How to Cut a Sugar Glider’s Nails | Sugar Gliders

How to Cut a Sugar Glider’s Nails | Sugar Gliders

It’s not considered to be routine practice
to ever need to trim your sugar glider’s nails. Sugar glider toes, feet and their nails are
important adaptive features that enable them to climb around, to get through their environment,
and also to allow them to function in their environment on a normal basis. So it’s not normal for them to need routine
or regular nail trims. And generally, it’s not something that we
feel most people should attempt on their own. There are certain unique circumstances where
a sugar glider may need the nails groomed on periodic times. This may be an animal for some reason where
the nails overgrow. Where they’re in an environment where they
tend to be sedentary. They don’t use their feet and they don’t climb
as much. So the nails become extremely sharp, somewhat
overgrown, and they may require some minor grooming just to take the points of the nails
back. But in general, nail clipping and nail trimming,
nail filing, are all generally not normal aspects of sugar glider maintenance and sugar
glider care. Should you have concerns or problems, or feel
your sugar glider’s nails are too long, have overgrown or are causing a problem, take them
to your veterinarian and have them evaluated and examined. And should they need any type of nail grooming
or nail trimming, this should be done by your veterinarian or veterinary staff.


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    Oh leave it to the Canadians to make insults sound nicer 🙂

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    Why is he so sweaty? Go to the time 0:51 – 0:59 – did he just get out of the pool?

  • Mallory Baack

    Your video help me soo much! I'm getting a sugar glider in 2 days ((:

  • Dan Gay

    It's totally necessary to trim a gliders nails, they have no idea what they're talking about.

  • Freddy Krueger

    Triming thier nails is absolutely necessary, here is the trick, give them something that they really like to eat to distract them and then just cut the tips off, start with the pinky and save the thumb for last because the thumb is the most sensetive and they will notice, the second most sencitive is the index finger. I only need to trim the two big nails on the back feet and there is no sensetivity there, the smaller back nails are very sensetive and I usually never have to cut them, just keep in mind only trim the sharp tips that punture your skin, leave the rest so you don't hurt them and they can still climb

    Good Luck

  • PeaceMaker

    I don't think you should title the video "how to cut sugar glider's nails" when you spend the whole video saying they don't need it, and at the very end say a vet should do it.

  • edenmalfoy1708

    Wow.  This guy needs to learn about gliders before making videos.  I HATE when misinformation that is potentially dangerous goes around like this!  Gliders need to have their nails trimmed routinely otherwise they get too long and can get caught in fleece.  I had a friend whose glider ended up dying because it got hung up in fleece due to nails being too long, it stayed caught for hours they had to have the toe amputated and within a week the glider died.  I cut my own gliders nails, they sit in their pouch on my lap munching on meal worms while I snip, snip, snip.  It's much less traumatic than going to the vet to have it done, but whatever you have to do, get your gliders nails cut!

  • Kailee Nerviani

    lies lies and even more lies.

  • The Rottweiler

    How to cut their nails: Don't. Thanks for demonstrating.

  • Andy Bartels

    Why is the title "How to Cut a Sugar Glider's Nails"? The video has nothing to with HOW TO… BOOOO!

  • Jenny C

    this wasnt helpful and im concerned about the cage sizes. You guys do know they need a really big cage right?!


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