GAME MASTER SPY Tunnel Chase into Secret Hidden ESCAPE ROOM (Matt Missing Reveals Hideout Clues)

– Santa’s Little Helper, wait,
I think this is the trail that leads to the Game Master’s tunnel. We’ve got to get through
to where Santa’s Little Helper is. – Matt, Santa’s Little
Helper went inside there. – Go, go, go. – The door’s open. Shhh. – It looks like they’re putting
a passcode in right now. The mirror just popped open. Santa’s Little Helper is
going through the mirror. It just shut. It’s like a secret mystery door. We should go inside, now’s our chance. – This is the mirror Santa’s
Little Helper went through. But it just looks like a mirror. – Yeah, is it open? – It’s a secret door. Matt, it’s a control panel like we saw at Stephen Sharer’s house. – Do you know the secret code? – I couldn’t see it, ZamFam
if you saw it, let me know. What is this place? Look, there’s an elf hat
and a Santa hat, there’s a mystery box right here. What if this is Santa’s Little
Helper’s secret workshop? The underground tunnel
passageway, one of them leads to here. – It has to, that’s what we came through. – ZamFam, you guys saw in my
last video that we escaped from Stephen Sharer’s
house through one of the Game Master’s master tunnels. – Inside there were different
passageways and we took one that led to a cabin,
and there we found the Game Master’s secret spy,
Santa’s Little Helper. – So we chased Santa’s
Little Helper through the master tunnel which took us here. I have no idea what this is. If you guys have any idea
where you think we are right now, comment below. – This feels like another
escape room in real life, do you think we’re at 60 Out again? – We could be. You guys know that the Game
Master’s master tunnel leads to a bunch of different hideouts
and a lot of them are in escape rooms all over Los
Angeles and different areas. So this could be 60 Out. – Alright, we need to
figure out exactly what that passcode is, maybe the
clues are inside this room right now. – Yes. – Let’s spread out. I’ll go over here, you go over here, okay? – Okay, but Matt, look. I think we need to start
off with this mystery box. – Okay, like unbox it? – Exactly. Thumbs up if you think we
should open this mystery gift. – Wait, but what if this is a trap? – I don’t think Santa’s
Little Helper saw us, so I don’t think this will be a trap. – But why would they leave
a present wrapped in the middle of the room? It’s a little suspicious. – True, I hope you guys
thumbs-upped this video because I feel like we need to do
this to get it started. We have to figure out how
to get into that mystery mirror and find Santa’s Little Helper. – Okay, let’s open it up, I guess then. – Okay. – Three, two, one, go. – [Rebecca] This feels like Christmas. Look. Alright. Right now I want you to
comment what you think is inside of here. – [Together] Three, two, one. – What? – It’s just a blank piece of paper. – I knew it was a trap. It’s nothing. – Why do you guys think
we got a piece of paper? This is not gonna help
us get through that door. – We need to find more clues. – Okay, start exploring, Matt. Here, look at all these
shapes on here, Matt. – [Matt] There’s six of them. – [Rebecca] Six of them, and
they each have six sides. – It’s like the sacred six. – That could be for each of us. Let us know in the comments
if you remember who all of the sacred six are. Matt was one of them,
and I was one of them. There are four more you guys remember. Look, there’s a lot of holiday decor. – Ooh! Look, those light up. – [Rebecca] These light up. It’s like there’s
different signs and symbols on each of them. It’s not doing anything. – Look, oh no, no. There’s a hidden camera in here. – [Rebecca] Matt, there’s
another one right there. It’s like someone’s
taking surveillance on us. Do you think it’s the Game Master? – I really don’t want to
spend a lot of time in this room now. – You guys, this paper matches this paper. Maybe this is a hidden clue of some sort. Santa’s Little Helper
wouldn’t just leave paper. – When I was in the hidden room above the Game Master’s mansion, SLH,
I think, used a blacklight. – Blacklight, okay. – Yeah, so it was a paper
just kind of like this, but it was Game Master paper. I didn’t know what it was and then later I found a blacklight. – Do you have a blacklight? – No, I just have my phone. – ZamFam, if you see any
blacklight in here, let us know. There has to be some type of blacklight. Maybe there’s a code on here. – It’s a stretch, but it
could be a possibility. – Whoa, this is– – Maybe there’s one on the end. Is that a blacklight? – It’s a light. – [Matt] It looks like it’s a white light. Maybe these lanterns? It doesn’t look like it’s a blacklight. – Whoa! This might seem weird, but
it looks like this could be a blacklight, Matt. – No way. – If you guys think this is
a blacklight, let me know. Thumbs up right now. It’s worth trying. – [Matt] Yeah, why not
just put it up there? – Okay, okay. Oh, look! If you guys said that this
would work, thumbs up your comment right now. It looks like an infinity sign, Matt. – [Matt] Yeah, it just goes on forever. I saw it in the cipher and
it had me twist it around. What if we do this? – [Rebecca] Then it’s an eight. – [Matt] Eight might be one of the numbers – It’s an eight. We heard Santa’s Little
Helper do three digits. We heard three sounds, so
maybe this is one of the three. – That could be it. – So maybe this is the first.
Eight is the first number. – [Matt] Okay, put it down right here. – Okay. – [Matt] Keep on looking around. – This is like a phone. What if this is a spy gadget of some sort? I don’t hear anything. – [Matt] Look, these lights,
they switch on and off. Is that anything? – There’s a lot of books,
what if the books are some type of clue? Some of the books are stuck. – You guys remember
when we were in Hawaii? There was a dictionary,
but it wasn’t a real book. – [Matt] It looked just like this. You think any of these– – Oh, Matt! – It is something. Oh, and it just opens! There’s a note inside. – It’s on the same paper. Whoa, we didn’t even have to use the code. It says, “It’s the time that
Santa takes flight, just add one and count on the light.” Do you guys know what that means? It’s the time that Santa takes flight. – I don’t even know what
time he takes flight. – I mean, I guess Santa,
when he delivers presents it’s at nighttime. – Okay. – Do you think it has
something to do with night? – It rhymes with the rest of that, too. – Night, and then it just
says, “Just add one and count on the light.” – Okay, are we supposed
to count how many lights are in this room? There’s a chandelier up here … – Okay. – That has six lights. – Six, and then it looks like
there’s four around here. – Oh, okay. – [Rebecca] Oh, Matt,
there’s moons on the lights. What if the lights that
we’re supposed to count are the ones with moons? Santa takes flight at night. – [Matt] I mean, okay, there’s
one right here, there’s one over here too, then. – [Rebecca] Two. – This is one, yeah. – [Rebecca] Are there any moons on this? – Over here! Another one. I’m just gonna turn off
and on, this is like an escape room, so you try all the clues. Four lamps. – ZamFam, let me know if
you think four is the next number, because there are
four moons with lights on it. So that means we have two of
the numbers right now, all we need is one more and we
can go and find Santa’s Little Helper in this escape room. – Nothing on the chair. – I think we need to
hurry, because I don’t want Santa’s Little Helper
knowing that we’re here. Matt, there’s a drawer
here, looks like a mirror. – Hey. – I need to do my hair. What’s that? – A scroll. – Matt! – Another note. “Sit on my chair and I see
the hat of the elf, I look to my right, the answer lies
in the books off the shelf” – There’s a chair here. “I sit on my chair, see the hat,” – Of the elf! – [Rebecca] Of the elf. – It’s right there. – [Rebecca] The hat’s there, okay. “I look to my right,”
my right’s over here. “Answer lies in the books off the shelf.” – [Matt] There’s an answer
in one of the books. Okay, these are not
coming off here, I can’t even open them. Keep on going down. – It says off, okay. – This one’s off. – [Rebecca] This one doesn’t open. – There’s another one here. Another, another, they
keep on coming off now. These are all, see these? There’s some more down here, too. Oh, this one came off. They kind of like start to come off, but then they’re glued down. – ZamFam, let me know what
you think that clue means with these books. But most of these books, they
aren’t even open, there’s like nothing inside of them. I think we should lay them out. So let’s see. How To Become A Magician,
The Most Secret Book. What if it’s the number of books, Matt? – Okay. Do you guys think it’s
the number of books? Because it said off the shelf. One, two, five, six, seven. What if it’s seven? Do you guys think that’s right? Okay, let’s try it. – [Matt] How do we know
what order, though? Maybe in the order that
we found everything. – [Rebecca] Exactly. So the first number
that we found was eight. – Eight. – The second one was the
moons and that was four. – Four, four. – And then it was the number
of books, and that was seven. – Seven. – Nothing happened. Okay, what if we do it again, but what if we do the opposite? So we do seven, four, eight. Try that. – Seven, four, eight. Maybe we’re missing something. – Let’s read the clues
again, maybe there’s something we forgot. So this was blank, I think the
eight, I think that’s right. – It’s obvious. – “It’s time that Santa takes flight,” – Yeah, there’s four moons. – Yeah, we forgot it
said, “Just add one,” so what if it’s five? We were seeing four, but that’s not right. – That makes a lot more sense. – It’s five. – But we still don’t know the order. – Let me think about this. So we knew the eight was– – Did you hear that? – Yeah, go, check it out. – It stopped. Matt, what did you do? Something rang. Was your hand on that? It says “Handmade Magic.” – [Matt] Let me try it again. – [Rebecca] Okay. Nothing’s working. – No? – I was here, then I sat down. – [Matt] And then I just did this. – It worked. Maybe we have to sit down
with our hand on the book. – But then how do we
get over to the phone? – You sit down, sit
down, and I’ll go here. – Okay, okay. – Check it out. – It worked, it worked, hold on. – [Female On Telephone] Marshmallow. – Okay. – [Male On Telephone] Wait, the DJ? – [Female On Telephone] Yeah. – It sounds like me. It’s me talking to Marshmallow. Wait, it’s the code! The order is the code
that Marshmallow gave me. It’s seven, five, eight. – [Matt] Seven, five, eight? – ZamFam, check that video,
make sure that was the code, but I think that’s right, Matt. We got it. – Okay, we’ll check it. – Thumbs up if you think
this code is going to work, and if you checked the
Marshmallow video and seven, five, eight was the right numbers. – What if Santa’s Little
Helper is on the other side? – Then we need to trap him. – [Matt] Seven, five, eight. – Oh, whoa! – There’s like a ton of streamers. What if Santa’s Little Helper is inside? – [Matt] What is this? – [Rebecca] There’s like
all these different colored streamers in here. Matt!! I saw Santa’s Little Helper! – [Matt] Get him over! – [Rebecca] What? They were right over here, I promise. It was right here, Santa’s Little Helper. Did I see that? Did you guys see that? – Maybe you’re just seeing stuff. There’s little things
in here, look at this. – [Rebecca] Are they on all streamers? – [Matt] It looks like it’s
just on, oh here’s another one, here’s another one right here. – [Rebecca] Okay. I found one too. – [Matt] There’s another one right here! – Do you see any more? I don’t see anymore, do
these these spell anything? L, E, L, V. – The only way it makes sense
is like an abbreviation. – Okay – Because there’s no vowels. – What abbreviation? What’s interesting,
though, is the design is all on one side. – [Matt] It’s a puzzle. See if this goes together. If you do this right here– – Yeah. – [Matt] It matches up. – [Rebecca] L-V-L three. – [Matt] Look it. – The Game Master said that
Game Master Network was activated and we’re in
level two right now. What if this is for the next round? L-V-L-3? – L-V-L-3. – Did you hear that? – This door just opened. – Oh my gosh. This is crazy, look! There’s a bunch of letters on the wall. – Record player! It’s like an old school record player. It sounds like it’s backwards. – It’s definitely a song, though. – It sounds like your
ugly Christmas sweater song backwards. – Oh my gosh, wait! It sounds like the Game Master is saying something in it, though. [Game Master] One hundred
times, and knock three times. – If you want to get out,
comment the color background at 1:30, a hundred times
and knock three times. ZamFam, if you can go to
my music video and let me know what color is the background
at 1 minute 30 seconds, I think maybe we have to
comment a hundred times, and I don’t know what knock three
times means, to get out. Maybe we should just knock three times? – It didn’t do anything. – It didn’t do anything. I don’t know, you guys,
let me know what color background that is, it
seems to be something really important. I think we need to keep
exploring this room. – Yeah. – I think, Matt, there’s something
to do with these letters. Is there something that we can spell? – It’s Santa’s Little Helper,
what if it has something to do with Christmas or what Santa does? – Okay. S, there’s no A. – [Matt] There’s only an
E and an I for vowels. – T, ist? Is there a letter here that would be good? – Sit? You sit on Santa’s lap. – What if we push on that? Try that. Nothing happened. – No, the only other thing,
like, list, I guess, would be the other thing,
maybe something to do– – List! Yeah! You know, Santa has a
naughty or nice list. What if it’s a list for Santa? – Okay, you’ve got two
hands, I have two hands. – Okay. – I’m gonna take the L and the T. – Okay. – You take the I and the S, okay? – Okay, on the count of
three we’re gonna do it, if you guys think this is
gonna work, thumbs up. – [Together] One, two, three. – [Matt] Oh! – [Rebecca] Matt! – [Matt] You’re right, you were right! – [Rebeccca] Gosh! This is a bunch of spy
gadgets or something, Matt. – [Matt] Is there something in there? – There’s a key inside. Look what I found. – [Matt] What is it? – It looks like it’s
some type of secret note. – No, no way. – Project Zorgo’s Naughty
List, it has Stephen Sharer. – [Matt] Look, you’re second! – [Rebecca] Rebecca Zamolo,
Matt, Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, Grace Sharer, Lucas and Marcus? – What? – And Papa Jake. What do you think that means? Do you think Project Zorgo’s
coming after us, and that’s why the Game Master has
put us in ninja training? Because we’re supposed
to defend ourselves. – I actually thought that
he might be actually good, I mean, it’s Santa’s Little
Helper, he’s, like, helping. – And we think the Game
Master might be good too. If Santa’s Little Helper is
working for the game master, we’re working for good right now. Oh! – [Matt] There’s a box! Do you have a key? – I have a key. – [Matt] Put it in, see if it works. – Okay, It doesn’t fit. – [Together] It’s the wrong key. – I found boxes like this in
the abandoned town and when we were on scavenger hunts
the Game Master has left this box multiple times. – Yeah, it’s like a little treasure box. Is there anything else in here? – It doesn’t look like there’s any– There’s a mask. – [Matt] I’ve never seen that mask before. – I haven’t either, I wonder what it is. Did you hear that? – [Matt] This door opened. It unlocked. – [Together] Ooh! – [Matt] It’s a wand. – It’s like a magic wand. What do we do with this? What is the Harry Potter? – Leviosa! – Leviosa! It didn’t do anything. What is this? What if the wand has
something to do with this? – The key to escaping is
inside the treasure chest. Just put the key in the lock
and it will do the rest. – It’s inside the treasure chest? – Treasure chest, right here. – Wait, so this is the treasure chest. This is another trick
lock, this isn’t real. This one! Comment below, “The key
will work” if you think this key is going to work in this lock. – [Together] Three, two, one. – Did it, it unlocked? – It worked! – [Matt] It did work! – What’s inside? – [Matt] Whoa! – It’s like a secret passageway. It’s like an underground escape. Let me know what you think
is in here and if you think it leads anywhere. It’s pretty far, you guys. It looks really far down. Alright. – Be careful, okay? – [Rebecca] Okay. – What’s down there? – [Rebecca] It’s pretty dark down here. Matt, are you coming down? I’m coming up, where did you go? Ah! Where am I? ZamFam, I think I am trapped. If you guys can let Matt know
that I am in here, I don’t know where he went, it’s like
he disappeared or something. The clue we heard from the
Game Master, it said something about something being the
background color at 1:30. Commenting it, if you guys
can let me know what color background was at 1:30 on my music video, that might be the clue. It said something about
knocking and the color, I can’t remember what the color is. Please, Zamfam!

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