F-117 Stealth Car

Every industry has its mavericks. The car industry is no exception This car was created by one of the world’s leading car designers, Jim Router. It takes its inspiration from a surprising
source, the Lockheed Martin F-117A stealth bomber. It disregards standard design concepts and follows the angular shape of a plane, it’s made up of a series of carefully angled panels. The jet feel continues inside the car. The driver sits in the centre of the cockpit, and even the instruments are based on the F-117 bomber. Router’s stealth car may look eccentric
but he also helped design the Lotus Elan, and the world’s most expensive car, the
F1 McLaren. JIM ROUTER: The stealth if you like is the
ultimate edge design, it’s totally made up of corners and flat facets. It’s not an organic, evolved shape. It’s very much a statement against all the round blobby shapes. Despite its weird shape, the car performs
flawlessly, can accelerate from 0-60mph in 6 seconds, and has a top speed of 150mph. Sadly Jim never gets to push his car all the way, it hasn’t been coated with the F-117As special radar deflecting paint, so there’s no chance of evading speed traps.

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