PocketVision App Review

welcome everyone I’m Ricky from Tech
Talk and today I want to do a dedicated app review on a brand new app has
actually been released to help people with sight loss and sight impairment
that includes myself and the app is called pocket vision so honor has teamed
up with RNIB and also the app developer here to create an app that allows you to
magnify and capture and then also get text off that captured image read back
to you which is amazing you might be sitting in a cafe reading a menu you
might be a train station and want to read where you are all directions to
where you need to go to you might be in your local shop and you want to know the
ingredients of a certain product in so many different possibilities it is
endless for me as a visually impaired person myself and for people that suffer
with sight loss or sight impairments this app is really key and really
important because of the work it does so what I want to do today show you how to
download this application what consists inside the application and actually
using the application and show you how well it were talking about my sight loss
and my sight impairment and how it helps me then also talking about the
technology that you’re gonna find in the honor 20 Pro the Macy’s app actually
work and if you know people that do have a vision loss or visual sight impairment
please share it with them this will make their life more independent and that’s
what people are striving for they do have a visual impairment they want to be
independent in their light so first of all how do you actually download this
application so what you’ll need to do is go to faraway app gallery so I have
huawei tap gallery here so once this loads up what you then need to do is go
to the search bar then what you need to search for is pocket vision once you’ve
typed in pocket vision and then search for it it’s going to pick up here at the
top it’s nice bright and orange and it has
like a video camera with an eye in the middle also it shows you information
here images that you can go through i’ll see it’s from a chinese company but
there’s been brought to the UK so what you’ll then do is download obviously
mine is downloaded so if we go back home here the app will appear on your home
screen so making it really easy to find your application I’ve just dragged this
away from my other applications just so that we make it easier to show you in
the video so if you open your pocket vision app here you’re greeted with a
menu that is bright vibrant and easy to use and manipulate your way
around also this does work with the talkback feature so most people with low
vision or sight loss will use the talkback feature from accessibility and
I’ll show you how that will work a little bit later on to inside here very
simple and nice and easy you’ve got two buttons straightaway – your first is
called vision and your second is called photos so what is vision vision first of
all will help you capture then actually read out aloud whatever you have
captured text wise which is really impressive and we’re going to delve into
that a little bit more so let’s go into vision so once you go into this you’ll
notice the colors will begin to change and that is because people with sight
loss and sight loss conditions can actually see better with different
color variants and that is what this app actually gives you and one of the
abilities it’s really helpful to them read something if you come to the left
hand side here you’re gonna notice three buttons and what we’re going to do is
talk through them now so the first one is actually going to be your color
choice and it will go through different colors so let’s go through them now
enhanced so it’s called enhanced negative you’ve got negative black/white
you’ve got black white white black you’ve got white black blue yellow blue
yellow yellow blue yellow blue then you come back to normal or standard but then
when you actually bring in a book or a text this is where it slightly changes
so let me bring in and this will show you how it actually changes and
manipulates the colors making it easier for you to read depending on your site
so now I’ve bought a book in and let’s cycle through them colors again this was
just a standard book that I found downstairs about the Millennium Dome
enhanced so this is what enhanced looks like so what this does is draw the text
out a little bit more and makes it slightly bolder and easier to read so
negative will turn that text now to white text instead of black and
obviously the background has gone to black instead of white black white then
again it has changed and manipulated and making it a lot easier to read white
back so this is a little bit harder to read here blue yellow so blue yellow is
slightly different and for me with my visual sight loss actually is something
new I haven’t really used too much but obviously it depends and how easy it is
for you to use yellow blue and then yellow blue again you can go through and
then actually select so this is normal again when we come back through so my
favorite is negative this makes it really easy also there is an added
feature here where you can zoom in what this does is use the telephoto lens from
the honor 20 Pro here and I’ll talk about the lenses a lot more later on
zoom out zoom out zoom out so that uses the volume controls at the top you then
have a light option light up so it makes it brighter and what this does is use
the flash on the back light up light off you can double tack light up light off
as well if you want to make it easier for you then finally we have a padlock
so once frozen you’re gonna get another padlock which will mean it unfreezes and
you can go back to zooming in or magnifying to see your text you can
scroll through the different color options and also you could then capture
another image so now our image is captured you can see this TR here which
means it’s gonna translate what this does is use the high aie systems inside
to actually recognize the text and read it back to you
so let’s actually try out recognize the dome is not a building it is not even a
dome it have profile of a shallow done but none of its structural properties it
looks something like a tent but it is not a tent either it is soft and hard
rounded and spiky it hugs the ground and reaches for the sky the simple idea
achieved in a complex way its elegance conceals the depth of analysis required
to achieve it a knitted web a network an envelope its structural tensions make
explicit the turning point of time it has been designed to mark so there we go
in essence that’s what the app is all about is about capturing some text from
a book here it can be from anything I’ve used so many different options and we’re
going to go through all the different ones I’ve had some times is under
that it sometimes there’s one or two words as you may have heard that it got
incorrect but I actually knew what it meant so it does work and you just have
to give it time and trial obviously the app is new it’s always going to be
developing and also the AI systems inside will be learning and growing with
a powerful processor that’s inside this device it makes is so simple and so easy
to actually then just read text to me that I would struggle to read or for
some people that they wouldn’t be able to read and that’s really important and
that’s what you want from an app that’s helping people with vision loss and then
visual impairment conditions so you press the padlock key it’s been an
unfrozen you could go into a different color like they said and you could go
through and listen to it more but the options there are fantastic to come out
of this section and move into a different section you’re going to swipe
across on your home screen and then you’ll press that back button when you
come back to the menu there are two options you have vision which we have
gone through then you also have photos so what is photos it’s in the name so
photos is where it’s gonna show all your captured images in a landscape view
which you can swipe along so like I can do here and I can swipe and find the
images that I might want to revisit say I went to a cafe that is one of my
favorites I’ve taken an image of the menu so I know what’s on the menu I can
simply then find that photograph and then listen back to it and then I can
make my selection and make my choice and enjoy my meal or enjoy drinks with
friends so all of our images are in here so if I select this image here so this
is the image I have just taken on the Millennium Dome about that little bit of
text I can then actually ask that to transcribe again to me and it will read
back through everything again making it so simple and so easy to understand text
without straining or struggling to see and sometimes I do that I’m really bad I
actually sort of strain and struggle to see instead of asking because people
want to be independent and with a vision or sight loss you do need independence
in your life with this application that allows you to do so so coming back here
like I said you’re gonna see different images I was in a bookstore here and I
came across a James Bond book so on the back it had a bit of information about
the book so if I press a transfer I’m recognized Oddie her action-packed
story begins in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea with a
spectacular high-speed homograft chase from Hong Kong to Cuba to London Bond
continues his quest to unmask a traitor and prevent a war AF catastrophic
consequence but not without the help and hindrance of two mysterious Femmes
battles hot on the trail AF the principal villains bond travels to
Iceland where he experiences at firsthand higher power AF an amazing new
weapon before a dramatic confrontation with his main adversary back in Korea
where it all started okay so wait done there because some of the words that do
a bit jumbled a little bit mixed up if you look at the angle that I’ve taken
this I wanted to purposely take it at this angle to see if it managed to read
everything obviously when you are lining up your shot to try and put it over the
text as best as you can with slight loss and vision loss you’re
not going to be able to see if you’ve actually done that until you start to
then transcribe it to you obviously with my vision I do have a bit of site so I
can see where the general text area is but I would like to see how well it
worked and I thought it actually done a pretty good job here so in my local town
there’s a border about the Heritage and all about where I live so I wanted to
take a image of it so first of all what I’ve done was magnify zoom in with them
volume controls at the top captured by image and then read it back so he’s
going to read the bit of text this at the top but then it will go down to this
main section here so if I then hit this transcribe again recognized was granted
to the legendary white leaf cross was cut in the early 1700s heritage F
countryside around Prince’s Risborough and particularly the hills overlooking
the town is suited with prehistoric sites the dramatic Hill for to pulpit
Hill towers over the town to the north and the igneel duay an ancient highway
between East Anglia and Wessex long before theremins arrived threads past
the town the original estate of monstrous burrow included the black
hedge England’s oldest surviving documented boundary dating back to at
least 903 ad from John Hampton to Brunel from the Black Prince to Amy Johnson
Prince’s Risborough has always played its part in history so what that does to
me is inspire me to learn more that board
has always been that I’ve been in this town now for 20 25 odd years
and I’ve already because I can’t see it because
it’s over a hedge or in a hedge I’d have to go so close and stand in that hedge
so with this device what I could do is then first of all stand there zoom in I
could then change the filters and change the color options I could then capture
and then read it back to me and I must admit that’s the first time I’ve ever
done that and with this device that makes it so easy and so possible
to do I think has a really important thing to know so coming back I also then
found out about information about wildlife so again you can see it’s a
different color mode here I press transcribe Hampton to Brunelle from the
Black Prince to Amy Johnson Prince’s Risborough has always played its part in
history wildlife encounter II sighted the Magnificent red kite in the buzzards
and ravens that have also established themselves in the Chilton’s as symbols
of a rich natural heritage with habitats ranging from open down them to Chilton’s
Beachwood’s from rolling farm them to bubbling
streams just minutes from the town center re accessible wild places where
advisors can enjoy the countryside at allé times of the year brush Hill local
nature reserve which can be accepted over fifty seven from the wide leaf Hill
car park reveals an exciting introduction with breathtaking vistas
from a new viewpoint the leaflet describes the reserve and indicates
Explorer trails some for tennis mobile Phoenix trail there we go again it’s
telling me about my wildlife in my local area and again this was on that same
board that I would never actually go and look at because there was a hedge in the
way and it was just too far away but with this device I could zoom in I could
capture and then I could learn more about my local area which i think is
fantastic so also inside here we do have more options so I’ve gone around the
local town here so in my local swimming pool they’re offering learn to swim so
anyone could walk past it and read this quite simply for me I would have to stop
maybe block it for other people whereas I could just capture an image and then
transcribe it recognize learn to swim with us swim England qualified teacher
Swimming’s and learn to swim framework never too young from six months up roads
never too old adult lessons available private lessons available a spread the
cost with monthly payments so that gives me all the information I need to know
it’s from any age I can spread the payments but I know it’s from qualified
coaches as well really handy and again a very simple way this
can help people so when it comes to transport as you know I travel round
London quite a lot and transport is a key necessity for a youtuber and content
creator you are always traveling always going to different events the London
Underground is not easy at times even with full sights obviously there are
people there to help which I’m very grateful our friends that are travelling
with me are very helpful as well but when I’m on my own I wanted to see how
well it worked with an underground system so obviously here it’s
highlighted in the middle to stop your act then you might want to go to one of
the other stops so what I’d done was took a picture I changed to enhanced
here I think this one is and then obviously I wanted to see if he
translates recognize what some Stowe central Black Horse Road Tottenham Hale
Seven Sisters T Finsbury Park Highbury and I stinkin Kings crossed pan craziest
oh nice Warren Street Oxford Circus II Green Park Victoria re a Pimlico box or
stock well Brixton asterisk so we went through the whole list for me if you
then know the station you’re at and you hear that station on this list obviously
that means you’re going in the right direction and could be very helpful for
people with vision or sight loss and different sights conditions to use this
to help them manipulate and navigate their way throughout London and the
complex underground system I was really impressed the way this works as well
because I was quite far away from this image and obviously I just took it very
quickly I wanted to see a quick response obviously if you do have other texts in
their field it will read the other text as well again very simple and very easy
to do looking through some more images I have captured here one was in a cafe tap
here tap the transcribe recognise kornev View Cafe please order at the counter
Thanks to read everything that is highlighted here and also you can see
here is the blue text on a yellow black ground so something a little bit
different than what I showed previously so just show you that this works so well
and here again is a menu here of that corner of View Cafe and then I can press
fun so a RTL counter Thanks good morning usually with fruit and yogurt porridge
with honey or jam toast with honey jam or peanut butter toast with eggs poached
fried or scrambled so it lets me know what’s on the menu and then I can place
my order which i think is really important there again that gives you
independence in your line I’ve use impressed with the
way it managed to recognize and transcribe the images that I have
captured if you do have any questions or any queries please drop a comment down
below you know I will always be happy to help
now let’s just show you how this application works with an accessibility
feature so if we come home here so if I tap home what I’m gonna do is go into
settings and then into accessibility so what I need to do scroll all the way
through here find my settings so you can either search for it at the top inside
that accessibility you’re gonna find a talkback feature so want to talk back is
toggled on talkback on talkback so talkback is a great feature and we’ll
read everything to you so if I just simply highlight here when talkback is
on it provides spoken feedback so that you can use your device without looking
at the screen I showcase the talkback and all other accessibility features
you’ll find on each individual device I’ve also created an accessibility video
for the honor 20 Pro so please go and watch that on the channel they’ll also
be linked in the description so then what we do is select our application DoubleTap to activate then body does is
let you know what it is so then you can use your fingers then to go between
vision or photos pictures to active so double tap locate vision pictures to
manipulate and work your way through use two fingers and then you could select an
image if you want to so then bring up your menu options to go
back use three fingers so now we’re back in and then you can go to vision I can
then bring my book back in here and then I can press the buttons flash operation
button mode setting button frozen unfrozen button frozen so double tap and
then obviously I can then begin to transcribe again start OCR button to
double tap recognize II the dome is not a building it is not even a dome it
reads back everything to you which is fantastic and even with accessibility
options turned on like talkback it still worked and that’s really important as
well you don’t want an accessibility to not
work with the accessibility features and that was a one highlighting
thing for me I needed them features to work okay I don’t use them all the time
but for people that have severe sight loss or severe sight conditions they
will need to use that so they can use their device and I was really impressed
with that now I’d like to talk about the technology that’s actually inside this
device that allows this app to work so well so first of all I want to point out
the processor the processor is a qua weaker in 980 a I chipset with dual MP
you seven nanometers in size so this is far away’s latest chipset and is
included in this honor device it means it’s powerful enough to capture read and
then recognize the text to be read out aloud so with high AI capability the app
is able to recognize convert text to speech immediately that’s what I’ve
shown you here and that’s amazing so the camera as well as important you’re going
to find on the honor 20 probe and it’s powered by 48 megapixel quad camera so
let’s go through each individual camera now so you actually know a little bit
more about the camera technology behind this device so turning to the back here
and you get to see this fantastic phantom black color that has purple
running through it looks really nice and really stylish
so the first lens at the top here is your 16 megapixels super wide angle lens
as an F 2.2 aperture and 117 degrees field of view underneath that lens is
your 48 megapixel and this is your main camera sensor this is the sony IMX 586
which is the main sensor that majority of phones have been using for 2019 has
an F 1.4 aperture half inch large sensor and four in one light fusion really
important this is the main lens that’s used on the device and obviously
captures your images so really good really high quality images that makes it
easier for the AI systems inside to recognize and then read that text back
to you so it’s not all about the AI inside you need the power and a
performance from the lens on the outside as well underneath that is the 8
megapixel telephoto camera so this is where your zoom comes in so when it
comes to zooming as you saw I magnified and zoomed in on something that uses the
8 megapixel telephoto when you’re actually doing it live out in person
which is really helpful to you to read it and
and like I showed you about the countryside’s again that’s an F 2.4
aperture then finally you have your 2 megapixel macro camera so it has 4
cameras on this device underneath that you’ll see your LED flash and this is
where it said light on light off this is what lights up for you to make it easier
for you to try and understand what you are reading or what you want to capture
so it allows the device to read it back to you the texture sound mode powered by
honors hyai and the optical character recognition technology quickly and
accurately converts text from letters books menus and more and this is the
thing that I’ve been left with I’m so impressed with the way it were it’s a
new technology it’s a pioneering technology is always going to be growing
always going to be learning and that’s what AI does and also the app will be
developed as well I’ve given some feedback I’ve given some ideas I think
pocket vision is a great name it tells you what it is a source that’s in your
pocket that can allow you to see what you can’t see basically and that’s what
I want you to take away from this if you are fully sighted please going download
it and share it with someone that potentially you might have a slight loss
share it and let people know I’m so grateful that on a bump me on board to
showcase this application and to really let everyone know having an ability in
life is not a problem in life you just need to change your life and adjust your
life depending on your accessibility needs hi everyone I know you don’t
normally see me in front of the camera but I want to just come in front of the
camera and explain about my eyesight condition so my eyesight condition is
called at sceptic optic dysplasia with pan hypopituitarism which is quite a
mouthful but it’s understandable in some ways it means my optic nerve is affected
and my optic nerve as Freddie like cotton-wool
when you pull it apart so this has left me with just light perception in my left
eye which is not usable I hardly use my left eye whatsoever when it comes to my
right eye I have tunnel vision and the distance is about an arm’s length away
that’s then when I start to lose great amount of detail so my eyesight is very
important to me as I can still see bits I do feel and understand how people with
sight loss in different sights conditions will be affected when using
technology as you know I have a great passion for technology
and technology’s really key in my life so with this app from pocket vision it
really helps me see what I want to see in my world and like they explained to
you the first like ever I managed to read the signpost it’s been in my tongue
for such a long time but with this app I could capture I could change using the
color filter but it’s magnified with the buttons to see what I wanted to read
capture it and then with the character recognition technology inside it read it
back to me so pocket vision is a really important app I do recommend you going
download it and enjoy it today and share with everyone there are always people
out there and companies out there willing to help make sure that you do
ask questions you do ask for help always because it is important I hope you have
enjoyed this video and I hope you will go out and test pocket vision and if you
do have any questions or queries please come and ask me really grateful that
this application is now in my life to use and the honor 20 Pro is a fantastic
device to have it on as well thanks always watching and from me Ricky I will
see you very soon bye for now

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