Real 747 Airline Pilot Plays Infinite Flight | Flight Simulator

Real 747 Airline Pilot Plays Infinite Flight | Flight Simulator

Edmund Lee asks can you play infinite
flight simulator mobile I would love to see a real pilot play it yeah sure
how hard could it be oh man this is really short final uh flare no no no that’s a really horrible start to this game coming up Hey 74 crew welcome back if you
don’t know me my name is Kelsey I’m a 747 pilot my channel 74 gear is
all about aviation today I’m going to play infinite flight I am not sponsored
by them in any way but I read they comment I thought it’d be a cool video
to make so let’s get into it alright some of my I pet here let’s go ahead and
log on infinite flight there it is alright $4.99 I guess that’s pretty
reasonable that’s thumb print I love how they do the thumb print here because it
makes it so much easier than having to remember my password every done alright
let’s see how this game is slice solo I watched have been on this earlier online
so once I meet I don’t want to fly that I think they got a 747 in here 400 you
have France Air India there’s gotta be yeah options here okay
so man they got a lot of different options this is really cool actually
I’ll do this a generic one here that way I can not get in trouble by my employer
okay so we got that let’s go fly it doesn’t look a lot like I said 47 but
I’m sure you saw them mean comments video where I messed that up so now
we’ll get into the flight deck here there it is
I think there’s a way to move it backwards so I can see yeah here we go
sweet um the Quran that’s kind of what the overhead panel looks like there’s no
red light like you see there on that bottom left there that that doesn’t
exist that’s not and they got they got it
different colors oxygen mask now that right there that’s actually where we
always put our bag so that always usually has a bag of some sort in it
because we have our flight bag in there oh crap I’m moving hold on let me stop
this side not running away here okay okay so yeah this looks a lot like the
flight deck I’m gonna put my flaps out that way I can go put my flaps out that
way I’m ready for takeoff we got the parking brake set okay let’s see what
else is in here I realize we’d be on the runway without
the parking brake set that’s a little crazy in that little cubby hole that you
see right there that’s actually that’s actually a real thing on some planes
it’s a camera but on the freighters it there’s no camera there we just put the
napkins and other random things there and yeah that’s what it looks like back
there okay so I keep some books and manuals and things like that I mean this
looks it’s pretty accurate as far as for how it looks let’s see here yeah I mean
the colors are a little bit some of the colors are a little bit different and
and when we’re on the runway there we don’t have that that Center pedestal
this one right here that’s actually not illuminated we don’t we don’t have that
illuminated when we’re getting ready to do the fly so that that screen would
normally be blacked out it at this stage of everything and heading heading the
magenta line that perp that there that purple line that actually would normally
be centered onto the runway I’m not sure how how to do that or if I can but
that’s normally how that would that would be going so let’s see if we can
get this thing up and flying here all right normally set the power right about
here technically it’s right under the n1 indicator
gets it going and then we hit up the toga button it’s on the top there which
doesn’t put you on percent not just well but we’ll overkill here let’s get it
rolling oh you should be able to rotate by now
we’re pretty fast I’m not sure what her weight is up up and away
actually not the official official call-out that we use we use positive
rate and then we do gear up get that up normally that that handle would move
right there but I guess some of the stuff isn’t moving that’s fine well
that’s cool it’s got little boxes they can fly into normally at this stage the
autopilot would go on we’d engage the lateral navigation
vertical navigation I can’t we normally don’t fly on
vertical speed especially on departures and I’m going a little bit fast here but
it should be back normally we use auto throttles so I’m quite sure oh goody
overspeed warning oh good slow that down a little bit
yeah that’s not that’s not good but yeah normally when you climb out and
you’d be on a vertical speed and it would be maintaining the speed that
you’d programmed into the system we’re not using vertical speed get out of this
what what we’ll do is I’ll go here and I’ll do the approach but yeah normally
when you’re climbing out you’re climbing out on a V nav so it’s flying the V nav
path and it’s holding the speeds and as you’re increasing the speed and we’re
taking out the flaps it keeps accelerating
with the 747 in the US and in some other countries they let you do a high-speed
climb so you can actually exceed 250 knots in the climb if you get permission
from air traffic control alright let’s do some approaches here and see how this
looks well hit this short final button that should get me there oh man this is
really short final Flair that’s a really horrible start to this
game I don’t even that is not good all right
let’s try this again I was trying to flare there but it just wasn’t it wasn’t
coming back and we were going too fast let me try that again
all right and the power back we’re still going really fast here it looks better
no ass flared up and I think we’re bouncing right now that is not good but
I seem to get the rudder to push over but it doesn’t want to see me go okay
rust reversers are going so that’s good throttle doesn’t go forward like that
but that’s fine and I just get the rudder here we go it’s it’s strange
normally the rudders more effective at higher speeds so it’s a little strange
item this it seemed like it didn’t want to work at a high speed and now it’s
working and understand why the truss forces I’m showing that thrust going
forward because that’s not how it works but that’s fine
let’s give myself centered up here off the runway and then we’ll do this we’ll
do this one more time what you’re looking for is a countdown like 50 40 30
20 pause pause 10 if you hear that as you’re coming into land that’s basically
exactly what you’re looking for when you’re hearing what you heard me doing
will show is 50 40 30 20 10 it’s gonna smash it in and I’ve done that a few
times before when you hear it going that fast you kind of have to flare and give
it a little bit of power okay so we’re get this I’m gonna try to
hit this box here but we’re going to fast pull the power back flare it up
we’re good nope that was too fast descent rate I
think I just bounced it yeah I did yeah we’re going 150 knots there I get over
to the centerline here yeah that’s the thing like I said before you got to keep
that descent rate going a little bit slower and we’re going a little bit too
fast if you if you’re ascending that fast and you’ve got that much speed
you’re gonna bounce it so I am it’s improving I mean I didn’t crash so I
guess I’ve headed in the right direction but I definitely need to to do this a
little bit better so let me try it one more time here let’s see if I can get
this down I think we can do this one more time and see how it goes this would
be better all right so we’ll try to get the speed no there’s
going down too fast Blair oh I thought that was gonna be another pounder but
that came out okay and maintain the centerline this is looking good
all right yeah that cadence it still really fast if you were to hear that an
actual plane you’re really gonna you’re really gonna
pound it in here that worked out okay that seemed to be okay and it maintained
the centerline so all right three fix it then I guess now I’m current on this
flight setting here let me just so now how do I get out so I can see some this
outside of the plane here oh there we go all right
oh cool and the spoilers are up that’s cool now normally in an actual plane if
you bring the power forward that puts the spoilers down how’d it
make them go but if I bring the powerful yeah I see an actual plane what I just
did there bring the power cord that will actually cause those spoilers to go down
but I’ll just have to hit this button here but man this is a pretty cool it’s
pretty cool looking plane it’s obviously that passenger configuration so what I
was talking about those cubby holes that would be a camera or a camera there
they’re not a camera a TV there so we can actually see people that are there
on the flight attention are coming people are going in and out so that way
for safety so that actually is a camera that we can see there but yeah this is
pretty accurate and we got our strobes and everything on that I’m really sure
how to turn this out if I move the yoke does it now if I move the yoke here and
the ailerons oh it does moves the ailerons and all of that stuff that’s
pretty cool I obviously don’t get a seat csepp from this perspective very often
so it’s kind of cool to see the you know I mean obviously and I know how it works
but it’s so pretty interesting to see it so that that’s cool that actually gives
you those graphics as you as you move the air to run to and elevate it around
so that’s cool let’s go ahead and get off this runway see if I can taxi this
thing off and see here we down we turn this thing okay
oh no that’s not that’s gonna be very hard to taxi from how do I get it okay
and that’s up here oh alright so I’m just gonna cruise over these lights and
grass and over to the side the taxi god this thing is actually pretty easy but
we’re going a bit fast and I can’t see what’s going on so this is not good how
do I get back up above this is I don’t know where I’m up and I’m on to a runway
so yep I’m gonna be having a bake a phone call if that happened in real life
you’d be in a lot of trouble so we’ll just taxi off here and stop yet from
this perspective it’s pretty easy to actually see what’s going on and
actually once you’re on the flight deck and taxing from the as a normal person
in actual flight you can actually see pretty well there’s little gauges that
you use as far as knowing when to turn and things like that but it’s actually
pretty easy to taxi as long as you just remember just the length of it you can’t
turn it too short but I’ll go ahead and get in here and set the parking brake
and yeah that was actually pretty fun I mean there’s obviously some things that
aren’t accurate as far as some of the some of the lights and stuff the other
things that I showed you there but it that’s actually pretty cool
and yeah I totally can see why people play that I think for people that are
really into aviation obviously most people and there’s a lot of pilots out
there that are commercial airline pilots that one to fly 747 actually the other
day I just when I caught a flight coming out of LA I was talking to one of the
guys about it and I just went in and said hi and they asked what I was flying
I said up on the 747 he’s like man I’d love to fly that we were on a triple
seven and that guy was saying that and and so yeah it’s cool if you’re really
into aviation I can see why this would be something you’d want to do for sure
if I had actually crashed a plane like you saw me doing that first landing even
though I was flaring if I’d actually hit a plane at that angle I would have
definitely had died unless of course I was Tom Hanks because
no matter what plane he’s in even if he hit the wall of water in the middle of
the ocean he seems to be okay if you don’t know what I’m talking about I’m
talking about castaway and if you haven’t seen the Hollywood versus
reality that I did on castaway I’ll put a link to it
right here I look forward to hearing from you until then keep the blue side


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