Kite and Kontiki Fishing Winch

Kite and Kontiki Fishing Winch

(Electric Motor running) – Hi. I’m Paul from
Paul’s Fishing Systems. And I’m here today to
talk about our new winch. This is a powerful winch. It’s got a 230 watt motor, It’s got a very robust cast spool on it. And it’s on a five mil frame. This winch is ideal for pulling in big kite rigs, doesn’t matter how much weeds you’ve got, sharks or whatever. This winch will pull it in. You might be wondering where the motor is. Well, we’ve put the motor inside the drum. That keeps it out of the way, Of getting sand or water spray in it. And this is it. The gear
box is a planetary gear box. Which is the most efficient
that you can have. We’ve got nylon rollers
all around the perimeter. And inside the drum,
we’ve got a nylon bush. This rubber seal stops any sand or water spray getting inside. And if any water does go down, it’ll just drain out of the bottom. It’s really easy to change spools. Really easy to take it apart. Put it together. If you’re
going to run it out, You just have that in freewheel position. And this pin locks it
in place, ready to hold. Just pop it in like that. If you run the battery flat, you just remove this pin,
replace it with the handle, and that allows you to
easily recover the gear in the case of a flat battery. This part’s the ratchet. If you’re a kite fisherman, and you want to stop the gear any way that’s not quite full distance there, you
just lock it in place like that. That’ll hold ‘er solid. For recovery, it’s got
a two position switch. One for just hauling in the
line from a long distance there. The second if you are using a conventional Contiki long line or a kite long line. It’s got a pulse switch,
so you can just pulse between choices. For those that have a sure thing, There are two long bolts
that are left on the winch frame. For putting your hook section and your recovery post on. This pops on there really easily. And before you know it, you’re ready to put the hook section back on. This reel’s got 2000 metres
of hundred KG line on it. It’s got a really small
footprint as you can see. It’s the most compact winch on the market. So it’s the most powerful
and it’s the smallest. And it’ just so easy to strip apart. If you’ve got two rigs and
you want to change reels, nothing could be easier.
Beautiful system of rollers, We’ve connected this ammeter, to show how electrically efficient this rig is. Most of the other winches have about 150 watt motors. And really, that’s jut not enough. Particularly if you are kite fishing, or you’ve got a whole pile of weed. What happens is the motors heat up. They become less and less efficient and before you know it,
you’ve blown your motor out or you’ve blown the fuse. So, when the thing is in the on position, it draws very little. About
the same as a normal winch. As it starts getting under load, it builds up a lot more
slowly than 150 watt motor. That would be an extreme load, I’m grabbing the sides of the rails here, about as hard as I can. I don’t think I could stall it, and as you can see, the
amp draw is minimal. Do that with a 150 watt motor, and you’ll see it surging
possibly as high as 40 amps. This is a really efficient rig.


  • simon zodiac

    Nice bit of kit! 🙂

  • Karai Taukarai

    I love your ingenuity! Can I come work for you?

  • jan bane

    That looks really stunning! how much wire can observe on the coil? I am working on a homemade kontiki and enjoy it. only bringing a disaster 🙁 I fish in Netherlands , and 've already caught a few small fish , and will certainly doing it. You might know the total price for me from the Winch, incl Tax and shipping to the nertherlans ? thanks ! Ps. am also impressed by the giant Flounder Gigging Lights. I wonder if that works in Netherlands .. there are namely flounders was imprisoned. greetings from the Netherlands

  • John Laccohee-Joslin

    These winches are everything they are cracked up to be.
    Best used with a beach trolly so the winch stays on the trolly along with the battery.
    I have a battery that is form emergencies with all the light and bells andvwistles oo it including a radio Nd it lasts me all day with a full charge.
    I wss very surprised at the speed itbreels in at considering I have tried it with my flexi wing and a large mega mouth, and ever inma light wind ir is surprising how much they can pull.
    I quickly found that when I finish fishing, if there is anything left in the battery then I clip it to the fence post in the car park and the winch pulls itself and the battery and fishingbgear up to the car.
    I do have the hand winch but I learned the hard way that they are just for storage not as a winch., I managed to crush a spool when thebwind got up more than I thought.
    All in all, I am very pleased that I spotted something on You Tube about kite fishing so made some enquiries, but I am surprised the number of people who look somewhat amazed when they ask what I am doing.
    At the moment I am the only person doing this on the beaches near us and while others are catching the whiting, I am gettingnthe bigger fish, but warnings fair,
    like it or not you will end up with a shark or two.
    It is worth going to the internet and looking at the videos on the subject, they are all done by Pauls kites of New Zealand, and the service is very good indeed, I get my gear a lot quicker from them than i get letters posted in W.A..
    To finish I have to say that this kind of fishing is fun even if you have aging problems like bad bones as I do, so it put the fun back into fishing very fast!!!!

  • B m

    Now if you can make a wrist mounted one for smaller fishing

  • Clay Tall Stories

    excellent Paul

  • محمود محمود


  • peter rawstron

    Hiya Paul…hmmm…i reckon a hand winch double ended (handle on each end) for Puka dropper retreival mountable on the side of boat that swivels like a alvey reef queen….

  • Vincent Fernandes

    I buy has much????


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