Working Men the movie Trailer

Hey These are the routine things
you learn in the years. When people disappear,
they just disappear.. Same applies to murderers and professional criminals and so on.. They just go underground and they wait for the worst
time to go by. When they’re not careful in civil life, through the worst times. Then my girl they screw up,
like always.. If somebody messes up
in the squeezer, it’s going to be Mishka.. That`s how they usually
fuck up, when they start to
slip and slide. Now the party`s
just starting Or what?! For real, I mean for “real”.
Did you get that biker vest?! Think about it.. Do you understand
what this means? Actually, I know
what that means. yeah yea And you got those
from the guys. I been hustled and
fucked big time! You know what,
I don’t really care. Who’s the broker here,
you or me? *We’re all in the same
boat on this one* Hey, you think the blind or
the old will suffer from this? Yeah.
Just get it done. Pull the right strings and
you won’t have any problems. Call Vladimir. He doesn’t have the balls?
THAT guy has the balls! Don’t fuck this up. Stay sharp.
Boris ain’t no clown. You got the piece?
– Of course, I got you covered. That’s why I called you… Who is it? No extra questions. Just give him the photos. Make sure you tell no one,
and i’ll make it worth your while. three, four, five and
that’s the winning order. This looks like a
most wanted list. Can anybody hear me?!! Hi. -How you doing? You know where we at? Yeah.
You got something for me? Yeah… Nothing new under the sun. I’ve got this photo… Yeah? Which one of them? You know any of these guys? Got anyone in mind.
– Third. Yep. I never met him,
but I think I know him. Well… That will do. So, what about him? Well… Now we gotta talk. Listen up. -Your friend serious
about tomorrow? You’re a dead man,
get it? Say what? There’s nothing you can say. This ain’t no fucking lottery. You’re shit out of luck. Where’s your brother? -Fuck you! WHERE IS HE?! Is this the guy you have
to put back in the womb… and fuck all over again?
-No… You’re saying this guy
ain’t nothing like him? I told you it works.
What the fuck?! Have you seen Boris? -What about him? He’s the one with
the recordings. When I said people I could trust,
I mean’t anybody else besides Boris. Boris now has the tape
and I sent him to Moscow. -What’s he doing there? He’s doing a job for me. Mishka! What’s up?
Come over! -What the fuck?
Let me go get him. Don’t do anything stupid.
-Fuck that! Mishka! Stay there!
We just wanna talk! Fucking Pate! Damn… When’s Boris coming? -I ain’t ratting on my brother. I’ll ask one more time.
When is he coming? Here’s the plates and papers. Take it from
St. Petersburg to Moscow. -Is the car clean? Just got it washed,
if you know what I mean. One more thing. Why don’t you use
your other guys? Because I don’t trust them. You I trust. Deal? You get the 20k. 20k that easy? -Yes. Cigarette? You trying to set me up? -Chill man. I’ll kill you and cut you
in to small pieces! Give me a quick brief. Found a caucasian male,
about 175-180cm, 80kg, age 25-30. Who found him? Svetlana, Svetlana..! You’re out of options.. Shut the fuck up,
shut the fuck up! Vladimir knows the clown
that owes us. And you’ll take care of him. Fuck I need the money and
the visa as fast as possible! I need to leave as fast as possible I’ve had it with this shit,
do you understand! I’m stuck here in middle of nowhere,
like a cockroach! Don’t point that thing at us… I got this piece right here… So are we going to
start blasting eh! Could this body be connected
to the one we found earlier? Could be. This one also was shot. This one too? You still hide it
in your usual place? -Look, he got the key. Is it still there? It’s good that you always
put them there… – Everybody fucking thinks that you’re clowns! I know it is, just tell me…
Tell me! It doesn’t make sense.
He came over and didn’t buy nothing. -Where the
hell is Bobby? -Who wants coffee? -Wasn’t Bobby supposed to
take care of it? -Do you think they
came here for coffee!? -I’ve been robbed and
you want to make coffee! – I just thought…
-Don’t fucking think and get in the kitchen! So your stash is there.
I know it’s there You wanna keep
your other leg!? Let’s do it! Here! More! Here some more! I forgot the thing, but I wanna know why
you need those pics and numbers? Are you going to start doing wet work?
I won’t be a part of it. It’s nothing like that. You think we’re going to send them
post cards and invite them to the party? – Yeah that would be
the old fashioned way. Get out of here, now! You’re not taking it back.
I just packed it! Damn you’re a crazy motherfucker! I don’t know anymore… Do you get how much you owe? You got the cash or not!? -You’ll get it. What!
Do you have the cash!? Fucking yuppie! I’ll shoot you with your own gun
if you don’t pay your debt! Come over quick. I’m afraid to go in there.
He’s groaning… Please come over quickly. We gotta get our money back. Where’d you hear about that?
-I just know. You don’t need to know how I know.
I just know. Now its your job to get it back. The fuck you
running from us? He doesn’t have the balls?
THAT guy has the balls! We’re all in the same boat. Pull the right strings and
you won’t have any problems.

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