Nighthawk Gliders at Indy 500 – 2018 (Balsa Catapult Gliders)

Nighthawk Gliders at Indy 500 – 2018 (Balsa Catapult Gliders)

I’m Brad, this is Nighthawk Gliders, and this is the Indianapolis 500! Hey guys! Here we are in the infield of
the Indianapolis 500 and we’re just waiting for the race to start and what
better thing to do than… what? Just sit and do nothing? [Bruce] Fly some Nighthawk gliders!
[Brad] Of course! We’re gonna fly some gliders! So, we brought ourselves a little a little kit
that we’re just gonna glue together and we’re gonna fly in this… this is a
golf course right here in the middle of the track. Way cool. The race hasn’t started so let’s have some fun
[Bruce] Alright, we’ll build them! [Brad] So what you do, I guess, before you actually build the glider, bring it, and have it broken before you even get into the Speedway
you just got to make a little kit. [Bruce] Yeah, we put it in our lunch pails
and kept it from getting snapped. All we need to do is just glue the dihedrals to it.
And then glue it on the wing… Or on the fuselage.
[Brad] Alright, let let’s put it together! [Brad] We don’t have any accelerant so we’re just going to sort of hold it in position randomly. We didn’t bring a gauge or anything so we’re just gonna eyeball it and let it dry. [Bruce] That right there probably ought to do it. [Brad] I’ll just use our card. Now this weather is kind of humid so I
bet it’s going to dry faster. [Bruce] Had quite a bit of glue on it.
[Brad] It’ll be alright. I just set it down to dry, I guess. Yeah I probably got more dihedral…
a little bit more. That’s alright. [Brad] Test flight huh?
[Bruce] Yeah it’s gonna be a test flight off the hill and down… Need more weight on it.
[Brad] Yep, maybe a little bit. [Bruce] Need some weight.
[Brad] Yep, not bad… It was not turning. [Trumpets blaring – “First Call”] It might drift towards the water so we might need to go away from the water a little bit yeah there’s a [Brad] Yeah, there’s a bit of water and the wind is kind of blowing that direction so… Yikes! And we’re elevated!
[Bruce] Yeah. [Brad] Oops! Launch it at an angle. Didn’t quite have a role on it. There we go… UGH! That almost… uh, that buzzed the tower. Nighthawk Gliders, Sandpiper 12, Nighthawk Gliders, Sandpiper 12,
at the Indianapolis 500. Let’s check it out! Oh that was crazy! It’s flying… for the pond! I’m gonna give mine a go! Alright, this is my first launch. [Brad] That was an easy launch and it’s going great! [Bruce] Pretty good.
[Brad] I’ll launch it harder. It’s working. Yeah! Here we go. You ready? [Bruce] Yeah. [Brad] Look at the floater. [Bruce] Oh, yeah. I missed the catch, but that was awesome! [Rock music plays – “Green Daze” by Audionautix] Hey guys it’s getting a little bit more
busy here at the track and the race is about to start. Hey we had fun flying our
gliders here at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. What a great place. So we got to call it quits. Getting a little too much sun But, hey… we’re Nighthawk Gliders! See Ya! [Rock music plays – “Green Daze” by Audionautix] So… have you thought about subscribing to our channel? NO? What are you waiting for?
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  • GrandadsOtherChannel

    Great video, although I think you should have stripped a branch off one of those trees and whittled it down to make your gliders for true spontaneity 😊🤣😜

  • Copterdude

    Hilarious sound effects! I love it!

  • Doyle Blevins

    WOW what a great place to fly

  • Amiel Calderon

    Wow that place was perfect to fly some planes. Man the channel sure has grown. Still rocking in making gliders though so may the channel grow even more!!!

  • John Borlaug

    Nope- haven't even started! I been gettin' 16K steps per day with Missy, and some gluin' on a pair of F3RES's tho! I needed to have a replay for that "infield" word! Too rich you 2! 😀

  • Alfred Lebeau

    Wao nice vedos🤣🤣👍🏻

  • Tapaper airplanes Rogers

    Wish I was there, that looked like some fun flyin.

  • goldenfish77

    Nice vid, my favourite part 6:33, keep it up!

  • Flyin Brian Hutch

    Nice vid subbed. Seen ben drop ur glider from his plane at rcs fest…

  • Flyin Brian Hutch

    Glad u got ur 1k subs…😊

  • Robert Hipp

    The RC Saylors sent us! 😊 Looking forward to watching your content!

  • Mke Crafts

    WOW.., great videos, you are doing awesome work.


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