TACO BELL MUKBANG | $5 BOX | Trying Takeout I Never Tried Before By G-Mama’s World | MUKBANG

TACO BELL MUKBANG | $5 BOX | Trying Takeout I Never Tried Before By G-Mama’s World | MUKBANG

Bangkok Timofey tasty but they eat tasty
very tasty my tasty but they eat just do many things be mostly tasty one man eat
do it dang yes guys hi everybody welcome week I’m working working working working
welcome to tasting my face tastes a mukbang pasty-faced mukbang tasty my
bank beats yo I am here today with a taco bill their $5 Taco Bell box special
I have the Baja drink I dropped the straw somewhere in the car
so I will take this store out of this other thing over here I don’t even know
what it comes in the box so today I am going to do G Mama’s world challenge was
she challenged you to eat takeout and try something different that you’ve
never tried before from the restaurant that you go to
so I’ve never tried this box session before I don’t even know what’s in it
I’ve never had to buy hot drink before so shout out to G mamas world I think
she has seven days of trying something new takeout I don’t know if I’m gonna be
able to do seven days consecutively cuz I’m getting ready to start some kind of
eating habit of something I don’t know yeah I don’t know if you call it a diet
I don’t know what to call it but I’m getting ready to do something G your
front or and I’m trying to get rid of food on a freezer at the same time so I
don’t think I’m gonna be able to do it seven days consecutively in a row but
and this might be the only way that I do it but I just wanted to show some love
to G mama because she has done so many of my
these guys and she did it the correct way she gave me a shout-out in the video
and let people know that she’s doing my challenges and so G mama shoutout to you
thank you so much so it looks like I got three different
kinds of something got my drink on did my sauce on deck so let’s say our Grace
and get it on ant pop in father God I thank you for this food that I’m about
to receive a thank you for your wondrous blessings that you have bestowed upon me
I thank you for your generosity your love and kindness your mercy and your
grace I thank you for protecting me from all harm hurt in danger and in Jesus
name I bless this food Amy halle-loo yeah so yeah let me see if
I could take a look thumbnail I’ll be right back
so you guys now that we got in the preliminaries either way mmm did I let
me just oh my goodness they need to put the lettuce first when you make your
chuckles with the ladies first so this is fire and to Diablo I don’t know what that mean my
me extra fire you but they put the lettuce and the cheese and stuff first it won’t break up I wouldn’t mind the cheese and the legs gone first let
me take this drink tasties drink for the first time tastes like call up and either water or
sprite or 7up with a twist so yeah I just got home I just came from the thrift store that I
go to it’s like a clearance in a thrift store for its regular stores and yeah
trying to find a one I opened over it I opened the hablo is it I so today I
haven’t been in a long time especially since I didn’t have a vehicle but today
everything was 25 cents okay this is a soft taco so they open up at 7:00 a.m. in the
morning on Wednesdays when everything is 25 cents I got there late I got there
like around 9 a.m. and they closed at 12 noon on Wednesday and I was surprised
when I went in there because the racks are usually like almost empty but they
had a lot of stuffing I don’t know what these are they kind of
look like pork skins but it tastes like cinnamon cinnamon twist yeah I’ll leave
in the comments what all this stuff is because I’ve never had this before I don’t even know what I’m eating
all I know is it tastes so good so I found some pretty good stuff I was
mainly looking for dresses and showed and I like to get colorful shirts for
filming cuz they look good on camera and I also like black like black and
white if I had to pick a favorite color it would be black and white you say
that’s not one black and white would be my favorite color but I love all colors
every of every color I don’t have a favorite color I love all colors but
black and white are like my two favorite I like purple I like blue I like pink I
like red I like green I like yellow oh did I say already that like white I
don’t know why you guys I love white shirts but I cannot keep them clean for
that in the world but the thing I like about going to their store on $0.25 day where’s this I think I’m getting full what I like about going 125 cents day is you need some pretty good stuff and if
it turns out not to fit when you get it home no big deal you can give it to
somebody else or if you get a stain on the eating the belittle sauce and
anything else we’d be doing in mukbangs you get some cheese on this and nacho
sauce on it some grease from the fried chicken or whatever you only spent 25
cents on but I seen a ship that was so cute but I
had an imperfection close to the bottom and I was like nobody is gonna see that
on camera and I was just buying it to filming so I got it and then excuse me I was looking for some turtleneck shirts I
love wearing shorts liter Knicks in the summertime I am I wanted to I was
looking on Amazon like if you have something low-cut and it’s a nice dress
or something but you still want to wear something a collar or something under it they have these fold turtlenecks that
you can buy to wear up under your jacket or wear up under your shirt where up
under something a little cut and it’s just the turtleneck it’s just a top part
from the turtleneck to this like this and you just stick it in understood I
was looking on Amazon certain things and they like four and five and six dollars
a piece Oh child please all you got to do is go to $25 25 cents day at the
thrift store and buy you some turtlenecks cut the sleeve and arm off
and cut half of it off and use it like you want it voila and then the other
part of the shirt because I use rags for different stuff I
use rags to clean up so the rest of the porter shirt will not go to waste
I’m gonna use it as a rag or something cleaning out the bathtub in the toilet
anybody use it and throw it away instead of just throwing it away and not using
it I don’t know what this is but it has
some kind of like sour taste to it like sour cream or something but I don’t like
stuff like that that I don’t create my own self because I don’t ever know if
it’s like sour for real because it kind of have a sour taste to it well if you
guys want to see the thrift store haul video you have to go to my other channel
which is Vanessa my life my journey that’s where I’m gonna be posting my van
life videos and also other random videos my hair scalp journey grocery hauls
thrift store hauls me traveling my adventures just stuff like that
inspirational motivational talks that’s the everything channel I may even
do a few mukbangs over there when I want to have like a serious conversation
serious then over here another thousand subscribers over there
so once I reach a thousand subscribers over there I will start going live over
there sometimes like I want to go live over there now I can’t go line but I
have to do it from my computer but I would like to go live when I’m out and
about so y’all go over there and subscribe to the channel and help a
sister out oh yeah I don’t mind asking y’all to help assist out I ask ya to
empty out your pocketbook I’m asking you go subscribe to a channel and watch some
videos come on now cuz somebody was like how dare you ask your subscribers to
support you I’m like what kind of way are you talking about support I’m not
asking my subscribers to pay child support I’m asking them support me
excuse me if I’m watching my videos right isn’t that what I should want them
to do isn’t that what you want your if you have YouTube channel do you want
people to support you to the fullest that capacity is that possible can
subscribe to your channel turn on notification bill leave lots of comments
down below press the subscribe button and come back for another video and
watch the video all the way to the end and if you’re monetized watch it through
the ad don’t we all want that kind of support okay some of these people they
believe in stupid comments are either trolls which we know we all have those
who are other youtubers who have fake accounts who are just trolling your
account trolls and haters spies miserable people that want to tell you to go get a job
but they don’t have no job because that’s all they do is stay on YouTube
trolling people’s at home you might as well open up your own YouTube channel oh
I forgot you do have one you just have a bunch of fake accounts okay yeah I see
you and I know who you is I know who you be it’s okay cuz you don’t bother me oh Lisa Michelle told me to stop with the
boys hater later she gonna tell me stop with the boys y’all do y’all like my
bars the other tell Lisa Michelle lay up off me
time I stopped with the bars she know my boys be good my boys be tight my boys be
just just right if y’all want to see me and Lisa Michelle do battle of the bars gal just leave some random words below
like just tight I want to see tasty mukbang East and the I love Lisa
Michelle shall do the Battle of the bars and then after that leave random words
like one word like Skyy laughs hole just whatever just leave random words
and we have to make up a bar on them random words so tell me to stop with the bars how
dare her tell me stop with the boys so y’all tell her to put up I am put some
money on it let y’all decide who the winner is we put some money on it and
whoever y’all decide is the winner Jess will get the money and y’all better
pick me cuz I need the money silly-willy but yeah but for real oh yeah let me
know if the I want us to do the banner of the boys could I can’t believe she
told me stop with the bombers is whatever Oh does she think she is oh do
see I see you thank you for all the love the child shoulders one hour Costco vlog some people were saying if they want to
see more of Costco I do plan to do another console video where I just
walked through the whole store I’ll buy out and show y’all everything but we
didn’t have time that day because she had to go to her mom’s house so I don’t
know if I’m gonna do it with her or by myself or with someone else
maybe me and Missy’s corner can go there maybe me mean you shanty can go there or
who else how about collab with you used to I
don’t know me and Miss Lisa Michelle you Shannon Schmieder Williams I was four
people Lisa Michelle Oh Missy’s corner you
shannon and shemitah Williams so y’all leave in the comments far below who
y’all want to see me go to Costco Knicks with Knicks and if y’all want me to go
with all of them didn’t just put the one person that you want me to go next week
if you want me to go again with Lisa Michelle or if you want me to go with
Missy’s corner if you want me to go with you Shanny or you want me to go with
shimmied Oh Williams so just leave that in the comments below and let me know
Lucy do I have any shoutouts I know that scheanette ASMR is doing the go live
challenge by tasting mcvane eats y’all and that’s me so y’all go check her out
she is almost almost to her watch time hours so y’all go help us stuff y’all go
help my sister out cuz this my sister and I watch I’ll go help her out
shout out to sister D kite her granddaughter’s did the tasty bug bang
each song and sister D idea to taste my veiny song so if any of you guys wanted
to taste the McBain song feel free it could be you your
grandmother your grandchildren you little bitty little bitty bitty bitty
bitty grandbaby you don’t matter anybody want to do tasty mukbang eat song just
let me know make the video sending link to me and I will put it in the intro of
my videos and if you did it already and you want to do it again if you think you
couldn’t do it better then do it oh let me give y’all a tip when y’all are
filming on your mobile phone make sure you turn your mobile phone sideways not
like this sideways and it’ll get a full view and if it’s not turning sideways
when you turn it sideways then when you have it upright go to your settings and
make sure you press rotate and then when you turn it sideways it’s a rotate and
if it’s still not rotating just keep doing it a little bit and eventually
it’s gonna rotate that’s a little tip always film when you on your phone don’t
film with your phone like this always feeling with your phone the long way
like this so who else is doing a challenge but let’s roll head did a
challenge of mine I’m having a hard time thinking right now cuz yeah I haven’t
wrote anything down in a while don’t forget we’re having the meetup in
Houston Texas on May the 25th if you want to know the date you have to DM me
on Instagram and I’m gonna have a little service announcement of that after this
video so you could find out everything and how to do it do I need to give a
shout-out to do I mean super shout out to you cuz I
don’t know I might have forgot if I haven’t given you a shout out and I’m
supposed to give you a shot I don’t know somebody somebody to come and see it I
should be getting a shout out by now but that person haven’t done any of my
challenges or anything so like the only way you can get a shout out is you got
to look in the description bar and find out all the ways you can get a shout out
it’s a lot of ways that you can give a shout out for me but you got to do one
of those things so that way nobody will be singing oh she just giving people
shout outs you could send me friend me oh you could send me a postcard a gift
card to buy my dinner or food or whatever you can send me a gift card
from McDonald’s Walmart Taco Bell you only have to send me no gift card you
could send me a postcard with just something on it to say hello tasty
mukbang eats I love you oh I went by the post office by the area today and didn’t
go check my PA box you could just do whatever you could sponsor a video you
could do a challenge it’s a lot of ways you can get a shout out for me so you
ain’t get no shout out for me that’s because you ain’t did none of the things
and you guys if you do my challenge you have to do my challenge right in order
for me to give you a shout out I am making that a new stipulation because I
have a lot of people doing my challenges it’s the gramming medium in me and
leaving down in the comments that they did my challenge and then when I go they
didn’t do my challenge right they didn’t mention that they were doing my
challenge in the video they didn’t mention that they were doing a challenge
by tasting mukbang eats they didn’t put it in a title I mean it’s just something
that they didn’t do right so y’all know how to do somebody’s challenge you
mentioned in that video that you are doing the challenge you were doing the
go-live challenge I am doing the go loud challenge by tasting McBaine eats y’all
and even put it in the title whale drop that link to that video in my
description in my comment bar and you’re gonna get a shout out you may even get
pinned on my community tab so yeah I don’t have no excuses why y’all ain’t
get no shout out so don’t just think I’m gonna get random people shoutouts
I leave shoutouts from my comments if you’re leaving a lot of comments per
every video then when I do a coming shout out eventually you will get
shoutouts so like Lisa michelle goosey let’s get it let’s go so that’s it y’all
like be love life say this if that’s all I can say with everybody out cuz
everybody got a little kitschy saying into something so y’all make sure y’all
give this video a thumbs up leave lots of comments down below cuz I like
reading them make sure you press the subscribe button turn on a notification
bail and be sure to come taste my thing tasty tasty tasty me but tasty babies
shout-out to Principia I love you pretty bye now hi everybody
welcome welcome welcome to tasty McBaine tasting McLain case mukbang taste must
be tasty McBaine eats y’all tasty mukbang is here to announce that I am
having my first official meetup in Houston Texas
with some other Houstonians and some other Houston muck bangers and the date
for the event will be on May the 25th at 2:00 p.m. so the featured and
highlighted guests will be Missy’s corner you all should know her already
if you don’t make sure you go check her out make sure you go check all these
people out and to the channels and turn on a
notification bill next up is the I love Lisa Michel show and G mamas world and
also myself tasty mukbang eats so you guys we are going to be the highlighted
speakers there or gifts there our host there so if you want to come out and see
us eat with us chitchat with us and mingle with other local youtubers and
fans of each one of these channels then be sure to come out we are going to be
in Houston Texas and a designated location on May the 25th if you would
like to know the location and you plan on coming
be sure to DM me on Instagram we do need a head count on the number of people
that are coming if you want to if you’re coming down for more than one day and
you would like to collab with myself and possibly even some of the other people
that are going to be there then especially if you want to collab with me
then let me know and DM me so I can try to schedule everyone in and know exactly
what an agenda will be for that weekend so again you guys if you are planning on
coming we did change the location so the location is no longer going to be at the
Papas barbecue we have another location so if you want to know the location
didn’t DM me on Instagram and make sure you ask me for the location let me know
what days you’re planning on being down there or being here in Houston Texas so
you guys thank you so much for watching and tuning in and enjoy the rest of the
video and I will talk to you guys later bye now


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