WHO WE ARE – The TRUTH that Aaron Doughty, Leeor Alexandra, Ralph Smart & Teal Swan never told you!

WHO WE ARE – The TRUTH that Aaron Doughty, Leeor Alexandra, Ralph Smart & Teal Swan never told you!

hey it’s me Brian would teach
self-awareness calm in this video I’m gonna share with you a simple truth that
Aaron Doughty has never told you you also have not ever heard it from Leeor
Alexandra, Ralph Smart, the cat down the street or Teal Swan so what is this
truth coming up okay what is this thing that Aaron Doughty
has never revealed to you well let me just tell you first that this morning
when I was out for my marathon training run right because I’m training for a
marathon that’s my preference that I want to see come to pass in my personal
life right I was out there running and guess who I was running with Aaron Doughty,
Teal Swan, Leeor Alexandra and what! Ralph Smart they were there with me and guess
what they were little children running in front of me it was so cool there I
was running doing my pace doing my all and these four kids dressed in their
little running clothes running with their little tyke sneakers on… running
their heart’s desires out… you could see the love and the light and the
exuberance in little Aaron Doughty little baby Aaron Doughty running down the path
next to Ralph Smart and Leeor Alexandra right they were so happy Teal Swan was
like boom boom boom they were soaring soaring you could see the beginning of
their YouTube stardom right there today on my run imagine the energy seeing
those four right when they got started right right just go back and look at
some of their early videos yeah go see Aaron Doughty’s first few videos so cool
and you’ll see you’ll know what I mean you’ll see him as a little kid starting
to run his race of YouTube stardom right go see Teal Swan Ralph Smart
first videos right go see leeor Alexandra’s first videos you’ll
understand what I’m talking about so there they were running with me as
little kids and there I was as this proud father behind them and I was
because I could see something that these little kids little Aaron Doughty couldn’t
see right I could see him at six hundred and thirty thousand subscribers right
right I could see Ralph smart at over a million subscribers so cool so cool
imagine the energy I felt knowing that these children were going to blossom
into strong marathon running adults on the YouTube track so good so
good I was high as a kite running with them guess who else was with me there
uh-huh Trice Pruitt yes another little girl
running next to Aaron Doughty and Leeor Alexandra right Ralph Smarts there and
there’s Trice Pruitt Trice Pruitt got to check out her channel right and
you’ll see there they all were trees had the same aw and Wonder high vibration
that Aaron had right there on the run she was beaming bright the same way that
teal Swan and Leeor Alexandra were so good so good watching these people rise
rise and run go outward upward onward right so what is this truth that was
revealed to me that Aaron Doughty that Leeor Alexandra Ralph smart and teal
Swan never told you well in order to tell you that let’s look at what Aaron Doughty says so often Aaron Doughty is always revealing that we are spiritual beings
living temporary human experiences right eternal spiritual beings having
temporary human experiences now he’s not saying anything wrong with that this is
very good news right the vibration in that sentence is very high
but remember words are powerful and words mean different things to different
people and if you want to get at the heart of it you got to go deeper got to
go deeper than that statement the one truth that Aaron Doughty has not revealed
to you that you’re getting right here right now is it’s not that we are
eternal spiritual beings having temporary human experiences no it is we
are one spiritual being having seven billion human experiences we are one
spiritual being not not separate spiritual beings no we’re one spiritual
being and this one being this one consciousness this one awareness that
you are that I am that Aaron is is having seven billion different creative
expressions in the world what I’m saying is what Jesus said jesus said love other
people as yourself love your neighbor as yourself as you as you because they are
you in disguise we are one consciousness having seven billion selves happening
and when you know this about who you are then you’ll be able to run behind Aaron Doughty Leeor Alexander right Leeor Alexander is gonna be running right in
front of you so as Trice Pruitt so is Ralph smart and teal Swan and you’re
gonna know that you as consciousness are them their success is your success no
reason to ever gossip or have ill will for any other self anymore you’ll always
be able to forgive every self you you ever encounter why because you are them
before they were I am you are so that’s the one truth that Aaron Doughty has not
revealed to you and never will because you just heard it from me enjoy your day
right enjoy running your life in the world
mr. one consciousness misses one consciousness enjoy your awareness


  • PEACE LOVE JOY EXPERIENCE! With a bit of humour

    Hey Brian! I love all those channels. I hope your well! Big hugs!♥️ Your awesome win that marathon! I changed my channel name it use to be Gaslitfreemuse… lol 😘

  • Alessandra Borges Moreira


  • Gustavo Sureda

    I was definitely there with y'all too!

  • Delliana's Auguries

    :)) Christ Consciousness is Really coming to Life, right before our very eyes!
    Much Love and Light to You Always, Brian, in All Ways! ~ღ~


    Excellent video well done. Liked for you 👍💯😊😊 your looking very well 🤗


    Hello nice one Dude ✌

  • Bengal Cats React To

    Great cover on this, Brian!! Glad you got to experience something like this magical! 🙂

  • Trice Pruitt

    We are ONE. What a beautiful comforting truth! 🍒❤️

  • Trice Pruitt

    I was watching this before I catch anearly morning flight back to New York. Just a little way to unwind before bedtime. So you can imagine my surprise when my name popped out! I feel so honored! Thank you for the love Brian! sweet dreams.🍒❤️

  • Divine Vibe Tribe *Wicked Hippie

    You did it on this one and I'm not even half through hahaha,you a character my brother!and I love you my friend!

  • Divine Vibe Tribe *Wicked Hippie

    Nope,yep you hit it,we are 1 divine creative energy living through millions of manifestations!

  • Divine Vibe Tribe *Wicked Hippie

    They are you!wow,I have said to my girl,baby,I made that,you did too,your spirit is within all,and this one divine creative energy is always creating everything through all of us.idk,we all have these times where we know something we never seen,then we see it,or we have a situation play out,and its played ot somewhere else as well,cause we sometimes get into currents of specific energies,just as we are all different physical manifestations of the all,there are different manifestations on every dimention,even on the energy level it is all the same divine source experiencing the physical aspect of its self.the universe is the boss of Self Awareness!muchlove always friend,loved the video!

  • Divine Vibe Tribe *Wicked Hippie

    I think there are a few other things they say in a way that makes it bait,but that's the way it works lol,super poppin not stoppin!

  • Jace Jacobs - Raise Your Vibes

    ✋🏼👊🏼😃❤️One spiritual being for the win. Interconnected and tapped in experiencing multiple manifestations in the multiverse. Love and light.  Namaste 🙏🏼☮️

  • rock of ages USA

    Hello Brian I hope all is well buddy,, I’m always so overwhelmed I can’t stay longer buddy and I’m sorry about that friend 🙂👍

  • White Bear

    I could never quite pinpoint the "missing component" with these young individuals teachings. You nailed it! Thanks. — "I AM ONE"

  • sydney rothbauer

    I like how genuine you are!! I can tell that you are not doing this for the money. You are doing great things! Because of this video my whole perception of life has changed forever! I really wish more people could see this video! I think the more people that understand this, the better our world will be


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