Core Fusion2

Performance freeride boards are always in the highest demand among all kiteboards Even if you don’t have a limit on your budget, it’s still pretty tricky to choose a right board. You can just simply buy the most expensive board, but even the top model doesn’t guarantee that it would completely satisfy all your needs. Any board always is a compromise. I personally often don’t understand who decides which kind of boards to produce. More and more styles of riding made marketing department invent a logo “all around board” for any style of riding. Of course, there is no miracle but Core Fusion 2 is very close to being so. Very light carbon deck has a classic shape and proportions. 3D construction offers good flex of the board and amazing smooth feel when you go through choppy water. Core Fusion 2 easily gains speed, even though it has channels and double concave on the bottom. Of course it supposes to increase resistance but flexible deck with a small rocker made the overall performance very balanced without compromising to its light winds abilities compare to a special lightwind board. Adjustable platforms are comfortable and easy to customize. Cushy and with a great support. G-10 fins. All boards accessorise are very high quality. Core Fusion 2 is ideal for freeride and airstyle. You don’t even really feel its weight on your legs. Great control on the speed guarantee excellent jumps. It’s getting much easier to do Airstyle tricks. If you use a fast board then for unhooked tricks you can use a smaller size of the kite because board might be not stiff enough to have a good powered load. In my opinion, it’s better not to use boots on Core Fusion 2, as it might be not having enough width. Core has 2 other models designed specially for wakestyle in boots: Choice and special park board Bolt. Core Fusion 2 was designed specially for freeride and freestyle. High performance, very light and well-balanced board will be a great choice for any rider’s level.

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