(intense music)
(buzzing) – I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m about to enter
the sting zone with the Japanese Giant Hornet. One, two, here we go, three. One, two, here we go, three. One, two, here we go, three. (suspenseful music) Oh searing pain! Absolute searing pain! (intense jungle music) (lion roars) There are moments
we have brought you on the Brave Wilderness
channel that the world will never forget. (grunts) Oh it’s stuck in my arm,
it’s stuck in my arm. (yelling and grunting) Then there are the moments that we know the
world is waiting for. I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m about to
enter the sting zone with the executioner
wasp, here we go. But before we get there, first, I must face one
more horrific sting. Ah!
(grunts) The Tottori Prefecture is one of the most remote
stretches of wildnerness in all of Japan. And mysteriously hidden deep within it fog
covered mountains, a world of giants stalk
this ancient landscape. For days we searched in
every place possible. Yet much to our chagrin, it seemed as an encounter with
Japan’s most notorious insect would allude us. Then in our second to
last day in country, when it seemed as if
all hope was lost, the very encounter I
had been searching for presented itself in the
form of a giant hornet. (gasps) Hornet, hornet, hornet,
hornet, hornet, hornet, right there, right
there, right there, right on the edge of that weed, look at that, it’s huge, right there, right
there, right there. (suspenseful music) Got it, hornet! Hornet, giant hornet 100%. – [Cameraman] You caught one? – [Coyote] Yes, yes, yes,
yes, yes, hold on a second. Yes, right there, right
there, right there. – [Cameraman] Dude you got it. – Got it, hold on I’m
gonna put this Go-Pro down. – [Cameraman] Wow
that is a big hornet! – Where is it, where
is it, hold on. – [Cameraman] It’s right
here, it’s right here. – Right there, right
there, right there. Let me trap it up against
the front of the net. – [Cameraman 2] Where is it? – It’s tangled up
within all these plants. – [Cameraman]
Mario, look at that. – [Cameraman 2]
Where, where, where? – [Coyote] Look, look, look, it’s biting right
through the net. – [Cameraman 2] You
can barely see it. – Here let’s do this, I
gotta get it in the capsule. – [Cameraman 2] Let’s
get it in the capsule. – [Coyote] Hold on
a second, here, uh. – [Cameraman 2]
Do you need help? – Hold the end of that,
hold the end of that. Ah!
(mischievous laughter) Yeah you guys will be
able to see a lot better if I get it into here,
hold on a second. I don’t wanna get
stung through the net. Okay, opp. (suspenseful music) I almost got it. – [Cameraman] You’re
sure it’s a giant. – I’m 100% certain
dude, it’s huge, there’s no way this
is anything else. Look at it, it’s
biting onto the net. Probably chew right
through there if it could. – [Cameraman] Hasn’t stung yet. – Got it, got it, got
it, got it, got it. – [Cameraman 2] Let’s
take a look at it. – Look at that, that is it, yep. – [Cameraman] You got one! Man! – How about that right? Oh my goodness, look
at how big it is, my hand is shaking. – [Cameraman] How’d you find it? – It was just on top of
the plants, I saw it, it was about ready to
take off and I was like, (gasps) I don’t know if I got
the shot on the Go-Pro, just dropped it into the dirt, I just had to make
sure that I got it. I swiped down right on
top of those plants, got the plants, and got the
hornet at the same time. It is huge. Wow. I guess that’s why they
call it the giant hornet. Man, okay, well, we’re
starting to lose light, but we definitely still
have time to get the scene. Let’s hike back up this
way, find a flat spot. Yes! We have got the
Japanese giant hornet! Man! Ho yeah! (suspenseful music) There it is, the
Japanese giant hornet. And I would say the giant
is an understatement. Not since the tarantula hawk have we encountered a
more intimidating insect. Look at that beast. From its head to its thorax, down its legs, which end
in grappling hooked feet, and then of course, that
enormous pulsating abdomen. Everything about
this creature screams run in the other direction. Yet here we are, on the door
step of the executioner wasp. And what we’re gonna
find out today, is just how painful the sting
of this hornet really is. Now on the insect sting
pain index it only ranks as a two, can you believe that? On a scale of one to
four, this is only a two. Maybe its bark is
bigger than its bite. Or in this case I
should say its sting. Today, I’m going to be stung by the largest
hornet in the world. Alright, what we’re gonna do now is get a couple of
really cool B-roll shots, I’m gonna walk around,
address the Coyote Pack, and then, we’re gonna
enter the sting zone. (deep exhale) I am nervous. The Japanese giant hornet
is considered to be one of the largest stinging
insects in the world. This nightmarish creature is armed with a 6.25
millimeter stinger and it injects a venom
known as mandaratoxin in a high dosage that
can destroy tissue and attack the nervous
system of its victim. And while a single sting
is not likely to be deadly, over 30 people die
every year in Japan from taking multiple stings. (grunts) In most cases, these
deaths come as a result of anaphylactic shock. But no matter how
you break it down, this sting is
incredibly dangerous. (deep breath) That is a big hornet. That is a huge hornet. The biggest hornet on
the face of the planet. And I have a feeling
that the sting is going to be intense. Now it’s rumored that the sting
of this insect can kill you. Guys, a single sting
is not going to kill me unless I go into
anaphylactic shock. Now if you were to be
swarmed by 30 or 40 bees, and be stung repetitively, yes, there is a good chance
that you will die. Now I’ve also heard that
the venom is going to cook a hole in my arm. (deep breath) Not exactly looking
forward to that, but, it all depends on how my
body reacts to the venom. Everybody reacts differently, you guys have to remember that. So, I’m gonna go
through with this. I know a lot of you
are probably running to the comments section
right now saying Coyote you don’t
have to do this, you don’t have to do this, I do have to do this. We have climbed the
insect sting pain index, and this is the only
one guys, the only one that I think we just have to
find out how bad that sting is. It’s so big, it’s such
a dominant character throughout all of
Japanese culture, and certainly when it comes to
the insect sting pain index, I don’t think that we can
leave this stone unturned. So if you guys are ready,
I think the crew is ready. It is time to enter
the sting zone with the Japanese giant hornet. (deep breath) Here we go. (heavy breathing) Warning, never attempt to
recreate the following scene as a sting from the giant
hornet has the potential to be lethal. Alright guys, this is it, the moment that you
all showed up for. Now before we go
through with the sting, first let’s talk a little
bit about the safety. We do have an
epinephrine pen with us. Now a single sting from this
hornet should not kill me. However, like most stings, you can go into
anaphylactic shock. It just depends how your
body reacts to the venom. I should be just fine. I will experience
some pain, discomfort, potentially some pretty
extreme swelling, but I shouldn’t die
from a single sting. I do have my etymology
forceps with me, what we’re gonna do is get
the insect into the net and then I’m gonna
get it under control. Same way we’ve done all the
sting videos in the past, are you guys ready? – Sounds good, are
you ready to do this? – [Coyote] Here we go. – Alright. – Alright, net coming up. This is probably one
of the most risky bits, we do not want to
lose the hornet, and I do not want to
get stung too early. Okay I’m gonna
gently stand up here, put the basin of the capsule
at the bottom of the net, alright, and hornet is
going live inside the net. Let me get the platform out. Here we go, platform
is out of the net. And, come on guy, out you go. And, come on guy, out you go. Alright, hornet is out of
the capsule, there we go. (sighs) Okay, so I’m gonna
keep the capsule close, you guys know the
goal is to always get the capsule back
on top of the insect before it flies away, place that there
for just a second, and now it gets intense. I have to figure out the best
way to pick up this giant. I want to grab right onto
the back of its thorax behind the wings so
I have full control. Alright, you guys
got a good shot? Alright, I’m gonna slightly
have to maneuver myself just a little bit here. Ooo, it is not happening,
this is one angry hornet. Hold on, hold on, got it. (suspenseful music) Oh it’s turning,
hold on a second. (deep sigh) My hand is shaking. (grunts) Control your nerves Coyote,
control your nerves. My heart is racing a
million miles a second and I can’t keep my hand still, I’ll have grab onto
the insect, hold on. Ah, the hornet is actually
biting onto the forceps. (suspenseful music) Okay, I’ve got it, I’ve
got it, perfect hold, that’s what we want. (sighs) Wow, alright, everyone just
take a moment to soak this in, that is an enormous hornet. Look at its abdomen pulsating. You look at the mandibles,
those are used for chomping. I think I may also take a bite
during this video as well, which I’m kind of afraid of, and if you zoom in on the legs, you can see that they
have these little hooks, they almost look
like grappling hooks, and one thing that
also scares me there is the chance it’s
gonna latch onto my arm, and sting more than once. I can’t stop my
hand from shaking. I haven’t been this nervous
since the tarantula hawk. – [Cameraman] Sure
you wanna do this? – Yeah, there’s no
turning back now. Alright, you guys ready? – [Cameraman] Ready if you are. – I’m Coyote Peterson,
and I’m about to enter the sting zone with
Japanese giant hornet. (suspenseful music) One, two, here we go, three. One, two, here we go, three. One, two, here we go, three. (suspenseful music) (loud yell) Oh, the stinger’s
stuck in my arm. (loud grunt) (painful noises) – [Cameraman] How bad is it? – Oh man, wave of
dizziness really quick. (loud yelling) Oh, searing pain,
absolute searing pain. There’s where the stinger
went in right there, did you guys see how
slow the sting was? – I see blood. (painful yelling) Oh my gosh. (painful yelling and grunting) Oh my gosh. – [Cameraman] I know
it’s tough to describe, but you gotta
describe it for us. – Okay, okay, okay, okay. My hand is completely seized
up and locked in place. This is like the tarantula hawk, look at the swelling that’s
beginning to form on my arm, forearm is incredibly total, only about 45
seconds have gone by. – [Cameraman] Careful
not to go over this cliff edge by the way. Let’s move over there. – Back up, back up,
back up, back up. (painful yelling) – [Cameraman] You gotta tell
us if you’re in trouble. Are you gonna be okay? – When the stinger
went into my arm, I had this like wave, like a wave came over me
and I got super dizzy, almost didn’t feel
what was happening, and then the pain just
was like immediate, immediately searing. (slow motion yell) (grunting) – [Cameraman] Look at your
arm, oh my gosh, look at that, look at that. Wow, you are
swelling like crazy. He’s swelling up bad. (loud grunt) Hang on a second, let’s put a circle around
where the swelling’s at to see the progression of it. This is the outer, and then that is the immediate
right there. (loud grunting) – Oh man, not a two, far
surpasses the tarantula hawk. Far surpasses the
tarantula hawk. (grunting) Here, here, here, look at this, if I turn my arm sideways, look at the welt on my. (grunting) Okay, can’t touch near it, sharp shooting pain
if I touch near it. – [Cameraman] Wow. – Oh my gosh. – I [Cameraman] I can
see that your wrist is starting to swell, do you
wanna take your watch off? Need help? – I got it, I got it, I got it. Ah. (loud grunting) No relief yet. It’s just a matter of
harnessing the pain, controlling the level of pain, and, rolling around
on the ground and screaming at this point really isn’t doing me any good. Alright, let’s cut
cameras and come back in about five minutes. Let me get a drink of water. (suspenseful music) – [Cameraman] Alright man, well,
I can definitely see that– – [Coyote] Don’t touch it. – [Cameraman] I’m not,
I’m not gonna touch it. I just wanna show
everyone at home, the swelling has
completely gone outside of these initial marks, I mean, and I don’t think you’re
out of the woods yet, I think that’s gonna
swell a whole lot worse. Yeah, we are only 20
minutes in a this point. 20 minutes since that stinger went deep into my forearm. You can see the discoloration
in my skin there, the massive goose
egg that has formed, the venom has worked
its way up my arm. – [Cameraman] Can
you show us the lump, can you hold you arm up at all? Oh my goodness. Wow. – I’m sure you guys
wanna know how this feels as compared to some of
the other tops insects on the sting index. It blows the cow killer out
of the water, no comparison. It definitely trumps
the tarantula hawk. And we’re talking blood ant, I would definitely say that
at this point it is on par and in just one month, the episode you have
all been waiting for, the sting of the
executioner wasp will determine who the true
kind of sting really is. We’re gonna monitor this
sting for the next 24 hours, and see what happens, I can promise you this much, I’ve got a world of pain ahead
of me for the next few hours. Alright, let’s get an outro and get back down to
civilization, you ready? I’m Coyote Peterson, be brave, (sighs)
stay wild, we’ll see you on
the next adventure. Oh that was a bad one. (suspenseful music) The hours following
my brutal sting we’re some of the most
painful I have ever faced and my arm continued
swelling to nearly double its normal size. The trauma that my
mind and body endured, today seemed like a blur, yet when we look back, there is a strange
similarity to the scenario I faced with a bullet ant. Both insect’s stingers became lodged in my arm, and as a result they put me
with a higher dosage of venom than I had originally
intended to take. When I compare the
stings side by side, I am completely
honest when I say that the Japanese giant hornet is an overall more intimidating and overall more painful
sting than the bullet ant. Absolute searing pain. (grunting) – [Cameraman] You alright man? – Yep. There’s no question about it, through my personal experience, the Japanese giant
hornet ranks as a four on the insect sting pain index, and in this very moment, I consider it to be the most
painful sting in the world. But will it be able to
hold onto its prized title as the king of sting? Stay tuned, we all know,
what’s coming next. Hey Coyote Pack, are you excited for the
conclusion to my climb up the insect sting pain index? If so, learn more
about these thrilling and painful adventures
in my new book The King of Sting, it swarms into
bookstores November 27th, but you can preorder
your copy today. Look for the link in
the description below. And don’t forget, subscribe! Then click the notification bell so you can join me and the crew
on the next wild adventure. I’ve never seen this
species before guys, so we are actually going to
take it back to base camp, we’re gonna have
to look this up. (animal calls)


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