Witches Broom (or parachute), Step by Step, with string

okay today we’re gonna learn how to make
whitch’s broom which looks like this and then we’re going to learn another version of it that is similar, which is also called Eagle’s Claw. We are going to start off with the string over your are your palm across your pinky and thumb you pull down on it once and twice you take your right hand slip it into this hole into these two loops that are on your
pinky and your thumb and pull back now you’ve got three holes here you take
these three fingers and slip them in there and drape them over the back last thing you’re going to do is take this loop right here and pull it up Which’s Boom! Next we’re going to learn how to make it a different way and sometimes this is called eagles claw you get started over both palms this
time on your pinky and your thumb you can take you right here and your pointer finger pick up a the loop on your palm and you’re going to twist it two times once twice it should look like this then take your pointer finger from your left hand and go right through here now you are going to drop the pinky and thumb strings from your right hand and pull apart gently Then you have another version of the witches broom. sometimes called Eagles Claw Enjoy!

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