good morning everybody welcome welcome
welcome to tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty my brain tasty tasty mukbang eats
yeah i am here today with my leftovers from water burger last night’s idea to
let the customer in front of me order my food cuz that’s what y’all wanted me to
do and the people in front of me are the two times the order so i’m here this
morning to eat my leftovers let’s say our grace and get it started i’m trying
to get my base started I’m running a little late father God thank you for
this food that we’re about to receive thank you for your blessings you love
your kindness your mercy and your grace all the provisions that you have made up
on my life I Thank You precious Heavenly Father for protecting me and keeping me
from all hurt horn in danger and I ask you to encamp your angels round about me
in Jesus name I pray hallelujah yo I got some catch up here
to say spicy ketchup I never try a spicy kitchen and this is fancy kitchen so
let’s try the spicy yo I never tried yeah my nose is I’m a little stuffy and
plus my nose is like I can like it wasn’t trained you know when you first
wake up in the mother Wow daddy of spicy you know
in the morning and your fluid start the movie I got some cranberry juice in him and this is my Bible
today I only had two bites of y’all yesterday cuz I had onion rings and
fries I told you I was gonna start watching whoever comes in my laughs videos while I eat I forgot to do that
yesterday let me see in here y’all know I can’t see I’m blind
as a bat let me get my tripod okay the first person in here is mrs. Newton
good morning mrs. Newton eat and treats with Eugene mama ray ray Bale uh not
normally attached society so let’s go check out
mrs. Newton’s Channel she has a couponing video we’re gonna
watch her video yeah we’re gonna watch a little snippet of everybody
video what just happened so what was it I didn’t know that was the fastest you who else I said it was in here yeah my
man was so bad I forgot that fast I might have to put my glasses back on eats and treats with Eugene was the
second person in here we’re trying to get
everybody I don’t want to get no copyrights at it music I also got my
water on dick yeah see my t-shirt and yeah read that well let’s see who else is in the house when I do my Karma things I’m gonna be
to watch our video for because I’m recording with my phone mom Oh ray-ray
let’s go check out my Maria watch yeah there’s by Sita spicy I know what you
wanna do is just take these alright guys what I’m gonna do now I’m gonna put
these in the oven and I’m gonna check them every 15 minutes because I have to
yeah I don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up
and I’ll be okay yeah that’s my moraine let’s check out the next person so we in here so we can watch your video today no socks off my lobster are you gonna do my challenges you own
them mmm-hmm I’m waiting the sour pickle and
whip cream challenge what other challenges I got the freezer fridge and
pantry challenge the seven day vegan challenge what else I the seven day
subway sound sound the seven days the subway the seven days of chicken and
then I got the seven days fried chicken mmm so you could try all the fried
chicken from all the fried chicken joints there’s seven days of be love
songs the twelve all egg challenge y’all better jump on them challenges y’all then imma call this challenge I got the
goal of challenge if you go live it’s helping you to go live if you can go
live for 30 days for 30 minutes to an hour that’s gonna help you get your
watch her and help you get in the routine of going
live so you can go live beyond it until you get to your watch time it’s called a
go live challenge by tasting mukbang eat I got the 30-day gallon of water
challenge trying to drink as much water as you can every day y’all better
looking in the scripture in my description box check out them
challenges I’m adding this to the list I’ve been doing this since the beginning
of time y’all playing people’s video in my life I’m a colles what’s with all
this bling the first people that come in my life
playing their videos in my life I don’t know what the problem so there you been
do it bill that’s the fun of it yeah let’s check that the next person I mean
the bear another one cuz I watch this already did
you get a chance to go see it get bail the movie us I got nine
house how many thumbs up I got how many times about that uh normally I don’t
think Nora have a channel no good morning Nora thank you for joining me
sweetie Tosh society is next up in line y’all
let’s go check out the beautiful – wonderful and the crazy Tosh
I love Tosh so much y’all Makana stones something about live live live play
shout out my place out our challenge is to play your subscribers are part of
your subscribers videos the one is the ones that’s coming in the life to play a
portion of their video and get him a shout out live subscriber shot by me
tasty McMahon eat yeah when I was gonna live over six months ago this what I
used to do I used to sit here and watch y’all videos I wanna move it move it I wanna move
that move it I’m willing to move it Luna I wanna move it move it move it move it
move it move it move it no I’m not equal ease them chickens are you saying wanna diet diet he’s so funny
I wanna diet diet he said I wanna diet diet what child want to diet don’t know
child I do children want a snack local Jack’s ASMR is in the house let’s
go check out his channel yeah let me my glasses and then I am people in the
house and 11 thumbs up that is local Jack’s face tomorrow hey down mama TK mama TK is she about to
see I’m not taking without my glasses I can’t see many I’m saying because I have
before the camera closer okay let’s go – I’m gonna stay over here
one hour yow so we don’t give everybody hopefully we can get to everybody video sister D in the house
Oh sister D time but she exhausted girl I know the feeling I want to get back in
bed – I want to get back in bed – yeah but I can’t uh the next person up is
beautiful awesome this is my wonderful friend a longtime friend she got a
little short video yeah oh I don’t want that music to give me no copyright I guess is that your new intro beautiful
awesome is that your new intro can y’all see that
let me bring y’all closer so I agree I don’t know if y’all could see that
they’re good can y’all see that let me leave her come in let’s let me watch
another when that one was kind of short oh there must be her new intro let me reach out comments mama TK review
say that’s right bill don’t come back so sweet one what what
yeah which I’m I don’t come back Oh what happened yeah what they say let
me see what they say you don’t wanna you don’t want to be you what is they stupid
yeah yeah the constant so bale say go ahead and hit the thumbs up for our
beautiful thank you Bill you’re so sweet bill CK there was a chicken sandwich from
water burger they had some kind of sauce on it
it was very good and it had some lettuce and tomatoes on it but this was from
last night so I took the lettuce and tomatoes off and yeah so when y’all go
live if y’all want to start playing a portion of your peoples videos the ones
who come to your life first the ones that are in your life you start playing
their videos live that’ll make people want to come to your
lives when you live so they could get that shout out or whatever so I guess I
call this the live comment shout out challenge I don’t know what to name it
y’all y’all help me out so that’s beautiful awesome video let’s
go check out the next person I’m gonna be on here 30 more minutes and I guess
if I can make my way back to everybody if I get through with everybody within
the next 30 minutes it’s important to come in as soon as you can so that way I
can get to your name we already went to Mama’s very well wearing with the Bella
Chu bill I can’t pronounce their last name
Debbie mallet I think that’s how you say her name let’s check her out yeah just
go out and support somebody today even if you haven’t lost a loved one they
fought for this country to support someone that you know somebody in their
family Dean because you know people in some way or another and just
want to give you a blessing or the rest of the week
Oh am I just to tell you no matter what life looks like for you at this minute
to second in the hour that you’re going through it like if you’re not a funny
person crackle of corny joke do something aren’t you guys sleep extra
Christmas message okay who is the next person let’s see
who the next person is ray is it CH e ll e life let’s check
their channel out I think I can attain it because I don’t have time to be able
to do it but yeah I have time to do it now supports me into what I can do and I
do the same thing for her and that’s how we do it that’s how we are thank you
daddy you’re welcome overwhelmed I’ve been working every day but it is so
basically that’s all I have to say that goes but this is a big Fargo she seen
what I seen in myself like how much stuff I want to do I don’t think she’s
ready like I want to do so much so what are you on that plan for today Chelsea
what I seen in myself okay yeah let’s check out the next
person I forgot who was that that was who’s that oh that was Ray Ray share
life they got a crazy people person sister Dee Chi Tian let’s
go check out sister Dee kite she’s the next person in line and if y’all need a
channel art who sister Dee kite looking hot in foxy today if y’all need channel
art mate are y’all need help with our YouTube channel are y’all need an intro
mate let me know and also y’all start doing my challenges because I’m posting
small videos on my Instagram channel of the people that did my challenges so
y’all go check out my Instagram page and check out the people’s videos on my
channel on my Instagram that I’m posting and if you get any of my challenges I’m
gonna get around to putting you on my Instagram as well so y’all make sure
y’all go do that yeah make sure y’all following me and staying connected
because the more you stay connected with me the more you’re gonna get shoutouts
and get recognized so stay connected with the right people will benefit you
the I’ll stay connected with people that ain’t got nothing to offer you ain’t
helping you then that’s not helping you that’s not benefiting you stay connected
with the people y’all this helping you does that don’t have a problem shouting
you out don’t have a problem that’s that’s not selfish that don’t have a
problem shouting you out and doing doing something that’s gonna benefit you so
yeah I’ll do my challenges as many of them as you can so you can get your name
popping up on more on my channel and you can start popping up on my Instagram Oh okay okay okay okay okay yeah we got about 15 20 more
minutes I got a thumbs up 12 thank y’all sister do our first live and I missed it
no is more to come I turn to say you know to cheer you on you know what I
mean yeah my Instagram is traceable and eats on your soil the morning Angela
lives higher you mama TK review sale Florida heat is
worse than Georgia I love you blows I’m going tonight yeah
I’m so dork I don’t know yesterday I should see
highlight my learning tour it look like I’m a different person I feel very good
so mom you know you can’t come in here without giving us a bite we all want to
bite at everything I know you and the boys is like chowing down huh Khadija
was up Khadija how do I know you already said hi everything cuz y’all like if
y’all like good lives to go to lives and you like to go to alive that’s gonna be
active and they have fun y’all go check out sister D tight cuz she have lives
I love sister DS uh I love her lives I be one
to stay in her lives forever I don’t know hurt her I don’t want her lives to
end I’d be having so much fun in her lives let me find the next person Texas
made food Texas may food he making some onion rings y’all yeah I’ll give the
video a thumbs up if you haven’t already and just in case I can’t get to
everybody’s videos today yeah make sure y’all press the subscribe button
internal notification mail that way when I go live you can be one of the first
people that comment and then I can go ahead and check your video out in that
life so let me just give a shout out to Debbie mallet Angela lives momma TK
reviews bill – I can’t pronounce her last name CH Oh Kol a who else who else
backyard gardening if y’all in here right now leave a comment so I can go
ahead and say your language in your shoutout backyard gardening who else in
the house I need to give a shout-out to if I didn’t call your name already thank
you all so much for the life sky sky the morning star thanks for coming by thumbs
up the video please Texas made food is my favorite Channel oh I thought you
said I was your favorite Channel back you’re going new users be telling
everybody what you think they weird I thought you told me I was your
favorite Channel which one is it tix is made or tasty make mine eats backyard garden to be telling everybody
they his favorite Channel yeah you love me backyard
whatever whatever I got to say who is on the video on your
phone that is Texas made food yeah Texas made food okay yeah let’s move on to the
next person so I could try to watch somebody else’s video okay let me see so we checked out Texas
made I’m going I’m trying to go in the order that y’all came in so I could be
fair to everybody where was Texas made I don’t even see who was after Texas made I don’t even see Texas made comment no
more to see who was after him he disappeared so the next person up is
mama TK reviews oh yeah she was the camera so you can see a better like they
can you know see the the morning boss lady like one pound how is my boss lady Lexi doing this
morning y’all go check out boss lady Lexi recently did a collab with prissy P
and they did my bone blowing challenge so that’s another challenge a child
could do with our family mama to crate you need to do the balloon blowing
challenge with the kids yeah yeah challenge a vessel mint challenges oh
yeah I don’t know no excuses you ain’t got to do the crazy ones I got some I
thought a few that ain’t crazy I got a few challenges that’s not crazy just a few just a few yeah you don’t
want quality okay in the sting steamer basket but I actually took the steamer
basket to cook them in the reason why I put them in the steamer basket first is
because most people cook their lobster tails in a steamer basket you can’t do the same thing it’s gonna
come out the same but I want to make sure that my seasoning yeah on my
lobster tails I love seasoning on my food so therefore I went ahead and I you
will see later where I go ahead and just place them completely in the water but
I’m sure you both take me you can place an esteem Abascal in the water that was
my first step the next step was I put some butter inside the butter that came
in the pack I put that on the inside now of course you can take that butter and
you can melt it on the side and use it this is what I chose to do with math I
put some crab boil in here crab boil and shrimp boil
crawfish ball you know a seafood boil in a bag it works very well
and your pressure cooker and your seasoning does your fire food and it
turns out well now okay now I add some garlic seasoning garlic salt garlic
powder and black pepper black pepper has that spice and heat also with Superboy I
am a pepper and lemon pepper always always always make any seafood taste
delicious that I have eaten okay now I place the steamer basket inside of the
pressure cooker now this is for those who choose to use the steamer basket
like I stated you are about to see that I took lobster tails out I add a little
more water into the state-based okay yeah that’s uh
mama t can’t believe y’all go check out her channel when people get ready to
watch this video back they will see me shouting you guys out make to you to
make sure y’all continue to come to my lives watch my videos leave multiple
comments on my videos y’all let’s see who else I think I’m out of time to
watch one more person cuz I got two minutes left
Angelou leaves was the next person up she’s taking a ride you have to see that
see if I don’t tilt it down I’ll get a glare and let me give a shout-out to who
else came in shout out again backyard Gartner boss lady lexi belle mama TK
reviews those are people that are commenting right now I got seven people
in the house sixteen thumbs if you haven’t time’s up the video give it a
thumbs up can I get the 20 thumbs up before I leave if you are in the house
and you haven’t come in go ahead and comment so I could give you a shout out
boss lady Lexi say tasty mukbang go back and read my comments okay go back and
meet boss lady nice to come in time doors real I’m having a giveaway today
slide but you must be a scream so boss lady’s having a giveaway yah the crayon
taste palate my super sit boss lady Lexi so boss lady is having a giveaway I
think live today so yeah make sure y’all have her belt urn on so you could be a
part of her giveaway boss lady I’m waiting on you to do that
side we’ll talk on what cream chairman I know it’s gonna be funny that’s what you
should’ve did with her subpoena yeah she did their boss lady let’s see say the
baby have her typing crazy yep y’all go check out that boss lady Lexi having to
give away the crayon palette I don’t know if I’ll be able to be there as boss
lady I’m getting minute they’ll have a garage sale and I’m late I’m late I
supposed to be in there crystal okay yeah five and as you can see I’m still
on your spa viously I don’t care about my okay before I leave y’all let me give a
quick comment shout out to people who have recently left comments on my videos
saudi ASMR that’s a si UD I ASMR Montgomery family channel
Missy’s corner Nicholas white sherita’s kitchen miss I am life with Stephanie
Missy’s corner Nicholas white Janette ASMR Angela does
or muching with Mona Bella’s something I can’t pronounce her
name Sharon home mama TK reviews Sharon home
Tracy and ASMR sister Dee tight mocha ASMR Saudi ASMR blessed ro eats Casey
let’s eat Marc head Marceline CJ low carb mukbangs backyard Gartner
CJ Muk low-carb McBain’s e the something little I don’t know y’all Nonna’s girl
toys Julia Odom Chicago vs x Sharon Hong
Missoni pool world diamond diva eats Chicago reacts again somebody else I
can’t remember day name shade Adams Sharda Adams bail – Lulla Chi Luca and
Jackie cooks unn you are created beautifully and bow
let’s groove yeah that’s it as if that’s all thank y’all for watching
I’m tuning in don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up leave lots of comments
down below don’t forget to press the subscribe button turn on a notification
bill and be sure to come back for another video so you can see more of
tasty mukbang tasty my bangs tasty one thing taste one thing
teddy ste mukbang eat y’all I love y’all y’all stay blessed I will see y’all this
afternoon probably after 8 p.m. I’m gonna have a garage sale I know I’m
gonna be starving and hungry so I will check y’all out later thanks for
watching and tuning in don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up leave lots
of comments down below press the subscribe button turn on a notification
bill and always come back for another video goodbye my friends I love you guys



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