Stoners Quit Weed For A Week

Stoners Quit Weed For A Week

– I may drink more, who knows? We’re drinking! (upbeat music) But I’ve been consistently smoking weed for like a decade. – Pretty much daily
for about 10 ten years. – So almost 16 years. – I think weed is great. I think weed does such a
diverse array of things for different people. – I started smoking strictly
for medical reasons, but it definitely became recreational. – It’s just a way to
unwind and decompress, because it’s just so
a part of my lifestyle that sometimes I let it
inhibit me from doing stuff. – I mean, as I’ve gotten older, it’s become more medicinal. It really has helped my shoulder pain, my ankle pain, my knee pain. – So I actually started smoking weed about two years after I was
diagnosed with fibromyalgia. They had given me muscle
relaxers to take every night. I would not remember conversations
I had with my husband. I would pass out. It was just kind of more
than I bargained for. – And I want to see maybe if
I can, at the end of this, maybe continue to stop smoking, or just do it maybe once
a week or twice a week, but not every single day,
multiple times a day. – I mean, I think my
biggest fear for the week is that I will actually stop functioning. Oh, look, there’s weed
on my shirt. (laughs) – So this five hours in, and
I’m already craving weed. (laughter) But I’m smoking instead. – All right, so I’m about
give my roommate all my stuff. (Roommate calls from a distance) Yeah, man. Can you take this and hide it for me? I’m gonna turn around,
I don’t wanna see it. I don’t wanna find it, ever,
or at least for a week. No, don’t throw it in the trash! – Kinda runnin’ out of things
to distract myself with. I mean, I’m vlogging, but,
then, no, I wanna smoke pot. I don’t feel better yet. I don’t feel worse yet. Just feel like I really,
really wanna smoke. – Typical night watching the Real
Housewives of Beverly Hills with my roommates. But this week is different
’cause I’m weed-less – I wanna burrito! – I want weed! – I had rough day at work, just
stressed, stressed at work. And all I wanted to do is smoke. – My sleep is fucked. And my armpits are sore. So everything kinda hurts. Trying out some different
pain control methods. – I’m actually being more social ’cause I’m trying not to think about how tense I am without
weed, so that’s good. Not smoking. So instead, we’re drinking! The night is continuing,
because I’m not gonna race home to smoke weed. But instead we’re going to go to the bowling alley!
– Hey! – I’m feeling a lot more vigorous. I’m feeling a lot more energetic. – I’m crying, like
weeping a lot this week. And I think that’s a good thing. Think that I’ve numbed myself out for probably a little too long. It’s really uncomfortable,
but crying feels good. It like alleviates the
discomfort a little bit. Okay, I’m gonna go reorganize
all my drawers now. Keeping busy. (laughs) – Yeah, I’ve just been noticing
that I’m a lot more active. Did a little bit of writing
this weekend, which was nice. I’m also realizing that times where I think
I need to smoke weed, I actually don’t always need it. – All right, so it’s
about day five or six now. And, to be honest, I’m
not really affected. I don’t crave it. I’m not like dying to want to smoke. But I’ve been waking up
earlier and exercising and feeling healthier. I don’t know, maybe this is something that I should consider going forward. (gentle music) – So my week without
weed was enlightening. – As much as I love weed,
and I think it’s a great, fun thing to do, this really made me take a hard look at myself. – The first few days, I
was kind of like, ehh! Aagh! Bleh! Why did I decide to do this? – I kinda like got over the
itch in the first few days. The worst part was just that
I couldn’t sleep very well. – This experiment was a
great way for me to reset. – So moving forward, I really
think I’m actually gonna stop for now. Will I stop forever? Who knows. But right now, I’m feeling really good and I wanna continue this trend. – I don’t need to be as reliant on weed as I think I am. – People start smoking to self-medicate. People start smoking because
it helps with physical pain. There’s not one reason to smoke, and so there’s not one
reason to quit smoking or to keeps smoking. – Smoke weed, enjoy it,
enjoy life, life’s too short. But at some point you
gotta look at yourself and realize, hey, am I hurting myself more than helping myself? I’ve been smoking for over 15 years now, and I think it’s time that
I take a look at myself and what’s best for me. – There’s a balance, I
mean, it’s a medicine. And it can help you in a lot of ways. But I think, like any
medicine, there’s a point at which it stops being helpful. – I found out this week
I don’t really need weed. But, yes, I think I am, after work today, probably gonna go home and
smoke, and eat a pizza, because that’s a great combo. (quirky music)


  • SmokedOut Muppets

    This entire video is untrue LOL

  • Brendan McHugh

    try being on probation

  • zack

    This made me feel bad to be a regular pot smoker 😂

  • David Carriere

    Lol I just plain would not quit

  • mounir hb

    I hate so much the voice poeple talking while inhaling smoke I hate it so much

  • mounir hb

    Not depressed or anxious poeple just want to smoke weed ,why ? Weed ,look ,they can even live without it.

  • mounir hb

    Poeple just smoke weed so they can feel high and change the routine what the hell ???

  • LosAngelesWeedSmoker

    This is fake asf. 😂 What a waste of data. Put me on that show.

  • Mitchgill12

    If i make bongs for 10k and people buy them consistently its not weed thats the problem

  • Mackensie Hicks

    I only only smoke the night before my day off of work.

  • Jake Zawmby

    "Because it's such a part of my lifestyle"

    camera pans to their Timbs 💯

  • Stephanie Moore

    Marijuana is medicine, I wouldn’t stop taking my prescriptions for shits and gigs so I definitely wouldn’t stop smoking weed for shits and gigs either.

  • Tarik Asiz

    Im a weed user 4-20 years i enjoy but the effect is a crown of shame here in the Philippines the weed is cheaper and good quality now i quit 4-4 years now i become healthy and rubost😍

  • Hoffer


    Say sike right now

  • Isaac Ortega

    The challenge should be going sober for a week because using alcohol and cigarettes as a recreational alternative is not worth quitting weed.

  • Sheesh

    Rats will starve themselves till they drop, given the choice between it and food.
    Some people here in the comments are probably delusional addicts.

  • King Paint

    That Asian girl is a real fucking headache.

  • Tyson 552

    Try a month
    Now that’s a challenge

  • ThegoatOG

    I’m watching this video high

  • Ian Ross

    When I went a week with out smoking, I smoked till I puked

  • jon l

    Stoners quit smoking for a week…
    Drinks the whole time

    Just be sober ffs

  • Ron Elderly


  • Megaton Rotten Mouth

    These people are cancer

  • Carter Angel

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  • brjunior22

    Weed is not physically addictive, but it can be psychologically addictive, liki anything in the world

  • jabreel tauhid

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  • lee tho

    No judgment here; but I am happy I do not smoke or drink bc if I did, I'd remain stoned and drunk!

  • OLarrea77

    you run weed. dont let weed run you.

  • Xxxzzz Jhvyhb

    Damm I can’t do that

  • Timothy Ruch

    This video brought to you by the pharmaceutical companies that destroy lives


    Who doesn't smoke but just watches it cuz ur bored

  • Michelle Rode

    dude, I want to be in one of these videos

  • kristin james

    They need to try for a month.

  • Keys Cabal

    ok if these people are 'stoners' I'm wondering what I am because I smoke weed all day every day and if I stop I'm in physical and emotional pain with irritability, clouded judgment, inability to focus, etc. that makes it nearly impossible to function within two days and its lasts several weeks unless I start smoking again.. I think these are more casual smokers if anything

  • Junglebabylive 513

    This video hurts me.

  • Brandon Cun

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  • MossyZman

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  • Big Thirty-Eight

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  • Anna Wojcik

    Lovely Video! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you ever tried – Mackorny Marijuana Paradise Blueprint (just google it)? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for giving up smoking weed without the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my good mate called Gray after a lifetime of fighting got amazing success with it.

  • crocr

    moderation is key. Sometimes less is more. You save more money, you get higher on less weed. Life is good.

  • Rochelle Banks

    The only thing that messes with me when it comes to weed is my appetite. No mood swings, or insomnia. I do stop during periods of time for just my mental health but appetite basically becomes nonexistent until I have completely detoxed.

  • Mia I

    26 years old and still don’t get why ppl do drugs 🤦‍♀️ never smoked it never will

  • nasachusetts

    I've smoked for over 30 years. Haven't drank in over 30 years.

  • Sean Mcbrearty

    Day 5 still haven’t had a decent night sleep. Going for the entire month though. I want my levels to drop all the way to zero. That way I can smoke allot less to achieve the same effects as I was pre t break.

  • Michael Bell

    Its uplifting and eye opening to only holds you back from a great life.

  • Megaton Rotten Mouth

    Weed is fucking lame

  • Jamokai

    been a regular smoker for 17 years now and I can honestly say quitting on the day was probably one of the easiest things I've ever done in my life. I felt it in my body tho for weeks, but If your mind is ready for it it's too easy.

  • Fred Kosgey

    Just turned 30. Been smoking weed for the past 2 years, almost daily. I do a joint in the morning before going to work, and i hit two joints every time before bed. Its not addictive, the longest I have stayed without smoking is a week. I had extreme difficulties getting sleep. On Sundays, when I dont have any commitments or errands to run, I could easily watch Netflix and blow up to 10 joints. My joints are made from marijuana that grows in the wild, and as such, its potency is slightly lower as compared to the greenhouse types. Everything should be done in moderation, I am still able to be neat and smart, never had any disciplinary issue at work, I have never stepped out of my house smelling weed, so actually very few people know that i smoke. I dont see myself quiting soon, life is too short.

  • Gy Bx

    If you can't handle hardcore Reality, then I guess you need to keep smoking your precious weed.

  • Ethan Recalde

    This video shows us all that weed isn’t addictive. Proud of them for finishing that whole week without getting baked

  • rcmp23

    Did she cut herself

  • Kyle Paulo

    Started smoking when i was 14 back in 2000..Not everyday, maybe once a week, by the time i was 15 it was multiple times a week..eventually every day pretty much unless i couldnt get any and if not it wasnt that big of a deal. I never smoked before work just after, even as a teen. Once more of an adult,with full time job I only smoked after work, sometimes right after, but usually a few hours before bed. I took breaks once in a while for a few days,or up to a month. Im now 33, and i stopped smoking a little over 4 years ago, strictly due to employment. I probably will never have a random at my current job but its not worth the risk now that i have my own family and people depending on me. My girlfriend smokes every day unless she runs out. She is the type that can smoke and clean the whole house. She can takes tokes through out the day and still do her job and get promotions. But thats just her, i had more of a lazy personality way before i started smoking. But dont get me wrong, if my job said we no longer test for week, or if it became federally legal so most jobs stopped testing for it, id start up that day. At one point i started drinking alcohol every day,almost ruined my life. I still drink but not as much. One thing with the alcohol is it definitely took a tole on my health,especially weight wise, than cannabis ever did or ever would

  • Younx_Don_ Gamezz

    Watchin this vid at the time off 4:20


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