonna fire meanwhile nick if you let this story leak out to
rival journal how many are scanned or faxed don’t forget that you promised me a
scope on not forgetting i can give you anything more than all of
you have a limit to move when they do we are in on it op in on item name let me know that we are again it would you’ll lose all supplement line in a developmental ivan
for writers and that is where we’re going to talk to them let me know when things began pumping
them hello below it you know it but i don’t think your car
and and powers might know we’re going to give him
something breaking africa tabloids about you might be interested to know
that we expect out of the loop from genius to fully backed any minute now
road indeed maybe you’ve been running up the wrong however from involved right
now it the the amount of waiting but it looks of over just about to go
buy a link yet all well all there that long boatload of the matter what happens out
into the storage building it once what welcomes what we’ve been waiting to
avoid ahmad with you still leaving here if you
want to go along with that question to ask may come on making of a new democrat among all the
way you have a big help line about roared up on the boulevard going on muammar make maybe at the moment probably in the building two men come down lived on the back lay that everybody had a good look at a
moment that the other caller for undergrad
program working on them around in stock bar united medicare growth with lower evaluated or that the other side of the
state that the clinton that’d be completed or
payment who prepared the working together on the
lam through right at the end of the event notices wrapped up in his work all of the midwest light a cigarette is something they want to get there until they get
the trunk inside okay appeal there in time it coming up if you have a minute yet they’re coming across the street pardon me but it what you name off what’s your name and silver split in the front wanted to leave that chance right now how about it button up front simple it is over this is a military any good it all the people netware outlet or
samples in the trunk didn’t get one of them yes i did i decided not closer to him i don’t know
alone nearly georgian that drunk silver y who someone half a minute might happen
alright you know all about it robustly jordan line i guess i wouldn’t come out to be a
successful burger kind of feeling so most of the
wrongdoing kid let’s go aboard economy profitable one of the paramount that’s right
elevator over here and so i think like a mcallister rewards i wouldn’t think of it going to be helping with photographic will this will go ahead greens and all that looked like a bank
looks like a benefit either way at least before that though absolutely bugaboo creek and we can say
that it is at the trial alright mac two cameras have okay already gotta go elijah rope united will come out of
their development process avant-garde open up buhari you’ve got
any other way through with what they’ve talked a bit the bullet out may be
smothered in there wrote i’ll give it up one more chance today
rotating come out of it it over there that night but wanted that
you would them looking up i want to go to get or not there to control it looked like
my picture there were a little bit you look at that time blown apart with the
company bullet right amounted to uh… something for you play with
surging two of them how to go i wasn’t there you know about you for quite awhile ago
her house when nobody can with all of the
administration to it and you know products ban activity by the mark alright herman the vote you had taken down book
tomorrow we’ll look for the strong the medical examiner genova come on you too we’ve taken the rock protected by the
mark optimal it was part of a u_s_ prior to present on the way bandages
medicated and your uh… complete set of berkeley two who wonder work was practically a complete departed
house did you get a picture of a last minute cure or did you get a guy that
they tried to be like that but by a cover-up that’s right i’d almost
forgotten the excitement that was what interpersonal it’s only
been killed that i’ve reminded he will be more careful with your pledge
dot and i think one of the road come out shooting which reminds me that’s the one
thing he hasn’t got in this front investigated foolproof even you would need one it but not everything included mother and several of the board held on charges of
attempted murder it when the day arrival of the bayou it it thin evro zero your honor but i don’t
see the other defendant mister felder perhaps uh… aeroflot was able to be
here your honor the corporate they do truckers that i
will be able to work within him victor liberal limited liability out of the
lord with all the details would not do well believable but pretty have burned in the end of the detectives
oversell whether or not i’m not visible to the court ever go but it was a lee diplomats of someone’s over they’re trying to get out of it you anymore portage couldn’t stand to gain flirted with heart trouble he’s better off this way i guess just goes to show turnkey there’s no way
you can be filled all unwin so i don’t repeat the rap by the jurors lane gabrielle so-called mastermind partner was sentenced to the maximum term
prescribed by law for the crime of attempted burglary after serving his sentence was deported
from this country as an undesirable and so and the story of one of the most
ingenious spots i have ever run into had not been for that mysterious letter deborah might have been able to carry
out his scheme and even now been living off of thousands of dollars of the loop fortunately for a great many people such was not the case and as the result of our discovery
trucks leptin storage are thoroughly inspected before being allowed to be
placed warehouse are backbone my advice to anyone might wish to try this scheme is might have worked once but it won’t work you can’t commit crime and get it i do they didn’t come home police official
los angeles oakland berkeley is san diego county medical county arizona and
many other cities and counties officially specified that only one got
the means to be used in our police and emergency powers they choose the same real brembeck proc
kathleen with pepper apple but you’ll get from your neighborhood independent
people when you dr ian asked how to get absolutely free of charge a complete junior detective outfit to give some boy or girl for christmas and do you have been buying only below
priced deafening real brown the offers no g gap upstate low-priced kathleen dot guaranteed to exceed united states government
specifications well-funded please calling all cars
sentinel card cancellation broadcast one hundred sixty respect in this case you
know in custody russell bill breeding today all real brown the dealer and the president visual of the calling
all cars new football teams moving radio news that your medicare but the good news
later saying good night for the real problem
than oil company


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