Shape City Parade Day

Shape City parade day so much to see and do
Shape City parade day the shapes are all in view
Each shape is special so unique So sit right down and take a peak
Shape City parade it’s a hullaballoo. Circle’s first and one of a kind
No corners here and no straight lines. This floats a beaut so smooth so round
It rolls on by without a sound Next comes Square and what a sight
All sides are equal, angles right So proud so sharp and so precise
This float of squares is really nice. Rectangle slides up next to show
It looks like square but look you know The sides that face give all the clue
They’re different from the other two. Triangle’s moving up the street
With sides and angles so unique The crowd they cheer for different kinds
They can’t pick one they’re great designs Now here’s Rhombus a delight
It looks just like a flying kite With angles big and angles small
It draws a cheer from one and all Trapezoid comes into view
This shape is getting all the ooos A stunning shape it’s hard to decide
The one that you would like to ride. Hexagon is last to show
It looks just like a honeycomb Six sides it shows and struts it’s stuff
The crowd goes wild, sure enough The shapes are gathered at the end
The fun is over. Let’s do it again. Shape City parade day so much to see and do. Shape City parade day the shapes were all
in view. Shape City parade day
Each shape was special so unique To see each one was such a treat
Shape City parade day what a hullabaloo.

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