Max & Ruby: Max’s Kite / Max’s Beach Ball / Max’s Limbo – Ep. 69

Max & Ruby: Max’s Kite / Max’s Beach Ball / Max’s Limbo – Ep. 69

[♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪]Max and Ruby…Ruby and her
little brother, Max…
[♪] [kids shouting]
Max and Ruby! [laughter] [gull cries] [grunt] Kite!Wow Grandma!How did you learn
to do that?
Oh, I played a lot of beach
volleyball in my day. That’s why we want
you to teach us all the best
volleyball moves. [cheering] Well, the most
important thing is just to get it over the net! Here, give it a try. Ooops! I guess I need a
little more practice! Kite! That’s a great idea, Max. You fly your brand
new dragon kite, while Grandma shows us how
to play beach volleyball. Awwwwww! Now the trick to volleyball is to keep your
eye on the ball – and picture it
going over the net. I’ve got it! Oh! I tried to picture the
ball going over the net, but instead I saw Max’s…Kite!We’re trying to play
volleyball here. So why don’t you fly
your kite over this way. I’ll be back in a minute. Okay, Ruby. This is a great place
for kite flying. There’s lots of
room for you to run, no bunni in the way – and it’s just far enough
from our volleybddl court. Here, I’ll help you get started. You go ahead of me and when
I say run, start running. Okay Max!
Run! [grunts] See? You need to run
to get it flying. Kite! Have fun! Hurry Ruby! Grandma showed us how
to do a bump shot. [out of breath]
How does that work? Watch. I’ll send the ball
over to Louise. You put your wrists together
and hit the ball like… This! Ready Ruby? I’ve got it! Oh! Kite! Max, I almost fell on your kite! You don’t want it to
get wrecked, do you? I think you need
a little more help getting your kite
up and flying. I’ll be right back. Ok Ruby! [gull cries] If you run fast, and
let the string out, your kite will fly high – and stay there. Toss it up when I tell you to. Ok … now! [grunt] Now you just let more string out and watch what happens. Kite! There you go, Max. I’m back! Good job, Ruby. Gran a just showed
us the greatest play! It’s called a “spike” shot. Why don’t you show her
how it’s done, Louise. Okay! [grunts] [laughs]
Oops! Wow! How did you do that, Louise? [gull cries] Kite! Ready Ruby? I think so!Kite![gull cries] Kite! You have to remember
to hold on tight. You wouldn’t want to lose
your kite, would you? Give it another try. But this time, try to keep it away from
our volleyball game okay? I really want to get
that ball over the net. All right Max… GO! [gulls cry] Okay, Ruby. Are you ready to
spike that ball? This time, I’m going to get it
over the net, no matter what! That’s the spirit!
[laughs] Oh no! Unh! Ooof! [whistle blows] Great play Ruby! That was amazing! It was? You “headed” the all! Not many players can do that! But you got the
ball over the net,and won a point for your side!Wow! I guess I did! Yay Ruby! All right! I didn’t know you
could “head” the ball. It’s pretty rare,
but it’s a great shot! And it wouldn’t
have happened if it weren’t for Max
and his… Kite! [laugh r] [gulls cry] How does this spot look? Perfect, Grandma! OH!
My hat! Come back!
[laughs] [laughs]
Stop that hat! Got it! Good catch, Ruby! Hi Roger!Well!We’ve got to batten
down the hatches today! [laughs]
We did it! Here’s your craft box, Ruby. Thanks, Grandma. I think I’m going to
collect some shells and make a special
surprise for you. But I’ll need something
to put them in.Oh Maaaax!I’ve got something
for you here too, Max. Looks like this could
use a little wind, too. [inhal g and exhaling] Beach Ball! That’s right! [chuckles] Thanks Max! I’ll just be over here, Grandma. Are you ready to catch it, Max? Beach ball! Hmmm, that’s pretty,
but it’s not quite right… That one’s broken…Beach ball!Oh! Go get it, Max!
[laughs] Oooh! This is just the kind of
shell I was looking for! Beach ball! Good work, Max. I’m collecting shells
for Grandma’s surprise. [chuckles] Ahhh… Nothing like a nice
relaxing day at the beach.Beach ball![laughs] Shall we get back to
our game of catch, Max? [laughs] [gasps]
Ohhh… These are perfect!Beach Ball!Oops! [laughs] Nice tackle, Max. Beach ball! [laughs] I need you to be careful
with your beach ball. I’m making a
surprise for Grandma. Do you want me to
tell you what it is? I’m going to
decorate these shells and make her a
beautiful necklace. Isn’t that exciting? Have fun, Max. Oh! I never expected that to happen! I’m back! Did you find some nice shells? Yes, and now I’m going to
make a surprise for you. If it’s going
to be a surprise, I shouldn’t see
it till it’s done! So Why don’t I go get us
some lunch at the snack bar. These shells will
look even prettier when I add some
nice sparkly paint. Now, I just have to decide what
pattern I want to paint…Beach Ball!Careful Max! Oh no! Ooof!
Beach ball! There’s paint
splattered on my shells. We need to find a way to keep your ball
away from my shells. You see that red-and-white
striped thing fluttering on the
lifeguard stand? It’s called a wind sock. It tells you which way
the wind is blowing. It’s pointing that way, so that means it’s
going to blow your ball in that direction. So, if you stay on this
side of the umbrella, your ball won’t get
blown into my shells. Got it? [chuckles]
Thanks, Max! Beach ball! There you go –
lunch for three. Mm-mmm!
Looks delicious! Very pretty! Grandma will be so surprised! Uh-oh, the paint isn’t dry yet. I need a place to hang this
to let it dry. Beach baaaalllll! Hmmm… [grunting] There! I hope it dries in time
for Grandma’s Surprise.Beach Ball!Huh? [gasp]
Oh no! Oh, Ruby! What a lovely surprise! Such a beautiful sea
shell wind chime! Huh? Oh!
I guess it is! Wow did you make that? Nice! Thanks. Where did you ever come
up with a clever idea? Well, I had a ttle help
from Max and his – Beach Ball! There you go, Max! Now you’ve got a “lei”, just like everyone else at
the Tropical Beach Party. That’s what this string
of flowers is called – a “lei”. It’s Hawaiian! Flying saucer! You can play with your
flying saucer any time. Come on, Max! You’ll love it
once you get there![sigh]
Flying saucer!
Hi Ruby! Isn’t this topical
beach party great? Everything looks so… ALL:
Tropical! [laughter] [gasp] Cool! Flying Saucer! Max! Flying saucers aren’t part
of a tropical beach party! But the limbo dance is! What’s a limbo dance? You’ll see. Do you have the
music ready, Grandma? I sure do, Ruby!
[laughs] [♪] And we’ve got the limbo pole. Yup!
We’re all set! What’s the pole for? It’s part of the dance. Here’s how it works: When Grandma starts the music, everyone lines up and does
the Limbo under the pole, like this… There. That’s it? That looks easy! Then, when everybunny
has gone under without knocking the
pole off or falling over, Mr. Piazza and Katie
lower the pole. And we all try again. What happens if somebunny
does knock the pole off? Or fall over? Then that bunny is out! Now I get it! Uh oh. Each time around,
the pole gets lower – until there’s only
one bunny left. That bunny’s the Limbo Champ! Oohh! All right! Flying saucer! [gasps] [chuckles] [gasps] [laughter] Yes, that’s how it’s done. But it’s a lot more
fun if you go under. Come on, everybunny! It’s time… to do the limbo! Hit it Grandma! Here goes! [♪] Oh, everybody
get in line! Max!
You dropped your lei. [sighs] [♪] I did it! [laughs] We’re lowering the pole! How loooow can you goooo! I don’t know! I hope I can do it! Oh, ah, oooh. Ah!! Aw, Valerie’s out! Uh huh! Good try, Valerie!Flying saucer! Come on! We’re making the pole lower! Here comes the music! How loooow can you goooo? Ooo!
This is getting hard! Whoa! Going down!The lower it goes,
the lower you go!
This is so exciting! Whoa awesome! Phew! Oh!Awww!You did great, Louise! Well, you did well, Louise. Thank you! Flying saucer! Oh, Max.
[laughs] Why don’t you just play
with your flying saucer. But can you try to keep it
away from our limbo dance? Oops!
You dropped your lei again! [chuckles] Well, Ruby – it looks like it’s
down to you and me. Who’s going to be
the limbo champ? It’s getting sooo looow! It sure is! [♪] Uh huh! [♪] Oooh! Flying saucer! [♪] Uh ohhh…[gasp]Roger’s out!He didn’t make it!Ooo, now it’s just down to me! [♪] Go, Ruby!
Go, Ruby! [gasp] [♪] Flying saucer? [gasp] Whoa! Huh? [cheering] [gasp]
I made it! [cheering] Now that was low! That settles it:
Ruby is the Limbo Champ! [cheering] Thanks. But I couldn’t have done it without some help
from Max and his – Flying saucer! Wow! So spectacular! Look at that!


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