So if you’re going on a hike,
Dewey point, do yourself a favor and don’t take this first route that you come across on this roadway.
Keep walking down the road and take the second turning. You will thank me for it. Unless you’re looking for a gnarly snow hike and this one was going to take you a lot longer and it’s a pain in the ass.
But if you’re into that sort of thing, this is the route,
the other ones,
the easy route.
Just some information. Take it or leave it.
My name is Ryan. I’m a photographer and filmmaker from the UK. This December I quit my job to pursue a new goal, to have the most exciting adventures. Meet the coolest people and prove that you can do the same if you wish. Mom doing the camera surfboard and the one way ticket the road ahead is sure to be a wild ride.
Follow along as the adventure unfolds. Connor and Simon both have worked today.
So I’m on my,
um, they left me the car and I have been told about this hike called Dewey point, which is way higher than the shots that we’ve been getting at a place called tunnel view, which is the main shot of Yosemite and some of the other rock faces. It requires us going back to where we snowboard it the other day and then taking a seven mile hike to the edge of this cliff.
It’s beautiful out, but there is still a lot of snow. So I mean I have to snow shoe about seven miles from what I can see and it’s going to take a good part of the day, but I think the views will be well worth it. So since we have a car and a full day and it’s beautiful outlets go, now that I think about it,
it’s a big drive and a seven mile hike in snow shoes. To do your point,
there must be an easier way. I’ve heard that if you just spin really,
really quickly, it will teleport you there. Whoa. That was easy,
Huh? Beautiful View.
I got to do that more often. This is way more difficult than teleporting.
Ou has a law of elevation in this hike and for someone that’s not used to using snowshoes,
it’s definitely taking its toll on me. I think we’ve reached the one mile point of the offer and pot. It’s about one 30 right now on the map it says it’s about an eight hour round trip.
However, they factored in an hour lunch break stops for sightseeing, various other things. The science at three miles off road to do a point, I’m assuming I could do three miles about two hours, maybe less and that should get me back to the car.
It’s pitch black.
This is tricky.
Well, halfway there in bed or elevation. Now see the mountain ranges all around
mui bien. I nearly turned back about three times along that. Turns out I took the tricky route,
but fortunately in front of me is the reveal of any crazy, incredible view. Well,
that was an incredible view. There was a couple of really cool people out there. One of the guys used to be a geology teacher at one of the local universities here and he was explaining to me that the valley, you’re 70 was most likely carved out from glaciers as opposed to river valley. He said that the defining factor is valleys that have been carved from glaciers generally have an arched,
a u shaped Basin, whereas valleys that have been carved out by water and rivers generally have a v shaped bed,
which is really interesting.
And uh, that was one of the most incredible views of the high Sierras that I’ve ever come across.
I’m not sure what the elevation is, but it’s definitely harder to breathe. So I’m going to go back the 18 route since I’m fighting sunlight and bloody tired. The whole day of snowboarding yesterday and this hike under a time crunch was definitely wearing me out. I need to get back on my a game and I’m about to go to the wrong route. That’s the 18 okay, I’m going this way. You’ll find that a lot of these trails are marked with yellow markers, which is super important,
especially in an environment like this where you can’t really see any worn down.
Path, I want to talk about some of the uncertainties that come with moving from place to place. There’s a constant stress that you don’t know where you’re going to go next, which is also excitement. There are definitely days where you feel down and stressed out because you don’t have a plan. But that lack of plan also brings things like this. If you were to asked me
just a week ago, I thought I was going to Hawaii next and I’m going to Hawaii, I’m going to stop off in San Diego to see a friend and then we’ll be on west coast paradise.
But a series of events led me here. Watch the vlog? And now I’m in this incredible environment that I’ve never experienced before. Learn to snowboard the other day for the first time. And then today I’m walking on these things on an eight mile hike in the SIERRAS. Incredible. So if you decide to go and do the same thing and you’ve got friends in different locations that are stoked to put you up and give you a place to stay, you should definitely do it,
but it does come with that constant anxiety of like, where am I going to go next?
But like I said, it gives you the opportunities to experience things like this and move on to the next place and cover way more ground than you would if you had to rent a place. Obviously this hostels as well, but ultimately throughout the highs and lows it is 100% worth it. Especially when you get to see views like I did today. I would say if you’re watching these blogs and you feel kind of bummed out because you live in someplace that’s kind of boring or you have a job that you don’t like but doesn’t pay very much and you think,
oh, here’s this kid just recklessly living the life and traveling the world freely and having all these cool experiences.
I’m very fortunate. I have a passport that allows me to travel to a bunch of different countries and in that respect I’m extremely lucky I have my health and very grateful for that. But I was not born into money.
I didn’t get inheritance and I have been providing for myself through work that I’ve done and found myself from the time that I was 16 years old. So if I can do it,
you can do it. And what I would say is if you feel trapped and if you feel like you’re in a hole, it can be quite hard to see yourself out of that place and living this lavish life that you would dream to live. But what I would say is take one step at a time. The first step is definitely nesting away.
A little bit of money. And that can be tricky too if you don’t have a high paying job. But there are certain things you can live without. You don’t need a Netflix subscription, you don’t need an Amazon prime subscription. You don’t need the highest cell phone plan. You don’t even need the most expensive cell phone. You don’t have to eat out every weekend. If you can commit to cutting back on those things and shoveling that money away, eventually you’ll get to a place where you feel free and you feel like you can quit your job and sustain yourself for a few months until you figure out what do you want to do next,
but till you go exploring or whatever you want to do. If you don’t know what to do,
which was me about nine years ago, I would encourage you to say yes to more experiences that arise. Whether that is a friend that does something that says,
Hey, you should come along,
but you feel uncomfortable because you don’t know that. People
take that extra step to say,
you know what, it might be uncomfortable but it won’t last forever and it could lead to some really cool things. Or if you’re kind of curious about rock climbing, it can be intimidating going to a rock wall.
anyone, but you should go there anyway. Maybe do some bouldering stuff that you can do on your own and try and make an effort to meet a few people.
There are numerous different things. I tried kayaking,
rock climbing,
wind surfing, now a bunch of other things.
None of them were me, none of them kind of grabbed my soul and made me just want to commit to nothing by that,
except for kite boarding, highlight how to kiteboard and I met the most incredible people that were very likeminded and wanted to travel the world, explore and adventure. And there were communities that these people all over the planet. So
as soon as I got into that,
I was like, that’s it. I need to make moves to get out of my current job and how much money. But that’s what I did.
I sold stuff, I saved up some cash and I moved,
I quit my job. Everyone said I was crazy and I traveled and I moved to the states and met the whole friend group that I have now. We’ve been friends for years and it’s all because I was like,
you know what? I’m unhappy.
I’m going to explore some new things. I’m going to try some new sports.
And windsurfing. Fell into my lap initially and then kite boarding followed. And that’s what I stuck to. And now through meeting all those friends and exploring and seeing their group of friends, you have this big branch of people that are awesome and that know different things and that have experience in different areas, and that’s how you ended up going snowboarding. And that’s how you get into Yosemite and have an incredible experience tour guides that show you the best places. If I can do it, you could do it to one step in front of the other. If that means canceling your Netflix subscription do today and save that money, little steps.
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    Sick video Ryan! You should try to find a spot to snow kite if it's windy out there


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