How to Make a Kite : Making a Kite: Attach Roll of String

How to Make a Kite : Making a Kite: Attach Roll of String

The last thing I’m going to show you how to
do is to attach the kite, with the string running from top to bottom; how to attach
it to the main roll of kite string that will be used to fly it. So what we do is we pick
up the string that?s already attached to the kite, and we try to find the midpoint. This
is all so when we’re flying, there will be some type of symmetry; that the kite will
be able to fly better. So, we want to try and find the midpoint of that string, so we
hold it up by the slack and once we see that the kite is lying flat, and that it looks
like we found the middle of that string, we go ahead and hold on to it, or you can make
a little mark with a pen. It doesn’t matter; whatever is easier. We just hold on to that
point, and then we go ahead and take the roll of string that we’re going to be using to
fly the kite, and make a knot on that point of the string that is the midpoint. That will
make it so that the kite is flying symmetrical; everything is balanced from both sides, and
that will really help the kite fly much better. Once we have the knot made, we can go ahead
and take some glue, and just put a drop on top of the knot so it doesn’t come undone.
Just make sure when you put the glue on the knots, since the strings are already attached
to the kite, you want to make sure that you hold it so that the glue does not get onto
the kite and stick to the plastic, and then you have to peel it off. That can create a
hole into the kite. So, you want to make sure that when you’re doing this step; especially
if you’re using little kids, this is something that probably an older instructor should do
for them when using the glue, because the plastic could tear very easily. We see that
now our kite is nice and sturdy. It has a nice shape to it, the sticks are holding it
really, really well and strong, and we have a nice image that we’ve made; very colorful,
and we see that it’s attached to the string. Really, this kite is ready to be flown, and
I can promise you that this will be just like a real kite, and you can have hours, and hours
of fun with this project.


  • Pablo Macchiavello

    Las varillas van por detras de la vela!!!!!

  • Ian Virco

    This kites looks good, the only thing i'd correct is where the flying line is attached, it should not be at the mid point but a little forward of this so when the kite is hung by the flying line over a flat surface it is approximatedly 30 degrees nose up, this give the kite the correct angle to the wind.


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