The Worst $2,200 Mystery Box Ever…?

The Worst $2,200 Mystery Box Ever…?

– Hey, what’s good, guys? Welcome back to the channel, and if you don’t know
what’s about to happen, get subscribed so you’re no longer new. Basically, I’m about to head
on this site called eBay to find these things called mystery boxes. So what’s inside the mystery box? (upbeat pop music)
♪ Babe, babe, babe ♪ ♪ Baby, babe, babe ♪ So in case you guys are new are here, make sure you get subscribed
so you’re no longer new, and you know how this goes down. If you wanna check out some of the older What’s Inside
of the Mystery Box episodes, they’re right up there in the I card. Basically, we go on this site, people list these things
called mystery boxes at whatever price they
want, they fill it up with a bunch of stuff. Hopefully, it’s not crap and
some cool items this time. It’s time to kick it off. So what do we search for when we wanna find some mystery boxes? Well, we learn how to type first, and then we search mystery box. I’m gonna search mystery box big. Real, are you kidding, this is so bad. Basically, they’ve given
us the cheap stuff. You have to play around with the words. Some people may type, whoa,
this ships from Cyprus. Do you even know where Cyprus is? Let me know in the comments right now. I’ve never had a box come from Cyprus. So, “Used items in perfect
condition, 500 bucks. “A big mystery box full of
decorative items, books, CD’s, bags, office supplies, and more,
disclaimer,” gotta read it. “Since it’s a mystery box, “I will not be accepting any returns.” Okay, that’s a given, you
must be new to the game here. You don’t know how it works. I’m gonna hit Add in Cart, 500 bucks. (exhales) Mystery box electronics. That’s gotta give us something good. And, yep, yep, yep, yep,
“Mysterious, $6000 custom box. “Pick five new items.” You get to pick your items,
is that a mystery box? No, wait, are you joking me,
you can finance this box? If you don’t have enough
money for the box, you can put it on a credit card and pay it off in installments. eBay, you’re getting awesome nowadays. “Pick a category below,” ooh. I should’ve read first. “At least five brand new
items for the category “that will be in the box.” Alright, mysterious tech
and electronics box. 100 percent feedback, that’s a good sign. It’s located in Cali so it’ll ship quick. Maybe we’ll actually get this
one, I love mystery boxes! “I’m honestly need to get rid of stuff.” I didn’t say that wrong. “If you like surprises and
getting your money’s worth, “this mystery box gives you
your money worth spending.” I’ve never heard someone
talk to me like that so I’m adding the money to the
account to buy the 350 box. I love it, that is awesome. That’s how you win someone over that does not know what they’re buying. It’s worth your money. Dude, really, this is an $1,100 box, and it benefits charity. They donate money, and it says it on eBay. That’s cool, maybe, just maybe, we’re gonna spend five
grand on this video. No, I can’t, dude, I can’t. I’d love to benefit charity. Don’t type in big mystery box. I messed up, I’m getting
ones for 10 grand, two grand, 500, 6,000, dollar signs. They’re just putting
anything in the title. “Mystery Tech Box, phones,
gaming, and other electronics.” $300, $11 shipping from Missouri. “Mystery Tech Box, phones, gaming, “and other electronics, condition is new.” That’s rare, add to cart, so we are slowly but surely spending money on eBay. I wanna spice it up,
search for something new, and see what we find. Mystery box, gaming, oh baby, yes. This seems right up my alley, yes! “Mysterious Lot Box, video
games, Nintendo, Sega, “Atari, Dreamcast, SNES,” what’s a SNES? “Sega 32x,” Super NES, I have one. I want to get some more
games for 99 bucks. It’s used, free shipping,
100 percent feedback. Dude, he’s literally gonna
hook us up with retro games. I don’t know why we
didn’t buy that before. That seems so rad, four boxes in the cart. This is harder than I thought. So we switched up the wording. You have to do this on eBay
because you’re gonna find a lot of the same boxes. Mystery tech has got
some interesting results. Pretty much all boxes. The $10,000 I’m Feeling Lucky Box. That’s basically what
you’re feeling, go to Vegas. You have a better opportunity
at winning more money. What, oh, “$1,000 mysterious
lot of electronics box, “tech, gaming, contains five to 10 items.” I like when they’re direct. 28 feedback, 100 percent, $13 shipping. “This value box is greater than a $1,000.” Alright, I’m sold. If you’re gonna make claims like that, I’m gonna fact check you. I’m gonna see if it’s really worth more than a thousand bucks,
let’s go to cart, $2,200. You guys asked for it, you guys hit it. Here we go, proceed to check out. Let’s wait, hopefully, it shows up. So it’s been about two weeks, and you guys know what that means. The mystery boxes have arrived, but the sad part is the cool
box from Cyprus, the country, not California, never showed up. eBay took it down, I’m
not getting my money back. So we got four out of the
five boxes, which is a win, and before we open up the
boxes, big thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. So check it out, link in
the description, go hard. So what’s cool about
Skillshare and Skillshare is, is it’s an online learning community with over 21,000 classes. And these classes are the bomb dot com. This is where I learned
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that I saw like a year ago. I’ve learned what bitcoin
and blockchain was so like I could go
launch my own blockchain. One of my favorite
teachers, okay, professors, the guy behind the videos,
his name is Ravinder Deol. I hope I’m saying that right. The title of it’s Bitcoin For Beginners: Get 100 Bits With This Quick
Start Guide to Bitcoin. It’s solid, it’s a hour, there’s
over 1,500 students in it. And another class that I’m really digging is Getting Started with
Cryptocurrency: The Basics. It’s two hours, you learn
what you need to learn, and that’s awesome, Skillshare allows me to access it anywhere, on
my phone, on my computer, and what’s sweet is I’m
actually checking out this kinda funky class by
this woman named Detrina who’s teaching me how to make
extravagant eggshell earrings. You know, eggs laid by chickens. So I’ll leave Skillshare’s
link down below. You can sign up and get two
months free with my link, and an annual membership costs
less than 10 bucks a month. So check it out, and
let’s open up some boxes. (upbeat pop music) And the sad part is the
$1,000 box that was supposed to come from Cyprus never showed up. It didn’t ship, it’s been two weeks. Maybe I need to hit up
Skillshare and hire a lawyer or learn how to pass the bar. I don’t know, we’re gonna
open this small one up first ’cause it’s here and that
isn’t always the case, alright. We’re just, we’re feeling
saucy, really, dog? A cracked phone, this
has gotta be a first. We got what looks like a
cracked Sprint Galaxy S3. Let me know in the comments if I’m wrong. I think I’m on this one
so we’re not too far off. What is this, the trash pack? Why are they telling me
about my life, like… Just sad, you know, I’m all
about positive vibes nowadays. Oh, these finger rockets are so much fun. I was so amused as a child. My parents didn’t really like
me, but, well, sorry, guys. We got Star Wars Microforce,
what is, what is this? We just have a lot of
little action figures. This sticks on the back of your phone. Oh, that’s nice, oh, that’s real nice. So I’m gonna put it
here, oh, that’s groovy. You got a magnet, two cards, simple, okay, not the worst box. Kind of upset that this was a 150. We got an STP oil filter, I mean, more of an ATP kinda guy with
that deoxyribonucleic acid. Okie dokey, we got an oil filter. I’m gonna be honest, I’ll
take this to my mechanic when my car needs to get serviced. I’m just not smart with cars. Awesome, and then we got some, well, these are not male sunglasses. Are these unisex, Ev? No, I know they look,
I know I look good, Ev. That’s never the question. Oh, a Tech Deck, I was
never good at doing tricks. I had this kid, shout out to you, Dominic, if you ever watch my videos anymore. You were the man at Tech Decks growing up. Like I could never do a kick flip. I was more of like, hang on, I’m gonna try to do a 360 no scope. (Tech Deck clicks) Got ’em, for a $150, I got scammed. (upbeat pop music) Second box, little bigger,
hopefully, a lot better. (box ripping) Alright, I didn’t know
Spider-Man had a sale at Walmart going on, don’t
get me wrong, Peter Parker, I’m a fan, but like, I
don’t need a coloring book and a DVD and what,
actually, that’s kinda cool if it shoots silly string. Oh, this is that retro gaming box. You know what, he’s on theme,
I give him some credit. He probably has a good
Instagram theme too. Alright, so we got a kite. Josh, you could fly around
Toronto with a kite, man. Go say hi to Lou, whoa,
dude, a game console. I played this so many times. What’s this Spider-Man coloring book? Oh, dude, they hooked it up,
and then the Hero FX Glove. (electronic swooshing) Yeah, I’m putting that on. (upbeat pop music) This glove looks cool, but
as the jury, I’m sorry, the viewers can see, the
glove, it does not fit. (electronic swooshing) So I don’t know how I’m
supposed to make that go around when the glove doesn’t fit. I know I’m not the only one. Alright, so let’s check out
the, oh, Super Marios Box. What, built by Colt. A blanket, Josh, dude,
finally gotta keep warm in the tent you live in, nice! Alright, we got a pen, some socks. Yeah, there’s a funk
smell comin’ from there. Oh, whoa, a PVC coaster set. That’s sick, do I get two Super Mario’s? Oh, yo, oh no, Mario and Luigi. I dig this, got that pen,
socks, we got Superman DVD. I’m watching this later. Ooh, maybe when we build that
Wish movie theater set up, we’ll fire this up too. Alright, let’s test out this game thing. So I’ve played a bunch of these before. I’m gonna see how this one
works, I guess it’s just Pac-Man? I love the little joystick. Alright, I’m gonna try to not die. Is anyone good at Pac-Man? Let me know in the comments
what your high score is. Dude, like some guys like Fortnite. Your boy takes it old school. No, no, we are running and gunnin’. My face is sweating, oh my geez. I feel like a major
league gamer now, boys. No, wow, I did way better
than I would’ve thought. This, pretty cool. (upbeat pop music) Alright.
(box ripping) Really?
(loud banging) “Thank you for ordering the mystery box. “I know this might be for a YouTube video. “If so, send me a link, enjoy it. “You earned it, Entrepreneur.” (laughing) You see what I deal with, guys? They know, I’m gonna
start using fake names. You guys are just not helpin’ me. (exhales) Like we got so much number one dad merch. We got a hat and a mug. Honestly, it starts to make sense. He signed it as entrepreneur. I think this might’ve been the $1,000 box. I mean, he’s such a good
entrepreneur, took my money. Alright, let’s see what else we got. We got, I’ve done this, I
have done this one before. No, maybe, have I, have I? (loud thumping) I just, I cannot be
bothered with the boxes. What is this, ACDC Iron Man
2 soundtrack, that’s sweet. This is an iXpand Base,
these are expensive. Josh, see how much this goes for. SanDisk, iXpand Base. Bose speakers, whoa,
wait, two Bose speakers? 150, jokes on him, I’m
the real entrepreneur! Alright, what’s this VR thing, you know? Comes with a remote, this might be the best virtual reality
headset I’ve seen, interesting. It’s not an Oculus, but it’s got a lot more
than your standard one. Josh, sexy, you think
I’m set to drive home? Alright, sounds good, bye, guys. We got a pair of headphones for the VR set, their controller. He sent a lot of, whoa, are
these actual sunglasses? The entrepreneur put 50
pesos in a sunglass case. Honestly, guys, we got
gypped out on this one. Oh, dude, he hooked it up
fatty style with the bow tie. There you go, Josh, enjoy your merch. And what were we saying? I kept calling Josh corn all day ’cause if you haven’t seen Pop or Flop, check it out on the I card. Josh is always poppin’,
all of his items are dope. Joshy, nah, in all seriousness,
I’m just having fun. I love getting stuff like this because at the end of the
day, someone once owned this so it’s like you are going
to a virtual Craigslist sale. So we’re gonna test this out. Fair warning, I’m not super confident. I don’t think this is gonna work. We’re gonna play Bang Bros by Lil Durk. ♪ Young Chop on the beat ♪ Shout out to another Chicago cat! And then, it just gets super
quiet, and it’s at max volume. (“Bang Bros” by Lil Durk) ♪ Let the President, bitch ♪ Doesn’t work, but the cool
thing is these probably were in someone’s house for 10 years. And now, I’m in their house. (upbeat pop music) Finally, for box number
four, could’ve been box five if you showed up, Cyprus. Here we go, so many action
figures, I don’t have words. We finally got Hulk gloves. So as you, the jury,
sorry, I mean viewers, saw with the Spider-Man, didn’t
fit, but the Hulk gloves. Dude, I’m gonna throw some bows, dude. They don’t call me Floyd
Money for nothing, Ev. Alright, let’s see what else we got. Oh, yeah, yeah, buddy! Oh, well, that sounded
a lot better in my head. ‘Kay, we’re gonna do
this for real this time. Third time’s a charm, don’t mess this up, or you’re sleeping outside tonight. I’m really hard on myself. (clicking) (upbeat pop music) I love that, what is this,
a bandana for my dog? I know what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to make me the next ninja, that’s what you’re doing,
you got me a bandana? Thank you so much, dude,
now I’m gonna play Pac-Man for days, and I’m gonna
absolutely crush it. Oh, and we got another watch, dude. We’re stacking cash, Joshy. Yo, peep this, look at the VBS
diamonds all on the outside. Absolutely gonna look stunning with my eggshell earrings
coming up soon in the rap game. We got this Jabra headset
for mobile devices. I’ve tried this out before, it works. Not this one, I don’t
know if this one works, but just trust me, they work. I, no, who uses these,
maybe people, no one. Alright, then we got a Rick and Morty 40 piece, it’s a puzzle. Whoa, wait, Ants in My
Eyes Johnson Electronics. Is it the company name, no, wait, no, no. I was gonna say, that’s a big name. Thanks, Josh, I know it’s
the name of the character. My reading isn’t good, but Skillshares helped make it better. Oh wow, we got Legos, come on, Morty. (scuffling) RIP, Morty, and this iPhone case, which I immediately wrote
off, doesn’t look cool. But it says Kendall and Kylie so this must’ve been the feminine box. Alright, last thing that
looks promising and cool is the LaserX Real Life
Laser Gaming Experience. Dude, look at these kids,
these kids look tough. They look like straight
thugs, and I wanna be a thug so let’s see how to do this. Up to a hundred feet in range? Josh, they finally got me a blicky. So I’m guessing this blicky would’ve work, but the thing is we only
have three AAA batteries. And I’m guessing it might just be this one so I think it’s safe to
say, this mystery box, we got the stiffy on. (upbeat pop music) So that’s it for this video. If you guys are new, make
sure you get subscribed by clicking that button down there and make sure you check out
Skillshare, link’s below. Last two mystery box
videos are right over there so check those if you missed them. And I’ll see you guys later, peace.


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