Properties of a KITE

Properties of a KITE

Welcome back to Mr. Speller’s Math
Tutorials. Today we’re going to identify the properties of a kite. Alright let’s
get going. We’re gonna start by showing that the sides here on the left and
right these two sides here are congruent so it’s going to place we’re going to
play single tally marks these two sides down here at the bottom of the left and
right they’re also congruent we also know that the angle here to the left is
congruent to the angle here on the right let’s go ahead and draw in our diagonals
so the diagonal from here to here and a diagonal from the top to the bottom
these two diagonals are actually perpendicular to each other so they
create a right angle and the longer a diagonal is also a perpendicular
bisector to the shorter diagonal so that means that this length here is congruent
to this length here alright well that sums up this tutorial on the properties
of a kite hope you liked it and as always thank you for watching

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