How to Pilot a Glider or Sailplane : Finding Thermals for a Glider Flight

How to Pilot a Glider or Sailplane : Finding Thermals for a Glider Flight

Hi! My name is Gene; I’m glider flight instructor
on behalf of Expert Village. So now when the thermal dies out and we don’t have lift anymore,
we move on to the next opportunity to climb the thermal wherever we can find one. Typically,
going in between thermals, I’ve increased my air speed up to about 60 miles an hour
from 45, which is the speed we were thermaling in. If we don’t find anymore thermal, we’ll
be back on the ground in 18 minutes. If we find another thermal, we can stay up as long
as the lift is there. If we don’t find a thermal here, we can make a turn, choose another direction
and continue to search. Is that a thermal? That felt like a bump there, yeah. So when
we feel that bump, we turn to see if it’s going to go above 0 on the instruments. If
it goes above 0, we got a rising air. If it doesn’t, we’re in stable air and going down
200 feet a minute. Do you turn towards the bump or away from the bump? Try to turn towards
it. And it’s a 50/50 chance whether you turn the right way or not, because you can’t see
the thermal. If you turn and it goes down instead of up, you turned the wrong way. So
now I think the thermal is on my left. I turn to the left. If it goes up above 0, we’re
in a thermal; if it goes below, we’re not. We guessed wrong. We’re going down 400 feet
a minute, so we didn’t find a thermal on that turn.


  • maxi corny

    it´s not a 50-50 chance wtf ? you can feel from which side the thermal actually hits u and which wing goes up

  • Rob Mancuso Jr.

    Seems like this video is more about how to NOT find a thermal. Lol


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