Clash Royale | How to Pull/Lure/Aggro Units – Advanced Tech

Mmm it’s-a Orange Juice Hey everyone, it’s yarn from Orange Juice Today we’ll be talking about pulling units It’s one of the most effective ways to defend your towers To pull troops, you first need to understand how aggro works When you plant your troop near their unit, you’ll notice there’s an exclamation mark that pops up That means the enemy units will draw towards your troop On the topic of aggro, if a Mortar or Xbow is aggro’d on your tower You can actually reset its target with a zap It’s important to have a general understanding of troop movespeed If your melee units are significantly faster than theirs, it won’t pull When defending with a pull, you want to spend less elixir than their troop is worth You should only spend more elixir if you’re going to counter attack When doing a chain pull, your initial units should cost 3 or less elixir My favourite troops to use for the initial pull are: Skeleton Melee goblins Archers And spear goblins Troops you want to pull are: Knight Mini P.E.K.K.A P.E.K.K.A Giant Skeleton Prince Dark Prince Barbarians Minions And skeleton army You can also pull: golems Giants Hogs And Balloons Some troops just aren’t worth pulling There are 3 different types of pulls The standard pull Chain pull and Kiting A regular pull increases the distance the enemy unit needs to travel to reach your tower In this situation, separating the skeletons with a pull is absolutely necessary It can change the entire outcome of the situation Pulling can also come in handy to lock in a win A chain pull can accomplish 3 things 1. It can pull the troop within shooting range of both towers 2. It can pull the enemy units into the next lane and 3. It can divide the army between both towers Kiting is the act of grabbing a troops attention and running away from it It’s an aggressive defense that quickly turns into a counter attack With these techniques, you can get their unit to do a full U-turn Pulling is a cost effective way to defend since it can utilize both towers It only cost 6 elixir to shut down that 10 elixir army Thanks for watching, if you learned anything new, give us a like and subscribe for more quality OJ

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