Hang Gliding Basics for Beginners : How to Build a Hang Glider Rack

Hang Gliding Basics for Beginners : How to Build a Hang Glider Rack

Hi this is David Duke. Welcome to Expert Village.
In this clip I’m going to be talking about building a rack for hand gliding. We have
to get to the top of mountains for most of our flying. Though there are other things
like aero tow and truck towing where we can do it on the ground pull it up like a kite.
This is a typical hand gliding vehicle. Often it’s a truck, usually four wheel drive, but
for people that aren’t going to the top of mountains I’ve seen hand gliders on the top
of porches and little Acura?s and things like that. But hand gliders a pretty long device.
This is it all folded into a tube like a tent and this one’s about eighteen feet long so
you’ll need a front rack to support it’s nose. Because you don’t want your equipment bouncing
and bending and getting beat up. And you’ll need a rear rack back there. If you have a
shell, that’ll suffice for the rear rack, but you’ll want some padding in between the
top of the truck and the glider. This rack here I made out of a pipe that I bolted together,
actually just screwed together, and the first one did not have these cross braces in and
as we were going up the mountain the truck was tipping like this it broke at this angle
and that angle and down here and so I had to weld these cross braces on and weld it
all up. But we’ve made them out PVC. There is one that you can buy online that suction
cups to your hood. This one simply slips into a receiver kind of much like a receiving hitch.
This pipe slips into a receiver right back there I just slip this in and I put my two
little retaining cords on there and it’s stable enough. I put these little pads to protect
the front of my car and pads up here we clamp our glider down there with some straps. In
the back is a simple receiver hitch. This thing’s great it’ll hold a ton. And it just
slides into my receiver hitch. And the first time I designed it I didn’t actually put another
ball hitch on the back, so every time I had my hand glider on here I couldn’t possibly
haul a trailer or my jet ski or anything else. So if you’re going to design your own like
I did, put a ball hitch on the back. And here, I can bolt on a bicycle on the back here and
I’ve got my bike rack and I take my bike and hand gliding. It’s pretty much a T that comes
up to the same height. And in the middle on my design, I have what’s called a headache
rack. A lot people use lumber racks for these. A lot of contractors fly hand gliders and
as I said some people use the shell on the back of the truck and that’s sufficient. You
can make them out of PVC also, wood, whatever. But when you do build your rack, make sure
that it’s sturdy enough to hold more than one glider, because all those guys that you
borrowed rides from for the first couple of years of hand gliding are going to want you
to take them up to the top of the hill occasionally.


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    How do you build a hang glider?

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    that's not building a hang glider!!


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