Kite Landboarding Tips & Techniques : How the Landboard Works When Kite Landboarding

Kite Landboarding Tips & Techniques : How the Landboard Works When Kite Landboarding

Hello! It’s Francisco Escudero here in Miami,
Florida. If you want to learn more about kite land boarding, go to So
continuing the land boarding, what we want to show you is just the different ways your
land board works. There’s many different brands. This one’s an earth board. It’s
a little bit a heavier model; it’s a more traditional model, but it have a lot of movement.
I’m just going to stand like this just to show you the land moves and steers, then I’ll
show you in a different stance. If you see, I’m just kind of pushing on the weight right
here and you see the wheels turning very aggressively here. It has a little connection point here
that really makes the steering easier. It’s a little bit different from a traditional
skate board. Okay, so right there you have a lot of steering. You can control all your
steering from adjusting the different nuts and bolts here. Obviously, your traditional
stance for kite land boarding would be a little bit of an open stance like this. Parallel
to your shoulders, straight down, depending on your size.


  • D W

    yes flexifoil will have what you need to start, trust me ūüôā

  • Jennifer Sarah

    cant they just do 1 big video 4 pete sake!!!

  • theheretic11

    this guy actually has no clue what he's doing, board hasn't even got straps and its for kiting!

  • Daniel Sampiero

    Granted he made this crap vid for expert village, but I can assure you this guy rips when he gets on the water (We ride the same spots). I think he was just bored waiting for wind in crappy lil' Miami, so they made some vids, mostly it was a way to plug his site/company(see skybandits).

  • Sharlan Cin√°ed

    a peter lynn twister comes rtl
    it has all the stuff needed to get it in the air

    but the board is sold seperately

  • Kite-Surf-College Tutorials and Tricks

    he's not good at all

  • ninjasurfer99

    You don't use straps when "kite landboarding," you use them when kite boarding. He's demonstrating the first one in this video, thats why he's sans straps.

  • ward haze

    amazing quality –'


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