Flying a Kite for the First Time

today we’re gonna go fly a kite I was
trying to do an intro a minute ago but it’s really windy and the microphone is
picking up all the wind instead of me talking we’ll see you guys in a minute hey what’s up my name is Alejandro and
this on our channel we make videos about family fun and filmmaking we’re gonna
get some food really quick and it will be right back so it looks like with all
of the wind outside I’m not going to be able to say much
while I’m outside so it looks like we’re gonna have a lot of b-roll and us
talking inside of the car alright see you guys in a moment so that was a
little bit of a bust I was trying to get some business cards that they’ll do it
and they’ll do it quick but I used canva and when I exported it it became really
low resolution so I’m gonna see if I can fix that on the computer and then I’ll
bring it back and see if we can actually get business cards done today so that we
can take them to VidCon we’re stopping by my work here at RIT and so that way I
can check my mail because I haven’t checked it in a few weeks and also to be
able to see if I can fix the file that I have for the business cards so that we
can get them printed today all right so we finished here at work
we’re gonna go down to FedEx again and see if we can get the business cards
made we were able to drop off the business cards at FedEx they’re actually
open all the way until nine I thought they closed earlier but I guess not
they’re gonna try to get them done today if they are we’ll put them in this
episode if not we’ll put them in the next but we are at the playground now
we’re gonna fly a kite penny got tired of the kite pretty quick
but we’re gonna go play at the playground now so we’re going to go home and we will
see if the business cards make it tonight so they did get the business
cards done here they are let’s take a look at them there we go
that’s what they look like we got them done the prints were okay the cutting is
kind of you can see the white around the edges I’m kind of disappointed with the
way the cards came out but they were cheap they’re fast and I’m able to have
at least something while we’re at VidCon “Yeah Our Cards” What do we say Penny “Like Share and Subscribe See you guys next time”
we’ll see you guys next time

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