COLOUR CHALLENGE #Funny Blindfold Eating #Challenge | Aayu and Pihu Show

Number is four (Laughing) The mask is upside down silly (Laughing) Wow Mom we are here Your challenge is ready Wow, meaning it’s going to be a blindfold challenge today. These 5 are mine These 5 are mine But Mom, what will we have to do? Guess the colour challenge Okay, should we start the challenge? Yess.. Come on, who’s going to put on the blindfold first? Me, me Dicide by stone, paper, scissors. okay, stone paper scissor. come on, put on the blindfold okay, tell My number is 2. open your mouth. umm.. yellow yes. 1 point Tell me the name Umm..khaman Sister I got 1 point I will only win this game My chance isn’t over yet yes Which number? umm… Number 3 Three, yess oohhh… What happened? Aah.. What is it? Once more I didn’t get the taste properly I gave it to you Brown. Yess… You ate this much. I’ll eat some too. Whoever likes ice cream, please like this video. I also got one point. Sister, what will I get now? Come on, put on the blindfold. Number maybe 1 You can see from the bottom? cheater (Laughing) Number 1 Oh, What did Aayu get? Meaning, It’s something nice. No, it means it’s something good No, It’s a very bad thing. Mom, give me a straw. Okay, meaning It’s some juice. I know now. It’s okay. Drink it. Drink What do I have to tell? Colour Yes, pink Yeaah, I got 2 points. How did you know that it’s strawberry? Did you see it? I can guess the shake. I already knew That it’s a juice Then it’s strawberry juice I knew even that Milkshake. Not a juice Okay, now my turn Okay, what number? Number Two Two This one What is it Aayu? Tell me Why should I tell you? Dad Give me that What? Give me that thing Should I bring it? Name What’s the thing’s name? No, no, no, Sister will cheat What? Straw No. Spoon No Yes Nooo.. Fork Chopstick Chopstick? yes I don’t know how to hold a chopstick. Again You drank all the juice Means Tell the colour? Orange Yes, right answer At first I thought, it’s Pineapple. This is orange. Should I put on the blindfold now? What’s the score? two, two Same Number 3 You can’t cheat. (Laughing) What is this? What is this? (Laughing) Eat it Okra (lady finger) green. I got reminded of the vegetable challenge. Sister you eat it too. No, no I will eat mine Ready What’s Aayu’s score now? three Now I’ll have What all numbers are left? One, isn’t left Yes, it’s remaning Oh, she got this This is Again, again I couldn’t guess it Leave my hand You ate the whole paan. Green Is it? Yeahh.. Aayu said it You won’t get the point Why? You won’t get it. It’s Aayu’s fault, why did he say the name So I should get his point. Now, remember it for the next time If you’ll say the name, Sister will know This was really nice Number Number is 4 (Laughing) the mask is upside down slly. (Laughing) You have to tell the colour Red Mine was a Paan and his Cherry Okay, now my turn Aayu I’ll have number 5 number 5 (Laughng) What is it? What is it? (Laughing) How should I give it to her? Means, it’s something you have to cut. (Laughing) What is it? Don’t touch No cheating One minute Cut it Give it properly Aayu hold it properly (Laughing) I can’t bite it Do it bite it With your teeth. Pihu Don’t touch Pull it Aayu Pull it It’s some vegetable Hmmmm Tell Purple Yess.. Brinjal, ewww… You were eating it before though Now that you saw it it’s eww.. (Laughing) How was it? Very juicy Mom from tomorrow on you should feed Sister raw brinjal No, this was enough. I’ll give it to her with blindfold on. Yes No. Yes Taste of Paan was very nice One is left Aayu choose a number Only one is left 5 This should have been mine Aayu will enjoy this What? Aayu don’t cheat I am not cheating, I can’t see anything. no, Don’t touch You have to guess the colour Ok – The colour is Brown Hmmmm Which biscuit is this? Oreo Sister, you should have given me the whole thing Eat the okra too.. (Laughing) So you will eat a brinjal today no Now your turn It’s very tasty Finish that too That was for the challenge You are busy in eating Not mine, I ate mine Yes, you are eating cherries though I can see that Aayu Aayu has to eat all the cherries Which number is left ? It will be that one only Look Pihu choose the number five four I should have got this one What is it? What’s the colour? White Right answer This was so simple It’s a tie So how was the video? Did you enjoyed it? And now you can do this With your siblings or parents. You will enjoy it very much Go and hide any of the eatables and put on a blindfold and eat and guess the colour.

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