VLOG 17 – TEACHING KITE TO A FRIEND – Antoine Auriol – 4K

VLOG 17 –  TEACHING KITE TO A FRIEND – Antoine Auriol – 4K

Welcome to a new VLOG Today I’m with my friend Alex who came to visit me in Spain Hi and we will make a Vlog. So I will teach him to kite How many times did you already do it ? 3-4 times? About 3 times Today I will teach you to kite thanks to Alex. So normally if you listen to me carefully you should should be able to ride So basically we gonna inflate the kite and then connect the bar. 2 front lines 2 back lines. Feel the wind. There is about 12 knots. I inflated a 13m so you should be really perfect. The first thing to do is to put your wetsuit. Then you put your harness on and I give you a lesson ok ? Ok. Let’s go ! He put his wetsuit backwards! It begins well ! It’s going to be fun ! It’s good the kite at 12 o’clock. Leave it at the zenith and try to feel it a little bit. to see how it reacts. Move it but slowly. not too much not too much. Ok slowly Now it’s perfect. You’re going to do an exercise sliding on the beach so it will allow you to control the power of the kite and so what you gonna do is to try to make “S” on the sand … Right not too strong. Left Perfect. He is doing really well there. Ok now Alex, chapter 2 ! You’ll make bodydrag Go a little bit further in the sea, water up to the waist and come back doing bodydrag. So you let yourself hang on the belly. Go go go again! Ok 1 more ! Do you feel ready for me to bring you the board and try to ride a bit ? Yeah Don’t move I come back. I’ll bring the board to you. Ok Alex Your board You have a small handle to take it now you are warmed up so i think that I can leave you alone It’s not too dangerous, not so much wind and there’s nobody I’m going to prepare my other kite with my foil and I’ill watch you from the ocean. So I’ll be able to give you more tips OK ? Let’s go ! That’s why foiling is great. There must be only 10 knots and I can almost reach 18-20 knots I can go faster than the wind. how was it Alex ? It was a light wind but lot’s of fun ! Good sensations. yes you managed to get out It wasn’t so windy, it was technical. There was also lots of current there. Yes strong current a little bit of swell and very little wind. But in any case it was cool! See you soon and also next Tuesday for another Vlog! With more wind! With more wind! Well I just wanted to say 1: he nearly destroyed my two cameras. Yes, it’s true. 2: he put his wetsuit upside down What else did he do? The board near the fishermen! Did you finish in the fishing lines. Almost ! You can have an oscar for best begginer ! What do you think ? I think I almost died and the little girl behind me also ! Well done Alex!


  • MiniQuadVision

    Ca sent bon l ete

  • Nikhil Bhat

    Awesome video man! Love the cinematography on this and looks like you're having so much fun!


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