WHAT IS A GLIDING COMPETITION ? [La compétition en planeur]

WHAT IS A GLIDING COMPETITION ? [La compétition en planeur]

In this video we will make you discover the principles of gliding competition A gliding competition generally lasts a
week or even two for international ones Every day a circuit of several predefined
turn points is set by the organisation The goal for the pilots is
to achieve it with the best average speed to cumulate the maximum of points
over the different days Every morning a new circuit depending on the weather conditions is defined When the convection starts all the gliders have set airborne in a short time to be ready for the race After a while a GPS start line is opened and each point is allowed to start the race what he wants Once he decides to start he must achieve the circuit as fast as possible The strategy for departure is
really important in order to fly with the best weather but also to be able to
use other competitors It is generally easier to fly with other gliders ahead To go fast on the circuit the pilot must cruise fast and spend the minimum of time climbing He must climb fast when he decides to
climb and minimise the altitude he loses when he glides As a consequence he has to make compromises : choose the best lift sources to regain height and adapt his speed and his trajectory to avoid sinking areas Gliding competition is really strategic and the pilot must take the best of his environment to go fast They must perform the must regurlarly possible everyday to be the best at the end Every two years, world gliding championships happen to reveal who are the fastest pilots on the planet


  • Rémy Vicedo

    C'est quoi ces plafond de ouf et cette terre rouge ? C'est pas chez nous ça.. Super boulot en tout cas les gars.

  • lautoka63

    Good work! Keep it up.

  • Bels Lontano

    I like your videos! Very clear and well edited. I have never gone hang gliding but I want to someday. I notice you use music in your videos. Are you open to having me send you some of my music for consideration for placement? Thanks!


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