Indians On Independence Day | The Timeliners

Why do you keep watching cartoons all the time? Watch this! Hey Khurana! On which channel do they telecast the parade? Oh.. Okay Oh it happens on Republic Day? No problem Why did you give me the remote, son? Take it! Continue with your cartoons Huh? Enjoy! Andi Mandi Shandi! The one who catches our kite.. His mother will be a …. Let me hold it too! Wait! Give it.. The kite fight is on.. Give it to me! The fight’s on bro! Loosen up, loosen up! Loosen up, loosen up, common! Bro! What’s up? Know how to milk a cow? Yes! You just have to do the same in the air. Fly the kite properly! Don’t get it cut! You can’t do it, dummy! Don’t you dare.. This string is made from glass pieces And mine is Chinese It can cut 10 kites in a single go! Oh really? My mom even chops off vegetables from this, it’s so sharp. My dad has a carpentering business. They chop off wood logs from this! You idiot! Ever heard about Sonu the Knifer? Yes! He chops off the head of women from this string. See! I got another one. Gotcha! Uhm.. You keep it. I have stopped kite flying anyway. You fly it. Hey, hey! Even I have retired man! You’re flying the kite in the opposite direction of the wind! @[email protected]! Give it to me! Just leave! Mom walk fast. Oi! Walking! See your mom has such sharp eyesight. Got the kite! Uhm.. Uh.. We don’t need this one, it’s a bad kite. We’ll buy a good one from the market. It was so much fun today. This is our kite, bro! But.. Idea! Here is your kite string! Even this is bad No, it’s not! Do you have OC Blue? Rs. 150 How many fingers are these? Two. And your sister in law? Two…. So #@#$%&*! Why does your kite have only one knot? Hey, bro! Do you want to die? Guys like you only fall off from the roofs and die! Don’t even know how to give it a flight! Give it to me! You give it a flight from a distance of 27 steps 27! 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 26.5.. Hey guys! Today I would like to wish all my 228 followers and counting So.. Swa.. Happy Independence Day! And my OOTD is.. The tricolor! Hi guys! This Independence Day respect your country and keep it clean and green. #CleanIndia isMyIndia So today I’ll be sweeping off all the dirt off our country Throw it here! and here.. A bit there too Hey guys! Today I’m collaborating with this beggar. And I’m going to eradicate the poverty from the country by giving him some spare pennies (I’m not a beggar she brought me here forcefully) He is saying that he feels really happy! Thank you beggar! I’m not a beggar, I’m just mute. And he is asking for all of you to Like, Share and Subscribe! Toodles! Idiot! Keep it lose. We’ll cut off his kite! Bro! She’s looking. Is she? Bro she is even blushing! Blushing? She is coming here! Oh she is! Bro! She is waving at you. Waving? Yes! Go, go, go! Hold this! It’s also Rakshabandhan today actually. Happy Rakshabandhan brother! It’s your mistake! She tied a rakhi on my wrist!

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