Guardian & Dragonhunter Best Build PvE | PvP | WvW 2019 – Guild Wars 2

Guardian & Dragonhunter Best Build PvE | PvP | WvW 2019 – Guild Wars 2

Welcome to my Guardian & Dragonhunter best
build for Guild Wars 2 For both Open World PvE, PvP & World versus
World Insane damage, easy to play even for beginners,
extremely fun ; but average survivability First, I’m going to give you the Build,
Traits & Gear Then I will explain you some combos, give
you some tips, & finally some gameplay in PvP & WvW. English subtitles are available on the YouTube
Settings, Feel free to subscribe to my channel for more Guild Wars 2 Content. Let’s go. Here is the build for all game modes. I am playing longbow & great sword I take Zeal, 2 2 2
Fiery Wrath increase my damage on burning foes
Thanks to Judge Intervention’s, you will teleport to the ennemy & burn him. It’s a great way to surprise your enemy
& start a fight, while increasing your damage Zealous Blade is a must have, it will increase
a lot your damage if you have a greatsword I take Virtues, 1 2 3
Unscathed Contender will increase your damage a lot while you have AegisThanks to Virtue
of Courage, you will have Aegis Boon periodically, & you can start a fight from range with the
longbow to safely damage the ennemy while having aegis & the 20% damage buff
Indomitable Courage will buff your Virtue of Courage, F3, now break stuns, & gives you
stability I take Dragonhunter, 1 1 2
Piercing Light will reduce the colldown of your traps, very interesting because you are
using 3 traps in this build You even have a 4th trap, thanks to Hunter
Determination : you will cast a trap when you are disabled, this trap benefits from
Piercing Light Trait. Finally, Heavy Light is your best way to gain
stability, in addition to your F3 Skill.Thanks to this trait, your longbow skill 3 will knockback
the ennemy & gives you stability. All the skills that control enemy will also
gives you stability : F1, Greatsword 5, Longbow 3. The gear is Marauder Armor, Berserker Trinkets,
Fireworks Rune, to increase my damage & my swiftness
I take Sigil of Force & Sigil of Agility on both Weapon. In PvP, I use maraudeur amulet & Lynx Rune,
to increase my switftness My heal is « Purification », a trap that
will heal you when the ennemy activate it.To activate your trap, you can pull the ennemy
inside, using F1 twice or greatsword 5 twice.Test of Faith & Procession of Blades are 2 others
traps to damage, you can use the same trick to pull enemy inside if needed
Judge’s Intervention is a skill that will instantly Teleport you to the targeted ennemy,
& burn him. You can use it to combo, I will tell you some
great combo later. Finally, Renewed Focus will make yourself
invulnerable for 3s, & reset all your virtues. It’s a very powerful skill to survive
Use it when your F2 & F3 are both in colldown, or if you are in trouble Now I am going to give you some tips & combos,
& to explain you how to damage. Let’s start with the Longbow. It’s a range weapon, so you can use it to
start a fight, & then switch greatsword when your enemy is too close. Longbow Skill 2 is a very powerful skill to
DPS, with a very long range. You can combo it with Judge Intervention. Judge Intervention will instantly teleport
you closer to the target, and will not interrupt any skill. You can precast skill 2, & Teleport just before
the end of the cast, to get closer & hit the ennemy. You can immediately switch to greatsword & use
skill 2, to DPS. Longbow Skill 3 is a great skill that will
bump & control the enemy, & also provides you stability. You can use it first, & then follow with Longbow
Skill 2 immediately, so the ennemy will be unable to dodge it.Another trick with this
skill : if an ennemy is following you & you are trying to run away, you can cast this
skill behind you, while using the « Look Behind » button, from the settings.This
will surprise the ennemy & bump him, allowing you to escape or even to teleport & Damage
to him. Longbow Skill 4 is a 5s field that will keep
damage the ennemy. It’s better to use it on a downstate ennemy,
so he will be unable to move & will stay in the field. Longbow Skill 5 is a very big damage skill
with a very long casting time, leaving you vulnerable for nearly 3s.To avoid being interrupted
or attacked, you can cast your F3 skill before. This will provides you stability & block all
the incoming attack, in front of you. What about greatsword. You should use it as soon as you are in melee,
it’s a massive damage weapon.Greatsword Skill 2 is your most powerful skill, with
insane damage. A trick is to use it with judge Intervention,
precast skill 2 & immediately teleport to the ennemy Greatsword Skill 3 offers huge mobility. You can use it after using your longbow from
range, if you want to come closer to DPS with greatsword. You also can us this skill to travel faster
or to escape.Here is a trick. If you weapon swap right before Greatsword
3 leap ends, you will cancel the ending animation. This will make you a bit faster. Here is without weapon swap, you are stuck
for a short time at the end of the animationHere is with the weapon swap. Greatsword Skill 4 is a field that provides
insane damage. In addition, its a Lighting Field, so you
can combo inside. You can use Greatsword skill 2, & greatsword
skill 5, into your field, to deal increased damage. And you can also use Greatsword skill 3 inside,
you will earn a Light Aura, that will buff you. Also be sure to put this skill on downed ennemy,
to deal insane damage ! Greatsword Skill 5 is probably your best skill. When you first activate it, you will throw
blades to close ennemies, one blade per ennemy, that will damage him. If you activate it a second time, you will
pull the ennemy to you.You can use this to pull the ennemy into your Field, or intro
your traps, or you can just pull them to gather them closer to you, & use your Skill 2 right
after to DPS. Another advanced tips : if there are other
enemies near your target, you can try to one shot him, with Greatsword 5. All the projectiles will be stuck in your
target if correctly combined with judge intervention Precast skill 5 & immediately teleport on
the target. You really need to be on the target, so all
the projectiles will hit him. Your target will literally explode. About Traps : you can pull your ennemy inside
to activate them, either with Greatsword 5, either with your F1 skill. As I explained before, you can precast many
skills & combine them with Judge Intervention to surprise the ennemy & get a big burst combo. You can use it with Longbow 2, Greatsword
2, Greatsword 5. About your F1 skill : Spear of Justice.if
you activate it once, this will increase your damage to the targeted ennemy. If you activate it twice, this will pull the
ennemy to you, into your traps, for example. Don’t pull if its not needed, just keep
the link to increase your DPS. About your F2 skill :Wings of resolve. This will heal you & cure condition. You can also use it to escape if you are in
trouble. About your F3 skill : Shield of Courage. This will break stun, give you stability,
& most important, this will make you invulnerable from attack in front of you, use it to avoid
a burst, or to safely DPS. You also can cast it before pressing F to
stomp a downed ennemy : this will provide you stability to safely stomp/ To sum up, the most important things is to
fight as far as possible from the enemy, using longbow, first. Then, You can switch greatsword when the enemy
is coming too close from you, or if you need more damage. Remember to use your virtues, to increase
survivability, & to use Elite Skill when you are in trouble & that your virtues are on
cooldown. Finally, remember to pull ennemies into your
traps & your fields thanks to Greatsword 5 & F1, & to combo with Judge Intervention to
surprise the ennemy. I hope this video will help you to have fun
with your Guardian. Tell me in comment if you enjoy the build.Feel
free to subscribe to my channel for more Content, If you need a guide to make Gold ,or if you
need a Build for another profession ; all Links are in description. If you are using Discord, fell free to join
my GW2 Discord Community, all guild wars 2 players are welcome. Link is available in description.
See you soon, enjoy the gameplay, Bye


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    – Blind might not seem very powerful but can make a difference in some fights and can save you from really hard situations, for example when a warrior uses rampage, you can blind him and use your shield of courage to avoid almost all the skills.

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