How to Make a Kite : Making a Kite: Tail

How to Make a Kite : Making a Kite: Tail

Now we’re going to make a tail for our kite.
We’re going to take that second strip of plastic that we had, and we’re going to cut it; make
a nice long strip. There are no set rules on how long the tail should be, or how thick
it should be. So we just go ahead, and cut a decent sized strip. Here, we see that we
have one about eighteen inches long, and it’s about two inches wide. Now we want this plastic
to be seen, so we’re going to go ahead and decorate it, and we’ll make it any decoration
that we want. Something flashy, that once it’s in the sky you should be able to see
it, and again, the permanent markers are really good for this. If you’re planning a project
for kids, this is one step that you really want to put into your overall calculation
of how much time you want to invest in this project, because this is a step that is not
a hundred percent necessary. The kite doesn’t need the tail in order to fly, but again,
it could be a nice step that you can make the project a little bit longer, and drawn
out a little bit, if that’s what your intention is to do. So, this again is another step that
you have a lot of room to play with, as far as how much time to invest into it. The other
option would be just to take a plastic garbage bag that already has color to it, and just
cut strips like that, and that could also be used as the tail, and then therefore; you
wouldn’t need any kind of decoration at all if you’re looking to save some time. So either
way, this is just something that you have a little bit of flexibility on how to work
it into your project. So here is our tail of the kite. We see we tried to use a lot
of different colors, and make it really bright and colorful. The way we attach it to the
kite is simply by stapling it to the end that should be on the bottom point of the kite,
and we just go ahead and attach it, and put a staple in; being very careful to make it
straight, so that the plastic doesn’t rip, or make any kind of holes; so the purpose
for using a small stapler, and we see that it attaches nicely, and this is what it will
look like when it’s finished, and attached to the kite.


  • John Frank

    lawl. he sounds like christopher walken. 😛 awesome.

  • oiramormedeiros

    Dude, i can do a much better tale kite and faster than that

  • Jared Goh

    to color it to such extent…..why don't he use wrapping paper instead (those plastic ones)

  • Benedict Stanley

    you did not ad any sticks for stabilization

  • bobbymalta73

    Thanks for sharing mate!


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