South Park The Fractured But Whole | Full Playthrough | Part 2

hello friends my name is Alex arcs and
today we’re going to be playing some more South Park the fractured but whole
and we are on Episode two we’ve actually just defeated Kyle’s cousin Kyle – or
Kyle the kite – I don’t know what we want to call him but we did just defeat
him in battle and after the last episode I managed to get Kyle on instagram but
but we’ll take another selfie just for just for um you know just for the sake
of it cuz you know me and Caleb bears birdies Kyle loves it
okay so we can all we can add filters and stuff oh my god this is so cool yeah
do you want some kind of SEP here mmm oh I like the mood lighting hmm yeah I
kind of like that I just yeah just as that’s a little something to it doesn’t
it yeah yeah so yeah I’ve already got Kyle on kunst Graham so we’ve we’ve got
him now as a buddy apparently so let’s let’s get back into exploring the rest
of his house and there’s an attic we can go into and see if there’s any kind of
weird stuff in this a cheesing vial I’ll be a chit I’ll be choosing that all day
long right I’m gonna take that I haven’t been paying too much attention to what
I’ve been picking up but you know there is once again there’s lots of very
dubious items in this game Oh we’ll have to do is toilet actually
that’s a good one we need to remember to do that a jersey hair gel dz4 medicine
okay let’s go and do Kyle’s Tyler well we got the broflovskis toilet okay I’m
ready right hold oh my god good up and down up and down the pennsylvania kiss
not bad oh I’m gassing up and gassing up no no
oh no Florida nice moves gotta wiggle that shit out
yes that was a clean one apparently I’ve completed a challenge okay no I’m going
on the toilet again god okay I’m back on again and for some
reason I always seem to just jump back on straight away the oh my god what this
what this one’s weird okay it seems to be a bit a little bit different okay I
only have to do them once that makes sense
biohazard sewers con is that from my shit did I just get like a part from my
shit that’s pretty cool okay so this is Ike’s room hey Mike Willie ad is on
Koontz t-gram yeah boy come on no I don’t
he’s quite small I don’t want to take up the whole shot yeah what kind of mood do
we want to be in yeah happy cuz we got Ike woohoo yeah oh yeah we’re packing
out with followers now hey I want to take one who’s that you can’t oh is this
another you see one of the kids he’s another one of the kindergarteners
kindergarteners oh sorry sorry Ike let’s take all of his stuff macaroni macaroni
obviously but I called him a kamon knee okay there’s not really too much in here
oh let’s go Idol of Kyle’s like ginger afro that he has going on I’m just about
done building the kite base it’s gonna be sweet the kite base the kites have
bases I mean they fly you still buff and so yeah we need to help Randy because I
want Randy as a follower on kun stir gram
we’ve already diluted that haven’t we don’t and what’s out here then where
does this go okay we can’t go through there okay Oh I don’t even know what to laugh at first
so we just got a message from Kyle’s brother but there’s someone hey kitty
oh it’s it’s it’s Kenny’s dad I thought it was like some creepy weird man all
this more lava nice so cool right let’s go talk to goddamn dad okay yeah hey
maybe if we find this cat he’ll be ill he’ll help us go locked
I was not locked it’s open so yeah this is anyone but it’s called shitty per
tonne shitty part oh yeah okay so we can go up here nice cool
isn’t this the ninja hideout I don’t like the look of this this looks like
we’re gonna have some kind of weird showdown whoops I’m sorry I’m sorry it
wasn’t me it wasn’t me so I’m assuming at some point this is a set for
something because there’s nothing here right now seems a bit a bit weird so
we’ll go back down we’ll go by down I shot the kitty I’m very sorry um so is
actually yeah anything I can do here I can go in Kenny’s house it’s not it’s
locked there’s lava oh okay lava is actually love it
that is completely making sense now okay so I don’t think we can go any further
this here kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty I want Kenny’s dad to be my friend but
saying that I mean he probably probably doesn’t have a phone I mean come on just
need supposed to be like super poor isn’t that the whole joke we’re just
gonna relieve Stan’s dad Randy okay so we’ve got a quest for Randy but we need
to go talk to Craig I’m not a spaz okay she doesn’t want to be my friend
obviously I didn’t pissed her hard no no we’re not we’re not going down that road
we’re not it’s bad right okay so you areö the map oh no no no no no no no I
think I could take them all on do you reckon I could take them on let’s see Oh
No but this reject to the last checkpoint
okay rewind that never happened okay so ignore the sixth-graders that’s
that’s a good idea just keep going come on come on let’s keep going run run run
run run run run run okay there we go what’s in here empty
flask boobs boobs no okay right I’m not gonna go back there because they’ll
probably find me a filmmaker Oh inspection would aim at the enemy oh my
god I can toss up far in the enemies base it’s just like real life
punch the ghost our enemy oh yeah confident äj– so you can do Oh defeat
bar or zoo that hell’s bottles or he’s grossed out
that’s cuz a fart rose right in it we’ve got Kyle we’ve got the human kite this
can we when do we get to play as Kyle okay
soon soon is the answer right let’s zap zap Oh Rooney
this guy’s got hella loads of health the bully has become the bully I’m one
of the bully what no don’t get me a wet willy no my willy likes to be dry thank
you very much you press exit to fill your triggers
hell okay so that actually that gives extra boost as well as health per house
okay interesting interesting fear other rat
that they here I mean kite I’m blocked okay can I actually do anything as human
kite whoa what’s that that’s he’ll what’s that flying I can’t
only attack that way what the hell’s going on here Kyle I mean human kite
Lizza burn let’s go for it whoops I like the way I completely failed that and it
still worked um actually do we want to say I’m on
fire yeah well seven five see if we can mine
this I don’t understand how the combat works basically when I wasn’t gonna do
no not the titty twister not my nipples don’t rip them off I need them for
milking or something probably mmm okay let’s just lose use the laser eyes again
oh god I did it wrong again I just can’t do any of my moves okay I’m the new kid
let’s do this completely messed that up completely
mess that up why he’s a 6th grader nobody’s you know he punched me right in
the penis that’s not a Wyatt is it ok he’s on fire his crotch is on fire again
ok I’m not even doing it properly and I’m winning comp of cat hair yes and 27
cents I think we’ll be taking all of that and I think we just leveled up yeah
boy so what did we unlock alright there’s like different challenges and
stuff that’s cool I am a boost ok so we’re taking down our first six
this guy is gonna want to be our friend now isn’t he come on oh yeah do baby
not in a weird way never okay um let’s get him right and shot there it’s got a
little frog and everything this guy’s like I can see the Frog it’s like I’m
farting on his frog and he’s loving it I doubt it I am I am the best everyone
knows I’m the new kid okay I can actually get into this guy’s thing okay
whose house is this it’s not no it’s Jimmy it’s Jimmy
oh can we be friends with Jimmy’s parents this week will be completely
uneventful it’s not gonna be completely uneventful I want to be a friend help me
finish up his big project in sure and I’ll take a selfie oh I’ve gotta help
Jimmy with his homework there’s project first yes absolutely
okay is Jimmy in the house oh yes okay I really want Jimmy on my team I really
want the jimster okay we’ve got still what fudge stuffed fingerlings oh my god
I couldn’t even read that quick enough right Jimmy must be upstairs
he must be Jimmy where is it okay Jimmy’s not here what is this I
don’t know whether this is like something from the from the most recent
issed series that I may not have seen I don’t know I’ve got a game controller
though okay this must be something to do we gotta help him with yeah can’t do
anything else okay so Jimmy’s not here we need to find
Jimmy wherever he is maybe he’s in the toilet you never know where his parents
bedroom don’t know what you’d be doing in there though
dirty things okay enough of the dirty things let’s
just loot everything we’re here we also need to do is toilet oh this is cool
hold on hold on a minute so we can get up and get into is covered Oh stars
costume hot air thank you used syringe Oh especially from Jimmy was all loaded up
on roids okay the volume is toilet this is a
four-star shitter Jesus okay let’s go for it all right why
do we need to be oh yeah yeah whoa there’s four levels Oh God
okay I need to gas up oh my god okay this is interesting okay
I have no idea what I’m doing I just got to make sure I’ve got enough gas to keep
you know producing apparently nice moves not bad
okay let’s go oh Jesus fantastic wiggle that shit out ah okay
yes I’ve done it I’ve done the that’s a four-star toilet that had a lot going on
in there loads of buttons to be touching I didn’t
know taking a shit was that complicated but it is okay so we haven’t actually
helped Jimmy not me okay and so we’ve not helped Jimmy what’s this I’ve seen a
couple of these I don’t know what they do okay let’s let’s just keep on rolling
so we can’t get in there I know I’m just spending way too much
time like this boy okay we’re going Henry out house first
oh yeah she’s the gun are you supposed to be from kid okay these are actually
anything interesting here hello let’s go and see ah the goth kids hey
guys Oh will any of these guys watch selfies with me I don’t know not really
into the selfie thing I hope all likes on your post make you feel whole inside
conformist I refuse to subscribe to social media
again does ah okay selfie are you kidding me look I’m gonna slap the shit
out of you guys just take selfies with me
okay so there’s no way I’m getting any pictures off the goth kids yeah good
that was that was interesting in there and there’s not very much to actually do
in here yeah this is kind of disappointing but
she has a toilet oh yes Henrietta you may not want to
selfie with me but I’m gonna shit in your house the Biggles toilet there
Biggles holdin there we go oh yeah nice moves gas it up
gas it up not bad okay oh my god okay okay yes that but up okay good good
good good good not bad not bad at all shake it off
shake it off shake it like a Polaroid picture god they should have that master
toilet tanker I’m doing ace I’m shitting all over the place okay
oh no there was another room there was another room there was another room I
cannot in all good conscience leave oh this is the son because he’s he’s the
berry boy isn’t he mintberry crunch that’s the one okay so
where where is he where is he well what’s that Henrietta’s tour
mission I um oh oh okay so this must be some secret quest let’s have a look and
see what’s goin on I can craft character she is in here dee
dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee
I don’t know what’s going on on this piece of paper so we got the human kite
he’s he’s a kite alien sex gender asexual gender gender neutral kite alien
alignment lawful religion kite theologist power saw solar winds
kryptonite is his mom that’s funny okay right where’s the mission thing I
can’t remember oh it was in the major map wasn’t it that was there okay we’re
just gonna leave Henry out sighs we don’t need to be here anymore
we’ve we’ve shat in her toilet we have done our job I think this is Craig’s
house is it yeah this is Craig’s house so we’re finally here good stuff it’s
taken us a while but we’ve been exploring by the sea and as loads of stuff licking doing it
oh oh how do we throw a farce how did I do that
oh hello okay so I can throw my farts at things but I need to be able to do
something powerful okay I don’t we can do anything there yet this is a no drone
zone however I want to loot this a divine amplifier recipe that sounds
exciting okay let’s knock super Greg I’m sorry
but I cannot assist anyone with their problems right now
super Craig can’t fight his guinea pig goat oh no not his guinea pig
he’s not just adorable guinea pig he belongs to me and my ex-boyfriend that’s
right super Craig is gay I’ll bet stripe is down to the basement
again he’s gay is this the one where he’s gay would tweak cuz I know that was
part of like one of the episodes don’t want lines there’s like all that kind of
like anime revives serum recipe sounds tasty okay let’s go and actually you
know what I need to use your toilet I need to use the toilet I will get to
come back here anyway let’s just leave everything quickly bowel Magazine druid
because these are the ones that had the drawings as well weren’t they spying on
his mum getting naked all the episodes are coming flooding back now oh yeah ooh
alien fetus thing yeah goods are good props in there oh yeah
the way there in the the mariachi band or whatever that’s good
it’s just I’m just gonna loot everything just need to do a poop let’s go the
Tucker’s toilet poop a pamper pamper bath yeah this one’s nice and easy this
one’s nice and easy just Stanley wiggle that one out wiggle that one a lot I
needed to wipe after that that’s not cool okay
floating turtle head biohazard it’s pretty good what’s in the bath why are
there hairs in the bath does that not strike anyone as weird I may be missing
sighing here okay well we’ll just finish looting huh what do you mean oh fuck
boys elide what do you not want a selfie you don’t want a selfie do you want okay
she doesn’t want a selfie that’s not cool you led me astray girl
okay so we’ll need to come back at some point when must be once we’ve saved
super Craig’s guinea pig okay right let’s go hey that’s not very nice I’m
gonna help you find your guinea pig okay I’m just going on search for stripe in
the basement probably let’s just hit everything until we find him what
snapping pops unlocked you’re welcome okay so yeah we basically just stole some stuff from his basement okay
so can what how do we use nothing pops tell to aim at the cracked event square
oh yes I know we need to save you we need to save him did it ended it ended
it well no because it’s gonna fall all
right stripes okay stripes okay we’re good we’re good we’re good all right
okay stripes gone into the really the box of fireworks told me to do it move one thing out the way this thing
okay I can press are you okay okay now we can okay so this is just like a
little tutorial level what really it’s gone on that okay so little thing with
our farts no yes my sickening okay so now we’ve got super Craig as well
combat buddy unlocked oh yeah okay so we can’t straighten we must be able to also okay we broke his guitar nice okay
fair enough so we must be able to be friends with him what a selfie with the
Craig of Steel yes okay that’s getting sharper Craig without a stripe is like a
super girl without a bicycle I don’t understand that okay we’re gonna do the
classic pose so let’s do it no he’s not even impressed by that come
on Craig that’s amazing BUTT STUFF oK we’ve helped to make so
there was a lot of stuff we could do it yeah hey there friends yes I am for
Craig I’ve already found him me let’s just say I’m an art collector
specializing in a delightfully modern and extremely yeah we crazy right but
this stuff is worth a fortune to the right buyer if in your adventures you
find any of these bring them to me collect yeah we for Craig’s dad just
look at the way he’s sticking his little stick in there man ah oh hey there no
kid what are the kids playing today they’re playing dungeons dragons only no
okay so we need to find Yowie and what we’re also needing to go I need to go in
here cuz I fartin in the vent is that is that is that something I could do
oh yeah we can show the Millennium Falcon let’s shoot that yeah okay that
was good oh so we’re just we’re just destroying everything in you and that’s
good because I think now we can sort we can go through his is garrix we can go
through his garage so let’s go do that I think our next mission was starting to
do with Kenny’s I’ll find out who’s been keying around his car it’s at the next
quest okay surely something’s gonna happen now me and my super super partner
stripe is so lyle and doesn’t get butthurt when he’s a little in the
franchise my name it happens all too quick the Coon lair
okay so we’re just gonna blow some stuff up okay I think I’m gonna throw a fart
at it boom yes okay that works that’s worked a
lot of oh okay a rack next headwear recipe Iraq Knicks suit recipe oh okay
so we can that’s like special superhero suits and stuff we can make that’s
pretty sweet okay for some reason we can’t do
anything else in there okay whose house is this again I don’t know whose house
how do you see I see investigate Jimmy’s house okay so that put live
outside Jimmy’s house oh okay he’s obviously sure enough some of his moves
okay so we need to go and find Kirk mean I mean the Coon and how do we do that
butters house doo doo doo doo doo doo Oh Cartman’s house is the green one
obviously I wonder if we’re gonna have to input the code every time we want to
go in that didn’t even work that’s not even
funny okay it’s fuck you mom isn’t it yeah I’m
getting confused fuck you mom it’s so easy okay what’s going on being a
superhero is a little harder than you thought huh it’s okay you totally suck
but I can’t help but feel sorry for you I’m gonna teach you about artifacts you
see most superheroes augment their abilities with specialized equipment mmm
it’s a strength the trick is to equip them into your artifacts sluts go on are
you giving me a fidget spin there oh my god all right okay
equip this one to boost your strength spits all right so he has actually given
kunio-kun friend gyro okay so all right Fox increase your might which determines
your team’s combat strength to defeat stronger enemies equip more powerful
artifacts okie-dokie increase you’re here right
don’t want just remember great power comes I think you’re ready to take on
those sixth graders now don’t give them hell Oh what I have to battle the sixth
graders on no no no man no man it’s not possible this isn’t a mentorship program
what have I just done there what am i what have I just done what am I done
what am i activated say is there anything I can do in my
little popper things in here what if I throw it right in the bullseye nope okay
I don’t think there’s anything we can do here so we’ve got to actually go now and
fight the sixth graders this isn’t gonna go well amazing use the fast travel
system is up and running you guys Oh Jimmy’s in charge of the fast travels
again okay so do we have to activate okay yeah we like discovery okie dokie Jimmy I remember in the in
the stick of truth it was really good cause he it sounded like a chariot and
then you couldn’t see it and then when it showed up it was it was just Jimmy in
his wheelchair with pretend or no no no no no no no no no no no no no no take
that yet yep yep throw my farts throw all the farts throw all the farts okay
I’m just gonna keep throwing farts and stuff come on let’s go let’s go let’s go
leave the cat alone bitches these guys going down oh yes oh yeah you’d like ass
oh hold on casual heroes game advantage heroes and
enemies are evenly matched enemies can advantage we’re just gonna
go heroic we’re just gonna stick middle-of-the-road
okay what you got baby all right what does this one do what does this one
what does this one what does this one do whoa how is he
moving what does that one do there’s this one do okay I have no idea just
kill him knock back combo I forgot about that
it’s gonna I’m gonna have to it’s gonna take time for me to learn kind of all
the little nuances about the combat system happy don’t punch me okay I might
actually get one of them to massage that oh no not yellow snowball this is
probably gonna why ski bombing either a pissy snowball at me okay and yeah
what’s this gonna do oh it’s an over shield okay that’s not work okay that
worked okay so he’s got shield now that’s pretty good Craig’s blocking
power allows him to deflect all damage do what do I want that
okay dismiss I just want to beat people up okay flip them off is that gonna kill him yeah I saw that coming mega fists on
Giroux okay um we’re gonna do the laser beam thing now beyond yeah so which
one’s gross day is the one at the back isn’t it
I’m grossed out as well that’s not good not cool no no no no no what you doing
oh how am i nearly dead okay no not this balloon no we can move
move move seriously oh no I’m the only one that can move okay um what we’re
gonna do we’re gonna do I can’t hit him I want to I need to move out the way sis
what does this do tight protection heals them okay so Kyle is the healer I need
to heal you okay do it boom pulls him back okay super Craig what are you gonna
do I think you should just smack the guy stupid if I’m honest I think you should
just smack him cuz Craig’s not gonna have any why okay I was gonna say he doesn’t have
any ranged attacks so he’s gonna have to get hit but my guy oh that she this
works does this work oh I need to be here okay I need to take a hit this is
gonna this’ll be fine though this will be fine we can do it
oh yeah the P guy is gonna hit as the P guys what is this guy do it Oh booger no
oh God we’ve nearly got our supers so it’s
gonna go down its gonna no not the piss plane no the red stripe squares
indicated I know I know I know I know I know we’re good we’re all good we’re all
good come on human kite let’s do it
apparently I’m blocked this isn’t good can we even hit I can’t
hit anyone okay let’s just use my kite shield we’ll just we’ll just kite shield
everyone what’s going on here what what I want a kite shield should we heal okay
well heal will heal everyone so some reason I wasn’t allowed to use my kite
shield but I don’t know just heal everyone up my ultimate is ready Oh cray
cray well I want to know what is super ace
come on okay okay not as epic as I thought it would be but it still I
killed him this guy’s nearly gone we just need No
okay this guy might kill me oh no he’s gonna I’ll be able to help you fly some
trick alright let’s heal them again they Kyle Kyle is basically the guy you need
he’s just gonna be able to sit down just constantly he’ll at least you don’t have
to like worry about mana or anything anymore
they aids more like positioning let’s just go for this
we’ll make a cash extra okay I completely missed that but it worked
it’s okay we did it we defeated the sixth graders oh yeah yeah armageddon
leaf and some courage armageddon leaf is that I said is that weed we just got
some drugs I don’t know okay we beat them though okay that was pretty badass thanks thanks for that Coon right okay
so we can go this way Tom’s rhinoplasty who’s that
I just wanna chaos is minions ah you reckon we can we can we can we can stop
him with a yeah there’s nothing damn it I need to go in the bank okay so I’m
gonna fill in my character sheet first oh okay so there’s also I’ve just
realized as well that’s like the number next to everything is like the level I
need to be to be able to I assume easily do it or have access to it Oh Fast Pass
is called fast that’s okay there was a question needed to do from
the Muslim okay I’ve got Fast Pass I think I’m just gonna call him fast ass
actually it just makes so much more sense okay
so is that the thing I’ve helped him with yeah we’ve just lead a D mobile
smartphone charger fair enough sorry I’m not spanking her it’s just I’m trying to
get people’s attention because I want selfies okay so where have we got to go
where am i where okay I’m there I’m the one in the middle so there’s other
quests as well do do do do do so we need to go see more scared though let’s just
go we’ll go along the blog well we’ll go and why is there a ninja in there do you
see that ninja down the alley do you want a selfie okay Halloween new kid no
it’s not Halloween I want a selfie let’s make a deal I’ll follow you on
Instagram if you take a selfie with me how does that sound
what okay that’s how it works yeah Stan’s mom mrs. Marsh okay I’m not
really in shock but see you happy following you on Costa grams quit
stalking my mom mom stalker no I think I’ll keep stalking your
mother okay now we’re in the this Barras tree oh there’s we need the
artwork can we steal the the the at the yeah you you camera no it’s called but
it’s mine haha taking Craig sweet creams that’s
pure filth and I love it okay we’ll take that will take that anything in the bio
husband oh yeah there is blown off Ebola penis okay there are some questionable
items in this game can I not use this okay yeah we can uh what’s it here and a
nasal saw oh and skin flap forceps ah just sounds disgusting and very nasty okay now we’re done with Thomas oh whoa
whoa whoa is he trying to fight me no okay
it didn’t work defeat the Kaos minions right oh my god
oh yeah I’ve got Jimmy I forgot about that
okay let’s start combat whoa there’s a lot of them oh you’re going down what oh
yeah they’ve got the advantage don’t Lee why are they all advancing Oh Jimmy
oh yeah cuz he’s really fast isn’t he that’s why he’s going okay
the – I want to see Jimmy I want to see Jimmy do some something okay let’s go
for it I keep I don’t even now works he is really quite fast
okay so ace it’s not like chess but I have to kind of be aware of where I’m
putting all my good but yeah I can I have to be aware of where I put everyone
and fight because you know I can block off other characters right will do go
for this yeah that was a nice knock back on that one oh yeah okay we know okay
and we’re gonna give everyone an over shield why not oh no oh I can only give
it to one person all right you can put it anywhere on the map okay this makes
sense now let’s go laser beam eyes let’s do it let’s do it oh yeah okay so there
must be just some timing with when I hit that to get like the best power output
okay I need to remember to keep pressing X okay super quick super Craig oh damn
it I can only go so far forward this will be good though cuz if I ask us good
that’s got some good knock back there again okay that’s it if I knocked when I
already super Craig is amazing he is so good for brawl what what what
why am I facing the wrong way okay oh my god I’ve only just realized what that
b-boys so I usually I usually use a timer to let me know
when my camera’s gonna run I and I have to start again the guy has just run up
and he’s got a suicide vest on I cannot believe this okay right we need to try
and get rid of him I think and there’s nothing I can do and let’s cancel that
how am I gonna be able to hit him some block there that would hit him and that
would kill him okay we’ll do that let’s do it yes no Jimmy Oh what have I done okay
is there any way of reviving Jimmy I don’t I don’t want Jimmy remember the
ball okay hold on Joey Jimmy’s still alive we can use items okay let’s do
that will revive and biryeo reveille moves how did you do to do short spell
small about health I can’t heal I can’t read I can’t read no I can’t move okay
how do we do this how we’re gonna do this how do we do this so if I press up that healin no he’s faintly so I need okay I can’t actually get Jimmy up he’s
down no how dare you write will do this will do this will fart sorry Jimmy we’re
gonna fart on you with some explosive fiery force hey yeah it’s not fart
though why do I keep thinking it’s a fart okay
maybe Kyle cannons can heal him maybe the Kyle needs to heal himself that’s
that’s more what’s going on here pulls allies closer and heals them everyone
that’s here doesn’t need any help so that’s pointless okay we’ve got a guy
down why so those guys have bombs okay just just smack him Craig just
smack him get him done hey yeah okay so there’s only one guy left and he’s
probably gonna kill quite a few of my team Kyle’s gone my ultimate is ready
though we’re gonna get this kid we’re gonna get him how is that not gonna kill
him okay whatever we’ll do it this is a good one
oh yeah channel that inner fiery far it’s full of it coming out the back of
the spring nobody so how is he immune how does that work huh I don’t know how
I’m gonna hit this guy I actually I cannot him well this is good
maybe I’ll just peel how about that Coon cakes
ahoy okay so we’ll just we’ll just heal up there’s nothing I can do at the
moment cuz he’s sitting that far back I’m on fire chaos bum lord okay girl
stone okay so at least the teammates don’t stay down forever okay so we’ve
got walkie talkie and ten cents good stuff good stuff that wasn’t the best
fight it wasn’t the cleanest I didn’t really understand what was that beeping
suicide bomb vest was that’s pretty insane and folly Oh Sheila um will you
be my friend what come on
Kyle’s my friend honestly if you didn’t know what I was standing behind her
right now you’d be really worrying what’s going on okay
I’ve just realized as well there’s more yatzee yatzee yeah do you use ii do i
badoo badoo you know get out the way I need I need this do I need to Flay me
can I just take it okay it’s candy okay so you got more we got more and yeah
yeah yeah yeah Yahoo hey why my words aren’t too good okay so what’s going on
here because this guy looks pretty pissed off of me we’re having a big sale
on new used underwear this week new used underwear
take that okay so I’m thinking that this ladder has some use right doesn’t matter
I can do what I won’t there’s nothing up here we can take nope why is this here come on up on the stand on the
two-for-one so that’s a book that’s Pokemon isn’t it
okay I die I can’t see what I’m supposed to be doing here with that ladder there
must be a reason there must be a reason for the ladder
let’s just leave that guy doesn’t want a selfie Sheila doesn’t want a selfie ok
Freeman’s tacos carne asada nacho tamales welcome to Freeman’s tacos if
there’s anything just you in well let me know Ramon’s tacos Freeman’s tacos I
love it can we get some free stage and screen Morgan Freeman is not prepared to
take a selfie with you at this time oh no come on man
I just want to be friends with you it’s like I’m taking a selfie with you I’ll
beat you up Freeman you’re digging your own grave oh
my god what have I done okay looks like I’m gonna have to defeat
Morgan Freeman okay let’s take him on well I’m probably gonna get my ass
absolutely handed to me no what are you doing tipping No ronger and we can do this again well
yeah okay I got fired on by Morgan Freeman and I died so yeah that’s that’s
quite a way to end the episode so yeah I’m going to stop this there that’s been
episode two please leave a like if you enjoyed it and yeah subscribe for some
more South Park who fractured but oh but I just like to say friends thank you for
watching I’ll see you in the next video you think your pots are pretty bad kid
well I’ll be the judge of that you’re sure you’re ready okay here we go goodbye kid my blood pumping

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