Restless Cabal Guide – Normal and Heroic Restless Cabal Crucible of Storms Boss Guide

Restless Cabal Guide – Normal and Heroic Restless Cabal Crucible of Storms Boss Guide

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to the Restless
Cabal raid boss in the Crucible of Storms on Normal and Heroic difficulty. It’s a two boss duo, and this one’s all about
controlling your own damage, interrupts and dispels to really plan out how your raid takes
the fight. These two do not share a health pool and Pact
of the Restless means that you’ll need to kill them within 20 seconds of each other. If you don’t, you’re going to see a 20% heal
and the party’s pretty much over at that point. Bring em down at the same time. Having said that, there are excellent reasons
why you don’t want to keep them dead even in health the whole time, which we’ll touch
on in a bit. Enveloping Darkness means don’t ever leave
the platform. just pretend it’s a giant dropoff of doom
because it may as well be. There are no knockbacks in this fight so if
you trip off the edge it is EXTRA your fault. Let’s dig in by looking at Zaxasj the Speaker,
who I will now be referring to as Skinny Noodles. I was going to call him Noodleface but they’ve
both got those so Skinny Noodles it is. He’s really interesting for one reason, and
that’s Aphotic Blast. He spams that instead of meleeing, and it
means that S c kinny Noodles will be tanked by a ranged DPS player. The blast increases threat gen and does damage
in a 5 yard splash, and it’s less damage the farther away you are. The Chosen ranged tank should stay 30 yards
out from him, they need a 5 yard bubble of personal space and they should not be anybody
who’s multidotting since they’ve got all that threat gen. When the fight starts ONLY ranged tank should
be hitting skinny noodles to make sure they’ve got aggro locked down before everyone else
has at it. He also does Cerebral Assault, which is a
cone attack that you can and should avoid. If you do get hit by it, you’ll find yourself
Hostile to Allies. This is kind of a cheeky effect- it’s not
technically an MC since you can still damage the boss and control your character, but nobody
else can heal you and you’ll be attackable by your friends. They should choose not to, but you know them,
we all know how this ends. Get out of the cone and don’t attack or CC
anyone that got clipped. He will also mark people with Dark Herald,
which applies Promises of Power to anyone in their purple ring every 5 seconds. This is a similar idea to Whispers of Power
from Shrine of the Storm-. Once you’ve got it, it’ll start stacking up
your damage done, but also your damage taken. Use this to help the raid hit DPS checks,
but I’d say make sure you have a Dispel Plan to take it off before heavy raid damage. If six people have it and you only have three
dispels, you’d better have a Mass Dispel ready or else someone’s getting a free snack break. Our other boss is Fa’thuul, aka Buff Noodles. He’ll cast Shear Mind on his tank, which is
your typical stacking debuff. Take 3-4 stacks, then switch and wait for
it to fall off before you take him back. He’ll also toss out Void Crash, which is like
a bouncing Shadow Crash that gets smaller after it’s first two bounces. Dodge it when it’s big and medium but then
have one player stand in it once it’s small to take the reduced hit and make it go away. If you get Crushing Doubt, get out. It rhymes, so you can’t forget. It slows you down and then explodes for raid
damage with a distance drop off so with Crushing Doubt, get out. Just don’t leave the platform or go trip on
the poor ranged tank. Maybe mark a doubt spot. So that’s the basics of what they do personally,
but we’ve also got 3 relics just hanging out in the arena. When each boss reaches 75, 50 and 25% health,
they’ll activate the relic nearestto them. The relic will do a thing, and then that boss
does a thing too. Power Overwhelming means don’t double up on
relics per dude. There’s three relics, so each boss should
hit each one once. The ranged tank will need to do some positioning
of skinny noodles by max ranging his cast and having the boss chase a bit. Make sure everyone is giving them space while
they’re repositioning. The crown lookin thing is the Tempest Caller. When activated, the raid will take big pulsing
damage with Storm of Annihilation, and they’ll also deal reduced damage while it’s up. On top of that, if anyone is below 25% health
they’re just super dead so you want to have NO promises of power buffs up when this starts. You’re gonna want healing cooldowns and personals
to survive this so maybe do this early and then late in the fight so you can get those
back for the second one. The glowy rock is the Void Stone. When that’s activated, Embrace of the Void
will make everyone immune to healing, which sucks. Try and top everyone before this starts and
then obviously end it ASAP. Umbral Shell will put a absorb shield on the
activating boss, which you damage through to end Embrace of the Void. Take Promises of Power stacks if you need
to and focus DPS on that boss. Third, Storm Attunement will buff that boss
with 10% damage done. Every relic activation has a buff like this,
so towards the end of the fight both bosses will be hitting 30% harder. 0
The splooshy fork is the Trident of the Deep Ocean. Activating that triggers Custody of the Deep,
which is a big bubble. It’ll absorb three quarters of the damage
taken by any enemies in the bubble, and when it expires it’ll AOE the raid with an Abyssal
Collapse equal to whatever absorb was left. Basically, stack everything in the bubble
and hit it to reduce that explosion. As you can probably tell getting two of these
at once would be very gross so make sure that you don’t push the bosses at the same time. They’ll each pop a relic at 75, 50 and 25%
health. When they do so they’ll also spawn some adds
that are specific to them. Skinny Noodles creates some Visages from Beyond,
which will be up for 3 minutes and then despawn on their own. Those cast Terrifying Echo, which is a raid
wide fear. To stop that you need to bring them to 1 hp. Coalesce Void means they’ll be regenerating
health over time, so you keep damaging them back down to 1 health every time you need
to stop the Echo. When Buff Noodles triggers a relic, he’ll
spawn three Eldritch Abominations. Those will all cast Witness the End, which
does heavy raid damage and kills the add. You want to stagger kicks to allow these to
go off, but only one at a time and only when the healers are ready. That means Promises of Power should be dispelled
and maybe chill until the main relic effect is over. Up to you. Because that will kill them, don’t worry about
DPS on these. On Normal, that’s the fight. Heroic has the same abilities, but three of
them get upgrades. On Heroic the Aphotic Blast now makes the
target permanently hostile to allies if it expires. That’s a bad day if that happens and it really
shouldn’t anyways, so just be extra careful to only have one ranged tanking Skinny Noodles. On Heroic and higher dispelling Promises of
Power inflicts Wrack, which is 50k damage to the dispeller. Be extra careful, especially if you’re trying
to MD a bunch of them off maybe don’t. And finally, on Heroic and higher Witness
the End will debuff everyone for 6 seconds to take more damage from other Witness the
Ends. Don’t double them up or let them go off back
to back, that’ll get ugly. And that is the Restless Cabal in the Crucible
of Storms. Thanks for watching! If this video helped you out please consider
leaving me a like. Check out my channel for more raid guides
and other WoW stuff and have a wonderful, wonderful day! Bye.


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